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DoraThe weekend is right around the corner, and thus we begin our ritual playing of games to appease the Elder Ones that Saturday may come about. (Bruce Campbell was also supposed to be here for the ritual, but he wouldn't consent to be oiled up.) This week I bring you bears, sharks, meteors, and... uh... a thing! That does some stuff!



  • Evolving MachineEvolving Machine - You there! You like things, do you not? Well then, try this thing on for size! Not so much a game as a piece of interactive art or even a webtoy, this little dealy-bopped simply encourages you to click on stuff and see what stuff happens as a result of said... stuff. It won't take that long to fool around with, but fans of light, exploratory gameplay puzzles and things can't go wrong.
  • BearboundBearbound - Check that bear out. Man. That is some kind of disgruntled bear. Can't say I blame him. In this short little game, made in just 72 hours for Newgrounds' GameJam, you guide the bear around the map looking for a new den, and finding places to shelter temporarily whenever the wind picks up so you don't freeze. Despite the different endings, it won't take you that long to play through. But while it needs a bit more variety to stand flesh itself out, it's still pretty darned adorable for the time frame they had. I mean, I can't even draw bears that well and I'm amazing. These people must be some sort of alien gods or something. It's the only explanation.
  • Paranormal Shark ActivityParanormal Shark Activity - Once upon a time there was a terrible movie, which we won't talk about. Instead, we'll talk about this bizarre arcade game where you must go on the run across a series of floating boxes for as long as you can while pursued by a psychotic looking shark you would not be overestimating by calling freaking massive. If you're like me a suffer a rational phobia of large bodies of water that tend to house things with mouths like an explosion of needles, this may actually be more frightening than that movie thing we're not discussion. All I know is I'm not using any bubblebath tonight... that's how they sneak up on you.
  • Berzerk BallBerzerk Ball - [Parental Warning: May contain content unsuitable for children.] Geeks are insufferable. I know this because I am one, and there are times when I actually go out of my way to be insufferable. (The technical term for that is "Being Dora".) So if you've ever wanted to take your frustrations out on me or that guy you don't want to stand too close to at the comic shop, then try this launch game on for size. With loads of style and snarky humour, this weird little gem from Berzerk Studio is less a sequel to the original Homerun in Berzerk Land and more of an expansion pack with some new surprises. (Don't despair; the sequel arrives later this year!)
  • Effing MeteorsEffing Meteors - If you enjoyed Effing Hail, then it's probably safe to surmise that you'll enjoy it's effing cousin. The goal? Use meteors to wipe out all the life on each planet before moving on to the next. Yes, global extinction was never so effing fun! Or so effing stylish. While it might not provide much challenge, if you've got a fluffy white cat within grabbing distance, now might be a perfect time to practice your Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha!s to the shrieks of the collapse of an innocent civilization. You know, for next time! (I believe in you!)


BuenoCabra January 7, 2011 12:31 AM

Why is "Go Tell It on the Mountain" playing in the background of Paranormal Shark Activity?


Why is the exclamation point on the right this time? That's weirHOLYCRAP. *chomp*

Fun game, delivers spot-on what you expect.


Well this link dump is certainly an NG spree. I guess there's nothing wrong with that.


Evolving Machine - worth it to get a dose of the Killers :D


Anyone else having difficulty loading Evolving Machine?


Even without playing Paranormal Shark Activity it reminds me of a common and boring level design, shark survival in the game on PS3 LittleBigPlanet, which I play alot.

Also I feel i need a walkthrough for Evolving
machine. Unless the bit with the lasers is the end.


I'm at the part in Evolving Machine where

there's two electric looking things on the side of the circle and you can turn the circle into an M-like thing

Is that the end?

Solatoral January 7, 2011 4:03 AM

I played effing meteors way being JIG posted it, but I must say. I clicked and played again since I just love it so much. Honestly, this game was just amazing.


If you get stuck in Evolving Machine, press tab to highlight clickable spots.

