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Link Dump Friday №144

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Link Dump Fridays

DoraPost-autumnal greetings, cherished visitor! It's that time again where we bestow upon you that which you need to make your Friday complete... ants, foxes, and the undead!... what, you were expecting games or something? Pssh! Like we're here for your amusement! Listen here, buddy, you'll take this hodge-podge of unrelated beasts and you'll like it!

  • InfectonatorInfectonator - You've got sixty seconds to save the world! Wait, no, that's not right, hang on a tick... you've got sixty seconds to bring death and ruin upon an unsuspecting populace with a horde of slavering undead! While the whole experience is over too soon (keep your eyes painfully peeled for the upcoming World Domination Edition), there's something perversely charming about this quick game of zombie upgrades and strategy. Plus, I'm pretty sure "Infectonator" is a super villain identity waiting to happen, so act fast, aspiring baddies!
  • Fox and RollFox and Roll - Forget hounds. Hounds are so last season. These days, all the cool foxes are hanging out with rolling smiley faces in physics puzzles. Awwwww yeah. While the gameplay is probably going to be pretty familiar, it's still a fun and cute way to get your physics fix to prep you for your weekend. Physics Malnutrition is a growing problem, you know.
  • The Ant ExplorerThe Ant Explorer - Lengthy point-n-clicks got you down? Then fret not, my short attention span'd comrade! Despite featuring non-human ant logic (obviously) for its puzzles, this is a game most of you will probably sprint right through, taking in the slick artwork along the way. Not us, though. We hate ants. They keep eating all the breakfast bagels in the breakroom. At least, that's what the night shift keeps telling us is happening. Hmmm.
  • Zoo EscapeZoo Escape - Look at that cow. I mean, like, look at it. Eeeeeesh. Is it any wonder he and his friends need help reaching the exit in this physic-sy puzzle-sy game? The pet rocks we used to make in kindergarten with plastic googly eyes had the same expression, and let me tell you they weren't great thinkers either.
  • Pac Vs AlienPac Vs Alien - More a series of mini-games than any one title, and most of them requiring some level of timing and reflexes. Guaranteed to have at least one scenario designed to make you want to bite your keyboard in half! Still, it's cute, it's fast, it's different, and the soundtrack deserves some sort of award for being... special. I have people tell me the same thing about myself all the time, incidentally.


ant explorer is a really tranquil game, I really enjoy how they infuse an

ingame cheat wheel.

I actually thought it was a good game, quick without being over before it begins.

Patreon VIP Chiktionary December 11, 2009 3:38 AM


cheat wheel??

I'm clicking everything on everything in Ant Explorer to no avail. I'm obviously missing something, but when I click the 'solutions' tab in game I don't get answers, I just get another game of Ant Explorer to play...

Need m' walkthrough.


Zoo Escape music is awesome.



Try looking more closely at

the tuft grass above the hatch

And there is a video walkthrough lower down on the page that opens when you click the solutions link.

La Dama Duende December 11, 2009 5:22 AM


When you click the Solutions tab it takes you to a different site. Scroll down, and in the comments you will find a video walktrough

What a lovely game

Patreon VIP Chiktionary December 11, 2009 7:25 AM

Thanks La Dama Duende :)
Was just missing that one little hot spot.
Beautiful game!


You mention that the soundtrack to Pac vs Alien is "special", and yet it is nothing in comparison to the music that accompanies Zoo Escape.


I'm stuck in Ant Explorer. I got the

knife? sword?

...but I have no clue where to use it.


@Chiktionary: Make sure you're clicking all the little tufts of grass and bunches of mushrooms. All the secrets are hidden in there.


You'll need it to cut open a piece of fruit. Don't worry about it until you've got the fruit--I don't think it has any other uses.

The Zoo Escape song is DELICIOUS. I might leave this game on in the background so I can sing about the Candy Zoo all day.


Augh, there's a 10-day limit on Infectionator? Oh well, I enjoyed it. I'll play it again to max everything out this time...



It's a 60 second timer across all levels. The more efficient you are at each one, the farther you can get. I'm still trying to get that one last achievement. So close.. I think.


How do you destroy a town in Infectionator?


Yeah, I can't beat the last Infectionator level. Even with full zombie hit points and speed, they're killed almost instantly by the guys with guns. No idea how to get past it.


zbeeblebrox December 12, 2009 1:57 AM

I don't like how in infectionator, when you get a screen obscuring achievement, clicking the "x" button to remove it will also drop your grenade. Also, I don't really understand the point of having such ridiculously short levels. The level ends when all the zombies are dead anyway, and they die pretty fast..

Love the music though.


Pac vs Alien is a fun little game :D


What am I missing on Ant Expl.? I have the

torch, fruit, & two black things with white TV aerials on them. Where is this knife?

Dragonfang December 13, 2009 9:07 PM

Fox and Roll is easy. Like, "no thinking involved" easy. Just click shapes and you'll get it. One level you didn't have to do anything at all, and it weasn't design that way. A poorly designed but still kinda fun game.


There is a very annoying and frustrating glitch in infectonator.

Sometimes, in the later levels, the cursor does not shoot out the virus when you click. This causes you to lose valuable seconds before it switches back to the upgrade screen. Even if it only happens once or two, it can be those few crucial seconds which mean being able to pass level 13 or not.

I have come SO CLOSE to beating the game, except for this glitch. It kinds ruins what would otherwise be an excellent little game.


And another thing, "Fox and Roll" must be one of the worst titles ever to have appeared on JiG. It's just such a weak pun!


I agree with scottique, the Zoo Escape song is sooooo addicting! There's a version on newgrounds that loops faster than Zoo Escape, for people who are as addicted as me. "We got purple peppermint porcupines(Yum!), covered in sticky porcupine spines, magical cocoa unicorns(u-ni-cooorns), great big chocolate unicorn horns..."


anyone know how to get off upgrade menu in infectionator world dominator


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