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DoraPleasant tidings, new friend! We hope this Friday finds you well and in fine gaming shape, because we have physics and puzzles and more for you. If you reside in a land of ice and snow this season, we hope you've considered the importance of keeping your hands safe. After all, if your fingers freeze and fall off, who's going to play all these games?! That guy? That guy stinks! So always remember to wear gloves, and drink lots of warm fluids. And don't forget your snow boots! Look both ways before crossing the street, wash behind your ears, and eat your vegetables each day. And you never call. Would it kill you to call? We worry, you know.

  • InfectonatorSteady the Yeti - Ah, the yeti. Nature's answer to Brian Boitano. Oh, didn't you know? The yeti are excellent skaters! Of course, it's mostly by accident. Help guide this frozen yeti to warm salvation by guiding him across the ice, Bloxorz style. Personally, I think if a creature is unable to function without assistance in its own environment, nature is probably trying to tell it something.
  • BlosicsBlosics - Also known as "Wheeeeeeeee!", Blosics is a simple but glorious game where you try to knock down various structures by flinging balls at them. Click and hold within the green circle to begin growing your missile, and move the mouse to choose the angle. Release! It's like therapy against every midway carnival game that ever took your money, only these blocks aren't super-glued to the floor and you don't have to endure the taunts of your friends.
  • ArcuzArcuz - Hey there, internets! Who here likes... action/RPG titles with adorable sprite graphics? Good, good... how about tow-headed youths who are humanity's last hope? Awesome! Now... who here likes... grinding? No? Well, too bad, suckers! Hahahaha! Your hate only makes me stronger.
  • Platonic Archetypes of DicePlatonic Archetypes of Dice - We love you, unknown internet surfer. Never, ever leave us! And to make sure you don't, here's an inexplicably addictive dice game that plays like rock-paper-scissors and a casino had a baby, and then let it grow up watching too much Pokemon. And also never moved out of the 1990's, when the original Game Boy reigned supreme. It's weird, but also kind of wonderful. And while you sink your time into it, we'll smile unsteadily, stroke your hair with a trembling hand, and think about how we'll never, ever let you go. Remember, it's not really love unless you are severely creeping someone out.
  • run.don't.stoprun.don't.stop - Explanation? Explanations are for suckas, friend. Everything you need to know about this bizarre little game is right there in the title. Collect cash, power ups, and fly through the sky like some glorious space eagle. If it doesn't make sense, then you know you're playing it properly. While there's not much of a point to it, it captures a sort of free-wheeling glee factor that make it worth a look.


Awesome! I'll try these games right now.:P


Blosics and run.don't.stop were very fun.

Blosics, sadly, is only 10 levels. But the gameplay has nice mechanics for a 2d game.

run.don't.stop actually has more depth to it than the review above hints. You are on a planet, trying to avoid the molten core of the planet.

First, there's the basic game. Running to the right increases the planet's size, keeping the magma away from you. (Running to the left is bad...) You can get powerups and bonuses by collecting various items, and opening the ship's store presents you with stuff to buy.

Then, even after you beat the basic game, there's yet another game, which is also difficult (but still fun). I'll leave it at that so I don't ruin the surprise.

I recommend reading through the entire instructions (as there is a lot of depth), and giving it at least a half dozen attempts. Oh, and it's not easy to see, but there is an easy mode in the upper-left that is a much better starting point!


Well - for the Platonic Archetypes of Dice, it reminds me of the (admittedly geeky) Nontransitive Dice idea. You can read more on this here:

Maybe some course on probabilities can use this as a teaching aide!

Or maybe people should just continue to have fun and enjoy it!


Yeah, run.dont.stop was really fun! I enjoyed it, the pit can get annoying though. Try it, its worth the time.


I thought Blosics was really interesting, with great mechanics that (for once) didn't slow my computer down to a crawl.

Once I stopped trying to simply demolish the stacks with one massive shot and started thinking, there was some rewarding gameplay in there.


Let me second the praise for Arcuz. I'm totally addicted right now, playing Chapter 3 and grinding away. After stuff like Oblivion with the monsters that raise levels along with you, it's refreshing to play Arcuz and go back at level 15 and slaughter those frickin' level 7 wolves! Yeah baby!


Patreon VIP Chiktionary December 18, 2009 7:49 AM

Blosics and Run.Don't.Stop were fun for a while.
Had no idea what to do in the dice game and the Yeti game could have had some simpler levels to 'warm-up' with.
Did have some Friday fun checking out the links though - Thanks Dora. :)


With the dice game, I can't figure out how to get out of conversations. Do I have to challenge someone? I meant to see if I could look at my own die but I'm stuck talking to someone. Eh. I'll give the other games a try.


For the dice game use X and C (or spacebar). It would benefit from telling people a bit more about which keys to use for sure. Oh and num pad 0 mutes the sound. I guess there might be other keys, no idea really.


ive been playing Arcuz for a few days now, and your right about the grinding. needs more side quests and less grinding. also a place to buy gems and stones would be nice.

but that said, i think its the best flash based action/rpg ive played (imo). im hoping its not too short once i get to chapter 3.


