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Link Dump Friday №215

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Link Dump Fridays

Dora2011 marches onward, and another Link Dump Friday rolls around for your enjoyment. Do you ever wonder what happened to all those old Link Dumps? Do you think the site archives are the only thing keeping them from being devoured into inky, starless blackness in the gullet of the Langoliers? Probably. Incidentally, this is probably why I'm not allowed to tell children bedtime stories anymore.

  • P.i.gP.i.g - Zillix offers up this puzzle platformer courtesy of Ludum Dare, starring an individual trying to escape from a lab, using a gun that... shoots... portals... hmmm. Kinda sounds... familiar.... NAAAAH. I'm sure it's nothing. Okay, so the influences are probably a little obvious, but P.i.g. is short, cute, and made in just a few days. I'll tell you how many games I've made, and the number is somewhere between "zero" and "zilch".
  • KulkisKulkis - [WARNING: Loading screen background contains rapidly flashing colours that may not be good to be viewed by people with certain conditions.] The best toys are the ones you can get for twenty-five cents out of those vending machines at supermarkets. (I passed one just today that offered no less than fifty different painted rubber duckies.) The best toy you can get out of those are those tiny, hard rubber balls you can hurl at a hard surface with all your might and watch go ricocheting around the room with the force to break noses. Now imagine you could telekinetically control the speed and the direction, and you'd have this retro arcade game... kinda. It's all the destructive fun of the real thing, minus having to hide under the porch from your grandmother after you break her favourite flower vase. (She still can't prove that was me.)
  • Nyan Cat FLY!Nyan Cat FLY! - I feel like I should be mad at someone for the time I spent on this when I was supposed to be working on three other reviews. (Sorry boss.) This simple arcade avoidance game is the sort of thing you decide is silly within thirty seconds, and are still playing five minutes later even though "there's no point to it". Well, other than to experience the love-it-or-hate-it flashy phenom that is Nyan Cat, I guess. You control a... cat... of sorts... hurtling through space, collecting treats and avoiding vegetables for as long as you can. Why? Dude, seriously; this is the internet. When have we ever had a reason for our obsession with preposterous cat memes?
  • Blow Things Up 2Blow Things Up 2 - I like to consider myself a pacifist who thinks that even fake creatures should be treated with love and kindNAHAHAHAHA oh man, I can't even finish that with a straight face; I totally love blowing things up, even cute things like the ones in this physics puzzle game. Blast all the Things offscreen with well-placed bombs, while saving certain Things from Thing Oblivion, relishing in their plaintive wails as they drop out of site below the bottom of the screen. Never has genocide with explosives been so adorable!
  • Drawing RoomDrawing Room - Oh no. Oh no. You guys, I am so bad at escape games, you guys, and now here's one with drawing in it too! It's like I have my own personal nemesis out there creating traps for me. But I'm sure you'll have no issues. In this very red little game, you're trapped in a room with no doors, windows, or furniture... just line drawings representing all those things, and some puzzles to solve.


Drawing Room's quite intuitive for a room escape. I like it!

Katherine May 13, 2011 3:07 AM

In drawing room, I'm completely stuck at

the little box next to the door. I've found three little numbers (all 450), but I'm not sure how they equate to colours or how these colours add to an answer!

I'd love a hint rather than the answer outright.

SillyMe May 13, 2011 4:13 AM


did you take a closer look at the pencils you found?

stupidcheeseboy May 13, 2011 5:01 AM

Can anyone tell me how to open the last drawer in Drawing room?
I'm guessing that's where the blue pen is

stupidcheeseboy May 13, 2011 5:05 AM

I'm not there yet but

there are numbers on each of the coloured pens when you examine them...>

stupidcheeseboy May 13, 2011 5:17 AM

Oh I think it was a bug

I drew all the patterns correctly but the arrow picture didn't drop the blue pencil. Had to start again

littlefish May 13, 2011 6:12 AM

Drawing Room is awesome!!
Not very hard, just a bit tricky. And based on a great idea.

littlefish May 13, 2011 7:49 AM

Walk-through for DrawingRoom

Navigate by the arrows at sides and/or bottom of screen.

