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JohnBIt's Link Dump Friday, special hyper mega Christmas holiday edition! Spread a little end of the year wintertime cheer with these festive games, most of which involve presents and/or destroying things!

  • flashempires2.gifFlash Empires 2: Christmas Crusades - Who says Christmas has to be about fuzzy happy lovey stuff? Flash Empires 2 is a tower defense game where you must defend Santa's workshop from hordes of minions sent by his evil brother. Place troops, towers and other helpful toys to stave off the waves of reindeer and elves. Evil reindeer and elves.
  • santaexpress.gif.gifSanta Express - Deliver presents to good little boys and girls while dumping sacks of coal on the naughty ones. You control Santa's sleigh as it slides around the top of the screen, tapping the [spacebar] when you're ready to drop your gift. Watch the wind direction and speed, and be careful in later levels to keep presents away from the grumpy little monsters.
  • santascannon.gifSanta's Cannon - It's time to deliver presents again. Instead of that stupid sleigh and reindeer combo, you get to use a cannon! Load the correct present into Santa's cannon, aim, and fire. The more you deliver, the higher your score.
  • icon_pimpmysleigh.gifPimp My Sleigh - Just in time for sleigh-pimping season comes this fun advergame. Design your sleigh and submit it to the gallery, then race it down snowy hills loaded with presents, snowmen, trees, and... dynamite?! (Thanks, art begotti!)
  • icon_goldminerholiday.gifGold Miner Holiday Haul - The Gold Miner series of games continues with this limited edition, special collectors version, holiday extravaganza in which the loot you're after is made up of... presents. Just send out your grappling hook and haul in all the lovely wrapped packages, Christmas cookies and happiness that you can.
  • icon_christmasescape.gifChristmas Escape - And what would Christmas be like without a little holiday point-and-click room escape game? Your objective is to find all the presents hidden all over the room that you're trying to escape from. And why are we trying to escape from a room filled with presents, anyways? From the Sphere and RGB developer, Neutral. But hurry! It looks like they're going to take it down after Christmas. (Thanks, Stephen!)
  • icescape.gifIcescape - (PG13) Less of a holiday game, more of a winter-themed room escape title. You're trapped in a research base on the arctic circle, and it's mighty cold outside. Find items and search the room for a way out! But be careful, blood and gore present means keep this away from the impressionable ones.


I love the Christmas Escape, it's easy, cute and just plain perfect. Although I cannot seem to find the last two presents.

In other news, Typekey doesn't accept my password anymore, nor does it let me recover it. :)


Hmm......the "cristmas escape" is very hard!!!


Correction: one present.

Can anyone please tell me:

What is the spoon used for?


baba - Signing in is a bit new now. There are two different methods, one is the usual TypeKey method, and then there's Casual Gameplay.

You have to select which one you want to use in the right side menu on the sign in screen.

PalmettoJess December 21, 2007 9:00 AM

I'm stuck at two presents as well... where'd you find the second-to-last one?


The second-to-last one:

Take the plate with the defrozen ice. Water the plant. Turn around and get back. The plant has grown and revealed a present. Get a spoon behind the plant. Use spoon in.. TRANSMISSION ENDED.

In other news, Icescape is also good, if a little unpolished. I'm not really a fan of time-limited escape games, but it's easy enough so it doesn't get too frustrating. Not really a Christmasy theme, though.

Seregmegilmor December 21, 2007 9:28 AM

Hello people,

I was a bit bored at work, so here's a walkthrough for the Christmas Escape for anybody having trouble finding some presents

Grab the present from the tree

Go right

Click _on top_ of the boots to find a present

Get the wodd from the green bin

Put it in the fireplace

Click on top of the bin for a present

Go right

Click under the bed for a present

Go back and this time, click on the leftmost foot of the bed, note the number there

Click at the bottom of the feet to move the blanket and get a present

Click on the santa hat for a present

Open the top drawer for another one

Go right

Get the present from the table

Move both coats, and grab the gloves

Look under the couch to get the present which just fell

Get the present from under the green pillow

Click on top of the gray bin to get some paper

Click on the bin to raise it and grab the star under it

Click on the second knob from the right to take it

Go left

Use the knob on the knobless drawer and open it, then click inside to get some matches

Go left

put the star on the right rendeer, grab present

Put the paper on the wood

Light up everything with the matches

Go right

Click on the thermometer to see it go up

Open curtains and window

Grab the fork and note down the number on the frame

Go right

Eat the cake with the fork

Grab the plate

Note the code

Go right

Set the clock using the first number you found (ending with a dot) for the hours and the second (starting with a dot) for minutes, then open the hatch to find a present

Go right

Use the three digit number on the safe, grab the hammer inside

Go right

Open the left window

Zoom in on the top stalagtite

Smash it with the hammer

Grab the key with the gloves

Go left

Put the plate on the ground

Put the frozen key on it

Take the unfrozen key, and the plate full of water

go left

Use the water on the plant

go right and back left

Get the present from the flower

Get the spoon from behind the pot

Go right twice

Put back the fork and then the spoon on the snowman

Lift his hat and get the last present

You can now use the key on the door to escape


Christmas Escape really IS perfect. Amazing graphics, good puzzles, and an overall nice and very Christmasy feel to the whole game. But then again it's not surprising, considering that it comes from Neutral.

