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Link Dump Fridays


I'm not much for long introductions. It's the end of the week and that means good times and the weekend just around the corner. And because it's the end of the week, that also means:

  • Shield defense - So you have this base and tanks are shooting at you. What do you do? Shoot back? Nope. Just use your shield to reflect enemy fire back at them. Buy upgrades in between levels, and bonus upgrade every few levels depending on what difficulty you choose.
  • Avalanche - Bricks are falling! Water is rising! Jump as best as you can to keep your ... Pillow? Marshmallow? Whatever it is, keep it from getting crushed or touching the water.
  • Qwerty Warriors 2 - TYPE TYPE TYPE GO GO GO!! Keep typing, never stop typing! If you get rampage every letter is the right letter!
  • Kickflip - A free-skating skateboard game with lots of tricks supported. The most important ones are probably manuals since you can use those to chain together air, ground and rail tricks. The game features backgrounds from various artists and selectable custom-made beatbox soundtracks and effects that build up to a beatboxing tune when landing a longer combo. Good stuff from Stimunation.
  • Turret Defense 2 - There are guys invading your oil field or something. Shoot them. Click to shoot space for rockets.
  • Skill stack - Press space to stack the blocks on the other blocks. You get more points if none fall off. Keep stacking until... Well it seems to be a topless tower so just keep stacking.
  • Cat Face - Cat Face, he's got a big cat's face. He's got the body of a cat and the face of a cat. He flies through the air cuz he's got a cat's face. He's Cat Face. Also watch 2, and 3.

Well, how's that for my first LDF? Great huh? Yeah, I though it was great, too. If you think any of these are worthy of a full review leave a nice comment, please. :)


MakibishiMan August 17, 2007 12:58 PM

Finally, Link Dump Friday.


Both Avalanche and Shield Defense are really good games, simple ideas with amazing effects. The music from Avalanche is very nice ("Dreams from Above"), I paused the game and wasted about 10 minutes just listening to it. In my opinion, Shield Defense should get a full review. I mean, it has 2 PAGES of power-ups, 50 levels and 3 difficulties. That's enough for me.

P.S.: Great LDF review, Kero! =D


P.P.S: My highscore at Avalanche is 573 feet. Can you do better?


OMG! He used staking instead of stacking! I love Cat face, though. ^.^ I'm not very good at Avalanche. Shield Defense is fun.

MakibishiMan August 17, 2007 1:13 PM

I don't like that how in Avalanche sometimes it is impossible to climb higher. That ruined the game for me. I even got trapped inside and all I could do was wait for the water to rise! Pretty fun though.

RaDiCaLedward_26 August 17, 2007 1:58 PM

I love avalanche! I've been playing it for about a week or so. I know I've gotten above 1,000 (i don't remember the exact number).


I love Catface!! Weebls Stuff is one of my favourite pages to visit along with this one and

Catface is actually the mascot of the fictional country I have at work. I sit on the other side of the office from one of my co-workers and my country is currently at war with his. Catface is our rallying beast.


Shield Defense - A nice defense game, it's worth a full review here on JIG. It's different from other defense game and that is what makes it special. :)

Avalanche - Great game with a very original idea. You can waste some time trying to get a personal highscore

Now on to the other games!


Avalanche is my favourite. At first I used to get stuck/trapped too but if you keep walljumping and jump on the blocks before they land you can get really high! Worth a full review I reckon :)

Canadian Enchantress August 17, 2007 4:04 PM

Hmmm . . . is it just me, or does "Cat Face" bear a striking resemblance to "Hello Kitty"?



Avalanche is awesome. BTW, if you register at game homepage like it says (really simple), then you can join in elimination tournaments against each other, sort of a head-to-head version. I'm in 6 at the moment, and wiping the floor with my opponents. 853 vs. 256, I win!

Anonymous August 17, 2007 5:01 PM

Shield Defense! Awesome!


Ah, Cat Face! Another of Weebl's great contributions to the bizarre.

Avalanche is pretty cool!
Kinda looks like you're a block of tofu, though.


OK, first try on Skill Stack:

Normal Points: 6442
Points for More: 4626
Points for Less: 30037


415 feet on avalanche! Personal best so far!
Not bad for a block of tofu!


Wow, the actual highscore for Avalanche is 3149!!! Now that's gonna be challenging... Great LDF, Kero!

Superslash August 17, 2007 7:20 PM

I love avalanche, but it's one of those games that really annoys me in the process of playing it. How easily it is to accidentally get smashed, the way you can (unfortunately quite often) get block layouts which are impossible to survive, and most of all the very clunky control scheme.

There's a very solid game underneath all that, it just needs some shine to bring it out.