OK, this is a point-and-click escape game. Means, look under and into everything. There's no changing cursor, but no extreme pixel hunting either.

Under the sofa

At the lamp foot

The little mark below the painting

Under the chair

Sorry, no active area there. Try the sides of it instread

The commode and all its drawers

By now you ought to have

a green pencil, named black

an orange pencil

an eraser

a red pencil

Otherwise, look under, in and beside everything once more.

Let's continue:

Click a lamp foot

Remember the note in the drawer?

Let's draw an electric wire!

Be sure to select the right color.

Click the mark below a painting.

Something about 450 and a symbol

The pencil colors are nubered...

OK, to be obvious:

Use the orange pencil to draw the symbol on the painting

And the eraser if you make mistakes. Just as in real life!

Walk around the room and repeat these two actions as you see fit.

You could as well light the lamps, now when you're at it.

Done? Then...

Turn to the door.

Tilted painting. Blue pen.

OK, now for the hidden clues. You may already have found at least some.

On the left side of the commode.

Arrow, X, X, X.

Click the X's just to see what kind of code to look for.


yeah... Arrow - Window - Diamond - Hourglass. OK.

and there a drawer unlocks and you can get the purple pencil.

On the sides of chair

and sofa

Got all the colors... what can you paint?

Did you light the lamps?

All lamps correctly painted? Then go see what made the "click".

Painting the lamps unlocked a drawer

Take a look at the photo

Take a look at the photographed area

And draw the circle

using the black pencil.

Great! Now you can reach the little thing beside the door!

450? Fuses?

Numbers on the pencils?

OK, the buttons that look like paces for numbers show colors when clicked. That's a start.

So... 450 is the orange pencil...

Hey! The things with the zig-zaging arrow have the same shape as the lamps. How about that?

That's it. Orange - red - blue - purple.

Now add the pencil numbers to get a 4 digit sum.

Like 1760

Yay! Did it!


omg RWJ and Nyan Cat Fly :D


Stuck on the 'fuse box' top right of main door in Drawing Room - I assume the puzzle is about

the order of the colours in the light towers

but nothing seems to happen when i enter

orange(given by the 450) then continuing clockwise via the diagram red, blue, purple and then input 1460 (450+350+550+110)

what am I missing? ? ?


Escaped from Drawing Room and it was very enjoyable. Wish it were longer, will be looking out for more from this developer.


You have the wrong value for the blue pencil. It's 850.


Drawing room was a nice one.


Katherine May 13, 2011 9:19 AM

Oh cheese, if you're still stuck at opening the drawer, check

the sides of all the objects.

I have to say I was chasing a false trail with that fuse box,

I thought the upper diagram inside it was a clue and was left wondering what I was missing as there weren't 3 pencils with a value lower than orange.

stabones May 13, 2011 9:41 AM

Where is the

Purple pencil?

Saltone May 13, 2011 10:36 AM

Where is teh pink pencil?

Saltone May 13, 2011 10:49 AM

Ok, now I have everything, entered colors and number in teh fuse box, and click OK, nothing any ideas?

Saltone May 13, 2011 10:54 AM

Nm, got it, i am an idiot.


Hmm, nyan cat just flies without noming anything. Bugged?


Drawing Room Walkthrough


Turn right to find the door. Locked, no surprise. Make a note of the painting next to it and the smaller door above and to the right. We'll annotate this as "Door Wall" for future reference.

Turn right again. A cozy looking chair, 2 lamps, and a blank painting with some scribbling underneath it on the bottom right:

450, followed by a window pane.

Well, no clue what to do with that, so...moving on. We'll call this "Chair Wall" from here on out.

To the right once more, we find a cabinet with some plants and another blank panting with yet more scribbling under it:

450 with a diamond. Hmm...