You know even though he, or they, have only made a few games, they're all so great and so well polished, that I wish he had a Paypal account or some other way of donating.



- above average graphics
- compelling "body temperature" mechanic keeps the pace up
- the early puzzles are plausible and integrated into gameplay
- logical object placement, and only one pixelhunt
- Flashlight navigation at beginning and a few other nice touches add to the creepy atmosphere

- very poor writing
- overall, it's not as scary as it could be
- ugly oversized navigation arrows
- Later puzzles involve impractical contrived machines that wouldn't exist (even in a lab designed for the government by the lowest bidder...)
- anticlimactic ending


Are there more than one ending in Icescape?

In the end I used the gun, but the fact that the gun appears on the "game over" screen makes me think that it's "optional". Has anyone tried to do other stuff to the guy in the end?


Yeah, Christmas Escape is quite good!

Might I also suggest Handbell Hero? It won't keep you occupied for more than 5 minutes, but it's good for a chuckle and a holiday tune!


I realize this has nothing to do with the above games, but I just wanted to say that I miss Mission In Snowdriftland.


Scoobysnack December 21, 2007 3:57 PM

Christmas escape was kind of fun .. although I finished it too quickly (I missed two presents and thought maybe I should go outside to look)...oh well.


I was so sure that Christmas Escape couldn't be finished without finding all of the presents that I opened the door wothout the last two packets - and I escaped :)))

So i had to read where the last-but one present was

I watered tha plant but nothing seemed to happen - ow i know that i should have exited and revisited the screen.



Christmas Escape asked not to release walkthrus :(


I see we follow the same train of thoughts :)))


I found Ice Escape a bad concept. In room escape games - at least for me - the main emphasis is on strolling around, trying everything looking around fishing for telltale details - making this a time-limit game is just a dead idea - for me at least.

Also, that you have to start it all over again each time you die makes ensures it that not many people will, probably, get to the end. I don't think many players will get thru in less than 5-6 tries and it gets exponentially more and more boring each time you have to restart it.

Last, but not least, I found the fact that I can only see part of the field of vision, as if using a torch just plain annoying :(


Hey, thanks for the props! Yes, I loved Christmas Escape, and I actually solved it on my own with nobody's help and not too much pixel-hunting.

Want to know how

to melt the ice around the key?

Put the plate down in front of the fireplace, then the key on top of the plate. Took me a while to figure that one out. ;)


Christmas Escape Clock setting:

12:25, it's the date of Christmas

The only difference I see in getting all the presents as opposed to missing some is that when you pull the pull-chain at the end (when the cake is showing, it's on the right side in white), more candles light up.
Icescape seemed to be a little hard, and I died after the explosion/collapse because I wasn't sure where to go.
Pimp My Sleigh:

Pimp my sleigh looked like a publicity stunt for Kwik-Fit Insurance, as half of the front and side panels didn't match anything color-wise and, like a lot of these types of games, they were divided into "themes" (in other words, the parts were designed to look good with only certain other parts, not all of them). The music loop was very annoying, and being as short as it was, it got real old, real fast. Absolutely a horrible game, as it was basically a huge publicity stunt. While it worked, generating more traffic to their website, the page the game is on is worthless for advertising, as it doesn't link to their website in any way, shape, or form. Pimp my sleigh racing was even worse. The collision detection was highly over-sensitive, as I had a fourth of a sleigh of clearance, and I still got damaged many times. The controls were okay, but seeing the course as diagonal confused me, and I'm sure many others. I kept wanting to use the up arrow to go left, but it instead slowed me down. There were no clear instructions on how to race, which forced me to test and see what did what (controls are below). It's obvious that either the creator of pimp my sleigh either never tested it, was rushed to a due date (seeing as it's 4 days before Christmas, this is the most likely possibility), or worked as a team, where failure is multiplied by the number of people in your team (seeing as only some of the front/side peices of the sleigh matched up, this is likely as well). The movement of the sleigh was horrible, as it wouldn't curve, but rather move left/right a lot, then down, not left/right and down at the same time (for all 4 levels I did [2 including one I repeated], I never saw the sleigh move down at the same time as right or left). While normally not a big issue, as it would actually help the player position themselves better, the game was so slow, it was blatantly obvious.

Overall game scores:
Christmas Escape: 5/5
Icescape: 3.95/5 (the latter puzzles were hard, and having a time limit worsened things)
Pimp My Sleigh: 0/5 typical "Make me a game so I get more visitors" game
Pimp my sleigh controls (for racing):

arrow keys:

- left arrow key moves left

- up arrow key moves back

- right arrow key moves right

- down arrow key moves forward


Hmmmm...strange things are happening. I can't sign in, so guess I have to change my registration. There's a sign saying I need plugins to see this site. Odd. But the one thing I can't figure out-- I can't open any of the escape games in the link dump. Thoughts?

