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JohnBIt's the first Link Dump Friday of 2008! *confetti emoticon*!!! To celebrate we're dancing to random pop music and knocking each other off a perilous cliff with a baseball, all while journeying through an abstract world of random objects throwing pies.

  • icon_limitlesspossibilities.gifLimitless Possibilities - Created to promote the University of Salford, Limitless Possibilities is an adorably abstract point-and-click game in the vein of Samorost. Move the character (named Curious) through each stage by clicking objects on the screen. Not every action/outcome will make sense (did that coin just fall out of the polar bear's nose?), but with a little experimenting you'll easily push through the handful of levels.
  • icon_beatdat.gifBeat Dat - Similar to the Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan (Elite Beat Agents) game for the Nintendo DS, Beat Dat is a rhythm-based action game where you must click orbs in time with the music. As the circles fly by, click them just when the outer color meets the inner border. The closer your click, the better your score.
  • icon_gantan.gifGan-Tan - Every culture has its own traditions to ring in the new year. Japan is no different. Gan Tan is a point-and-click room escape game incorporating many Japanese new years items and customs in the game. If you're not careful, you might learn something. You have been warned.
  • icon_bombchain.gifBomb Chain - A puzzle game of things going boom and chain reactions makes for a happy gamer. Bombs explode to adjacent or diagonal squares (indicated by the icon on their face). The goal is to arrange everything so one explosion triggers the destruction of everything on the screen. You can even stack bombs on top of each other for a wider blast radius.
  • icon_zwingo.gifZwingo - A physics-based game where you use the mouse to swing a ball to protect the center orb from evil black balls. If the big orb slides out of bounds, you lose, which is quite the opposite of what you want to do. Upgrade your stats between levels and work your way through a fistful of stages and boss battles.
  • icon_powerswing.gifPower Swing - Is it one-dimensional Pong, or a one-button fighting game? Either way, Power Swing is an odd concept where the goal is to knock the other player off the screen by batting a baseball back and forth. Hold the button to do a power swing, and time your moves for unique pitches. Best of all, it's two players, so bring your little brother to the keyboard for some fun.
  • JayJIG Poker Night - In case you haven't heard, JIG Poker Night is back(!) every Saturday. So grab your chips and a chair and join us every weekend for some classic Texas Hold'em poker fun in our own private Triplejack lounge. The winner each week qualifies for a championship tournament in the spring where we'll give away an iPod Nano and a Nintendo DS!!




Link Dump Friday.... but with a Weekend Download header?? I'm so confused....


woot hopefully i get a place a Salford Uni later this year, good looking game but im stuck on the second floor


Bomb chain is fun - my kind of game. And not because of the bombs :)

Two little notes though - might save you some minor frustration:

- once you placed a bomb on the board it's fixed there - there's no way to reposition it or take it back. If you realize you made a mistake the only way - at least as far as I see - is to play the layout and then replay the level.
(No big problem for there is no score or lives to lose and the game is not timed - you play it just for fun.)

- you can combine no more than two bombs. It means you can't place more than two bombs on the same place. The instructions section (a very good one) fails to mention that.

On the plus side:

- you know from the start how many levels you have to beat (40)
- you are given the layout of all the levels before you start them
- you can take any levels any time.

So, to put it in a nutshell, it's an extremely user friendly game and I like it a lot :)


hmm, i'm stuck on level fourteen of bomb chain. spoilers, anyone?


(Hmmm... interesting... The (bomb game) description below the game field says there are best times and scores but I cannot see any timers or scores on the screen...)


also, why is there a weekend download banner?

ThemePark January 4, 2008 9:19 AM

Funny, because what bioLarzen said, is exactly what's keeping me stuck on level 10, along with the instructions on the retry menu.

Power Swing is a nice little 5-minute game, but I have my doubts about the AI, it seemed to get stuck at a point in my first game.

Gan Tan, well I love it. Nice graphics, good gameplay, nice puzzles, and best of all you don't need to know Japanese to play it.



rest assured that level 10 was my Big_Halt_Point too :)


for gan tan, where do I get

the second half of the code?



