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Link Dump Friday №28

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Link Dump Fridays

ArtbegottiI have this lamp in my room. It's not an unusual lamp, it's just a typical lamp with a 3-way bulb in it. But on the lampshade (which is terribly over-sized for the lamp itself), I hang all sorts of stuff. The top and bottom of this lamp is littered with clothespins to hold things in place. At the top, there are a couple of key chains that light up, a pass for a free movie at the local theatre, a string of green Mardi Gras beads, and a few colorful candy canes from years ago. At the bottom, there are letters from employers, a bio-hazardous specimen bag from a hospital, a pedometer, and a reminder to pick up a friend from the airport. I don't even remember if I picked him up or not...

So what's the deal with all this stuff on my lamp? Yes, it's all a huge fire hazard waiting to happen, and a lot of random, all in one place. It also reminds me of LINK DUMP FRIDAY!!!

  • Guardian Popon - Guard the castle and blast away the advancing boats with your arsenal of brown bears. (They oughta look familiar...)
  • Grand Slam - Based on the GSN show, answer four rounds of trivia and puzzles as fast as you can. C'mon, if Ken Jennings could do it...
  • Square Divide - Shoot the square to break it into two pieces. Then again. And again. And again. Seeing a pattern here? (Cheers, Kristi!)
  • Descent - Tilt the environment to control the descending ball and find the flag to advance to the next level. (Cheers, TheLaw13!)
  • Tucogas Room 2 - It's an escape-the-room game, yada yada, you know the drill. (Cheers, John & Ryan!)

And, I suppose Link Dump Fridays could be fire hazards as well.


Decent is GOOD!Wanted it to be a bit harder though. Wizzed through the levels dieing about 4 times. Thank you TheLaw13!


Guardian Popon gets repetitive after the first few levels, so I stopped playing around level 20. You face new enemies every 10 levels it seems.

Descent was pretty fun, but I think it plays slowly. The music's nice though.


The second-to-last game is is actually called Descent, not Decent. It may very well be decent, but that's not its title. ☺


I played Tucogas Room 2 and when I closed the inventory window and reopened it I had all the items for the game and was able to finish it. Very Weird. The game is broken.


Thanks, Peter, that was my mistake. I'll fix the typo.


drwright, that didn't happen to me when I did that, maybe it's an older flash version that causes that bug?


I've made a start on Tucogas2 but I'm only as far as 29% complete. Found 2 cds, hammer, 2 keys, one battery, remote, cone, red yellow and green squares, light bulb, and light pull cord. Combined/used a lot of them except for the cone and squares but am now stuck. Lettering on the toilet roll is 03 or D3? Any suggestions, 'cos I can't seem to find those pixels!


I made a start on Tucogas 2 as well, but still 47% done.

Don't know where the green square is. Found red, yellow and blue squares. If you are puzzled on what to do with the cone:

There is a knife the cabinet under the TV, use the knife on the cone and put it on the lamp, where a button appears on the roof when the light is off

Somehow also found another room, but there is nothing to do in there.


where'd you find the other cd? I know the one's in the book, but where's the other one? I found an orange and yellow square thing, where's the red and the green?


I'm playing with Tu2, too. At 22%, I got 3 keys, none of them seems to open anything, the remote and 1 battery, the cord (in place now), the cone (for the lamp, maybe?) and the yellow square thingie. And what's up with the painting, the one that's green at the beginning and shows "\o/", and then turns red to show "<o>"?

About the bathroom, if you haven't noticed yet:

It's a little more interesting in the dark.

The toilet bowl will reveal a number on the inside.


EMDF the CDs are as follows:

In the blue book above the computer

In the CD rack by the books (Green one on the right)

One in the cabinet under the TV (Key is in the toilet under the rim)

One behind the bottom right corner of the green poster behind the mirror in the bathroom after you smash


If the signs go red with the on them, it means you need to restart because you did something that prevents you from completing the game

Superslash August 31, 2007 6:49 PM

Square divide is one of those daikatana type games. It looks fun on the outside, but on the inside is somewhere inbetween sticking your hand in barbed wire and playing one of nitrome's platformers.

You control a tiny triangle with a SQUARE hitbox roughly 1.5 times the size of your triangle. Movement is inconsistent even with a stable framerate and lags far behind the mouse cursor, which you'll run out of the play area quite often.

You split squares by firing tiny balls very slowly. Choose your shots carefully because the reloading time is apparently random and only begins after a shot either hits a square or the side of the play area. In order to make this even more difficult you have a number of powerups which range from powerdowns to somewhat helpful.

