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ArtbegottiOh dear, where did the summer go to? Everyone's heading back to school, and I didn't get half the things I wanted to do done! I wanted to take a bike ride through the state park, and I wanted to have that water balloon fight with my friends. I also wanted to fill a kiddie pool with banana pudding and read through all of my Berenstain Bears books once more. Now I'm kinda sad. Maybe some delicious Link Dump Friday would cheer everyone up!

  • Red Wire - Retreat back to your days at the fair when you spent hundreds of dollars trying to win a stuffed animal by moving the wire loop around the maz--TZZZZD!!! Rats...
  • Pac Mondrian - Everything you enjoy about the classic arcade game, but with a modern art twist. A cultured experience for java.
  • Transmigration - A simple shmup where you play as a diver in th-- wait, no, you're a dragon flyin-- no, a skydiving robot who-- Aw, just play it.
  • Thor Towers - A simple one-button game using the [spacebar]. Build a tower by dropping blocks and without tipping over. Somewhat reminiscent of Eyezmaze's Vanilla game. Simple and fun.
  • Peace Plane - How long can you last against the attacking planes and ships, when your arsenal mostly consists of weapons made of feathers?
  • Where's an Egg? - Brush up on your Russian and give this detective search game a try. Pixels so thick, you have to chew it.

Give these games a shot and let us know what you think. Anything here worth a full review?


I like Thor Towers, at least i can compete against the people on irc chat room hehe. Im gonna try for 100+ i got 70 so far as the high score :D


I freaking love Where's An Egg.

CyberTractor August 10, 2007 3:42 PM

Did I just get lucky, or it "Where's an Egg?" incredibly easy.


Transmigration was amazing.


Red Wire is a really good game, even if it's a little hard and VERY FRUSTRATING. The only twist about it is that the maze moves, so you need to loop the ring around a moving mouse with no checkpoints.

Thor Towers kept my attention by half an hour, it's not very challenging but you always try again, thinking: "How did I miss that one? I'm sure I'm better than this!"

And finally, Transmigration is a game everyone should play: It's creative, has a good music, is just what you expect for a casual game and there's no how to lose. And, artbegotti, I think this game is about how anyone can get through any obstacles that appear in your life, even if it seems impossible, and how every creature is interlinked by a strong lace called "love". Or something like that.

Anyway, I've found a new game in Armor Games, "Ball Revamped V: Synergy". I think it deserves a review here, at JIG.

Anonymous August 10, 2007 3:57 PM

"Where's an Egg?" isn't supposed to be challenging... that's the joke of giving you 1000 seconds to complete it.

Carl Foust August 10, 2007 4:00 PM

I won "Where's an egg" but I don't really know how I was supposed to know who to shoot.

The graphics make me wish I still had my old Intellivision.


Crocker, we have a review of that one coming up. Thanks.


Transmigration is definetly the best game on the list for this week, everything just tied in together so well.


Shoulda known... Where's an Egg is by the same people who did Thy Dungeonman and Peasant Quest. :D


you shoot the person who has the egg you find out
who has it by clicking the picture of the egg and other items/people related to it until you find the theif with the egg


For some extremely detailed information about Where's an Egg?, check out the HRWiki (Homestar Runner Wiki) article at


In Peace Plane, the weapons you use are flowers, not feathers. A similar weapon is put to use in the flash movie called Peace Tank, by the same artist.


My only complaint about Thor Towers is the fact that it makes you watch the "Thor Gaming" screen again after you click "retry". Yes, I know about the "skip" button; that's not enough.

IMO, every game should show its "who made this" screen(s) exactly once (unless skipped, in which case, zero times), and after the initial presentation (or skip), they should never show it again, at least during the same session.


First, the Thor Towers link seems to be out of order. It won't load for me and trying to navigate to doesn't work either.

Red wire: I don't really like using an imprecise tool (such as a mouse) to play a precision game like Red Wire.

