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DoraDo you ever want to gather something close to the warmth of your bosom, cherish it, care for it, stroke it and call it George? And then, afterwards, do you just really, really need to blow something up? This week, defend your tower or blow something to smithereens. Preferably both at the same time!

  • Choose Your 2012Choose Your 2012 - This game of time-limited global destruction proves there's no time for sentiment this time around when the objective is to visit the fieriest destruction possible on an unsuspecting planet. The only thing missing is bonus points for my maniacal laughter!
  • Ultimate TacticsUltimate Tactics - It looks pretty familiar, but Ultimate Tactics is alright by me because I support the wanton destruction of little blue bugs in a strategic RPG setting. Some people say they're harmless, but I say that's how they get you.
  • Slimey's Lunch TimeSlimey's Lunch Time - Interstellar purple blob beasts need lots of love and attention, and the most important part is remembering to help them toss people in the air to be devoured like tictacs! Look at how happy you're making it. Awwwww.
  • Warzone Tower DefenseWarzone Tower Defense - The only thing nobler than standing up in defense of something is dropping a missile on something while you do it. Build up your defenses to keep yourself safe from the incoming enemies, just like Gandhi would want.
  • Wild'n'Free EXWild'n'Free EX - I think we can all agree that the Rainforest is precious and should be protected. I think we can also all agree that the best way to do this is to utilize piranha as ammunition as you rocket through the mighty river Dolphin Olympics-style to rain toothy death upon interlopers.


Foreversh June 5, 2009 12:44 AM

Choose Your 2012 was quite a fun game, but I found it slightly annoying that the Armor Games link was right in the bottom left hand corner and I kept accidentally clicking it while playing the game, which would re-open the game in a new window thus disrupting my play >_<

brokenrecord June 5, 2009 1:03 AM

Hmm.. 2012 has potential, but it just doesn't make it. The timing AND the achievements features don't work well together. I only managed to get 4 or 5 achievements each round bc there was no time to explore (there's also a list of how to access each achievement, which pretty much defeats their purpose altogether). The mayhem is fun, but you run out of time before you can actually do any real damage. Also, as Foreversh said, the "Armor Games" logo was extremely annoying.


is the 28th achievement in 2012 even possible? I can't get the meteorites to hit the building on the far left.

Valarauka June 5, 2009 5:52 AM

Blargh! I loves me a good tactics game, but "Ultimate Tactics" is slow, boring and requires far too much clicking. Not to mention completely derivative, I don't think I saw a single original idea in there.
Which I could forgive, if it had at least had a good execution. But it doesn't.

The animations are way too slow, making each turn take far longer than necessary. There should be an option to speed them up, or just set the default to about twice as fast.

Beyond that, why force players to click Move or Attack before each action? It'd be far far nicer to just make the clicks contextual - click on the ground means I want to move there, click on an enemy means I want to attack. It's easier and more intuitive.

The extra click to set which direction each character is facing is also redundant half the time; when you attack directly after a move, the character turns to face that direction anyway, making the previous click utterly pointless.

I can only imagine all of the above getting worse once you have more than a single character to control, but that leads me to the boringness. I hate games that make you pointlessly grind for experience, I hate them with a burning passion deep within the depths of my soul.

This game forces you to play the second level - the *SECOND LEVEL*! four times over to get enough experience to advance to level 3. I rage-quit after the third time. There is NO way I am going to click through the same long slow boring "kill two bugs and a snake" mission for the privilege of doing the next mission six times.

No thank you sir.


2012 was nice, but there just wasn't enough time to create actual destruction.

aine morgan June 5, 2009 8:08 AM

Cant get Warzone tower defense to load at all :(


Thanks Valarauka, you have said exactly what I wanted to say and have saved me an awful lot of typing.... ;-)

drakono June 5, 2009 9:39 AM

In 2012: where are the "polluting factories"?


I finally got it with tornadoes. Another bug in the game.

Yet another game that needs a sandbox mode. Effin' Hail still doesn't have one.


I haven't played any of the games in this thread yet but I wanted to make the first happy post of the thread. Be happy it's Friday. Happy!


I agree with your assessment of Ultimate Tactics, however, it only took me 2 tries on "Stage 2" to get to level 3. The first time there I fought 3 Garden Snakes. The second time, I was faced with 1 Garden Snake, 1 Mutant Beetle, and 1 Red Beetle. I killed the Red Beetle first, and it get me into level 3.

qoalabear June 5, 2009 12:38 PM


a fun little toy. I like how many of the achievements lead into a different result for that particular building/monument. Although I kept forgetting that the spinning windmill was "destroyed" and continued trying to hit it.
I agree with all complaints about the Armor Games link IN THE GAME AREA.

Did you actually get Armageddon "destroy first screen with meteorites" award, using tornado on the far left building?

