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  • icon_pongoutae.gifPongOut AE - Sometimes I wake up in the morning and think: Gee, I want to play Pong, but I really want to play Breakout, too. What's a sleepy-headed casual gamer to do? PLAY BOTH AT THE SAME TIME! You'll be surprised how well it works.
  • icon_bubblecannon.gifBubble Cannon - A nice little physics-based matching game from Gaz, creator of Super Stacker 2 and Particle Blaster. Fire bubbles, bump like-colored ones three times to make them disappear, and let nothing come near the spikes at the bottom!
  • icon_snakerunner.gifSnake Runner - Like snake but, you know, different. Pilot an infinitely long snake through each stage, collecting coins before reaching the goal at the end. As always, if you hit a wall or your own tail, you lose. Oh, and heh, snakes can't run, they don't have legs!
  • icon_blackwhitecar.gifBlack White Car - I have a car that can turn into a worm-like thingie and scoot underground. I also have a helicopter that my car can stick to. I use these abilities to avoid rocks and birds and stuff, but I also use it to collect money that's just, you know, floating around. I'm awesome like that.
  • icon_linearrpg.gifThe Linear RPG - Use the right arrow key to progress the story and get further in the game. Use the left arrow key to do just the opposite. As you move, you gain experience points and lose hit points from the battles you instantaneously encounter. Wanna walk further without kicking the bucket? Level grind on earlier parts of the line. Think this one makes a statement about role playing games of today?
  • icon_gawpsters.gifGawpsters - Connect the fluffy gawpsters by drawing lines between them, careful not to let other colors bump into your matrix. Grab power-ups to slow down the gawpsters movement or do other nifty, helpful things.


Bubble cannon reminds me of gimme friction baby


I love the presentation of Linear RPG, easy game though.

Valarauka March 27, 2009 5:56 AM

I want to like Snake Runner, I really do, but I can't - it suffers from a huge, glaring, unforgivable control flaw. Rant spoiler'd:

I kept having nagging feelings of control lag while I was playing, until I finally realized what was bothering me: player input isn't buffered. Which means if you tap a quick "up-left" while going left, the snake won't actually execute it unless its next "move frame" happens sometime between when you pressed the two buttons - If you press two or three keys during the same frame only the last one is applied. Took a while to figure out because I was playing at speed 4 or 5 where it usually moves fast enough for it not to be a problem, but every once in a while at a critical turn the snake just wouldn't respond - slowing it down to speed 1 confirmed my suspicion. The game absolutely MUST store consecutive keypresses and apply them over successive movement frames, otherwise it'll always suffer from unpredictable loss of input, and in a game like this where precise timing and control is everything, that's simply unacceptable.

Linear RPG is brilliant. Satirical deconstruction of the modern RPG! All the more poignant since I'm playing The Witcher these days.

Gawpsters is a nice take on the "lassoing" game concept; nice production values, simple, fun.

The Great Dane March 27, 2009 7:55 AM

Wow something really cool happens when you reach level 100 in Linear RPG.

Someone told me in a dream, but I haven't actually played to see it.

Necromancerman March 27, 2009 8:59 AM

WOOT! Bout time Girlflash got one of her games on here!
Linear RPG walk through

Start by going right, Just keep going right until you get to the 3rd town, now go halfway to the 4th one and go back to the start repeat this process while adding one at a time, when you get to the 7th town, run back to the start and come back to the 7th town a few times, repeat this for EVERY town until you're at least level 41 and at the start, now go beat the game!


Necro: Ha! Linear RPG walkthrough, lulz!

GreatDane: Thanks, thanks a whole lot. Now I have to keep playing until I actually accomplish that. If your dream turns out to be wrong, I'm going to be highly disappointed.


I think I'm addicted to Linear RPG, I got to up Level 61 before I stopped having 'random encounters', but it was worth it to read the story.

Snake runner is, as Valarauka said, a bit unresponsive, but it's a great idea.