PacMondrian: Great for art history buffs, such as myself, but thats a lot of pips to eat, and not much reward.


So, the more mines you shoot, the better your karma, the more you are transmogrified and soon you will become a panther...only to suddenly "win" the game? Or, don't shoot anything, rack up a negative score...and the exact same ending awaits you. Not exactly a good lesson on reincarnation to say the least.

Peace Plane: Fun, simple and easy. Perfect casual game.

Wheres an Egg: I absolutely love Homestarrunner and their Videlectrix library is top-notch. Also, I like eggs.


Where's an egg is confusing at first, but the concept is really very easy. Simply find out who's telling the truth. Once you do, you know who has the egg.

Talk to people about the items or the other characters. If they connect a person with the item that person has next to them or the correct location of the person, then they are telling the truth. Go ahead. Ask them about the egg. You know you want to!

Anonymous August 11, 2007 2:43 AM

Transmigration is really fun. It's simple; you really only need the spacebar, but I found it to be very enjoyable. I think I'll go play again.


Red Wire is best of bunch.

Love your Veggie Tales screen name, too, by the way.


Red Wire is pretty much impossible for those with touchpads because you need to use the arrow keys. Though it may work for lefties.
They should have an option to use A & D instead


Transmigration was awesome. Each bit was fun and it all tied together very nicely (although the end was a bit sudden).


transmigration was a lust for the eye, but gameplaywise it was kinda dull. Would be much funnier that each "transmogrification" had its own attack.


OK so I tried Red wire about twelve times. My touchpad and arrow keys cannot function at the same time, and so I barely made the first curve...twice? I never even reached the first heart. :(

I don't know WHAT just happened with Transmigration, but I loved it.

and the egg game was bizarre. I didn't get it on the first go-through and accidentally shot someone when I meant to go back to the menu, but on the second run, I got the Egg in 907. Yay!

Capt_Poco August 11, 2007 10:58 PM

Transmigration isn't so much a game, as a music video that lets you press spacebar... nothing I did changed the game at all. Still, it's probably more interactive than a lot of those AAA titles.

What I really liked was "Gde Yeitzo?". Totally made me feel like a Soviet Commissar. The wanton, hardboiled murder, the nonsensical medals, the terrible, worthless MacGuffin all transported me back to the time and place where hamburger eat me.


To me, transmigration seems like half a game concept with interesting visuals and a soundtrack.

I don't think that it has anything to do with Karma, but it would be nice if my actions changed the path I took. The game should require me to move if I want to win, and I should be able to move in such a way that I can dodge the enemies (you have a really big bounding box sometimes).


Peace Plane: Reminds me of Alien Hominid, for some reason. Pretty cool.

Thor Towers: Rather enjoyable, certainly better than Vanilla, even if the visual style of the latter has more charm.

Where's an Egg?: Follow clues. Shoot people. Find an egg. What's not to love? ^_^

An enjoyable Link Dump Friday.


Synj (maker of the Peace Plane and Peace Tank) is actually the same people who made Alien Hominid. Good eye there.

There's a challenge in "Where's an Egg?" in which you get some tiny easter eggs from beating the game really fast. The best one is from clearing it in a blazing 30 seconds of madness.



I beat "Where's an egg?" in eleven seconds the first time. Now that's a game!


Peace Plane: Fun little scroller. Loved the squeaky sfx.

Transmigration is teh dum. Whack the spacebar a bunch of times while the music is playing and eventually you get to the end - no challenge, no replay value.

Where's an egg? was pretty good once I got the hang of it - it took me a couple starts to figure out just what I was supposed to do (and I got nowhere at all the first time through since I just shot everyone I met, hahaha)

PacMondrian was...a Pac Man clone. /golf clap/

Red Wire: I did better on that than I ever did at the county fair. =)

The only one I couldn't try was Thor Towers. Apparently their website is down. Maybe the influx of JIG gamers was too much for their server?


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