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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBThis is the edition of Link Dump Friday where you do what I say! It's like Simon Says, only Simon's a jerk, so this is called "JohnB Says, Everyone Does". JohnB says... make me a grilled cheese sandwich! JohnB says... comb your hair! JohnB says... play these games below and leave an amusing/constructive comment!

  • icon_etherwar.gifEther War - A sequel to Ether Cannon, this shooter addresses most of the issues raised with the original game and adds some great new visual effects, upgrades and other bonuses. It's a great-looking game that's best described as "intense". Actually, let me rephrase that... "OMGINTENSE!!!!!".
  • icon_bigbucks.gifBig Bucks - A real-time real estate-based (real) board game. Drive your car around the board and purchase properties as you see fit. Upgrade houses and when other players land on that square, they pay you rent. Everything happens in real time, so you don't have time to sit and twiddle your thumbs, and power-ups make things even more interesting.
  • icon_superstarcombo.gifSuperstar Combo - Zip back and forth across the line collecting stars and avoiding the moving blocks. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well... it is. But it's fun. So play it anyway. Ok?
  • icon_blobink2A.gifBlobink 2 - A sequel to — you guessed it — Blobink! Run around the black-and-white town painting everything with your gooey, colorful self. Don't do it because the Water Mafia has stolen everything, do it 'cause I said so!
  • icon_d403.gifD-403: Journey of a Service Droid - A cute lil platformer where you play a robot fighting mutant creatures to save the Empire. You get bombs and stuff to throw, too, that make you want to play?


At first Ether War seemed too easy, but I'm really impressed by how it scales up!


Woah! Ether war is intense. I beat it on my second try and it was very satisfying.


get triple shot as quickly as you can!

[Edit: spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]


Ether Was was absolutely awesome. Most intense flash game I've ever played

Anonymous March 13, 2009 6:04 AM

Is it me, or is Blobink 2 much less... everything, compared to the first game?

stupidcheeseboy March 13, 2009 10:51 AM

Oh my JohnB! You've gone all butch and assertive on us!
Have Blobinked and Superstarred combo'ed so far. Will do as I am told and go play the others now...
I love LDF!


I found Ether war to be way too difficult to play. The upgrades on the other side happen way too fast, and your shots are usually so horribly ineffective that you can't actually hit anything to get the ether fast enough to upgrade yourself.

Big thumbs down.


I was actually combing my hair as I started reading this. Odd.


Dom: The only explanation is that JIG has employed some sort of mind control. TINFOIL HATS EVERYONE!


Ether War is hard, but very addicting, and definetely better than its predecessor. Blobink 2, on the other side, lacks something... I can't quite tell what it is, but the first Blobink was a lot more fun.


JhonB can't tell you to do something you're already doing!
*Bakes grilled cheese sandwich, and combs hair*
Sorry, Jhon. I can't do all.

Big Bucks: Good fun. Probably the best game on the LDF!
Superstar Combo: I hate games where you only get points, so I hate this.
Blobink 2: I was slighty dissapointed. I thought it would be MUCH longer, and more addictive. (The level-gaining part in the original was addictive.)


Just finished Ether War on Hard Mode.

Essentially, the winning strategy is...

Upgrade to three-way shot as fast as possible. In order to do this, circumnavigate the orbit of the outermost orange orb - this will also save your own space station as the majority of ships will chase after you. You will collect ether very quickly.

Once you get three way, you essentially need to power up your weapon and engine so that you can chase the orange orbs without losing track of them and so that you have the wave shot which will ensure you won't miss.

Having higher shields is useful if you accidentally stray into the middle of the enemy base, but otherwise, if you're a good pilot, you shouldn't have any issue with getting hit too many times.

I didn't even bother with secondary, repulsor, and missles. I also upgraded my wingmen for kicks.

The game's not so hard if you employ a similar strategy as Ether Cannon, which is to let them chase you and just shoot behind you.


I did some more experiments for Ether War.

Upon further study, I discovered several things:

I decided to fly very very far away from the space station. The map extends indefinitely. I flew so that the minimap depiction of the space station was on the upper right hand corner. Here, my investigations began:

One or two white dots (wingmen) would appear to engage in battle with one or two red dots (enemy). I never watched a single one disappear on the minimap, leading me to believe that nothing really happens if you're not around to witness it (or be close by).

Furthermore, I left my ship idle and went to go feed my dog. After spending ten minutes with my dog, I came back and found that they had upgraded numerous times (thanks to walking in on the message popping up) but that no damage had been done on my space station. The enemy base did not spawn more enemies. All the enemies were dancing with the wingmen, doing no damage. In fact, they had danced so far away that some were as far away as the space station as I was! Quite ludicrous.

Not that these experiments help accomplish anything in the game... but it was interesting nonetheless.


Hmm, thats interesting Jayce, if not exactly practical. This is a very fun game, at least for one full play through.

Rex Mario (the 3rd Mario Bro.) March 14, 2009 1:52 AM

On the 4th or 5th level of blobink II my blob guy just diapeered has this happend to anyone else or does anyone know why this may have happend?


D-403 is lots of fun but really buggy.

zbeeblebrox March 14, 2009 10:53 PM

D-403 would be SO much better if its save system wasn't equivalent to a Sega Genesis workaround. Oy.

The graphics and gameplay are pretty good, it's's not worth it. I'm not memorizing a six digit code.


Big Bucks is addicting! I LOVE IT! Real estate games are fun on their own, but combined with zany characters, funkay music, and colorful.. ah.. well.. COLORS, it had me at 'START'! I've won twice! Much more than regularly found on my computer's log!


Argh, Boblink2. I can't get past the Act 2, Level 5 boss!


Ether War: What the hell am I doing? I read the in-game instructions and I still have no clue what to do. Also I think it's a nice touch that the enemies start attacking you while the instructions are on the screen.


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