PongOut AE is similar to a game that the makers of my Freeview box put on it for some reason. Hours of fun.


Black White Car sure is an awful ripoff of Mausland's "Go Go! Plant"


Bubble Cannon is Gimme Friction Baby but different enough to be interesting. I've played a few games based on that but they always leave me wanting to go play GFB again.
This is no different, annoyingly entertaining! It gets on my nerves but I still can't stop playing it!

Andy the Anon March 27, 2009 4:04 PM

PongOut AE is hard!!!
Linear RPG is harder!!!
luv'em both, tho...

PongOut AE I killed myself right off because I thought

both paddles worked with the same movement

They don't tho. Thank the lord.
For awhile there my hand was jerking around like it was stuck in an electrical outlet...
geez, I think i have wrist-whiplash...
gonna have to go to the chiropractor...
awww, man...

The Great Dane is going to die if he is wrong... because seriously I played Linear RPG for almost an hour and died at lvl. 27.

So if that was a practical joke, man, you are sooo dead...

gonna go try to get to lvl. 100. maybe I won't die this time...



Actually, the walkthrough for Linear RPG should be:

go to the nearest dot. Walk over it (left-right-left-right etc.) a few hundred times until you hit lvl whatever. Go right.


Level 85 in linear rpg. WOO HOO

zbeeblebrox March 27, 2009 9:47 PM

Ha! I remember playing linear RPG a while ago. That was hilarious and brilliant, and I'm glad jayisgames has finally posted it. Though I think it should've gotten its own special joke review, personally.

Andy: how the how did you completely die in linear RPG?? There's like fifteen checkpoints and no life limit..

I tried Black White Car, and it seems like a cool game what with the animations 'n stuff, but the edge detection is hideous.


How to reach level 100 in Linear RPG without really trying:

Build up a level or two normally to establish a buffer of hp. Now, run towards the start of the level (cursor left) until the character is running in place. Keep holding down the cursor key while you click onto another window on your desktop. The little fellow should keep running now even when you release the cursor key. Open another tab or window on your web browser and you can browse other web pages while it runs.

Now, just leave your system on overnight - the XP rewards at the first point are tiny. You can't do this at the other end of the line where the rewards are huge because that end point doesn't constantly replenish your hp and you keep dying. So, slow and steady cheats the race. %?)


Addendum to the above method:

According to my rough calculations, it may take days and days to reach level 100 by this means (at a rate of ~440 xp a minute, which is what I get on my system). The above cheat might be better combined with a routine where you first get the character to a level where it can't die during a run from one end to the other end, then set it going back and forth, checking on it occasionally to keep it from running itself to death at the far end. YMMV (Yields Mostly Meaningless Verbiage).


After reading comments made by the game's author...

I doubt that anything special happens at level 100. The highly competitive may wish to continue trying anyway.


Bubble Cannon is very addictive.

Black White car was very fun. A nice little diversion during the work day.


Black white car is fun but outstays its welcome.. play until you beat the first "boss", after that it's just more of the same.


So I reached level 100...

And a little star popped up and bounced away, signifying that I had gained another level. Yawn.

However, I understand that at level 1000, fireworks burst, citizens cheer, and the Queen of Linearia pops out of your monitor to shake your hand in person. That, or you have to buy a new keyboard.


How do you beat the wall in black and white car?


Linear RPG was a good read. I'm actually just posting to thank jja for saving me a fair amount time :)


Weird.. I reached level 10 in Black White Car and nothing happens. Apparently I'm moving foward without any obstacles, messages, nor anything. o_O

So far it was nice. Creative and all (some people are refering to another game similar?) but becomes boring very quickly.


Pongout is, against my expectations, really good!!

LinearRPG states in a very subtle way my feelings towards computer rpg.


PongOut AE is pretty intense. I just jumped in without knowing the controls (haha).

Seems like Black White Car no longer exists at that link.

The Linear RPG was a fun read. Didn't realize the characters' names were

Cliche and Love Interest (I was reading Kliche as Kiiche...)


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