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Link Dump Fridays

HarukioWhich is better: Hard candy or chocolate? Bare feet or soft socks? A beautiful flower or a stunning sunset? A delicious cake or scrumptious pie? Soaring through the mountains or chilling on the beach? An earth-shattering solo or a unified band? Greeting each day like it holds the infinite possibility to be great, new and refreshing or a plate of somewhat old cheese? Well at least some questions in life are easy... like how about another LINK DUMP FRIDAY!!!

  • Cursor Invisible - Play this rapid fire shooting gallery game and acquire limb spatial awareness, except with your mouse. In this game, you're shooting without crosshairs.
  • Norakurabako - Escape the room, what else need I say? And yes, we do save all the Japanese ones for Fridays...
  • Dice Move - Roll the die carefully around the obstacles to get it to the goal, but make sure it's in the right position!
  • Zyrx - Test your visual memory with this devious disappearing dot grid. Seems like one of those things you're either good at, or you're not.
  • Planet Trouble - Jump from planet to planet to float successfully to the trouble planet. Beware the flames!
  • Ice Candy - Catch the colorful candies on your tray and then dump them into the slots below creating lines of 3 or more! Be careful, the candies fall from the top in groups of color, not from the bottom!
  • Puppet Five - The infamous 5-line game with the addition of a score eating time limit and cute puppets!
  • HBO Voyeur - Peak in on an apartment with many stories with HBO's intriguing 5 minute Voyeur. Watch life, death, love, and drama play out before your eyes. Explore the city for 4 bonus stories. Site contains violence viewed from a distance and no foul language. I mean, you can't hear them, you're across the street! Why are you watching anyway? Wait...Did you see that! What just happened?! Call the police! CALL! ... Why aren't you calling? ... Why? (Best viewed on PC 1.5 GHZ or higher, Mac G5 or higher. Also viewable on HBO OnDemand and no I didn't get paid for that.)

"As much money and life as you could want! The two things most human beings would choose above all - the trouble is, humans do have a knack of choosing precisely those things that are worst for them." - Albus Dumbledore


Norakurabako, one important UI element that isn't obvious: to move left and right, click anywhere, hold, and drag. (This isn't a spoiler, it's in the instructions.)


whew, ok...

Cursor Invisible: Fun game, but don't not shoot the targets... owww my brain hurts. if you miss a target the game ends. Although I haven't tried it yet, it will probably be fun on the Wii. (Did I say "the Wii"? I meant "my Wii")

Norakurabako: I tried it, but I can't read Japanese and my computer doesn't even support Japanese characters so I couldn't get too deep into it. Looks fun though.

Dice Move: This is just one of those games (like Bloxorz) that I can't play. I'm horrible at such things.

Zyrx: I guess I'm good at this, so it's a fun game. Until you get more colors to find. Such as the double-click purple dots.

Planet Trouble: Only problem I have with this one is that thanks to how you go in a circle once you jump, you can completely miss a planet and go around in circles until you die, or hit the planet. I went around one about 17-18 times until I finally hit it.

Ice Candy: Cute game. Good Idea. Only thing is that you don't get extra coins for making larger combos. You do get extra points and sometimes a 1-up though.

Puppet Five: One of those games that just makes me go ARRGH! Not the kind of game I'm good at very long.

HBO Voyeur: This is an interesting one. I like how you get to peek in on people's lives for a little bit.
...I wish I had x-ray zoom-enabled binoculars... *grumble grumble*

DeathSaga July 6, 2007 1:11 PM

58 on Cursor Invisible. Did anyone get higher?

vashigoozes July 6, 2007 1:35 PM

69 on cursor on first try

ajthemackem July 6, 2007 1:47 PM

248 on Cursor Invisible on me second go until I got cramp in me forearm and gave up.:D

Foothebar July 6, 2007 2:15 PM

First try scores:

Cursor Invisible: 221
Dice Move: only 5 levels, or did I run out of time?
Zyrx: 5600. Annoyingly I lost 3 lives just due to misclicks, a required "confirm" would have been better.


174 on Cursor at first try...
234 on Cursor after some more tries...

Now my right hand hurts... :-(


argh, Norakurabako has got me wishing I was Japanese :S well, that and they get all games before me, and it works out cheaper I'm sure... heck, GB£ makes things cost far too much >_>

I use stuff with thuff and I'm not sure if stuff is doing what the stuff is meant to stuff, er, do... argh I hate Japanese EtR games.


hey! I got something to do something! I think... this game makes me feel dumb :(

It doesn't really help that when you drag items onto things that are operated normally by the mouse, it counts as clicking with the mouse so half the time you can't tell hwat you did and when you did it or when you did waht and... argh. confusing game!


bah, I give up. you can't play a game thats this frustrating :(


Does anyone know what the little pieces of paper with the letter(s) in the corner and the word in the center is for? Or the Code for the diamond spades hearts clubs or whatever order its in? I think it is on the hint card but can't figure out....


657 on Cursor Invisible... pretty repetitive... only reason I stopped was to see what would happen if I missed a target. (oops!)

Dice move was neat, similar to Bloxorz
Zyrx - really challenging when multiple coloured dots appear!

Skatche July 6, 2007 5:10 PM

For the love of god and all that is holy, I must know where the music in Puppet Five is from. Soooo catchy.

xtrovurt July 6, 2007 5:29 PM

Harukio, the introductions to your link dumps (particularly this weeks) remind me of the letters and conversations I get from the populace of my Animal Crossing town: utterly random, but charming.