It's on top of the door at the face (if I remember correctly).

How did Limitless Possibilities get on here? I didn't think that was fun at all. The 2nd level has a bug in it (the tile puzzle isn't always possible to complete). It's random and pointless, which I'm fine with, but it's poorly implemented! :-(



I agree on Limitless Possibilities. It's boring. I got to the level where there are those 3 annoying clocks, clicked around for like 10 minutes and decided it's not worth the time.


thanks Phoenix, but,

can you be more specific about which pixel to click? I'm getting nothing. Also, if you can remember where you got the nose for the puzzle, that would be great.

For Bomb Chain level 10,

I tried combining two bombs one way, and it didnt work, I couldnt combine anymore. But then I tried combining them another way, and I got all 4 to combine.


Gan Tan:

You don't need a nose, just a mouth and an eyebrow. The mouth is

left of the face, but just barely.

As for which pixel to click, I can't remember. It's just ... on top of the door that swings open. AH, maybe that's after you finish the face?


For Gan-Tan, isn't the color code in itself enough to open the cupboard? I think i got the colors from

the doors of those small boxes. As far as i can see, they are

white (top left), violet (top right), yellow (bottom left) and cyan (bottom right)

but when i try to set the four "buttos"to these colors nothing seems to happen.

Do i have to do anything else to open that freaking case?



thx for the hint on level 10 for the bomb game. That helped me thru :)


re: Bomb Chain:

You can put more than two bombs on one square. Corners and sides combine to make circles, and any two like bombs combine to make a super bomb. On level 10 I combined corners and sides in the bomb-ready area to make circles, then combined the two circles to make a super circle bomb.

That's four bombs on one square.

re: Gan Tan:

The colors are from the cards. The order of the colors comes from the symbols on the cards.

Sometimes you can't do things in Gan Tan until you do other things first, even if logically you should be able to. I don't know if that affects the color puzzle, I only went through it once.


Realized that in the bomb game level 10 and 16 are practically identical?

Anonymous January 4, 2008 11:33 AM

in Gan Tan -- where is the eyebrow??


OK, I should have written: you can't combine ore than two bombs on the play area. It's possible to combine two bombs in the "paddocks" and then combine two such assembled bombs on the playfield thus, ultimately, combining four bombs. That is true.



you say

The colors are from the cards. The order of the colors comes from the symbols on the cards.
What cards? The red back ones piled up on the cushion? Because to understand that I should understand Japanese - which, sadly, I don't :(
But I don't think that's what I should do. But there are no other "cards" I can think of.


Eyebrow in Gan-Tan:

It's somewhere on the screen with the pillows and muse and face puzzle. There's that banner with that Japanese text hanging on the wall and there's some flowers in front of it. The brow is somewhere there, either ion the banner or the flowers - where exactly i dont know, i picked it up accidentally :)

Anonymous January 4, 2008 11:52 AM

Thank you! I found the eyebrow:

It is the little black line above the right-hand portion of the lowermost character on the banner


Go through that pile of red cards, and you'll find the first one.

There are three other cards to find. And you definitely don't need to understand Japanese. ^_^ The same kana symbol on the card matches a set of kana symbols you find later. It's really obvious when you find it, it's just hard to find it in the first place.

To tell the truth, I didn't care for Gan Tan that much. It's very pixel oriented, and you can't tab for hotspots.

Anonymous January 4, 2008 12:00 PM

Yay! I'm out!


Aha, OK. I got only that one card. And I'm getting more and more tired of that game to be honest...


The disclaimer written below Gan-Tan: "This game cannot do the save." LOL


I made some headway in Gan-Tan, but long reached the point where the frustration had overgrown the sensation of findng something hidden so I give it up. I'll read the walkthru if someone sends one in but there are scores of more rewarding games on this site.

hectichector January 4, 2008 12:28 PM

i'm stuck on level 12 of bomb chain :-( I just can't seem to find the trick
help anyone?


for Gan-Tan, where is this face everyone keeps talking about?