[Edit: This does not sound right. You should not be receiving any messages from the site that you need any plugins. I've sent you an email about this with some suggestions to try. -Jay]


I just finished Christmas Escape. I had to peek at the walkthrough a little, but I got most of it by myself. That game is really cute, it made me smile.


The "Christmas Escape" is cute and heart warming :)

but I don't have the guts to finish "Icescape" >.< I hate darkness..



Also, I agree with you jojo. I didn't get very far in Icescape. Not my cupojava!


Is anyone else having trouble loading the gold miner game? I hope there's a mirror to the game somewhere...


I have to agree with others on Icescape. I couldn't even read the text descriptions at the top of the screen, I was so busy clicking frantically and trying not to run out of time. Then I got to the bit where you try to unlock the safe, and after I'd matched 3 numbers in a row and then failed, I gave up on the game. Way too difficult.

The Christmas room escape game was fantabulous, though. Very cute, very quick, and easy enough for me to get most of the way through by myself.



you don't need to unlock the safe to beat the game. If you're really wanting to unlock it, then try moving the mouse further away from the knob, as it gives you greater control over the numbers.

The safe holds

the gun and some ammunition

I must agree with everyone on Icescape, as I found it hard to beat it all by myself, and died when I couldn't figure out what to do after the explosion. Oh well, I'll write a walkthrough for icescape that does just the basics, and also one that includes the extra items.


Icescape walkthrough:


turn right

-pick up lighter on bed (to the right)

-click the bookcase

-pick up the lighter to the left of the toolbox

-pick up the gloves

-open toolbox

-get screwdriver

-turn left

-move dresser (click on it)

-click on the vent

-click on the (I), the screwdriver, and then the screws in the vent. you are now moving through the vent


-click on the trash can (to the right of the drawers)

-get the wire cutters in the trash, and the hat on the counter

-turn right

-click the oven, then the pie

-click the lighter on the barrel to the right

-click on the radio (with the shelves and stuff)

-flip the radio over (click on it)

-use the screwdriver on the radio

-get the batteries

-turn left twice

-click on the box to the right of the door

-use the screwdriver on the four screws on the box

-use the wire cutters on both wires

-use the batteries on the wires

-go through the door


-get the horseshoe-like object above the red stuff

-get the lighter at the bottom of the stairs

-move up the stairs

-get the lighter on the stairs (near the bottom)

-go through the door


-move forward

-oh no, the hallway collapsed!
-get the crowbar (on the right, in the rubble)

-use the crowbar on the left door's window

-look inside the room

-get the lighter in front of the leftmost box

-get the tape recorder on the barrels

-get the pie on the right

-go back

-use the crowbar on the sewer pipe


-get the handle

-get the lighter

-go forward

-use the handle on the hatch

Control room?

-click on the drawers

-get the hat

-turn left

-get the lighter

-go in the storage room

Storage room

-move the box on the left, get the fuses

-get the ligher on the left shelves

-go back, turn right

Control room

-open the safe (moving the mouse near the edges of the safe gives you more control)

-get the fuse and the gun

-go back, and into the generator room

Generator room

-get the ligher on the barrels

-get the pie on the right side

-get the key hanging up on the left

-use the key on the two panels (fuses and pressure)

-click on the fuse box
How do I solve it?

to solve the fuse box puzzle, make sure there is only one path to each fuse, on both sides.

-click on the pressure box

to solve the pressure puzzle, click on the peice on the bottom that matches the highlited peice
swear you got it in time, but it said you failed?

for whatever reason, the time it takes to pressurize the system is time taken away from your time limit

-pull the switch on the right side of the room

Control room

-go to the laptop


-turn left, and go into the "comms room"

Comms room

-go to the window, the cutscene is unimportant

-There's an alien at the door

-use your gun on the alien


Chrys, apparently I was wrong, and you do need to unlock the safe to beat the game. My bad...


PHEW! It only took me 27 min. to get TypeKey to let me register and log in, sigh.
Anyway, on the Kongregate games, does anyone know how to close that aggravating chat window right beside the screen? I apologize if this has been answered somewhere else. THANKS SO MUCH!


For a simple fix (If you're not on dial-up, this should work fine), open two instances (tabs or windows) of the game. Then, close out of the one that doesn't complain about already being open and wanting to reconnect. The chat window will still be there, but it won't be connected at all.

littlefish January 18, 2009 2:46 PM

The Icescape game is not that bad... but the sequel is crap. A few simple codes to solve, and too much shooting (you do not even have to aim very well)


I played Icescape and when I was at the stairway,

I saw what was left of the cook. It was nasty!!! Then when I went up, I saw an alien flee in front of the doorway.

That part creeped me out sooo much that I chickened out and exited the game. :O


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