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Link Dump Friday №3

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Link Dump Fridays

HarukioSenora Te'som Ram peers over her sunglasses at Dolenz. Looking for a twitch, a wandering eye. A Queen, King, and Ten of Spades lie on the worn table. Senora Ram, Dolenz and George are still in...and tension runs high. Capuchin leans back in his chair, he's folded and has little interest in money that isn't his. Senora Ram has a King and an Eight of Spades, Dolenz has...well...who knows? George takes a sip of water from a glass while Dolenz slowly reaches towards his stack of chips and no one notices the slowly advancing pile of game submission bananas overflowing from our previously trusty cardboard box!

Help save these innocent poker players from certain banana doom! We've checked them for color but who knows if the inside is truly delicious? Check out these selections from our quite frequent submissions to select which ones, if any, deserve an authentic JIG Review!

  • Swan's Room - Escape the room! I don't know what else to say here. Have you ever considered not falling asleep in shady locations? At least carry around a cell phone or maybe even a GPS if you're like that.
  • Common Knowledge - A potentially quick daily puzzle. Figure out the words from the clues, hangman style. Then use what you revealed to find the common thread.
  • Ant War - Carefully adjust your population to create a mighty colony to RULE THE WORLD, or at least the backyard.
  • "Tofu War" - Raise a struggling horde of tofu blocks and fight other foods in the refrigerator with wild attacks including Chicken Broth Explosion and Tofurky Surprise! It's a fun action/platformer/strategy/arcade-like/rummy game.
  • Brain Drop - Tricky little puzzle. Slide the rows back and forth to get the gold ball through without letting the silver balls drop. Only downside is it's quite...quite short.
  • Spikey's Bounce Around - Play as Spikey, an aptly named blue, round, and spikey creature who aspires to do what many of his ilk prefer, which of course, is bouncing around attempting to free butterflies. You get 10 launches per stage, just watch out for hornets and other spikes because they'll hurt your spiky exterior.

No, I wasn't describing some secret painting of Cassius Coolidge. But JIG Poker Night is taking place again this Saturday beginning at 3 p.m. EST (GMT-5). Use the Login form on this page (or most any JIG page) and join the fun! We had over 50 people at various tables last Saturday, and this week is already shaping up to be even more fun. Perhaps there will be prizes this week? You'll have to join us to find out.


Wow, hasn't Swan's room been featured here yet? =O
This one surely deserves a review!

Leonard Banks January 12, 2007 1:59 PM

Swan's Room...!!!

How frustrating!

If you don't diffuse the bomb you have to start ALL the way over. 5 Times was enough for me. I quit.

Brandinat0r January 12, 2007 2:09 PM

So here in Holland (GMT+1) it will be 21:00?


Brandinat0r - your math is impressive. =)


Is "Tofu War" supposed to be a link?


In Swan's Room, how do i make the plant grow?

i have the first battery, folder with papers with weird code,pliers,brief case, remote with one battery,mug, and the flower pot with seed and water



Go back to the bottom drawer where you found the plant. Click on it to get a wire and use the pliers on the wire. Then use the messed up wire on the lockbox and get the screwdriver. Then use the screwdriver on the clock, take it off the wall and get the battery charger. Befor putting the clock on the wall, use the screwdriver on the little grey box on the bottom of the clock. Take out the battery and put both batteries in the blue charger. Use the charger on the socket under the computer desk. Wait a bit, and take out the batteries and put them in the remote. Turn the temperature up to 30 degrees and then wait. Ta-daaaa!


I'm in the same exact boat as Aloloo.


After playing them all (except tofu war as the link doesnt seem to exist) i will put the games in order of my preference:

Spikey's Bounce Around
Ant war
Swan's Room
Brain Drop
Common Knowledge

This is just my opinion.
All nice games.


That was surprising - Swan's Rooms was one of the few point-and-click escape-the-room games I was able to complete without any outside assistance. Though I do have to agree with Leonard Banks --

the bomb was extremely annoying. Well, not the bomb so much, but restarting completely from the beginning after being blown up several times. I finally got it after six or seven attempts.


