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Link Dump Fridays

HarukioAnd now the moment you've all been waiting for! I present to you, things I like to eat (please restrain yourselves from jumping in joy). For breakfast I typically enjoy badly burnt toast with a crown of hard butter chunks. Sometimes, I even add a packet of jelly. The sensation of a strawberry surge across my taste buds is like no other pleasure. Lunch is, of course, only for weaklings. Dinner offers an amazing range of options. These can include delicious fettuccine in alfredo sauce, grilled salmon and pasta, spicy pizza or a bowl of stir fry. But what about dessert? Well of course there's the classic apple pie and vanilla ice cream, and for special nights you can enjoy delightful chocolate mousse. For those extra sophisticated patrons (monocle, top hat, the whole nine yards), I'd suggest a succulent black pudding.

As you may have noticed, I made a nice transition from talking about myself to talking about you (anyone who disagrees can see me out back). Why? Because I'd like to present you with a glorious menu of special Friday gaming dishes ready for sampling. Enjoy, and remember to select your favorite dish of the bunch! Bon Appetite!

We have a delicious special for you this Friday! We present two, yes TWO broccoli games!
  • Run, lil' Broccoli - The blood-thirsty chef is out for to get your little green head! Do broccolis have blood? Do I want to find out? Isn't the plural of broccoli just "broccoli"? Should I go back and fix that? Why all the unanswered questions?
  • Pants Volcano - Keep the suave broccoli dude shooting for the stars by shooting him with toast...and pants.
And now for the rest of the menu!
  • Milpa - A rather fresh take on a match-3 where you swap crops in a line. Try making combos for culturally significant and nutritious bonuses.
  • 5 keys - Keep track of your 5 grey diamonds to stay alive. The game does get a good bit more difficult, trust me. This week's score to beat is: 7430. I'm no pro so I think you can do it ;)
  • Four Square Blues - Flip the tiles to make rectangles of four or more blocks. Not quite what you're thinking and a bit tricky to explain. Therefore I will instead describe how much I like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Oh boy, do I like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Yes I do!
  • The Impossible Quiz - A quiz of EPIC proportions! Test your untelligence! Answer questions! Think! Don't Think! Choose the right one: 1, 2, 3, or 4. Let confusion and eventual discovery rule the day!
  • Giraffe - This song is based on a true story! Well, it's not as much a story as an attic...

Remember to get out and vote!


Yay, another link dump! My 3 cents follow

Run lil brocolli - not much of a game, but will deffinitely leave you snickering. I don't like that the cook keeps running after finally catching you though, it's kind of a letdown..

Pants Volcano - nice spin of Blockout, but also not a game which you'll play for more then 30 seconds.

Milpa - a fresh approach to a puzzle, but ultimately repetitive and not quite interesting. To me at least. Some people will probably like this, though.

5 keys - minimalistic, but interesting concept. I'd rather play the game with 4 keys and instant death when either gets destroyed, this way it gets repetitive after you lose more than half of your keys.

Four Square Blues - another one of those games where you have lots of coloured tiles and you have to get rid of them. I guess it's not too bad, but let's face it, I don't think it's the next Tetris.

Quiz - easily best of the bunch, but takes so loooooong to load. And on broadband, too!

Giraffe - lame rehash of Magical Trevor. Space is fun was much more fun. And spacey.


does that song just keep going on and on or does it end at some point? anyway, I think it's rubbish, not funny at all, didn't even make me smile, very disappointed.


stuck on the quiz got to the don't tuch the blue but then i can't move the mouse off to click the next question button, my dyslexic brain doesn't get it, help please!!!


got it! lol


stuck on q 24, don't get what to do


I'm up to 55, then lost my nerves. Slight design flaw of the quiz is the further you go, the more tedious is to play another round.

As for the 24:

Move your mouse quickly left-right over the colours.

And if that's not enough:

The message is "Click the V in 'Lives'".


For 24, mousing over each colour will give you a set of letters. Combining the 5 sets of letters together will give you the instructions you need. Either do it yourself, or cheat by looking here. :)

Message: Click on the 'v' in 'lives'

I'm stuck on 42 at the moment.


Nice LDF again! :)

I completed the Impossible Quiz a month ago, it's really worth it :D Good luck guys.

remister March 30, 2007 7:27 AM

I played the Impossible Quiz awhile back, not a nice piece of flash. Mostly non logical answering/smart aleck questioning involved. Hope the best of luck to all :)


Love the quiz but am stuck at the question about the end of the world (has an answer Australia) it is so frustating because you have to start from the beginning again...again and again and again.

java junco March 30, 2007 8:54 AM

Milpa is sweet!

The quiz, well, not really quite as enjoyable as actually doing my job. The others games were a little too simple.


I must say, I do believe the Impossible Quiz could make do with some save points.


Love the impossible quiz, been playing it a while now - ive gotten to 106..

Other games were interesting.. nothing paartic\lly good, although giraffe was good..