M: Mega bullet. Your shots will continue until they hit the wall. This is the worst of the powerups as the sheer number of squares it spawns will virtually ensure your death by themselves. That the squares tend to be faster than everything else and fly out in random directions is icing on the cake. Enjoy your extremely long reloading time while madly running away from the wall of death approaching you.

S: Slow squares. A good powerup but it doesn't slow the squares down by much, or by any consistent amount. There is also no timer so you still need to stay far away from them in case they speed up again. Squares split off from slowed squares will travel at normal speed, and once the powerup wears off will move at super speed.

I: Invincibility. Sounds good in practice but it's extremely short and doesn't always make you invincible. You'll flash from invincible-white to mortal-green as it wears off. Sometimes you'll be invincible until the end, sometimes not, sometimes it doesnt make you invincible.

O: Big shots. The only truly useful powerup. The big bullets make it possible to clear out squares by getting close and spamming them until you've gotten rid of them all. Like the other powerups it lacks a timer, or any consistency in it's execution.

Overall the game is a nice concept with an execution so flawed that it is virtually unplayable due to the sheer number of ways that you can die through some technical fault and not any error of your own.


I like LDF. :)


forgot to mention I don't have the hammer...


EMDF, the green square is

under the corner of the carpet (near the bathroom door)

and the red square is

behind a tile in the bathroom (smash it with the hammer)


Where is the third key? The third cd gives a very strange file on the pc.


To find the hammer...

Lift the middle couch cushion up and click on it again to put it back down a couple of times (About 3 times). Turn to the right, and look at the bottom left and there is a key on the ground at the bottom of the couch. That key opens the right cabinet on the shelf on the same screen, and the hammer is in there.


Found out what a red poster means ... OK ...

Some parts of this game Tu2 are arbitrary? I found 4 keys so far, including the one

under the rim in the toilet

, and now they all open something. But the key from the spoiler doesn't give me a CD, but a roll of duct tape that comes with a little hint where to find the second battery. It's still a lot of random searching.

It's at the top corner right over the place where the green square is.

There *should* be a white square somewhere, when I remember that thingie correctly?

51% now .. yay . . .


I really like Square Divide, but it's very tough to play with a little Trackpoint pointer thingie...


Question about the squares.

I have 5/6 of the squares: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue. Anyone know where the last one is? I know there is 6. Anyone have any clues for the last one?


hmm... I have one red poster, and one green poster (not in my inventory), so have I messed up or not?

also, where is the

key under the toilet bowl rim

i keep clicking everywhere and I can't find it...


In Tucogas Room 2, if any of your posters is red, you will need to restart. It is the game's way of telling you that you just blew your chances of escaping.

Most likely, as is the case for EMDF and probably many others of you,

you will have clicked the handle above the toilet. Unfortunately this flushes the toilet, and hence also the key inside it which you WILL need in order to escape.


that explains why I couldn't find it.



Hmm, can't find the last rubix cube square, same as most apparently.

the code in the toilet bowl goes for the tv. It gives you a channel that will display a green and black swirly-like picture. Not sure what it does though.

My guess is that the last square thing is white, as most rubix cubes have red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white, but it might be purple as well...

kwandae, the third cd's key is not where you said it was. I am missing the third and 6th keys.


I'm having trouble unlocking under the TV, the key mentioned earlier unlocks another cabinet. Help?


By the way, the blank piece of paper shows a code when the lights are out and the lamp is on. This gives another TV code, which gives you yet ANOTHER code.


Here are the 5 keys I have found:

Starting with the top left as 1. and counting down with 6. at the bottom right.
1. Under the rim of the toilet just click around the rim. (Opens the left sliding door on the big shelf)
2. Pinned between the stereo and the wall. Click around on top of the stereo more towards the left. (Opens the left cabinet under the TV)
3. Lift both couch cushions and the key is neatly tucked into the couch. (Opens the bathroom left cupboard)
4. Lift the middle cushion up and down 3 times and move one screen to the right, and the key is on the left on the floor by the couch. (Opens the right sliding door on the big shelf)
5. In the bathroom, at the bottom left of the trash can on the floor. (Opens the right cabinet under the TV)
6. This one I am missing


Walkthrough for Tucoga's Room 2...

