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Link Dump Fridays

DoraIt's Friday, September 23rd, and where are you?! If you said anything other than "plunking down to indulge in a little Link Dump Friday", well, that's just wrong! Social and financial obligations can wait when you have games to play! This week we have action, arcade, physics, platforming, and of course... ninjas, dinosaurs, and post-apocalyptic wastelands! You wouldn't want to miss out on that, now, would you?

  • Run Ninja Run!Run Ninja Run! - If you've ever wanted to perform a daring escape and kick people in the face so hard they disintegrate, this action arcade game is most definitely for you, oh honorable one. Run, jump, slide, and, yes, ka-rah-tay your way through a series of levels filled with dastardly ninja, collecting gold coins along the way to upgrade your skills. Because, as any accomplished martial artist will tell you, hard work and dedication is for suckers; money makes the man.
  • Speedboat HeroSpeedboat Hero - Even if the best you could ever achieve in a real-life speedboat was to putter around in loose circles before your friends take the wheel with a pitying sigh (no, I'm not projecting), you'll still find a lot to like about this bizarre racing game packed full of dinosaurs, sweet tricks, and hapless bystanders. You can create your own tracks and even send the link to your friends to have them race against your ghost... and dinosaurs. It's still in beta, and the handling takes some getting used to, but this is one boat game you'll want to at least give a shot.
  • Red Ball 3Red Ball 3 - Red Ball just can't catch a break; the creepy Girl Ball he's giving creepy smooches is creepily abducted before they can have all the creepy ball babies they're dreaming of, and so he's off to rescue her in a physics platformer that is itself... not particularly creepy, actually. Red Ball has actually come quite far since his original appearance in 2009, which is an admirable sign of the developer's... uh... developing skill, and fans of challenging platformers will want to check it out.
  • Delivery ManDelivery Man - Delivery Man, Delivery Man, does whatever a Delivery Man can! Which is, apparently, sit under Kaylee's parasol on the back of a speeding vehicle and take pot-shots at the marauders who come close enough to try to steal his goods. This action-packed test of reflexes is from Berzerk Studio, and is probably further evidence of how poorly I would do in an actual post-apocalyptic scenario that did not involve me being a charred corpse. Purchase and upgrade your weapons as you race through the wasteland... it's like Outlander, only bloodier and not quite as repetitive!


Duck & Roll: An advert video at the end of every level? No thanks.

[Yeah, I hate it, too, when developers insert interlevel ads. It's excessive and does nothing but anger the people trying to play your game. :( I've removed the game completely. We will not (knowingly) feature any games with interlevel ads on JIG. -Jay]


Run Ninja Run seems like it might have been a good game, but I collect all these gold bars and the tutorial insists on popping up a message to slide and makes my ninja stand up from the sliding position he was already in and bang his head on a not-very-low ceiling. This causes failure, which pops up an upgrade screen wherein none of that gold I collected actually counted. So then I retry and those same annoying tutorial messages pop up again as if I didn't see enough of them the first time. What was a 4 Shroom rating is turned into a 2.


Duck and Roll interlevel ads particularly annoying since a level can take 5 seconds to beat and then it's followed by a 60+ seconds of ad. :(

[Yes, I know, and I apologize for the game getting through our QA testing. I've removed the game from the site. We will no longer be featuring any games with interlevel ads here at JIG. Period. If you notice one, please bring it to my attention immediately. Thanks! -Jay]


Speedboat Hero wants to turn left all the time even with nothing pressed. Heh.


Red Ball 3, Level 18, can't make the helicopter fly. I hold the up arrow and the main rotor spins, but won't get airborne, help?


I had a blast playing Run, Ninja, Run -- just challenging enough to be a one-shot playthrough, but simple enough to avoid ragequit,and the sound effects made me laugh. The controls are a little wonky, but not too bad. Can't wait for the sequel.


Speed Hero crashed my FF...twice...before it ever loaded.


so much for that idea...


Regarding previous post, I'm running Firefox 6.0.2 on an elderly Win XP machine.


I'm having the same issue with the RedBall helicopter level. The blade turns when I press the up key but I get no movement.


Dora, on your list of obligations that can wait, you forgot Homework :)
Every Friday, as soon as I get home from school, I decompress with some Link Dump Friday fun! If it weren't for JIG, I know that I would have long ago died of writer's cramp (and a severe case of boredom).
Thank you so much for creating and managing this wonderful site.

Smoothfonzo September 23, 2011 10:28 PM

Can't get the speedboat game to work for some reason. I have Unity installed, and I've even updated it thinking that would help, but it won't load and keeps wanting me to install Unity.

Smoothfonzo September 23, 2011 10:29 PM

Doh, nevermind. As usual, it worked after I posted it. :P

Carny Asada September 24, 2011 12:15 AM

How many different ways CAN you say "Run, Ninja, run"?

Some lagginess on the controls; I can't tell whether this is a super-ninja slo-mo effect or my browser. Otherwise, this game is kind of frustra.. I mean, fun.


something's changed...Speedboat Hero was a slow load, but it loaded and ran, although I'm not sure it was really worth the wait. :S


Figured out the RedBall Helicopter level. The helicopter won't fly if you have the game muted. Turn on the game music and the helicopter will fly.


Helicopter won't fly if game is muted? Maybe one of the dumbest things I've ever heard regarding a game, must go check.


My favorite this week is Delivery Man. Great game, simple to play, but any game with upgrades, achievments AND unlockables will keep me addicted.

Wollygoggle November 22, 2011 6:00 PM

Red Ball 3: use WASD to fly the helicopter instead of arrow keys. When using arrow keys the front 'window' of the helicopter kept busting open and stopping the helicopter, but using WASD it can be done - you have to finesse the keep-the-helicopter-up-but-not-too-much-up-and-move-to-the-right move but it's possible. Muted or not, either way works.


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