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DoraSit right here, we saved you a seat! My favourite show of the week is about to begin, and the previews are the best part! Puzzles, platformers, action... its got it all! Now sit down and drink your bucket of watered down soda and pass the crate of Junior Mints. I didn't get us any popcorn. They only had real butter. Eugh!

  • Hungry ShapesHungry Shapes - Ah, hamburgers. The natural prey of triangles... Oh! Watch carefully as the lone rectangle appears, also stalking the triangle's meal! This could get messy. Maybe you should intervene. You're good at physics and balance, right? Yeah, you'll be fine. We're sure it's safe. We'll be over here, in the armed enclosure, rooting for you!
  • Mine TowerMine Tower - Minesweeper. There, your eyes are already glazing over! Fortunately, this slight new twist on an old formula is here to keep you on your toes! It may not leave you breathless with excitement, but it'll keep your brain working, and there is a small chance that if you lose a game, the planet will explode. I might be lying, but you'll never prove it!
  • EnigmataEnigmata - Space! The final frontier. An endless expanse of stars, planets, constellations, and shooters. Lots and lots of shooters. But with a lot of flash and a heaping helping of upgrades, Enigmata is here to stand out from the pack. You could defeat enemies by bashing into them, I suppose, but that would be... illogical.
  • Paper WarPaper War - The gritty true story of pencil versus... uh... little... one-eyed... things. Yes! Of course, all the grit comes from the eraser shavings, and the grinding of your teeth as you wait for each wave to end in this unique but painfully slow tower defense title. But grit nonetheless! (Grit is 60% grit, and 40% fillers and byproducts.)
  • Bomb DiggityBomb Diggity - This action platformer is exactly like the Power Puff Girls. Well... okay. It's exactly like the Power Puff Girls, but about a pink-haired girl who fights off shadow monsters while she disarms bombs strapped to civilians. Which is practically the same thing. Lalalala, nope, can't hear you!


Alex Kantal August 28, 2009 12:45 AM

Ah Mine Tower, a fun little game. Too bad the people on the comments over there on Dan-Ball are...I really don't know how to say it without being rude.

Anyway, Enigmata is really fun too, I actually saw it on the newest games list on Kongregate before it got actually popular. As for the other three, I'll just have to see how good they are, I kinda like physics games.


Mine Tower is a great idea, but it's not working... every time I try to place a flag on a space, it just automatically turns it over instead. I can't place any flags.


Well I enjoyed mine tower the first two times through, too bad it has little replay value for someone who can get to floor 200 on the first try. I actually prefer the classic minesweeper as I dont feel as rushed. My fastest time for mine tower is 1243 with 15 misses, how about you?

I've also been playing Enigmata for a while now and have to say its pretty amazing. Sometimes crashing into an enemy is the only way to get that 100% kill bonus and once you start buying from the blackmarket or the legendary shop, that bonus cash becomes alot more important. I also found that the middle row of ships were the best as you progressed through the game but by the end its really just personal preference.

Alex Kantal August 28, 2009 2:52 AM

@Sylocat: Are you using right click? R-click once for a flag, twice for a ?, and three times to set it back to blank.

Also, Hungry Shapes was alright but the physics felt a bit off. I'm not sure what it was but it just wasn't quite right.


Enigmata is fun, but as soon as I upgraded my ship the Nebula shop upgrades stopped working. Yes, I had full energy, but nothing happened when I hit any of the keys. I tried going back into the Nebula shop, selling the upgrades, and buying them again, but nothing worked. To suddenly not have those available was rather annoying.


Enigmata IMO deserves its own review.


In Enigmata you can turn on auto fire by pressing z, turn off missle auto select and enable mouse control in the optons menu. These make the game easier.

Bomb Diggity is pretty blah. Moving accurately is impossible because you slide like you're on ice and after just a few minutes there are so many bombs to diffuse that it is impossible to get them all and then youget a game over.