BrainDrop actually has a bug in lvl 5.
Try pressing
-highest right
-lowest right (optional, but prevents one silver ball from falling)
-2nd highest left
The golden ball will move right instead of falling down


I think Spikey's was the best by far. I loved it, very fun and well made.

I've never been a fan of point-and-click/escape-the-room games, but Swan's Room was surprisingly fun, although I never completely finished it ;-P.

BrainDrop was OK. It's a great idea, but I lost interest quickly.

As for the other 2, they just weren't my cup of tea.


walk through of Swan's room

>>get the PAIR OF PLIERS on the top of the shelf
>>get the SMALL KEY in the ash tray of glass table
>>get the BATTERY in the planter near the sofa
>>get the REMOTE CONTROLLER and COFFEE MUG on the other side of the sofa
>>get a BRIEFCASE (bomb) under the sofa
>>use the SMALL KEY to open the lock of the desk and get a DOCUMENT FILE
>>get a STRANGE FRUIT in the middle tray
>>open the bottom tray and use PAIR OF PLIERS to cut the wire of box, get a SMALL PLANTER and PIECE OF WIRE
>>eat the STRANGE FRUIT and get a SEED, put the SEED into the SMAILL PLANTER
>>use BENDED WIRE to open the box at the bottom of the shelf, get a SCREWDRIVER (close the box before you go)
>>use SCREWDRIVER to take off the clock and get RECHARGER in the wall and another BATTERY from the clock (put back the clock on the wall before you go)
>>put the two BATTERIES into the RECHARGER and begin charging under the table (wait a while until the light turns green)
>>look at the hands of the clocks (2 10 white, 11 red), the colors and direction is the login of lv 1 authorization of computer, and note that 30C before and 18C after sprouting (logoff computer before you go)
>>take out the BATTERIES and put them in the REMOTE CONTROLLER, and turn to 30C (do not turn off)
>>fullfill the COFFEE MUG with the fish tank of the shelf, and water the plant
>>wait a while (without about item) until sprouting
>>turn the REMOTE CONTROLLER to 18C and fullfill the COFFEE MUG and water again
>>wait agian and get the KEY in that fruit (what kind of fruit is that!!)
>>get back a BATTERY from the REMOTE CONTROLLER (turn off first) and put that back in the clock (use SCREWDRIVER)
>>the new pattern of hands is 2nd lv login of computer (2 red, 6 11 white)
>>choose file 2 code decription program, and put the DOCUMENT on the webcam to decode it ( .......! )
>>now you can read the DOCUMENT and you need to turn off the light to read the last page
>>several things should be noticed in the poetry:
bloody eyes in green
1 west, 2 east, 3 north, 4 south
green grass
four eyes sleep in emerald = green,
rotten tangerines = orange, lemons = yellow
and cobalt ocean / crismon rose (different each time)
>>now you can open the case and have 2 mins to unlock the bomb, if failed, you have to do whole things from the beginning (omg!) (and be careful to cancel the subtitle)
>>when the light is green, use SCREWDRIVER to turn each screw once in order; (forget that light from now on) then take off that black cover, turn the button of green wire only to make all lights green; use PAIR OF PLIERS cut the orange and yellow wires (the 1st and 3rd wires); and cut one of the blue wire (ocean) or red wire (rose)
>>the bomb should be deactivated now and it is safe to take the BRASS KEY
>>use BRASS KEY to open the door, congratulation!


Common Knowledge was alright - they need to have a "give up" option though, for when you don't want to think too much.

Brain Drop was nice; sure, it was really short, but I don't think it would've kept my attention for much longer than five levels anyway. I beat it with 2,3,3,4,5 moves (=17) anyone done better?

Ant War is ancient, formulaic, and basically the same game as Age of Castles, just packaged differently. Still fun for a while, though. Tofu War?

Spikey was really nice - fun bouncing around, reminded me a bit of Sling...