(from pocket_change48 at escapetheroom.blogspot.com, who in turn found it elsewhere... hopefully this won't get me in trouble :)

01) Light on
02) Over the computer in the shelf completely right blue book - > CD
03) Middle, light blue book down - > blue part of the charm cube
04) CD shelf to the left of the books, right row, lightgreen CD - > CD
05) Over the stereo system click - > key 1
06) Raise all three couch cushions - > key 2 + battery 1
07) Put down all the cushions, something falls to the floor - > key 3
08) click the right lower edge of the table - > yellow part of the cube
09) click between couch and cabinet - > Orange part of the cube
10) In the shelf right above beside flower pot - > remote; completely right on the shelf - > lamp rope; to the left of the plant - > Paper hat
11) in the corner of the room, to the left of the bathroom door, click the corner o fthe carpet - > green cube part
12) on the ceiling, of the corner to the left of the corner you just got the green piece from, click - > battery 2
13) With the three keys, open we the right door of the shelf with the pictures - > hammer; the left door under the TV - > cutter and CD; and the left door in the bathroom - > light bulb
14) In the left bath cabinet is another key, in the middle of the edge that is the rear, right corner of the cabinet - > key 4
15) With key 4 open the right bathroom cabinet door - > take the paper
16) Lower, left corner of the garbage can - > key 5
17) With the hammer, smash the mirror, click on the bottom right of the green poster - > CD
18) With the hammer, hit the tile the is 4 right and 3 down from the top left corner of the room - > red part of the cube
19) click under the edge in the toilet - > key 6
20) With the two new keys, open the right door under the TV - > tape; and the left door of the shelf - > grey cube
21) Cut the paper hat and put it on the lamp along with the string and the light bulb, turn off the lights and look at the piece of paper for a 3 digit code
22) Before turning on the light, click on the white lite up area on the celing - > press the white button
23) A door will appear on the floor and the door down the hall is now unlocked. Go through the door to go back into the room from the first game
24) On the wall, note the order of the colors (yellow, red, green, blue, purple, white)
25) put the batteries into the remote, go to the TV, turn it on (power button) and enter the 3 digit code from the paper - > get a four digit code
26) on the picture that hangs close to the lamp, click the colors in the order (from left to right) to you saw on the wall in the other room - > safe appears
27) enter the 4 digit code from the TV - > white cube piece.
28) Drop all the colored pieces onto the grey cube to make the key box, then turn off the lights and turn to the shelf, on the table you will see a box of light, place the colored key box in the square outline- > get the main key
29) With the lights still off, unlock and open the door next to the lamp, BUT DO NOT GO THROUGH THE DOOR!!!
30) There is some writing on the door, so to make a copy of the writing, use the tape on the paper and then the paper on the written on area. After you have the copy of the writing, use the cutter on the paper to cut out the holes.
31) Zoom in on the TV, switch it on and enter the 3 digit code from before and place the paper on the screen - > note the white/black dot combinations
32) Turn the light on, then it is not so dark. Go the the room down the hall and take the key box from the desk
33) The three posters should now all be green and look like this,
-Now go to the computer
34) the keyboard of the computer has three green lights that symbolize CAPS lock, Num lock, and scroll lock. (from left to right)
35) From the dot combinations from the TV, enter the three dot combinations in any order, and hit return after each combinaton (black dot means a green litght, white means no light). This will turn all the signs to \o/
-NOTE: For some reason, the second code from the TV did not work for me, so if one of the codes doesn't work, try one of these. First code: (G) green (S) off (G) green, then press Return, second code: SGG, then Return; Third code: GGG, then Return
36) If you have done everything correctly, there are now more cube pieces to collect, the internal pieces.
37) Orange one - > where the battery 2 was; White - > in the toilet completely on the top right when you zoom in (behind your inventory bar so you may have to shrink the bar); Green - > on the pot plant; Blue - > to the left of the small lamp; Yellow - > use the cutter on the front of the right sofa cushion; Red - > in the window with the picture of the skyline
38) Assemble the cube, turn out the lights, place the key box in the box of light, get the key, and use it on the trap door. - > 100% COMPLETE!!


Square Divide is Asteroids but without the fancy graphics. It never occurred to me that "Asteroids without the fancy graphics" was possible.

But it means you can approach it the same way: Break the box into two. Then pursue only one half, leaving the other half. Then repeat that approach with the half you pursue, so that you always only have one split worth of smaller boxes. That keeps the number of boxes on the screen to a minimum.

The worst thing you can do is break everything down to small squares and then go after the small squares.


Sorry I messed it up earlier

The key for the TV cabinet is on top of the stereo.


for some reason, the key code (num lock, caps lock, and scroll lock) isn't working for me, even when I hit return, and even when I make it the opposite of what I wrote (my code was the exact same as the walkthrough that was taken from another site, and it yielded the same result)


Grand Slam. or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and HATE Math!


