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JohnBWhat an odd combination of games this week. Both Bloons and StormWinds get a little tune-up with more levels and refined game mechanics respectively, while everyone else gets to enjoy some RPG-style carnage in Paladin, exploration in Key to Adventure, or some artistic splendor in ritMika. Make Bouncy Bouncy has an odd title, but the gameplay is strangely satisfying, and it's a great-looking game to boot.

  • icon_keytoadventure.gifKey to Adventure - With a main character and setting hinting at Cave Story inspiration, Key to Adventure drops you in a dark cavern and tasks you with finding a key to exit each level. The fun part is you must use the mouse to guide your electric friend through narrow passageways to hit switches so you can move through the stage.
  • icon_paladin.gifPaladin - A hack-n-slash sidescrolling action game built around a fantasy RPG core, Paladin puts you in control of a knight who makes short work of every foe in his path. The gameplay isn't exactly balanced, nor is the leveling system, but the music and visuals are just dramatic enough to hold your attention for a while.
  • icon_ritmika.gifritMika - From the makers of Menulis and Miestas, ritMika is an interactive music video/game that utilizes rotoscopic animation and light click-based gameplay.
  • icon_makebouncybouncy.gifMake Bouncy Bouncy - A free online demo for a more robust downloadable game, Make Bouncy Bouncy utilizes the same Unity plugin that drives When Orcs Attack to create a gorgeously colorful 3D world. The simple goal of the game is to bounce a cube across the stage without touching the ground and without bouncing on one platform twice. The comicbook-style sound effect words are a nice touch.
  • icon_stormwinds.gifStormWinds 1.5 - The latest update of the action/RPG/tower defense game StormWinds adds a ton of improvements, all spurred by player feedback. Previous version previously reviewed here.
  • icon_bloons.gifBloons Player Pack 3 - For those of us who can't get enough Bloons, Ninjakiwi has just released the third compilation pack of player-created levels for all to enjoy. With fifty new stages to enjoy, it seems the balloon popping will never end.


Pretty good lineup this time around. :). Ill be sure to try out a few of those. Tried Bloons already, and it was a big too laggy for me. So next up is Make Bouncy Bouncy :)

AndrewBagel January 11, 2008 8:36 AM

I love Key to Adventure, but I can't

get past the level with the boot.

Any help?

AndrewBagel January 11, 2008 8:39 AM

Sorry, I worked it out.

You can't make the gap without dropping first, then jumping mid-air


No JIG pokernight?


Bloons was way too laggy for me, too... but luckily the other games seem interesting, so I won't be too sad about that.


key to adventure is a fun game but I am stuck on 1-8. I saw the clue in the previous level :a triangle with a J in it + an up arrow + the camera logo for who you are but cannot make out what it means. Help please?!

Cat Awesome January 11, 2008 3:10 PM

For 1-8, look at the shape of the clue and not the letter.

Anonymous January 11, 2008 3:26 PM

Key To Adventure is lame. Sorry. The jump control doesn't work when the roof is low, the jump during a fall jump is lame.

I rate it Lame.


Key to Adventure 1-8 solution: (It was in 1-7, and if you missed it, you can't go back to look at it unless you restart the game, which was rather silly.)

Press left, jump, and camera switch (keys A, W, and 1) at the same time. The key will come down.

I liked the idea of the game--Lost Vikings-style puzzle platforming with simultaneous mouse and keyboard control --I just wish the execution were a little better. Joe fell awfully quickly, making those double jumps over low-ceilinged pits difficult, and at the start of one stage, Bzzzt somehow started outside the boundaries of the stage, forcing me to restart. I did enjoy playing spot-the-Cave-Story-reference, and the gameplay was interesting enough for me to keep an eye out for part two.


I agree with anonymous about the jump while falling bit- it is lame, the game is lame.


ritMika was interesting but it left me wanting more.

It also took my about 3 play-throughs to correctly do the "Over" part. I found that part slightly confusing.


i liked key to adventure, but when there were some levels that made little to no sense (i.e stage 1-8) which made me lose interest very quickly

Sesquiped January 13, 2008 5:15 PM

Bloons 3 level 14 anyone?

Just can't figure it out.

Sesquiped January 13, 2008 5:19 PM

Like always, got it right after I posted.

I love bloons!


I can't beat the medium campaigns on Stormwinds. On "Frozen Peak", you get mobbed from the first mission and you don't have enough money to buy a really good gun. On the one with land enemies, I did fine until a sudden swarm of drones with machine guns came in and my dual machine guns and sniper couldn't keep up. On the last medium campaign, they're so heavily armored that the machine gun can't hurt them at all unless you hit the few vulnerable parts. I only managed to bring down two when I used a heavy cannon with a remote rocket to arc into their weak spots.

Any tips?


Hey guys! I'm the creator of Key To Adventure. I hope you all are enjoying it, and if not, I'd be glad to take any suggestions you have!


how do we beat level 1-7 i cant do anything but walk around


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