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Link Dump Fridays

DoraWelcome to December, beloved reader! I know, I know. It's been December for a few days now. But everyone knows it's not really December until you get your first seasonal Link Dump Friday! What makes it seasonal? Glad you asked, friend! Why, it's nothing but the best in ghosts, spaceships, monsters, and more for you! No, no, best not to question the "why"s, since the answers most likely consist of "Because Dora is strange". Instead, just sit back, relax, and let the awesome commence.

.... aaaaaaaany second now...

  • Scamper GhostScamper Ghost - Hungry for the days of yore, dear reader? Well, provided your yore-days centered around avoidance games and Pac-Man, this should scratch that itch nicely. While the lack of any real progression or new developments past a certain point may mean it won't hold a spot in your heart long term, Scamper Ghost is fast and furious while it lasts, probably just long enough to get you in trouble with your boss if you play it at work.
  • DroppyDroppy - [Warning: Contains imagery some may find insensitive or offensive.] Continuing the recent trend of "game characters who can't do anything for themselves", Droppy needs you to help alleviate his discomfort in various scenarios. Fast, friendly, and... uh... fffffffcute, the point-and-click style puzzles aren't likely to stymie you for very long, but it makes a nice, low-calorie snack whenever you can fit it into your day.
  • ShadowreignShadowreign - Alas, monsters! Offering click-and-slash style gameplay right in your browser, this one might not appeal to you if grinding is something that makes your toes curl and your teeth stand on end and sends shivers down your spine and makes you write overly long sentences to drive home a point. If you do have that sort of patience and enjoy the application of pain to monsters' faces, then you'll probably enjoy this one for a good chunk of your day.
  • Red FluxionRed Fluxion - Holy space explosion, Batman! While it doesn't do anything new, this is a solidly enjoyable shooter with ridiculously large bosses, upgrades, more bullets than you can (verb) a (noun) at, and every sound effect is voiced by Tim Curry. ... okay, so I made that last one up. But I can dream, can't I?!
  • Hippie PhuzzleHippie Phuzzle - Basically, Saunavihta with hippies and aliens. ... yeeeeee-up. It doesn't offer anything really new, but if you're hungry for physics puzzles, then this may satisfy. Although, mind you, it is a bit insensitive to the hippie-alien plight. Remind me to send you some literature about that.


The end of Droppy is hilarious. It's a good game, too.


very cute ending for Droppy


I agree, the end of Droppy is both cute and pretty funny! Made me giggle :) Not a taxing game, but fun!


I like Red Fluxion, although I'd advise not playing it for too long! I can still see strange patterns floating around in front of me.

Hippie Phuzzle was... odd, but perfect music. Worth trying just for the sound effects when you click on the blocks! I can't imagine anyone playing through all the levels but it was fun for a few minutes.


Droopy is super cute. It reminds me a bit of ClickPLAY actually (:

m00fins_10 December 4, 2009 6:30 AM

yeah,droppy is an AWESOME game.super cute.:P


Red Fluxion is fun - with my favourite soundtrack from StarFox/SNES! yay.


Stuck on Hippie 19


I like both Droppy and Red Fluxion, but I can see where Scamper Ghost could be seriously addicting...

Anonymous December 4, 2009 1:17 PM

Was having fun with Shadowreign until I found a bug. Some of the skills (I think only the +attribute ones) get reset when you save/load. Guess I could try playing in one sitting, without saving...


Droppy is too cute and I didn't need a walkthrough!


Pencilkids makes such cute games.

Rex Hondo December 5, 2009 3:29 AM

Shadowreign is seriously bugged. I beat the first boss, but was killed by a bunch of skeletons who had continued to spawn and attack behind my character screen while I was checking out my new loot. I reloaded my previous save, but the boss was not where he was supposed to be, making it impossible for me to continue the game.


On the just-a-little-bit-racist scale, I give stage 7 of Droppy somewhere between Japan and Prince Charles (300 milligriffins, to be precise)*

*The above post makes reference to UK current affairs, may be incomprehensible outside of the UK.

However, fairly nice game. Some take a while and are basically "Guess what I've made clickable!" though.

Shadowreign is surprisingly playable.

Carny Asada December 5, 2009 11:49 PM

I agree with crab. Stage 7 of Droppy was like, "Whoa, what century are we in?" More offensive than Jar-Jar Binks, only slightly less offensive than "Gone With the Wind" or the crows in Dumbo. I'm surprised that the usually-reliable Dora finds this "cute."


Red Fluxion is a bit like Frantic, isn't it? Just without the coins and less power-ups. Hm.


I totally understood the "milligriffin" score Crab! lol


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