BigBossSNK January 12, 2007 8:48 PM

Swan room items and hints

fruit: second desk drawer
seed: ABOUT fruit, click on it
remote control: stand behind sofa
cup: stand behind sofa, second shelf
briefcase: under sofa
silver key: in ashtray
battery 1: in plant near sofa
pliers: top right of shelfs
documents: top desk drawer (use silver key)
planter: third desk drawer (use pliers)
wire: third desk drawer
screwdriver: in metal box (use pliers on wire, wire on box lock)
battery charger: behind clock (use screwdriver)
battery 2: in clock (after you lay it down)
steady key: in blossomed plant (use on briefcase locks)
brass key:defuse the bomb

To decipher the document: The time on the clock and the color of the hands (red and white) is the login code (discharged battery LVL1, charged LVL2). Login LVL2, select the documents, click the cam.
To grow the plant: Plug the charger with the batteries under the desk. Seed the planter, water it with fish tank water from the cup, put the batteries in the remote and set it to 30. When it grows, set the remote to 18, water again.

Document page 1: There are 4 screws that hold the defusing mechanism.
page 2: Use the screwdriver on top left, down right, top right, bottom left screws while the green blip is on. (The North is shown on the page itself)
page 3: Of the 4 buttons above the colored wires, press the green's. When the 4 lights are green, cut the orange, then yellow wires.
page 4: (random) cut the blue or red wire (cobalt ocean/ crimson rose) (you need to turn off the light to read this page)


Ack, BigBoss, I've read your walkthrough and still can't figure this out! What do you do with the batteries to get the code? I input the before-battery numbers and the after-battery numbers in every order possible and can't log in. What am I doing incorrectly?


I've gotten all of the little words, but can't yet seem to figure out the connection!

I kind of wish there was a "show me" give up option. I want to just KNOW WHAT THIS THING IS AND LEAVE IT ALONE!

haha here's what I have:

Theme: ________ (eight letters)


I like Swan Room though from my last comment you'll see how far I got...which is the norm. Common Knowledge is very good. Unique gameplay. Could use a teenie bit more design "oomph", otherwise a fun game.

(first time trying TypeKey. :o) )


Ant War is a fun little number game. Asking for $15 is just obscene, though.


Tofu War!! =D That's classic stuff, Harukio! Though it seems it might take a bit for others to warm up to your sense of humor, I find it delightful!! Rock on, my friend! =)


Jacob: A hint for the connection word...

Funny ________

Family ________

Show ________

Risky ________

Monkey ________

Unfinished ________

Here's the answer:



Spikey's and Common Knowledge are the two that stuck out most to me. I thought Spikey's was very well-made visually, physically, and aurally, but there is way too much luck involved with avoiding the spiky things to make it a really good game. There needs to be more that 3 hitpoints, or even better, do away with the hitpoints and deduct points from the score.


If you can pour enough soy sauce onto the veggies in Tofu War they will back off. Then if you use the peanut sauce on the tofu, you can pick out the sprouts (practice with the chopsticks!). Basically, you are going to be overwhelmed with seafood at some point. It's just a game of trying to make it taste good for as long as you can.

BigBossSNK January 13, 2007 5:45 AM

To charge the batteries: There is a plug under the desk (click left of drawers). Both batteries in the charger, plug the charger and wait 20 seconds. Get the batteries out, then unscrew and lay the clock down. Put a charged battery in the clock. Reposition the clock (reads 5:55:10). Now correlate the position and color of the hands to the login squares. (It's white 6, white 11, red 2). This is the Lv2 authentication code.


Umm, can anyone post a link for tofu war? it sounds like a good game


I want to play tofu war! I want to play tofu war! And take over all of the world, or refrigrator, whatever comes first.

Oh can we have a ...a #### war? Damm, I can't think about a fricking thing that I haven't been in any game ;)


Well I have a new game!