Also, I have

two tops, a badminton racket, a card, and thanks to the anonymous guy, an eyebrow.

Where in the world can I find the

other cards




The face is behind those shelflike structures on the left wall of the screen with the mouse and cushions. To get to it you must find a remote control. I don't quite remember where you can find it, but maybe

in the bookcase under the "traditional Japanese food"

The remote moves the selves and the face becomes visible.
As for the other cards:
- there is one stuck to the bottom of the trolley with the champagne on it. You have to click under the trolley. If you hit the right pixel you'll see it.
- Another one is on the ceiling. You can get to it by clicking above the kite hanging on the wall. But then you only can see it, but not reach it, for it's "too far" - and i haven't figured it oput set what to use to reach it.
- If teher are more cards i dunno where they are...

Anonymous January 4, 2008 12:57 PM

Here's a walkthrough!

1. Turn right. Look at the pillow. Click on every card until you get the one with a mouse and a cat.

2. Click on the pillow's bottom left corner, pick up the pink key. Zoom out.

3. Pick up the hagoita (the racket).

4. Turn right. Pick up the two tops. Pick up the black key under the black screen.

5. Open the shelf with a pink lock with the pink key. Pick up the scissors. Open the one with a black lock (with the corresponding key), pick up the remote.

6. Turn right. One of the orange tiles on the left actually hides a switch. Press it. Use the scissors and pick up the white key.

7. Look under the table with the bottle of wine. Pick up the second card.

8. Turn right, pick up the hane under the cupboard (it looks like a badminton's shuttlecock).

9. Turn right, use the remote on the window.

10. Pick up the eyebrow of the face. It's the dot on the last character of the hanging text.

11. Look at the face. Click on the left, pick up the lips in the window.

12. Place the lips and the eyebrow on the face. Open it. Look above the open door, pick up the numbers (8630).

13. Look at the hane, click on its "head". Pick up the other part of the code inside (1221).

14. Turn right, unlock the shelf with the white lock with the white key, input the code (12218630).

15. Place the blue top on the blue lock and the yellow top on the yellow lock. Open the middle shelf, press the button. Pick up the card.

16. Click on the top left part of the screen. Use the hagoita to get the last card. Zoom out.

17. Look at the black screen. Each character corresponds to a card. Remember where each card is supposed to be.

18. Turn right two times. Now, look at the background color of the characters on each card. Input those colors on the cupboard, using the positions the screen told you. (from top left, clockwise, white blue green pink)

19. Go into the new room. Put the cards into the corresponding slots.

20. Go out, open the cupboard, get the mouse. Turn left two times, pick up the battery under the cupboards.

21. Examine the mouse, click on it, then put the battery in it.

22. Turn left, open the picture. Place the mouse in it, and click on its tail.

23. Zoom out, click on the door. Yay, you're outside !


Level 27 of the bomb one was a killer... But I beat it at last :)


Bomb chain LVL 10, I couldn't combine 4, but i still beat level 10:

If you combine two cross/red bombs in the middle, and combine two green bombs in the lower right corner, and two in the upper left, it works too :)



and which one am I supposed to detonate then?

I tried your method for level 10 but it doesn't seem to work.


Oops, sorry, DRobot, misread your method... It really works!


krazykarl January 4, 2008 2:32 PM

I need desperate help on bomb chain level 27! There's gotta be a trick I'm just not seeing...anyone???


well, level 30 for Bomb Chain is killing me. The hint given when I failed was what I was going to do anyway, so it was worthless to me.
hint for 30:

build something symetric ;)

question about hint:

since it does mention symetry, does that mean that I need two of each bomb I have (two red ones and two super-green ones? the grid has an even by odd numbered grid, making for the need of two bombs in each column to fit the symetric pattern. Or is there another way to solve it?

If anyone has gotten further than me, please help me out.


krazykarl, can you remind me which level that is? I'd gladly help if you could refresh my memory.


