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DoraWelcome back to your Friday, gentle reader, and I hope this week was kind to you. I present to you a smattering of games fresh from the slightly seedy brasserie that is the internet. We've got aliens, suns, zombies, and everything else you need for a well-rounded weekend except for food, shelter, sanitation devices, and social interaction. Go forth and conquer!

  • SunnyBoomSunnyBoom - Are you physics/puzzle'd out yet? T-O-O-B-A-D. The sun needs you to drop him into the abyss, and he needs it right now. Manipulate the environment to send the sun rolling off the screen so that night can fall, and I can get around to doing what I always do under the cool, sheltering cover of darkness. Speaking of which, I think it's very rude that you've been closing your blinds at night lately... some people have work to do!
  • MorpleeMorplee - Completing a random series of mildly mystifying minigames is all you need to save Morplee's planet from destruction. Just as long as you do it within sixty seconds. And keep an eye on your health. And cheat. You will experience the conflicting emotions of d'awwww and rrrrrrrrrrrage since it's definitely going to take a lot of trial-and-error to finish this one. Fellow wordsmith Mike informs me it is "Like WarioWare, except you also have to shoot aliens." However, never having played WarioWare, I'm just going to assume he's a dirty rotten liar, like always. Dem's da breaks, Mike.
  • Max Damage 2Max Damage 2 - There are two reasons why I don't plan on spawning children; one is that I don't like to share my toys, and the other is illustrated in physics puzzles like this one, where the goal is to cause the most damage possible to your environment. If you didn't get enough of Max the first time, well, here's another fifty levels and some special new weapons to fuel your destruction with.
  • ZOM-TV!ZOM-TV! - I would argue that these days almost all television could be dubbed zombie television (especially "reality" television), but sadly most shows these days are disappointingly bereft of giant cannons that you then man via the set itself to destroy incoming hordes. There's something very charming about the whole presentation here, to say nothing of my contractual obligation to love anything undead related, but after you've played it for about fifteen minutes, you've seen it all. Again... kind of like reality tv.
  • Madara-KinokoMadara-Kinoko - Every now and then I like to tempt her wrath and step on grinnyp's toes by stealing a leaf from Weekday Escape and letting you guys point-and-click your way to freedom. Thus we have this lovely escape title about finding your way out of a tranquil urban garden of some sort. Use your brain to make your getaway, and if you see grinnyp, you can tell her she doesn't scare me!... just... don't tell her where I am or anything. Okay?


Anonymous July 9, 2010 12:49 AM

Anybody want to pony up the apparently amazing secret of how you get any of the items to actually do anything in ZOM-TV?

I've been enjoying it, but you can only get so far before you need extra oomph like the bulldozer, and as far as I can tell there's absolutely no way to ever activate it.

Highly annoying.


Mardera Kinoko was five minutes of a real cute game :)

Grant Thurston July 9, 2010 1:03 AM

With Max Damage 2, I'm not so much worried about how destructive he is, as how I'm worried that such a destructive child has figured out a way to alter gravity. -_-'

Grool The Demon July 9, 2010 3:29 AM

All really great games this week!

Mystify July 9, 2010 4:59 AM


I don't know about the bulldozer, but for the weapons you need to equip them to survivors. In order to do this, you must get a castle upgrade.

proudmary July 9, 2010 7:09 AM


Press spacebar to activate the bulldozer; but since you lose a human survivor everything you use it, I assume you need to have rescued at least one human survivor in order to activate it.

tchakkazulu July 9, 2010 10:48 AM

Has anyone managed to finish Morplee yet? I can reach the mothership, but then my time is up before I complete the last minigame.

tchakkazulu July 9, 2010 10:59 AM

Power of posting, I guess. I just finished Morplee XD Owww, my clicking-fingers.


Wow, that escape game was really easy.


Ok, I'm sure I'm missing something obvious in the room escape game. I have a brick, what appears to be an unlit lantern, A machete and a seed that has spouted. Can someone help?


Nevermind, got it as soon as I asked for help.


Walkthrough for Madara Kinoko. This assumes familiarity with opening and closing objects and using one object on another.

When the game starts, you are looking at a scene with a brick wall. Explore the following:

The wall. This is what you need to get over to escape.

The image on the wall to the left.

The hole in the dirt.

The box under the chair. It needs a code.

The vine around the stone to the right.

The brick next to the big stone. Pick this up.

Turn around. You are facing a vine-covered wall. Explore the following:

The hole in the wall to the left.

The lantern. Pick this up.

The crate under the lantern. Open this and take out the box inside. The box needs a code.

The sparkle on the wall. Click on this to get a magnifying class.

The blue symbol above the jug of water.

The shovel. Pick this up.

The crack in the wall to the right.

Turn back to the brick wall.

Use the shovel on the hole in the ground. Take the urn.

Click on the image of the animals on the wall to the left. Note that the animals are holding magnifying glasses and pointing to tiny dots. Use the magnifying glass on the dots to get the code for the box you found in the crate.

Use the code on the box you found in the crate. Take the hammer.

Use the hammer on the urn. Take out the knife.

Use the knife on the brick, which is actually a whetting stone. The knife will be sharpened.

Turn back to the vine wall.

Use the hammer on the crack in the wall to the right. Take out the seed.

Use the knife on the seed.

Use the half-seed to scoop up some water.

Pour the water on the blue symbol above the urn of water. The code for the box under the chair will be revealed.

Turn back to the brick wall.

Use the code on the box under the chair.

Take out the box of matches. While it's still being displayed, click on the box of matches to open it.

Use the box of matches on the lantern.

Turn back to the vine wall.

Use the lantern on the hole in the wall to the left. Retrieve the grappling hook.

Turn back to the brick wall.

Use the knife on the vine wrapped around the big stone to the right.

Use the grappling hook on the vine.

Use the vine on the brick wall. Climb up the vine.

Miles O'Toothpaste July 9, 2010 2:50 PM

Level 44 & 45 of Max Damage will have you kicking your computer all over the front room! ARRRGH!

Mike Williams July 9, 2010 9:23 PM

Oh my gosh, just finished Morplee. That was so fun, addicting, and rewarding. It took me a while to realize that you can

play different mini games at once.


Morplee. Is. INSANE!!!!!!

Like Warioware only you shoot aliens? Try more like playing THREE FREAKING GAMES OF WARIOWARE AT THE SAME TIME!!

Holy wow my finger hurts. I finally got it though, it really helps multitasking to get certain games after each other. Fun games, thanks Dora. :)


What? Castle? I CAN'T DO A SINGLE THING IN ZOM-TV!!! Well, other than navigate the TV, of course. HOW DO I KILL A SINGLE ZOMBIE?!?!?!!?


Nevermind, shoot with 'W'.

InsanePenguin July 11, 2010 2:07 AM

I have done it! I have conquered Morplee! Although the little guy didn't seem to care too much. All he said was "Morplee is hungry now!"
Or something like that. Ow! My fingers!

Muzammil July 13, 2010 1:27 PM

Shoot First runs ridiculously slow on my laptop, and its a relatively new. Anyone else having this problem?


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