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Link Dump Friday №23

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Link Dump Fridays

HarukioWhen you run, what do you think of? What questions do you ruminate? What perplexing puzzles do you ponder? Do you wonder why people park in a driveway and drive in a parkway? Do you wonder if it really is that important for all the matches in a matchbox to face the same way? Or maybe you wonder how many jelly donuts would it take to build a solid fort against alien attacks. I got up this morning and started running. Now, of course, in my case there was a psycho running after me trying to force me to eat a suspicious piece of toast, but I still had time to ponder philosophical problems. So what did I mentally investigate as my feet pounded the pavement? I thought, how awesome it would be if today was...LINK DUMP FRIDAY!!!

  • 50 States - Place all 50 States (US) on a satellite map of North America. See how much you really know! Check out the Africa map for a possibly greater challenge. Didn't do well? Blame your History teacher!
  • Platform Racing - Similar to Kongregate Racing except lacking fun bubbles. Leap over pits and platforms picking up deadly items to gain the coveted first place. Fun mini races with unpredictable finishes.
  • Revenge of the Stick - A DesktopTD-like defense game of office supply proportions.
  • Switch'em Off - A slick but simple game where you click and shut down coal plants as fast as possible.
  • Blind Pong - Play pong...blind. Rely on guiding sounds to play one of the simplest games made ear twitchingly devious.
  • Three Little Pigs - Slide colorful blocks around the field to make lines of three. For each block you move, two more appear!
  • Brick Break - Break the colorful blocks baby! Toss bricks from all four sides of the field to make matches of three or more.
  • Frog Day - It's FrogDay, the second best thing to Caturday! The object is simple, get the frog to the goal, or collect all three pyramids. But to get a high score you need to carefully plan your path while breaking "?" Blocks for the yummy fruit inside all under a score eating time limit.
  • Bomb Wars - Lob bombs at your opponent while avoiding getting hit yourself. Much like riding a bike, except not at all.

Any of these games truly capture your attention? Suddenly find all your free time sucked away? Let us know which games deserve a true Casual Gameplay review in the comments.

Harukio puts on his robe and wizard hat...


The "Platform Racing" game is brilliant, as is the "blind pong" (grr, where is that ball heading now!). Where do you find all of these games?!

The 50 states game doesn't work for me (using firefox) anyone else find this?


Works for me in Firefox! Tough tho, I'm not American but I was 80 miles off on average... I know where they are, but it would be easier with a map with borders where you just stick in the names XD


There is an Africa version of the 50 States game:



Thanks EYanyo! I'll add that in!


Revenge of the Stickmen is pretty good, but it has a big bug: Selling a tower doesn't clear the square it was on, so you can't build on that square again.


Only 7 miles off on average! 45 perfect.


First time on the 50 states game, and I got 48 perfect, average error of 4 miles. And I didn't have it so easy on the state order, I got Colorado first.


I got average error of 10 miles on the US map - but then, I am American and a bit of a map geek. At any rate how easy it is depends very strongly on the order in which you get the states - you can easily place a state exactly once one of its neighboring states is in place, or if it is a coastal state - but if you have to start with Kansas or Iowa or something, it is much more difficult. I am sure I could get a perfect score if I got a lucky deal to place certain key coastal states first.


i love frogday it has a level creator!


I must say, I did much better on the Europe version of the game xD


Following up on myself - I did reasonably well on Africa, average error 94 miles - again, being a map geek is essential, and again, order is everything. If I'd gotten South Africa before Lesotho, instead of after, for example, I could have had a better score.


Yay for robes and wizard hats!

Yay for link dump friday!


why do they call asteroids asteroids and hemorrhoids hemorrhoids
shouldn't it be the other way around


Someone really needs a geography lesson. Including Slovenia in "Middle East & South Asia" but leaving out India is slightly bizarre (presumably they had a map in front of them?), as is leaving out Russia, Turkey, Cyprus and Malta from Europe. Anyway, Europe and the Middle East are seriously easy (for me anyway): on Europe I was about 4km off on average. Africa and the USA don't have anywhere near enough coastlines. Perhaps this could prove to be an unexpected benefit of global warming?


james: Russia and Turkey isn't europe (or more specific turkey is only partly west of ankara)


Just played revenge of the stick quickly before going on holiday, not one of the best TD games but fun nonetheless. managed to get 4727 on it, and had to "cheat" by building a snaking tunnel on the 3rd last wave.

Blarrrg July 13, 2007 5:28 PM

Revenge of the stickmen was a bit easy, I had over a million gold at the end of the game the first time I played on insane.


I'm not American. Average error was 297 miles. I only started getting some of them perfect because it turned into a jigsaw puzzle. :/


I just beat the Stickmen game. It was awesome.


Brick Break is the best of the bunch for me. Definitely something for the office.


Brick Break definitely provided for a long enjoyment considering the simplicity of the game.

Plus, it was a welcome distraction from the agony that waiting for the seventh Harry Potter book is causing me.


fuzzygrid: actually, a large section of Russia is in Europe (including the majority of its population, I believe, although I can't confirm this). Iceland is also split between two continents (Europe and North America) geologically, but that was included. Anyway, when are they going to bring out other sections of the planet, and maybe even one with the whole world?


what the heck is this "i'm not american" all about.

Just curious.

NotSoWize July 16, 2007 3:12 PM

The "I'm not American" comments refer to the 50 States puzzle. I am an American, and I was doing pretty well (although starting with Kansas did not help!) but then I hit a glitch where the game would not let me place poor little Rhode Island anywhere on the map.

Oh well . . .


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