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Link Dump Fridays

John BeaverHello. You've reached Friday. I'm not around to take your call at the moment, so please leave your message after the beep and I'll call you back.

While you're waiting, here's a sports sim. I scoured the latest in motor racing, soccer, and baseball sims but none of them could come close to the realism in this interpretation of the healthy pursuit of Acrobatic Mud Wrestling.

You know how it is when you wander on to a construction site and find yourself suspended on a girder several hundred feet above the ground? No? Then try Construction Maze.

Ever wondered what it would feel like to conquer the world? Well, now you have a chance to play as Genghis Khan and do just that.

Do you Facebook? If so, you might want to join the JIG Facebook Fan Page. There's even a JIG Casual Gamplay widget to add to your profile. Personally, I don't think that this Social Networking thing will ever really catch on.

Control small green fellow. Progress as far as possible. Avoid countless giant red balls. Simple. You play now (thanks, Psychotronic).

Here is a cute, simple game, but it's pretty brutal if you die. If this is how hard it is to get a piece of cheese, imagine buying a full meal. Try Adventures of Alex.

Do you like Kitty Cats? I Like Kitty Cats.



Genghis Khan is pretty deep. Might be worthy of a full review.

Superslash August 24, 2007 1:10 PM

I would hardly consider helping PETA to be fighting animal cruelty, they needlessly kill more animals than anybody else.


Superslash - references? Or baseless claim?


Every see Penn & Teller's "Bulls***"?
Although the show has a comic undertone, they do a good job discussing things.
Here's some info they supply about PETA:
Jay, you should seriously consider ditching that link.
These people are a bit... extreme.

By the way, given the name of the show, there are obviously a few curses in there.


Ok, fine. The link is gone. :)


My fastest time in Construction maze: 6:035

put mouse over start, right click, move mouse to finish, left click


Loved the Ghengis Khan game. Where's the save button? :D


WHen you finished a battle, at the corner right.


The name of the first game is Acrobatic Mud Diving, not "Wrestling." I don't know if this was a typo or a joke I didn't get; either way I just thought I'd say something.


Aww, where's your sense of humor? I thought it was hilarious! :D


The game with the green dude has nice physics incorporated into it. It is really tough for me though.


Adventures of Alex really puts the "cute" in "electrocute"!

Carl Foust August 24, 2007 10:54 PM

In Least Best Room there's no penalty for touching the red balls; you can just squeeze right between them. Focus on moving forward, avoiding the mines and collecting energy. The only time you need to shoot is when your way is completely blocked.

Genghis Khan is great but I wish you could select maneuvers for your troops on the battlefield. For instance, I might want my cavalry to try to sweep around and take out the enemy archers, but as it is now both armies just clump up and wail on each other.


Genghis Khan is some major fun (at least for a Mongol Fan like me), but it's a bit easy - I'm doing the Whole World mission by creating a small force of supremely high-leveled....

Two pikes and two archers. Drop 'em at the start, hit upgrade 6 times on each, and take all of southeast Asia. Watch their power grow in leaps and bounds.

Haven't gone beyond that yet.


Adventures of Alex is extremely cute... kinda like a cross between Kirby and Ball Revamped 1.
It's only real drawback is that you have to start from the very beginning if you die.
You should be able to retry from your current level, or at least have 3 lives or something like that.

Brandon_ha August 30, 2007 2:43 PM

peta kills animals is put out by companies directly profiting from meat. It is so severely tainted I wouldn't trust any of it. Now peta killing animals is true, they do put animals down, animals that are too sick and would spend the rest of there lives in a kennel where they wouldn't be adopted and ultimately be put down by the spca. Peta provides dog houses, bedding and food for thousands of outdoor animals every year, what they do to harm animals is negligible compared to what they do good.


I just thought i might comment upon the fact that in the Genghis Khan game, there are some glaring historical errors; he lived from 1162 to 1227, and Croatia only came into existence as an independent nation in 1991, as well as a few other countries which I simply can't be bothered going into now; of course this is not the fault of jay, or anyone else at, but I did want to point out this error in an otherwise alright game (I much prefer chess, the similarity is there, though).

BrokenFixer October 13, 2007 8:00 PM

"" is a libertarian organization largely funded by restauranteurs and the meat industry. I'm not a fan of PETA, but the fact that they've euthanized 15,000 animals since 1998 is hardly shocking, since they're pro-euthanasia as an alternative to gassing or guns.

You've already given countless advertainment links -- whether corporate, profit, non-profit, or anti-corporate. Off the top of my head I can think of Grolsch Gardens, Get the Glass (Got Milk?), Electrocity, and the (anti-) McDonald's Videogame. Lego's Spybot: the Nightfall Incident is one of the best links on your site (direct link).

If PETA makes a videogame, link to it.
If Penn & Teller make a videogame, link to it.
Beyond that, leave political battles to other blogs (or wikipedia talk pages).



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