The game's not over until it says "END" and you hear the song playing.


Thanks, Ryusui! Could've sworn I clicked that spot...


They may have overcompensated for the difficulty curve on Effing Hail with Effing Meteors, but it certainly is fun.

Evolving Machine has potential for some interesting puzzles, but at the moment it's really just 'click on things at random until something else happens,' and it's incredibly short even for that.


I can't get Evolving Machine to load, either.
Arkher, it stops at about 75% loaded, right?


In Evolving Machine, apparently it is possible to "fail."
You get an explosion and a prompt to "Retry?"


I am trying to get some sort of walkthrough for Evolving Machine, but it isn't quite working.
It won't play on Firefox but will on Internet Explorer. However, IE is having major issues and keeps closing out.
The game is also difficult to see what can be clicked on. Using the "press tab" suggestion, I found only one path...leading to a failure. Suggestion for the developers/creators: make it easier to see what we can click on.

BearBound is ADORABLE! I stumbled into the Boy Scout Trap.
Note: the "Return to Menu" button didn't seem to work...


A further note on BearBound -
It doesn't recognize the achievements. I found the

rocket ship, yeti, and boyscouts

but it did not show and achievement.


Hurray for Deceasedcrab!


@SkylerF Hey several people have complained about that issue. It seems to be something to do with ad blockers that causes the return to menu button not to work. If you have one running try turning it off.

If you don't have one running just make sure your flash player is fully updated. It's just a simple button it shouldn't have these issues but it seems to for some reason.


Don't even waste your time playing Bezerkball. It's fun until you realize that you can't complete the game without paying money.

When you complete achievements, you get diamonds which can be used to purchase items. There are 730 diamonds in game but some items cost much more than that.


Effing Meteors needs either an Endless Mode or a Make a Giant Meteor Mode.


Walkthrough for evolving machine.

Click the center of the machine ball. A line should come out. Click one of the hemi-spheres on the line and see if it has a red circle. If it doesn't, do the other one. Click the red circle and it'll turn green. Do the same with the green part as you did with the red part. Except the circle is green and will turn purple. Again do the first step of purple like you did with red and green. But WAIT, why is there a purple circle already uncovered? Oh well, just click it. Watch the animation. Now, AGAIN, click the center of the orange/yellow ring. Now click the bottom left quarter oval. Click the red circle. Now top right right one. Now, top left one. Finally, bottom right one. Click the center of the ring. Click it again so it closes. Now click the top line protruding from the orange ring. CLick the blue dot. THen click the center ring again and click the center of the blue fan thing. Again click center ring and tehn click the circle on top of the sort of rectangle thing. Now, Click the bottom stick thing and Voila!


That arrangement of Go Tell It On The Mountain is probably the least fitting song imaginable for Paranormal Shark Activity XDXDXD

Wildbreeze January 7, 2011 11:03 PM

Reference to the monster from the old Ski Free game makes BearBound an instant win. :)

fuzzyface January 8, 2011 12:42 PM

I would like the geek to give some typical geek game sexist comments when the girl beats him. but oh dear, imho the game itself is no exception (e.g. denise itself and the ice sculpters)

Anonymous January 9, 2011 11:49 AM

Explored entire map of BearBound... no evidence of the "Career" achievement at all, anywhere. Fail.

Took way too long to do that, since the entrance-side of the burrows only allows you to enter about 1 time in 10, virtually guaranteeing that you freeze in every single blizzard that comes along. Fail, again.

I can see the game was supposed to be cute and fun, but it was only frustrating and disappointing.

Carny Asada January 9, 2011 10:59 PM

I got all the achievements in Bearbound, so I think JIGuest missed a part of the map.

I agree that it was frustrating to be RIGHT ON TOP of the dang burrow but not be able to get in unless you approached it from the exactly correct angle. However, the overall difficulty level on this game was so low, I forgive the developers for their one piece of finickyness.

If you keep moving, there should be a burrow nearby every time a blizzard arrives. Three lives was plenty.


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