One caller, calls out anything. All others rush out, to find or present the game where you are that ;)

I already was a:
man, pirate, thief, inspector, cat, dog, robot, bacteria, cell, nano-machine, ghost, vampire, vampire-hunter, space ship, planet, rabbit, zebra, horse, jockey, bandit, sherrif, devil, angel, god, monster, chemical, dwarf, dragon, mouse, brain, jester, tentacle, hunter, dice, egg, cowboy, tribal guy, cannon, alien, flying toaster, ...


Swan's Room - Nice, old, boring point and click. The bomb at the end ruins it all, if I'm playing a point and click I'm not expecting to blow up. I don't like having to restart at the very end because I clicked where I shouldn't have.

Common Knowledge - It crashed my computer, so...

Ant War - Just a demo, but it's long enough to become tedious in the end.

"Tofu War" - Probably the worst game I've ever played, and it's foul-smelling too.

Brain Drop - Short. Simple. Cute.

Spikey's Bounce Around - It's... lufferly! Awwww! Cute gameplay, original idea (at least, I've never seen a similar game before). Best of them all, in my opinion.


It would really help if the link to tofu war was there...


Actually Bryan, if you discover the


in level 7, you can also make your army profitable. Yet, I still can't figure out the roulette saucepan...thing.


I found a hack on tofu war:

If you just invest everything in soy, you can survive forever. Soy needs to be nerfed.


Have to give a shout out to Common Knowledge, one of the quality puzzles available on the 'net. Don't know how much their audience overlaps with JIG Casual Gameplay's, but if you do like word puzzles, one of the people behind CK's company is the current editor of the Wall Street Journal crossword puzzle, and all three of them are former Games Magazine staff before it got bought and turned crappy.

Examples in CK start out obscure and get easier as you go along. (A recent puzzle had people from Rudolph Giuliani, right down to Elmer Fudd, as examples of people with a lisp.) Some are wordplay based, as is the one that had *Jacob* stumped earlier, and others are more traditional common bond puzzles. (Example: icebergs, cell phone reception, and incompatible couples are things that "break up".)

Answers are always posted the next day. Puzzles have been running for years now without repetition. With puzzles, I'm hard to impress. This is a good feature.

Evilwumpus January 13, 2007 5:39 PM

Where's the #@$%^!@ link for Tofu War? Google hasn't turned up anything!


Where's the link for Tofu War? Google hasn't turned up anything!

Vault1122 January 13, 2007 8:15 PM

Here's a hint for Tofu War:
If you ally with the Broccoli early in the game, they could help when the seafood attacks :)
Remember, once they cant help you anymore, destroy them! Soy sauce helps too.


Can someone please tell me how to get to tofu war?

T O O F U U W W W A A R R !!!!!


The link for "Tofu War" isn't working.


as mentioned above soy sauce is indeed helpful in tofu wars. The broccoli are nowhere near as powerful an ally as the pumpkin, though still not good enough to stop the seafood in the end.

if only this was a real game, it sounds so fun =)


Ok - will someone go write this Tofu War everyone is talking about? (Personally, I think some Thai green curry would be another excellent ally - BURN the enemy...)


Here's how to play tofu war: go to the grocery store and buy some tofu. Open it up, then set the block of soybeanie goodness in your fridge. Wait two weeks, then check your fridge. Wear a mask for protection.

ILikeBunnies January 14, 2007 12:57 AM

...What soy sauce? All I could find was soy beans.

Is it possible to beat level 9, or is it just a repetition level? I've been at it for 30 minutes with the soy cheat before quitting.


You need to mix the soy beans with the secret ingredients to make soy sauce. I haven't passed level 9 yet

So..Much...Seafood O_o


I thought the blog / site is for casual gameplay... not casual "making-fun-of-readers-by-posting-non-existant" gameplay. That's what april's first is for.

