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Link Dump Friday №38

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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBA healthy smattering of link dumped games this Friday, many of which are from developers you already know and love. The creators of Warp Forest, Bloons, and Submachine each have a new game available to play, and as luck would have it, they're all different genres than the titles that the developers are famous for!

  • zeba.gifZeba - A brand new release from Bloons creator Ninjakiwi combines old-school top-down puzzle gaming with fire, acid and ice! Move the little critter around the grid and tap the spacebar to fire. Your goal is to eliminate every material from the screen, and it's not as easy as it sounds.
  • wogger.gifWogger-Mini - The series of Samorost-esque point-and-click adventure episodes recently hit a milestone 100 installments. That's... a lot of pointing and clicking.
  • missiontomars.gifMission to Mars - From the Mr. MothBall, Covert Front and Submachine series creator comes another great-looking platform game starring a weirdo alien collecting keys to unlock doors on Mars. Or is he an anteater in a spacesuit?
  • fireflies.gifFireflies - A soothing game of luck and skill where you try to explode fireflies using the allotted number of shots. Your weapon bounces off the jagged walls, but aiming and hitting all the randomly floating bugs is almost more chance than skill. And does anyone else think it's sad to blow up fireflies?
  • touchbubbles.gifTouch the Bubbles 2 - From the creator of Warp Forest comes a musical puzzle game where you must repeat the melody using a series of bubbles. If you have a good ear for music you'll have an easier time with the game, otherwise it ends up being more of a guessing game.
  • conceptis.gifConceptis - Few websites do free online/printable number/picture pizzles as well as Conceptis. Try your hand at weekly sudoku puzzles, or get fancy with kakuro, battleships, slitherlink, hashi, and half a dozen varieties of picture-forming puzzles. Some can be played online and all can be printed and solved with a good old fashioned pencil.


Is it just my computer or are the controls on that Zeba game painfully slow and jerky?? I even tried rebooting the system but to no avail.


I only checked out Zeba and Skutnik's game... thought the music on Mars Mission was awesome until about the 14th level when I suddenly got over it. He sure knows how to create an atmosphere for a game. I think he should go back to adventures though. So far none of this platformy stuff has been as fun for me as submachine.

UnsightlyJello November 30, 2007 12:45 PM

Is it just me or is wogger completely illogical? Easy but really confusing...


I got to level 26 in Zeba before I quit because it is just too easy. Also it was somewhat tedious tapping to move each space, tapping to change direction, etc.


Most of the challenge in Mission to Mars comes from having to explore the level enough to know which path you should take, what the switch should be set to, and where you can make blind jumps. If the player had a larger view, the game would be (more?) trivial. This is actually very interesting, I think, because it's a sort of challenge analogous to the challenge in simple point-and-click adventure games - the game hides things from the player, whether that be the layout of the level or the location of all the items, and the player has to find these things to beat the game.

Unfortunately, while relying on this kind of challenge isn't so bad for an adventure game, it's quite dull in a platformer.

Also, the hit detection is still as bad as in his previous games.


Thought Mission to Mars was very nearly as good as the Submachine games (which are top notch).

Great job!

PS You CAN turn the music OFF... : )p


Fireflies is insanely hard after level 12. But I did finally finish. Good game :o)


Good for you folx - for me Zeba doesn't even load from the link given :(

I guess jayisgames is just maikng its impact and everybody's there playing it so the line got too busy :)


Ugghh... One caveat for MTM... The difficutly between 12 & 13 is a bit steep. I gave up on lv 12. The first 12 levels were a lot of fun though.


Already do conceptis... it's wonderful. I've never once found a mistake in their puzzles.

Fridays have never been more exciting... (when they update with new puzzles! =) )

Also, they have a forum, so you can get help with puzzles.


A minor bug in Fireflies: on level 13 one of the purple dots gets stuck at times and stays immobile at the wall.

Doesn't really bother though...


Anyone has the faintest what to do on level#3 of Wogger? It seems for me there's only one clickable item there and nothing happens when it's clicked...


On level 10 of Woggler mini it's a game of absolutely sharp timing. There's a click to take in tie and if you're not dead sharp you fail. Very annoying...


oh, cool! i have looong been a conceptis fan! you should check out puzzles.com!

Cowcatbear December 1, 2007 12:23 AM

Finally, my recommended "Conceptis" is up on JIG!


Why is Level 13 of Mars impossible? I've tried a million times, and there's no way to get the energy over the White Laser.


I'm loving Zeba. Currently stuck at level 34, hoping to figure it out soon.


Wogger is one of those "pixel hunt" games. Throw in a bunch of mottled textures which camouflage everything and tiny buttons which only appear when you hover over them, and you've got a clickfest which is sure to break most casual gamers before they reach level 10. I found it infuriating even WITH the walkthrough. Leave the frustration for the hardcore players, folks.


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