Paper War has a speed setting in the upper left, which doubles the speed and makes it less boring. It's just another tower defense clone, but a pretty well-balanced one.


Hungry Shapes was actually a bit disappointing, the only level that was any real trouble was the last one. All in all a fun little time waster though.

omgitsgir August 28, 2009 2:12 PM

[email protected] Bomb Diggity.

You'd think that with such a professionally done game, they'd take the time to check a list of the most common misuses of English.

Diffuse essentially means "to scatter"
Defuse means to disable a bomb.

Honestly, diffusing bombs seems like a bad idea. I'm also going to have to agree with Piros on the gameplay. It's rather sloppy, and gets boring quickly.

Enigmata, on the other hand, is totally sweet.


Enigmata Strategy Guide

Upgrade your ship as soon as you can. The most useful items from the nebula shop in my opinion are the bomb (V), the negative powerup canceler (N) [only until you buy the eternal negative powerup canceler, called Enima, and the healing technique (B).


The Double fire is way better than the Tetra fire in my opinion. The real strategy for the weapons took me a while to figure out though. and that is

you can combine the rare weapons with the regular weapons to make them even more powerful. the combinations are: Missleblast and ultrafire, the yellow laser with the double fire, and the wave shot with the tetra fire.

Final Boss

He is very very difficult. The way i managed to beat him was by buying the improved rare weapons upgrade and the infinite powerups 2 upgrade from the legendary shop. Then you simply replay the last level until you get one of the weapon combinations listed above (i did it with the wave shot and tetra fire), and make sure you still have it when the level ends. Then do the next level to face the final boss. Use healing power when you need it and ultra bomb if you have some extra energy. Just keep moving from left to right doing your best to dodge his lasers and you should take him down soon enough. It really doesnt take that long.

anyway, this is my favorite game on JIG for a long while. Best scrolling shooter on here.


oh wow, so on enigmata it turns out

the final boss isnt so final after all. if you choose to keep fighting after beating him and get to level 25 you get to fight an even harder boss named Epic. I have still yet to beat him.


My strategy for beating the level 20 boss on Enigmata:

Wait until there's an opening, use Stop Time, and wail on it for as long as your energy lasts. Then use the Darkness Energy Recharge thing while dodging around to refill your energy. Repeat until explosion.


Also, I finally tried the "Portal to Boss World"...

and died within two seconds of entering.


"Cheating Technique" for Enigmata:

If you have both the time stop and the dark energy recharge, you're basically invincible.

Note - it gets really easy if you decide to use it, so I'm giving you another spoiler brake to decide:

Alright - make sure to keep an eye on the energy bar.
go into a time stop.
shoot as you will.
when you start running out of energy, without leaving the time stop press "D" (dark energy recharge).
You will then recharge while still in the time stop, enabling you to beat the toughest bosses with the crappiest weapons.

Proof? 100% kills with regular double fire on boss world.


Hungry shapes crashed my internet. Fail.


Hungry shapes is too easy and the level is called "Don't let them fall", but I did, but I still won? And it's way too easy. Not worth my time.


I like the concept behind Mine Tower, but cannot figure out if there is any objective or ending. Is there a limit to the number of bombs you can miss? What is that limit? Also, it got REALLY annoying waiting for the screen to scroll. Needs an auto scroll feature if you've cleared all the bombs on the screen.

Hungry Shapes was alright, but not as good as the Stack 'Em games. Might give you a quick fix while waiting for Stack 'Em 3. (Or whatever it's called, sorry).


Posey, try pushing the down arrow. That should fix your boredom issues in Mine Tower.

Is there a way to get Dan-Ball games to register right-clicks on a Mac? I could never figure that out with Powder Game either, despite trying both Safari and Firefox. I could get to about level 120 in Mine Tower without it, but I could certainly work faster if I didn't have to memorize where the mines were. Hmph.


I was the one (or one of the people) who submitted mine tower.

Is boss portal in enigmanta?


Mine tower has been updated!


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