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Link Dump Fridays

It's summertime! Days are long, and intros are short.

  • Pac Adventure: Dracula's Castle Your basic little collect the items, avoid the baddies quest. Surprisingly decent! Note, this has nothing to do with Pac-Man, it just seems to be an excuse to remix the music.
  • The ReDistricting Game - The political game of re-districting! Be sure to watch the overly dramatic intro!
  • Ollie's Dance Experience - A pixely DDR game with a variety of music and some immature language in Ollie's quest to get his roller skates back.
  • World of Dreams - An interesting platformer with flying pigs. Or as I call it, flying breakfast! Mmmm...bacon...
  • Trolley Racer - Race in shopping carts! Don't try this at home (because you shouldn't have a shopping cart at home).
  • Fingerjig - It's like writing an essay made by monkeys, but with points! Practice your typing skills with this slick game. Note: Because one part of this game tests the typing speed/accuracy of your right and left hand separately, dvorak users might have a disadvantage. (Beat my score! 579,439)
  • Kenya Deluxe - I present to you the video link of the week: You may of seen it before, and it IS a classic, but have you seen it in Fullscreen HD 9600i Silver Platinum Deluxe?! It's Weebl's Kenya vid...huge-ified!

Do any of these games grab you by the fingers and yank you to a world of casual gaming fantasy? Or are they all yawn-worthy duds? Let us know which link dump games you feel are worthy of a full fledged review!


1,237,675 on Fingerjig. :D Fun...interesting little brain workout.


I enjoyed Ollie a whole bunch more than I expected to. Great find!


For a political geek like me the ReDistricting Game is a special and rare treat! Thanks, I'm always excited at new political games.


1,416,616 on Fingerjig.

Good practice for typing, but I found the single-letter ones really annoying D:


Hate to say it but... bad bad games.

Very disappointed, I usually look forward to Link Dump Fridays.


Pac Adventure DONT press "s" while loading a new screen, it will corrupt your game AND your safe game :(((


I did very much like fingerjig, I can see how my brain is starting to deteriorate now I'm not studying english anymore...i shall not tell you my score!

In my defence (note the spelling: defence not defense!) it's hard for people speaking English, not American English, as their most popular ploy for lengthening words seems to be to add -ized to a word - not a British spelling at all, that's where I slipped up most


fingerjig: 1,822,661

And I had to stop to scratch my ear. :P


2 million on fingerjig. Not bad, but my fingers move so fast, I screw up once, it counts it as like three errors because my fingers can't stop fast enough.


Ollie is great! Good tunes (none of the usual pop/rock stuff), subgames, bosses, and great presentation. The storyline is incredibly silly but links the themed levels nicely.



I want my Best Friends Forever ring back!


Pac Adventure: Dracula's Adventure is actually called Pac Adventure: Dracula's Castle! Not extremely important, however I would go so far as to bet that the creators of the game would enjoy proper credit ^_^;

Escapee June 15, 2007 8:12 PM

I liked fingerjig - can see how it may improve typing; but annoying to have to keep clicking the mouse to move to the next test...

Or is there a key to press?


Tigers? In Kenya???


Nothing special here. PacPac wasn't too good, ReDistricting was mediocre, Ollie's Dance Experience was kind of "what the hell" (but better than most), World of Dreams is awkward, slow, and has camera problems, Trolly Racer is a bit less "what the hell" than Ollie's Dance Experience, but not that great, and Fingerjig is just typing...


Someone might want to put an advisory for the content on Ollie's Dance Experience; it has some mature content towards the end.


In "World Of Dreams", how do you get past nightmare maelstrom?


Oh, nevermind... it was just a bug.


1,424,243 on fingerjig

LikesTrees June 17, 2007 6:04 PM

Can anyone give some tips for getting past Umbar in World of Dreams? I've tried fighting him about nine times already, and stil haven't beaten him. I only managed to smash up his first ship once.

marcoose June 17, 2007 7:07 PM

2,371,639 currently 13th in fingerjig

my fingers hurt now lol

Jick McSkullhead June 18, 2007 5:25 AM

That Ollie game is great, played it through more than once.


Only game that really interested me is The ReDistricting Game. Nice implementation that shows complex concept well. Is it bad that I found being an evil politician manipulating the system fun? However, point is well made through doing this.

Now if only I was an American citizen...


Darn politicians..

I make a very stylish and colourful checkerboard redistricting pattern, and they dismiss it.

I do an elephant-looking and a duck-looking district, they dismiss it.

I make a four-coloured Oprah district-face, they dismiss it.

There's no reasoning with these guys!

Capt_Poco June 19, 2007 1:57 PM

The redistricting game was surprisingly fun....


Pac - dull.

Redistricting - the best of the bunch. Fans of Sim games, rejoice. A little.

Ollie's - I enjoyed this infantile stupid game far more than it probably deserves.

World of dreams - I like platformers, but this want just didn't do it for me. It's not too shabby, though.

Trolley racer - perhaps it would be fun if time limits were tighter.

Fingerjig - not exactly "fun", but can be a nice typing exercise.

Kenya - Trevor was fun, Badger Badger was fun, Space was fun, but can we now move on with our lives?

Heretic July 17, 2007 6:50 PM

The intro for the redistricting game is awesome =P


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