Dice move has a wrong title!

Actually you move only one Die all the time, never seen any dice (thats 2 at least) ;-)


337 on cursor invisible. The shot markers make it too easy, and difficulty never increases. Oh well.


Norakurabako - frustrating. I looked up a walkthrough in desperation, and still could not solve it. Largely an interface problem. For instance,

you're supposed to attach something to the dog on the bed, but every time I drag that item to the dog, the dog lifts up instead.

Similar issues with other item combinations.

Playing it in "Hell" mode actually improved matters somewhat. From what I can tell, it had some good puzzles. If the interface was less frustrating, it would be a very cool game.


I think Dice Move only has five levels; I hit the end tile with the die about twenty times randomly to get the end, while looking at the timer; I landed with the timer only half-up, but it still said Time Up. I think it's just a glitch.

Dream Brother July 7, 2007 2:29 AM


First, it took me a few minutes to figure out that to turn around in the room, I need to DRAG the mouse, not just click near the edge.

Second...not really a spoiler, but the paper in one of the drawers under the bed gives you a clue about what to do with the other pieces of paper. Not a big clue, though.

Third, spoilers. One clue at a time. I haven't completely figured this paper trail out, but it's a start.

Each paper has a letter or two in the corner, then a word in a box. "H" "eat" might look like they go together, especially since the paper in the drawer says "heat", but it's misleading. The corner letter is separate from the words.

Have you found a few papers? I found four pretty easily. The letters in the corners were "H", "C", "Li", and "He". Do those look familiar to you? Do they have something in common?

Did you take chemistry in high school?
Might be time to brush up on your periodic table.

So, if you haven't got it by now, the papers correspond to elements in the periodic table. The first six, in fact: hydrogen (H), helium (He), lithium (Li), beryllium (Be), boron (B), and carbon (C). I think I got that right...

You've probably noticed that the left drawer under the bed has a case with a six number password. There are six papers for you to find. The words on the papers obviously correlate to the code...but I can't figure out the connection. I only know that the paper in the other drawer (Hit, kIck, piNg, heaT -> 6865) has something to do with it.

Good luck!



The cylinders are


As for the code... (and I can't take the credit because I looked it up somewhere else)

the number of the elements shows what order they go in. ie H is first, because it's the first element. Those numbers also tell you which letter to note in the associated word. For H it would be e, the first letter and so on. You then convert the letters into numbers

If you wanna know how that's done...

find the letter on your keybord and trace a lef-diagonal line up to the numbers. Whatever number you land on is that part of the code

And for those who don't want to go through the process but just want to know what the code actually is...


I'm now completely stuck a little further along. I got the computer working but beyond that... I wish I could read Japenese, I have a feeling it would make the whole thing easier.


Norakurabako - well i can't read jap...but here's where i'm up to so far (adding on to what has already been found). I used the "normal" mode.

--- Items I managed to use are ---

Crowbar - to take away the plank in front of the door. I think only useful if you can manage to get the door to unlock in the first place.

3 keys (Keys A, B and C) - to unlock and have access to the 3 drawers at the computer table

The top drawer contained a penknife and a book (i think). The penknife was used to slash the pixelated picture to reveal a landscape of sorts. A smaller picture of a boy/man (found elsewhere in the room) was then added. Switching off the lights revealed the words "Holy Knight" on the picture - no idea if there is any significance.

The book found in the top drawer was placed on top of the coffee table to reveal a series of cards. By noticing the irregularities in the pattern of the cards, the password for the box in the bottom drawer can be cracked and some items are obtained from the box. I think one of them is associated with the weighing scale (is it a weighing scale?) as they share a common japanese character. But I can't seem to put the two together.

I got the computer working too as one of the items I found was a bundle of electrical wire. Put in the DVD but I can't read the words.

Would be helpful if someone who can interpret the japanese join the discussion. I'm getting my way around by putting each item to everything in the room to see whether it can be used.

lbucket July 7, 2007 12:26 PM

The batteries

are used in the computer keyboard. This lets you input a password, which I am not going to reveal.


There's mucked up logic on the dice game.

Get the die so it's with the spot on top and with some space around it.

Press left, up and then right. You'll see that the die is in the square to the upper left of its original position and with the spot on top.

However, if you do the reverse - right, up, left (so that spot faces away from you when it rolls over) - then you find that the die is now in the square to the upper left of its previous position, but without the dot facing up (as it should be).

I even checked this with a real die to make sure I was right...

Dream Brother July 7, 2007 3:07 PM

I've got the password for the computer, but it doesn't seem to have done anything...I get the same screen with the keyboard at the bottom, but typing doesn't do anything. Even when I put the DVD in the disc drive, the screen never changes. So I'm a little stuck now.


I'm almost totally sure that the principle of Dice Move was stolen from some game I played a looong time ago; I think it was hosted on one of those major commercial game sites. (Or probably it's the other way around. Those sites are notorious for that kind of stuff.) Oh, who knows. It's an annoying game either way.

blue-cat July 9, 2007 12:52 PM

code for unlocking box with the cards code

6-heart 8-spade Q-diamond A-clubs

blue-cat July 9, 2007 1:05 PM

can anyone give me a hint? how do i key in the password?
and is there any use for the hammer-like thing?


A REAL code for unlocking box with the cards code

8 - hearts 2 - spades 3 - diamonds Q - clubs


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