Shield Defense- I found shield defense a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I believe that it deserves a full review.

Avalanche- I love the music in avalanche, I found myself pausing the game and just leaving it running in the background so i could listen to it.

Great link dump Kero.



how can you register? i searched and it says it shows on every page with playing a game but i never found it


Woohoo! I quadrupled the previous highest score* in QWERTY Warrior 2!

SCore: 310065
Hits: 8347
Misses: 216
Hit %: 97
Accuracy Bonus: 150382
Final Score: 460447

*Except for obvious cheaters, i.e. people with 99999999999999 points.


Er, and the other part of my comment that I forgot to add:

I actually found the game way too easy. Even on Psychotic mode, I was rarely in danger of getting hit, let alone dying. I could have gotten a higher score but let myself die because it was getting boring - I'd been at it for at least half an hour by that point.


Reece: to register, click on the tab that says "discuss" which brings you to the forums. You should see a link that says click here to register, click on that and fill out the form.


Quite possibly the best link dump ever. I don't think I will get any work done for the next month. :-)

Kellyhalia August 18, 2007 5:21 AM

I agree that Shield Defence needs a full review. I love how it had a lower-difficulty option for people like me, yay!!

Desincarnage August 18, 2007 9:15 AM

Avalanche reminds me of the weeks I spent trying to find new ways to sequence break in Super Metroid.



Turret Defence 2: I don't think I've ever defended a military base with a lawn sprinkler before. ;)

Fun game, though.


Shield Defense was really fun, but the thing is, there is no "save" function. Maybe I'm dense & couldn't find it, though. However whenever my mouse cursor strayed off the playing field, I would click and sometimes the browser would change to some ad!! Thereby losing ALL the progress I had made in the game!!! This happened twice, and I was absolutely FURIOUS. I have quit playing it!!!


Shield Defense is easily my pick of this group, but it's an amazing lineup for an LDF! I also really like Avalanche as well as Qwerty Warriors 2.

One thing about QW2 - though it has a lot of improvements over the first game - it doesn't seem to be fully compatible with the Dvorak keyboard layout. Specifically "w," "v," and "z," (the qwerty "," "." and "/") are unresponsive. A real bummer for me because I'm trying to use games like this to improve my Dvorak typing skills. Maybe we'll see an update...?



It's between "Bonus Upgrades" and "Next Level" on the screen where you buy stuff.


I figured I'd wait a couple of days and see if I still liked avalanche after leaving and coming back. i gotta say, I still love it.

There are definitely a couple of kinks, like getting blocked in and not being able to climb up because two blocks fell together with the top one overhanging the bottom one. The music is also a little fast-paced compared to the game, and could maybe use a bit of variation.

Aside from that, it's clearly a great game. perhaps not the most original game, but original enough to keep me coming back for more of specifically THIS falling-blocks-climb combination. And i gotta love the orbitgum/pillow/tofu self. i say a full review might be in order.


Avalanche rocks! I think your little "person" is a marshmallow in a square shape


I'll join the chorus calling for a full review of Avalanche. It's got what a truly great casual game should have, obsessive replay value - in other words, I can't stop playing it! I think what keeps me coming back, besides the desire to keep raising my personal best, it the way the falling blocks randomly generate various kinds of intense platform action moments, which one learns to recognize: the "leap around to the other side of the screen and wall-jump off a still-falling block to get to the other side of the tower which is now leaning the wrong way" moment is particularly memorable.


A couple of other notes on Avalanche:

- The music reminds me a lot of one of the themes from Cave Story.
- The somewhat squishy hit detection, which could be disastrous in another game, seems to work well here.


I've gotten 648 on avalanche, that's my personal best.

shield defence is awesome, and I loved playing it!
turret defence, imho, is just not that good. It's very hard to aim, seeing as you have to see the curve ahead of time, which is hard to do, as I'm used to shooting in a straight line and seeing on all sides of me, and not a side angle, but that's just me.

kickflip is ok, I can definately see room for improvement, like at those times where it says "d + up to blahblah", and when you try that, you don't do anything, even if you happen to land on the rail. I can honestly say though, that if you don't use manuals, the only way to score high enough to advance is to jump at the right moment, and do a ton of kickflips, or 2 (back)flips. There are definately times where you would normally have made the trick, but it lands you early, and you crash, therefore losing everything in that combo. Definately needs to allow more air time, even though it would make it unrealistic, what skating game is besides tony hawk ones?


I've been away for ages, so this is why it's taken me so long to comment etc.

I've been playing Qwerty Warriors 2 for at least half an hour, and managed to get 222365.

So far, 10th on today's top score.

However, I too found it boring and couldn't really be bothered to continue. I hadn't changed the setting from the start though.


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