Ultimate Tactics:

Agreed about animations being too slow and turns requiring too much clicking. The battles are somewhat randomized, but I don't know how it took you 4 times on the second fight to reach level3. I only had to fight it twice. For the most part, I found that I could just go through and fight each area about twice before moving on. Except whenever new characters joined (see below).
I got a little further and discovered two annoying problems:

-New characters join at your expected level, stat-wise. BUT they start with 0 total exp, so they need to gain enough exp to actually reach that level before they can begin leveling up. This forces unnecessary grinding.

-There's a fixed bug mentioned about killing enemies with poison. Even though I was playing v1.5, if you win the battle with poison, it bugs the next battle by flagging one of the enemies as "dead." Your caster gets exp for it based on the monster you killed LAST battle and the monster in this battle becomes untargetable (which is fine, it's already "dead" as far a winning conditions go). This wouldn't be so bad, except that it still runs around and hits you until you defeat all of the other monsters.

I like tactical RPGs, but this one was kind of disappointing.


I played Ultimate Tactics a while back and was shocked to find it featured here. It is truly terrible, and a good candidate for the worst RPG game I have ever played.

The comments above are all very accurate criticisms of the game. One more to add:

the lockpicking system requires you to grind mercilessly, in order to pick enough of one level of chest before being allowed to pick chests at the next level up.

If you want to play it, just blast through it as fast as possible - the difficulty level is actually quite low and you should not need to replay any levels if you rest after each battle.


Ultimate Tactics is game with gameplay from Final Fantasy Tactics, graphics from Wakfu and sound from Age of Empires 1 (at least some of combat sounds:)


I'm not sure what you mean about the lockpicking system.

It seems to me that every chest I pick raises my lock picking skill by 1 level. I've picked 7 chests so far, and I'm up to level 8 in lock picking. Kronus is level 5 and Kage is level 3.

chibidani June 5, 2009 3:10 PM

games that have no mute button, like 2012, drive me NUTS! i like the option to listen to my own music, not game music. 2012 was mildly entertaining, but not one with much replay value, IMO.


Glad you liked Slimey Dora :) It was a great learning experience for us and we've taken a lot of feedback from various users, so we will most likely make a new and improved Slimey 2.0 in the near future.

Just a quick tip for people finding the timer too stressful:

You shouldn't allow all people you throw in the air to reach the maximum height, instead try to catch them while they're on the rise (smash, then quickly move and eat them). It's a bit riskier of a tactic, because you can accidentally swallow evil grannies in the process, but overall it helps a lot with the timer and eventually getting a higher score.


I played 2012 on Newgrounds a while ago. I didn't like it, primarily because the weapons were slow and it took to long for some things to be destroyed. Another problem was that the angles nearly always had to be perfect, or you would miss what any other game would say was the broad side of a barn.


Thanks, I'll definitely think about doing a Slimey 2, I'll have to check with my developer because I have a TON of great ideas for it and I'm sure he does too.

This was our first game developed for my site and I was a bit fearful that it might not stick because of my lack of game distribution experience, that's why I was so excited to see it featured here :) I owe you a virtual drink.

Arikiko June 5, 2009 8:15 PM

For Wild'n'Free EX, the controls are really jerky. I found it difficult to avoid boulders, eat fish and jump high enough over boats while getting low enough for the piranha to hit it.


Ultimate Tactics:

I agree with all of the above comments and I'd like to add that, at least when I played, the iron ring I found never appeared in my inventory, neither did the sword I bought -- it just took the money -- and, of course, the rusty sword and armor I de-equipped to replace is missing too.



I kinda like this game, but I really don't like pushing right to go left and left to go right. Maybe if it were four directional controls instead of two.


Ultimate tactics:
I thought it had take my money too.
Your equipment will never show up in your inventory. You have click on equipment and click on the individuals equipment whether they have anything in that place or not to equip anything, then you can hover over the object and it tells you the benefits and negatives of that object. Just click the object to equip it.

I gave up after I beat the end level and it told me to go find more treasure, probably because I had not gotten to

level 50 lock picking skill (only got to 25) and picked up whatever it was that was in the theives guild

Again it was slow, tedious and every few levels it would mess up with a bar all the way across the screen near the top either completely blacking out the area or skewing some objects.

2012 was a bit too much work, free was so fast I couldn't control anything, slimey's was fun but not really my type of game and I have had a bit much of tower defense lately. Gem was too long so I wasn't going for another.


I enjoyed 2012 for quite some time until I finally couldn't work around the Armor Games logo anymore. Did they even test the game after putting the logo in there? Makes it impossible to completely destroy the baseball stadium while leaving Jesus still standing. Also, I found it to be impossible to hit that "building on the left" with meteorites. The angle required for a hit necessitates that you shoot from outside of the playing area.

Let me know if the logo problem gets fixed, and I'll give the game another try.


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