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Link Dump Fridays

DoraIt's been a while since we've aggressively worked to saturate your brain with as many bright colours and as much bizarre cute imagery as the human brain can possibly withstand before exploding into a big puff of cotton-candy bunny rabbits and rainbows. Therefore, this week's Link Dump Friday features nothing but the brightest, the cutest, and the weirdest games the internet has to offer. That's right, I scoured the web (not true), looked at hundreds of sites (like, three or four, really), and spent hours carefully hand-picking each and every title (basically, I'm a liar). So manly men, avert your eyes. Girly girls, hold my hand and step into the rainbow. Manly men pretending not to be interested are also allowed, but have to drink things with their pinkies extended for the duration.

  • GlueyGluey - Do you play SameGame games but wish they had more physics and eerily attentive tiny black eyes like the sort that probably peer out from your closet while you sleep? Well, wish no more! Gluey is a game about removing globs of coloured liquid from a vat by clicking on them when they combine to become large enough. It's bright, it's cheerful, and fun in small bites before it becomes too repetitive.
  • Banana FootBanana Foot - You can't turn around these days without tripping over a physics puzzle. But how many of them are hosted by flying... chihuahua... thingies? Banna Foot Fox-Dog is your guide to shooting eyes into portals using your toolbox full of strangeness. You've probably seen similar ideas before, but probably not executed with such a cheerful sense of weirdness. I look forward to the sequel, Apple Tonsils.
  • Turtillion IslandTurtillion Island - Hey, idealistic fourteen-year-old girls! Love animals? Sick of wildlife conservationists chasing you away from digging up sea turtle eggs because you know you would be super good at caring for an endangered species? Then we've got a game for you! This time management game is probably too slow and straightforward to entice everyone, but for those of you who just want a dose of cute casual gameplay in between doodling unicorns on your notebooks and giggling about cute boys, Turtillion Island will deliver.
  • Them CoconutsThem Coconuts - While the gameplay is straightforward in this shooter/defense title from Spelgrim, it's the oddball presentation that will make you wonder if there was something off about that bowl of cereal you had your breakfast this morning. Wizards, warriors, and, uh, police cars waggle about with shooting gallery aesthetic as they approach your castle gates to a strange soundtrack. As defense games go, it's actually fairly standard; well made, if unremarkable and slow gameplay. But for its weird and wonderful sense of style, I... I think I love it a little.
  • Choco Valentine 2Choco Valentine 2 - You can't have a weird and cute Link Dump Friday without mentioning Minoto, creator of such loveable insanity as Beard of Santa. It features a snot-nosed yeti, an enormous fluffy dog, and a snowman playing volleyball. Among other things, all of which are also awesome. Plus, it serves as a timely reminder that a certain holiday is coming up soon, to remind you to get your shopping done. (Pssst! I like tulips!)


Man, the music, gameplay and enemies in Them Coconuts are all really weird!
It's still a fun game to play though.


The link for the Gluey game leads to a messed up webpage for some reason.


Everything in Them Coconuts is from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


For Choco Valentine 2


Worst volleyball game ever!


i ALWAYS love the Minoto games... so simple yet so fulfilling :)... and i liked the Gluey game but i think they had one big flaw in game play... seeing as how a lot of it had to do with timing and catching the blobs when they were connected... it was sort of dumb of them to put the "blob indicators" (as i'll call them) rite in front of the lower area... where you totally need to be able to see what your clicking... after clicking every group there would be text right in front of the main game area... it got annoying real quick... besides that... it was a kewl game concept


Has anyone else ever noticed that there are like 50 Minoto point-&-click games? I'm binging on them as we speak. So good.


I really like Gluey, but agree with YAYiza that the 'blob indicator' really gets in the way where you are trying to click. Otherwise, great fun game


I love Minoto games! Could be because they are the only escape games I can do without using a walkthrough :/


Is there more than one way to finish Choco Valentine2?


@jolson42 I'm with you, been playing them one right after the other since I clicked on the link to Choco Valentine2. Fun little diversions.


Choco Valentine 2:

How do I get the hairball out of the brush? I'm clicking every which way. I've tried dragging and dropping. It's staying put.


Bah. Power of the Post.

I was trying to remove a small hairball. I needed to wipe it on the tissue and get a bigger hairball.


I think Gluey is a great game and would love to see more levels! The best fun I've had in a while.

Patreon VIP Chiktionary February 5, 2010 11:10 PM

Turtillon Island was fun for a while, and I really enjoyed the Banana Foot gaem for a while as well, the music was great.
Now that I've read Syzgyn's comment that Them Coconuts has a whole lot of stuff from Monty Python's Holy Grail I'm definitely gonna have to give it a try, despite my dislike of shooting games...
Played Choco Valentine a while ago and like all the other Minoto games, it was sweet, easy and fun.


Loved Choco Valentine! Thanks, Dora!


Gluey is less match-3 and more SameGame, with a bit of Puyo Puyo thrown in. The main differences in this one are that the pieces ("blobs") aren't on a grid and the game boards are non-rectangular.


I'm stuck on CV2. I have the

key, scissors, hairbrush, and hairball.

What now?


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