We'll get to looking at the cabinet here in a moment. For now, we'll just call this "Cabinet Wall". Back to where we started now...

One more turn to the right brings us back to the couch. Same deal as with the Chair Wall, and once again, a scribbling under a blank painting:

another 450, with an hourglass shape. Someone's obsessed with this number.

Let's call this "Couch Wall."

Now that we're familiar with this room...let's get out of it!



Seems a good spot to start. Let's see what's in those drawers, starting with the left side.

Top left one's locked. Bottom left has a note drawn in it...apparently we need a green pencil to fill in dotted lines. Make a note of that, we'll probably need it later.

On the right side, the top drawer is again locked, but the bottom drawer has a red pencil in it! It has the number 350 written on it...hm. Could be important.

Alright, that's got the drawers...now for a little Room Escape 101: Check around everything. The plants don't have anything, so let's check the sides of the cabinet.

Nothing on the right, but the left has a drawing puzzle. An arrow and 3 X's that we can change. Hmmmm...we'll get back to that.

Now for a quick peak in every room escape's favorite hiding spot, under the cabinet...huh, nothing. Okay. Let's check the chair out, then.


Once again, let's check around and under everything. A quick check of the base of the lamps shows us

some dotted lines where the plugs should be...could be related to that note from earlier.

Anything alongside the chair?

The left side has a color pattern...red, blue, purple, orange? Hm, better remember that...

The right side has another one: blue, red, orange, purple. But wait, what's that thing behind the chair?

Aha! An eraser! Better be careful with this...in this pencil-drawn world we're trapped in, this thing could spell disaster.

Well, nothing under the chair...let's check the couch back out.


Once again, check everything out...same deal with the lights as before.

But the one on the right has something sitting by it...

Oh, another colored pencil! This one's orange, and--AHA!! It's got that ever-present 450 on it! This has gotta mean something!

Before we get too carried away with that, though, let's have a look around the couch...

More color patterns: Orange, red, blue, purple on the left; purple, orange, red, blue on the right. Hmmm, I wonder if we'll find purple and blue pencils anywhere...under the couch, perhaps?

No, but we did find that green one...oh, look, it's a normal pencil. 550 written on it...huh, okay.

Right, now to solve the mystery of those 450 scribblings!

Well, the orange pencil has 450 written on it, and the arrow painting was made of orange dots...maybe we can use the orange pencil to fill the dots in on those blank paintings? But in what way...

Perhaps to match the shapes under them?

Yep, sure enough, as soon as we drew in a crude dot-matrix hourglass on the couch painting, the rest of the dots vanished. Good thing any mistakes we make can be undone by that eraser.

Let's try that on the others and see what happens!


Okay, this one has the diamond under it. Fill those dots in and...done! Next!


And now, the window frame. Fill that in, and--

What was that noise? Sounded like it came from our left...


Oh wow, the painting went lopsided...and look, something fell to the floor!

Another pencil. This one's blue, and has 850 written on it...I wonder if these numbers will be important?


Okay, that takes care of the paintings...but these locked drawers are still bugging me.

Let's go back to that puzzle on the left side. I think I know what we need to do with it now:

Make the X's match up with the paintings, starting from the arrow and going clockwise around the room. Which would make them...

Window frame, diamond, hourglass. Hit okay...OPEN!

Okay, let's see if that got the top row opened!

Top right's still stuck, but the top left popped open just fine...and lock, our last colored pencil! Of course, it's purple...and the number 110's on it. Bit of a drop from the 400-to-800-ish numbers...oh well!

Now, where to go from here...


Well, remember what that note in the bottom left drawer showed us? And remember the dotted lines by the cabinets?

Let's try using the regular (green) pencil on those, starting at the outlet in the wall--

WHOA! We just made a plug for this thing! Awesome! ...Let's turn it on and see what happens. *CLICK* Hmmm...a stack of four lights.

Let's try that with the other one...yep, same result. *CLICK* And same result here, too. Wonder if there's anything more we can do with them...