I beat the dice game! :D


Im not a big fan of the monochromatic color scheme. for the dice game


Don't like the dice game, I think it will be better if the players discussion change after every win or something, so they do not seems just mumbling the same boring

run, don't stop, is quiet a gem, just if the game get more polish, better tutorials, and of course.. graphics.

Blosics.. I found it quiet frustating. I fail a lot even at level 2 and 3. Failing also give consequences: not only your score lowered, the ammount of score you need for next level also lowered. So you often found yourself get minus score and have to restart. That is not fun :( .

AnonymousGuy December 18, 2009 4:20 PM

run.dont.stop was quite fun, deserves its own review to me :)

Have you guys discovered what happens from clicking "Credits" in run.dont.stop yet?

ChrisForsyth December 18, 2009 5:46 PM

Ooog--I would have appreciated a warning about what site that Yeti game was on. :-/


Blosics is kinda fun but it takes so long for the ball to grow to the size needed on some levels it became annoying.


I particularly liked the dice game, and I took some time to learn about nontransitive dice because that's the kind of thing I'm into =D

I was thrilled to wake up this morning and see that run.don't.stop had been linked here. It's my first flash game, and I didn't expect it to be received this well! Thanks for playing it.


Yeah, I turned on just about every permission I could in my scriptblocker and still couldn't get the yeti game to load. Maybe it was my adblocker. Or maybe it was extra dodgy.

The dice game I'm stuck on 31/32 and I even went back and checked that I spoke to everyone. What do I do?


I hadn't seen intransitive dice before, Moldar. This is also similar to Blotto's Game, something from game theory. The way its used in Platonic Archetypes of Dice is more based on chance, but the strategy is almost exactly the same.


The dice game gets dull quickly; Blocsics and run.dont.stop are great games; Arcuz WAS kind of fun, but then suddenly I stopped being able to walk at more than a crawl.


The dice game gets dull quickly; Blocsics and run.dont.stop are great games; Arcuz WAS kind of fun, but then suddenly I stopped being able to walk at more than a crawl.


Crab: you probably picked up more than your encumbrance limit. Drop (or sell) some heavy items and you'll be able to walk at a normal pace again.


Yeah, I did realise about the encumbrance, and now that's solved I'm moving "really slowly" rather than "really, REALLY slowly". Still no clue why I'm moving so slow.


Okay, who else computed p(15,5,6) to confirm that there are indeed exactly 32 possible dice with six integer sides between 1 and 6 with total pip count 21? Surely I'm not the only nerd on here.


Yes! I did it! I beat run.dont.stop on Normal Mode! WOO!

Hey, I just found out that you can do a super-jump in that game by pressing the up and down arrows simultaneously. It costs you an ice block, though.


So, if a warm-blooded mammal like a yeti is frozen, along with some water, it goes to show that it's pretty cold - therefore all top water should be frozen. Also, he wants to warm water under the ice? FYI, if you fall into the water you'll sink down to the water.


Question about Arcuz: Can you do sidequests whenever you want, or do they have to be completed within the chapter you find them in? I'm on Chapter 2, and I'm trying to

recover the goods lost in North Forest.

I really can't imagine doing it at this point (I'm level 13) but I want to make sure I can finish the quest.


For the dice game, I computed a 32x32 matrix of pairwise single trial win/tie/lose probabilities, using it as a guide to deciding which die maximizes the probability of winning against a given die. It should be noted that since the starter die has an equal probability of winning against any other die, the first die you should always challenge is "paris," since this die has in some sense wins the most over the other dice.

There is a lot of interesting math in this game!


I wonder when the very first flash game ever surfaces on the internet?


yes they seem to carry over. i wasnt able to do that quest either until i got to chapter 3 and was level 15 or 16

if anyone is really really sick of grinding

CE will work on this game if you multiply by 8. i was able to find the addresses for xp, gold and stat points


Thanks for the tip, blerg.

Arcuz is an *extremely* long game with tons and tons and tons of grinding. There's at least


chapters and you'll probably need to grind slowly to level



I had fun playing (and cheating), but I kind of wish I never started.


In Arcuz you can cut down the grinding massively without cheating:

1. As soon as you can, max out drop rate on all your accessories. Monsters will drop *much* more gold/objects and you can either use 'em or sell 'em. Then buy or compose better weapons, which will speed things right up.
2. Don't double click on items in the potion shop to buy them - click once and carry them to your inventory instead. Close the shop and reopen it and the item is back there for you to buy again and stock up.

It is still a long game though.


Anyone else fall into a frozen core in run don't stop? It's kinda cool, actually, because you don't die until it heats back up.

By the way, here's something to try: Stock up more than ten ice balls without using them. If you use a super jump (down and up at the same time) and hold the up button, you'll use them all up at once. There are two cool uses for this. First, you'll freeze the core and buy yourself quite a bit of time. Second, you'll be sent very high into the air. I used nineteen to get the Rocket Man achievement.

Softbagel14 March 20, 2010 3:13 PM

Arcuz is pretty addicting. It's nice as one of those games you play for a while, then put down, then come back to a day or two later. It should really have it's own review IMO. Gameplay is solid and smooth (if you know what you're doing) and the graphics are great. Would love to see a sequel!


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