In case anyone didn't get it yet... Those looking for Tofu War are bieng played the fool.

a true shame, that readers aren't taken seriously, especially since you depend on them to keep your site running. (Ad revenue, buying sponsored games, etc.)


ah. deadlock come down. This site is about fun, and tofu wars is fun ;)

A man should be able to laugh about himself.
And making fun about sterotyp games, is good too ;)


Deadl0ck - sorry if you feel that you've been taken advantage of. There was no ill intent I can assure you. Please expect more humor and fun to pop-up anywhere on the site that we can stick it. Expect the unexpected and you'll be fine. Live a little, don't take things so seriously. =)

Eat some prunes, but stay away from the tofu. ;)


OK now since the 2nd casual game design contest is out... someone better make a tofu war game just for those poor people who searched all over the internet for it.


"Tofu War" is really there as a joke for or readers, it's not supposed to be a joke "on" them. Much like the silly "No one expects the Spanish Inquisition," it had nothing to do with casual games, but brought some more humor to the post. Sorry about that Deadl0ck.
What is quite funny is that after reading some of the Tofu War comments I actually searched for it to make sure it wasn't really a game. >.<


haha--that was Hilarious....
I do want tofu wars now!

anyhow. I did not like ant wars too much, but Spikey Bounce around was good fun.


Would anyone like to take bets on there being several Tofu War entries in the new game competition? I would, except I think the chances are now about 100%.


I like how in common knowledge the second round is frustrating and then in a second the answer becomes as ovbious as day. :D


Sorry I lost my temper a bit there. It IS rather funny, I have to say.

Was just having a very bad day, and hoped the link to the fun sounding tofu wars was finally up, then realized it was a joke, and rather felt I was being played the fool, for the umphteen time that day. (God, I hate my boss.)

So, both to Jay, and Harukio, my apologies. Keep up the good work, I do love this site. You are of course, right. NOBODY expects the spanish inquisition!

Similar to this site, amongst thier weaponry are such diverse elements as: fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope, and nice red uniforms. Though, in the case of JIG, I dunno about the uniforms... and the devotion is to games. And fun... Fun and games. and Humour.

And uhm... jay... after taking your prune comment to heart... I suppose you don't clean bathrooms, do you?


LOL =)

Good to see you've come around, Deadl0ck, and sorry you were having a day of it; it happens. And thanks for the kind comment, just now and all throughout the many months you have been visiting. It's certainly a pleasure to have your input here, and we just couldn't have you feeling as if no one cared, because we do.


Tofu Wars SUCCESS!!!

I have created the ultimate machine. Take the smartest of the 3 potatoes, put him inside the duck, inside the chicken, inside the turkey. With triple plated armor, this potato controlled Turducken eats everything in sight. Invincible. Not sure he wouldn't eat the frig too if you turned him loose on it. "All your Tofu are belong to us." LOL!

lopsidation January 16, 2007 6:36 PM

No, no... if you get triple-plated armor for the potato, it will be impossible to get past level 32, as there the potatoes turn against you, and if they're invincible, you can't defeat them. What you REALLY do is kill the potatoes in level 4(after that they aren't useful), and paste the eyes to the turnip with the cottage cheese(otherwise they are blind and can't defeat the onion boss).


Haha nice lopsidation! How long did you play to figure that out :-)


Has anyone actually beaten spikeys bounce around. i can only get up to level 14


I deafeated the seafood, I rescued the carrot from utter destruction, and the tofus are brainwashed by FROZEN MEAT!



Nevermind, I used the soy sauce to launch them in the microwave, then they died.

Now I have a bigger problem.

The carrot double crossed me and not only does it plant a Caviar Bomb to destroy the fridge, it also turns to a giant robot that launches 3 pounds of coleslaw!


P.S I'm already at Level 623, The Final Showdown



To deafeat the carrot boss:

Grab two eggs and throw them at the cookbook. Take the soysauce and spray it at the eggs. The cookbook will turn into a Cheese spray can. When the carrot is about to launch two pieces of coleslaw, grab one of the potatoes and smash it to the coleslaw, covering the potato and, when it hits the carrot, blinds it. When he's blind, grab the slabs of Emmental, open the can, stuff the Emmental into the can, and throw it at the oven. Stall the carrot until you hear a DING!, then grab the can and spray it at the carrot until it hits the Caviar bomb and YOU WIN!


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