Wait a sec. Remember those color patterns on the sides of the chair? They match the colors of pencils we have, and are stacked just like the sections of the lights...

Maybe we can color them in?

Yep, apparently we can! Hmmm...let's try this with the ones by the couch and see what happens! (Once again, good thing any mistakes we make can be undone with that eraser!)


Draw, click, color...draw, click, color....

Click? Sounds like it came from the cabinet...


Hmm, wonder if that top-right drawer's open now.

Yep. And there's a photo in it of the Door Wall...but what's the circle on the floor?


Well, it's a dotted line...let's try drawing something there with the regular pencil.

Wow, nice footstool you drew, friend. Now we can get to that little door up top!

Huh. Another puzzle...looks like the lights with an arrow going through them at various points, and a math puzzle. And another 450..

Wait. 450 is the number on the orange pencil. Maybe that's referencing the color at the top of that light?

Maybe we should start at that light and work our way clockwise...

A quick look around the room shows that the arrow is going through an orange, red, blue, and purple light, respectively.

Oh, and look. We can change the number slots to colors.

Let's try the pattern we just got.

Now for the number at the bottom...

Well, we've basically changed the bit right above it to "Orange + Red + Blue + Purple"...

Oh, wait! The numbers on the pencils! Let's try adding those up!

450 + 350 + 850 + 110...


Hit "OK" and...oh! The door changed! And it's unlocked!


DJBlayde May 13, 2011 12:35 PM

Took me forever to find the stupid green pencil >.<

And I KNOW I clicked that location at least 2 times prior to using the video walkthrough to find it. Once I got that, the rest was cake.

But... I never found a purpose for

The Eraser

did anyone else?
I'm guessing maybe it's in case

you message the color on the lights once they are turned on?

All in all a fun little game, not too hard to figure out, just took a little longer than it should have due to not recognizing my clicking at the right spot for the green pencil.


Oh dear. Nyan Cat is definitely one of those pointless time-wasters that you can lose a LOT of time in.

Pity they had to wrap it in that ever-so-annoying Mochi ad-nagger, though. I really don't like it constantly pestering me to sign up, especially since doing so won't stop it from bugging me with an unskippable ad between each game.

Wildbreeze May 13, 2011 3:02 PM

Awh. P.I.G isn't loading for me. Oh well, I guess I'll play Nyan Cat FLY! since I absolutely loved that 3 minute-something video...

Wildbreeze May 13, 2011 3:05 PM

...It appears it's just my mom's computer that doesn't want to load the games... ;-;

AlohaJo May 13, 2011 6:45 PM

I kinda really want the Nyan Cat song...



I am nyanning my pants off right now.

Thank you, JayisGames, for making me love you even more.

Nyamnyamnyam together, Nyamcats forever!


Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the warning on Kulkis. I get migraines occasionally from flashy bright animated graphics, and it stinks to follow a link that has an inducer on it.

tigrita May 14, 2011 10:29 AM

Heh, in Drawing Room, is there any way to

erase what you've drawn on the circle pictures? I kinda played around with them before I realized what I was supposed to be doing

tigrita May 14, 2011 10:33 AM

... and then 2 minutes later, after restarting I find

the eraser

*cue defeat music*


In P.I.G. I can't get past..

.. the "bouncy" part! I try jumping from the highest part into those arrows. They preserve my momentum alright, but it isn't enough to go above the wall.


Nevermind! just after posting I figured out a way of gaining more momentum :)


Is anyone playing P.I.G? Can't get past "are you ready to get high". Please help!


got it...next one is even harder. any hints, please?


In P.I.G. I can't get past the "house" part with all the arrows. Any suggestions?



when you get to the lower-most box on the right of the house, form a portal as high as you can (so you have to jump into it). then portal the right side of the floor.


I liked P.I.G. while it was a puzzle game, but I can't do the reaction-time parts -- the Flash app just isn't responsive enough for me.

It'd've been better to play to Flash's strengths.


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