Superslash -- that's weird. The game seemed pretty consistent to me as far as powerups taking effect and their length. I thought it was a pretty decent game actually; my only complaints are the slow reaction time for turning and the collision detection seemed a little bit off in a bad way, ie it doesn't seem like you should have dies but you did.

I've passed easy but have only gotten to 394 on medium. I find it's helpful when you get to the 2nd or 3rd smallest size chunks to get close to them (invincible and slow help) and blast off several shots in succession to remove as many squares as possible. Big is also effective at this. If there are lots of medium-sized pieces floating around and very few big pieces left, I find the mega-big combo very effective. However, if it hits a piece that is above a certain size, you'll get an explosion of tiny little pieces, so be careful!


Square Divide Top Possible Scores
Unlockable: Colored Squares(Nice on eyes but not needed)

Med: 511
Unlockable: Constant Slow Squares(YOU WILL NEED THIS FOR HARD!!!)

Hard:2047!!! (Not a typo)
Unlockable: Constant Invincibility (Nice for revenge)
Note its going to take some time to complete hard. This isnt a stage you can complete in 25 min or less unless you're really and I mean really good.....

Total Score: 2685

Desincarnage September 1, 2007 5:33 AM

A very efficient way to clear the squares in Square Divide:

Wait for both an invincibility and a big shot powerup to spawn. Grab them, then get close to the biggest square and spam away. You'll rack up the points like you wouldn't believe.

This is particularly effective in Hard mode.


Square divide is pretty fun. I actually cleared all 3 levels.

Superslash- I agree that the collision detect for you ship is too big. I also agree that a visible time would be nice for powerups. However, I disagree that the reload is random and that the megaball is worthless. You can have only one shot on the screen. And the megaball is fine if you use it appropriately.

My favorite thing to do was to wait at the beginning of the level until both the large ball and the magaball were available. I then grab both and take my first shot at the square. This is really impressive on hard and the best way to do this is to wait until the large square is near a wall and shoot into that wall. that way you can have more shots available. It is possible to destroy well over half of the squares on hard with your first mega ball. After that, it is just cleanup work. and some fancy dancing at times.


...and the "prize" you get for beating Square Divide on medium will make the hard difficulty much easier: it's "permanent slow mode".

Mega bullets + big bullets are great for clearing out medium blocks in a hurry, but I couldn't imagine doing that at the very start of the game. (You're crazy, Zangief! :-)


"14) In the left bath cabinet is another key, in the middle of the edge that is the rear, right corner of the cabinet"

this confused me greatly - it wasn't untill I got irritated and began clicking randomly that I found the key. for anyone else who can't decipher it, click all up the line going up the back of the (open) left cabinet.


Thanks for the walkthrough dotcomlarry, but having had a peek at it I'm glad I didn't spend too much time on Tocogas 2. I'm filing it under "ridiculous pixel hunt"! I no longer have the patience for for random clicking across a dozen or so screens - give me something more cerebral any day like sphere or RGB.


I disagree that Square Divide is just Asteroids with no graphics. The precise manuverabilty of your triangle makes all the difference in the world. Square Divide rewards patience more than coordination, and we are hooked on the slow hypnotic process of cutting the squares down to size one by one. The hard level can be beat without constant slow if only you are patient enough to not take your shot unless you are certain that you will hit only the square you are aiming for. I agree about the powerups, invincibility is completely useless, mega is almost always detrimental (I almost always avoid the M), but slow squares and large balls are both very useful. I look at mega as a challenge, like a mine to be avoided most of the time, and sometimes used sparingly (especially if you have large ball at the right time), so invincible is the only powerup that really needs to be tweaked in my opinion (a round shield around the triangle when the powerup is active would fix it). Even with this small problem Square Divide is one of the most addictive games we have played in a while, just wish there were more levels.


the reason the code doesn't work is that it's not the number from the paper, it's the number from the toilet.

Kellyhalia September 3, 2007 2:41 AM

Argh! Just ONCE I would like to beat a game's medium difficulty level. What is WRONG with me??

Languidiir September 8, 2007 1:08 AM

Poo on you, Begotti! Bring back Harukio's witty Link Dump Fridays! Now THAT was something to look forward to!


Tucogas Room 2

(Not that there will be a reply here any day soon, but) I got all the way to the part where

the computer keyboard is supposed to have three keys lit up?

But I don't see that. Lights on or off. No idea if something is missing or if there is a glitch.

the posters are all green, and are "smaller than O greater than"
(not \o/)


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