Level 30 is halting me also... That it has to be


was evident so it's not really a help, you're right.

krazykarl January 4, 2008 2:55 PM

Here's what level 27 looks like before anything is done.

krazykarl January 4, 2008 3:06 PM

well it looks like I did the classic post, then solve...

here's the solution for anyone interested:

start with the bomb below the existing center bomb


Slight oversight on Bomb Chain... you don't need to detonate all of the bombs, only the ones on the floor. Thus, when it starts you out with none, all you need to do is put one out there and detonate it.


this is notable on the bonus levels. You get infinate bombs on some of them.


I put two super-red bombs on the left and right of the super-red bomb already in play. Now all you have to do is figure out how to detonate the middle one.


Power Swing: Pretty fun. I couldn't at first get what to do when an eagle randomly swoops down and pushes you back. The game didn't give my any insctructions regarding eagles. But I eventually discovered that you have to hit the eagle back, just like the ball. Surprisingly fun. A bit too easy though - if you manage to hit an eagle, its almost like an automatic win. Maybe a dificulty setting? And why does that simple game take such a long time to load? If it had 10 characters, 20 "places", different types of balls...
Limitless Posiblilities: Eh. I don't get it. It's not very "pretty", it makes no sense, and it's not very fun. The logic to the game just wasn't there.
Gan-Tan: Too much pixel clicking. No tabbing allowed - making it harder. Bunch of things weren't logical. The room was so full, you weren't sure which things are usefull to the game and which are not. You also don't have too much of a goal to what you are doing - you are in a room with no door. You tend to assume that whatever is inside that cabinet with the quarter-circles is the answer. Only its not - its the window.
Zwingo: I've played that a few times at Kongregate. Its alright. Gets a bit repetitive though. The swinging sometims gets confusing - the ball is sometimes is hard to control.
Bomb Chain: Good game. Maybe if it had better... erm, exploding animation? I've just been playing some games like N and Fancypants - maybe thats what has prompted me to say that. More variety of bombs and tiles?
Beat Dat: The circles aren't feel as if they're not always related to the beat - its offbeat. Compared to games like Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe, it's pretty bad. Not very fun. Like a C- or D+, if one were to grade it. I can see why all the people who commented on the game didn't like it.
JiG Poker Night: Well, that's always fun.



I didn't solve it, but I'm pretty sure you have to blow up the red ones first. actually blowing them up is a different story, however.


For Bomb Chain level 30:

krazykarl January 4, 2008 3:25 PM

Further hint for level 30 (clarification of the hint given in the level):

its only symmetric left to right, not top to bottom

and the solution:
trigger the big bomb in the middle


nevermind, solved 30:

I googled it, and came up with the answer (I know, it's technically cheating)
Here's a hint:

the big green bomb starts everything off.

Still need help?

the red and green bombs are not combined

need a screenshot?

fuzzyface January 4, 2008 4:44 PM

University of Salford: The Area of Limitless clicking, of mindless clicking where Logic does not seem to be at home.

Sorry, I know jay doesn't approve negative comments. But I'm happy my university doesn't have a promotion like this. There I'm more happy with the conservative, no promotion at all, before something like this shows up :p

[Edit: Negative comments are fine as long as they offer something substantive to the discussion. -Jay]


Any one have any help for bomb chain level 33?


FINALLY got lvl 33. Can't really describe the solution, but it took some pretty serious lateral thinking.


It's just like life... I was sitting on level 30 for like half an hour, had to go and run some errands, then came back and solved it in half a minute...


Just for the mentally handicapped that is me - how and where do i register for the JIG poker lounge? It says I have to do it here at JIG, but where exactly?

Gus Hans - oops, I mean:


Dear Jay
I saw bomb chain at ARCADEBOMB weeks ago.I wrote about it in my other comment but it never shown up.Do you know what
happened? Thanks '_'It's a nice game(:


zmaster - if you posted a game suggestion in the comments, then that's why your comment never showed up. It was redirected to the game suggestion box. :)

Please use the Suggest a Game form to submit game links. Cheers!


@ bioLarzen

you have to register on

but to enter the private jig lounge you have to log in on
the jayisgames triple jack page (


I can't seem to pass on level 24 of bomb chain. Help? Please?


Sorry, just figured it out :P

Make two Flashing Omni Bombs in the middle


Limitless possibilities is nothing like Samorost - it's illogical and more often then not it requires you to randomly click (and re-click) every single thing on the screen hoping that something - anything - will happen. Also, the graphics remind me of an ugly hidden object game, what will all the resolution mashing and pixelization.

Power Swing is basically a rehash of a simple tennis game, with your only goal being to hit the ball as strongly as you can. Nevertheless the concept could be fun if it was a little bit more refined.

Bob chain is a nice enough puzzle game, although I must say I didn't find it to be really engaging - I guess it's pretty hard for me to visualize the chain of explosions and the double-bombs weren't really intuitive.

Gen-tan looks fun but a bit crowded and pixel-hunty. Still, it is a game one could look into a little bit more.


Thanx, Amiron.


Sorry for wasting your time. Thanks


Sorry bioLarzen, I didn't see your question until just now. Glad you got the info, and hope to see you there! :D


could someone please post a walk through for Limitless Possibilities?


On the limitless possibilities, I basically screwed up the game. I got stuck on the last level when nothing was working, so I refreshed the page and went back into the first level so I could enter the code. I enteres the code, but when I was done redoing the first level, it said I finished the game. Plus, when it said "sound off" it was on and vice-versa.

But it still was a good game.


Triplejack Poker in 30 minutes!
Login at this link (that you should have bookmarked)

hectichector January 5, 2008 3:38 PM

someone with some kind of guide for bomb chain? the game is intriguing but I can't figure it out :-(
for the moment i'm stuck at level 16...


I need help on 31.


I couldn't make it :(

Is there every Saturday a JIG-Poker night? I wouldn't miss next Sturday.


Yes, bioLarzen. :)

Every Saturday we do a JIG Poker Night at about the same time. Check the poker night page for date/time of next poker night. There's even an international time converter there for your convenience. :)


Yep, I already used the converter and found out it's 10 pm here - just perfect :D

Thanx for the link also. Hope to be there next Saturday!

Lily Maple January 6, 2008 2:36 PM


Can you post an alternate link to Limitless Possibilities?
I clicked on the link you have now both yesterday and today, but the page is not loading.




Lily Maple January 7, 2008 2:52 AM

I found an alternate link for Limitless Possibilities:


The link for Limitless Possibilities won't work for me either. :/

[Edit: Fixed. -Jay]


Is it possible for someone to post a walkthrough for Bomb Chain?

I'm stuck on level 24 and I know Drobot says make 2 flashing omni bombs but I don't understand how!!

Can anyone help?!?


hint, you may bea able to stack things in teh loading window that you can not stack on the bombfield.

Boston Gamer January 10, 2008 11:17 PM

Now Bomb Chain is my kind of game! I got through all 40 levels in one sitting; really, it's on the easy side for a puzzler like this. Lots of fun though, with just enough variety and different bomb tiles for some interesting levels. My hint for anyone that's stuck is to try and think in reverse: try to figure out which bombs are the hardest to get to, and then the location where should you start the chain reaction.

Sorry for the anonymous comment. I tried to register at one point, but it didn't work. However, there seems to be a "BostonGamer" I.D. saved in the system, and I don't know what the password is (nor the recovery!) Any way to reset this I.D.?


Boston Gamer - There are two 'name' fields when you register with Casual Gameplay: User Name and Display Name. Your User Name may not be the same as any TypeKey identity that you may have used here before; however, your Display Name can be anything you like, and is what will show up on your comments.

So, if the form is telling you someone else has signed up with that name, then it's likely due to your TypeKey account you've been using. Try a different User Name and you should be good to go.


The third boss in zwingo is unbelievably difficult.


Help!!!! I'm stuck on Limitless Possibilities on level 7! After I stopped the train and rose the pie chart I can't do anything else! I've clicked on every pixel!


I know I'm late with this, but did anyone notice the bug in level 35 of Bomb Chain? You can blow everything up with one less bomb than you're given, but if you do that it tells you you've failed the stage. You have to arbitrarily place the last one to pass.


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