"Lunch is, of course, only for weaklings"


that made my friday morning so much better..


Got up to level 8, 36,200 points with about six or seven health on Four Square Blues when the game done up and froze on me. Not a happy moment.


I'm also stuck on 56 (the "I hope you remember" puzzle) I would sure appreciate a spoiler!


Oh my, the quiz is awesome.

Is there an answer to

#17 or do I just have to use a skip?


For number 17 the answer is there, you just have to look a little bit.

Click on the number of the question, its seventeen. :]



From an earlier level, blue, red, blue, yellow...ring any bells?


There is an answer to level 17. Do the sum - what does it equal. As a hint, it isn't 18. Now, can you see that number anywhere on the screen?

I'm stuck on #66 - re the end of the world/armageddon. Any help?


I love da impossible quiz:


save your skips


Thanks James, I guess my memory isn't what it should be!

Josh Armstrong March 30, 2007 4:16 PM

Hhm...can't get the spoiler tag to work. Testing.


Josh Armstrong March 30, 2007 4:17 PM

Weird. It worked. Well here's walkthroughs for so far (stuck on 66.)


1. Four 2. No, but a tin can
3. K.O 4. Click "The Answer" in the question 5. Move your mouse outside of the game window and circle around 6. Shallots7. An elephant 8. Under the E 9. top right
10. Dentures

Josh Armstrong March 30, 2007 4:18 PM


11. n 12. the dot on the i 13. F'TAANG 14. Torch 15. click in "HORSE" 16. H 17. Click the question number in the circle 18. Hammer 19. Blue, Orange, Green, Green, Yellow (BOGGY!) 20. Seal!


21. Top left 22. +1 Skip 23. BRAN 24. Click the "V" in "lives" 25. Shoe polish 26. Arsefacey 27. Go to 28 28. Abundance 29. Egg Mayonnaise 30. Carefully follow the path

Josh Armstrong March 30, 2007 4:19 PM


21. Top left 22. +1 Skip 23. BRAN 24. Click the "V" in "lives" 25. Shoe polish 26. Arsefacey 27. Go to 28 28. Abundance 29. Egg Mayonnaise 30. Carefully follow the path


31. Woof. Woof. Woof. 32. Babycham and human faeces 33. 7 34. Keep mouse out of game area till the next question comes 35. Wait for the next button 36. A walk 37. No 38. Mary Rose 39. Cylindrical Adventures 40. Right click and trace over the small menu that pops up


41. Afro 42. Fifth row down, 2 over 43. Tom Cruise 44. Sort out the puzzle (top right is a fixed piece) 45. Top right 46. OMGF You KILLS SONIKKU You BASTUD 47. Remove your mouse from the game area, line up with button, and slowly move towards it. 48. SNAAAAAKE!! 49. SPLAPP-ME-DO 50. OK.


51. Click them both a bunch. 52. 3rd plant. 53. ...But Pa might not. 54. No, about 20cm off the ground 55. A games console for wholemeal biscuits 56. Click blue, red, blue, yellow 57. 58. Shepherd's pie 59. Click the guy a lot. 60. No


Actually, Josh, for #47:

The arrow on the bottle shows you where to position your mouse before it vanishes


aaargh.. no more posts..

and what about 60 to 70?


and what about my night of sleep?!? there it goes again..


I really enjoyed Milpa, actually!


I can't get past number 92.....bomb explodes before I click all the numbers. Very annoying. I agree that there should be some way of saving where you are or even having a safe level(maybe even the levels where you get the skips)


Actually, for 60 on the quiz,

You have to answer honestly. If you got it right on the first try, then answer "yes". If you didn't get it on the first try, then anser "no". If you don't answer 60 correctly, it'll say that there's no place for liars and it'll be game over.

It sucks to get that far and then lose real quick like that.

Also, don't use Tab on that quiz, or it'll also be game over.


61.Thumbs up.
63.Tasteless white filth
65.The Largest.
66.The ! in the question
67.A big, hairy arsonist
68.Rub the cat's back.
69.Lol, 69.
70.Using it's anus.
71.Click a choice when it's green.
72.Go slowly down the question number.
73.Top left.
74.No one knows that.
75.Click the escape button under the question number.
77.Question 77.
79.The You in "What do you mean?
80.Filthy romanians.
81.Rub the rod.
82.Click the toenails to cut them. You have 6 seconds.
83.National Dyslexic Association.
84.Get the two skips and touch the shooting star.
85.I Loved it!
86.The Prince.
87.The dot in the question number.
88.Click anywhere fast.
91.Rip the paper, starting under the third hole.
92.194 27 26 14 9 3 2.5 1 0.4.
93.Drag the bomb to reaveal the GO! button.
94.Wait for it to go to 0. It's a dud.
95.Get out of the screen and wait for the dog to go out.
96.A Right mess!
97.10+ times.
98.Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow.
99.Click the sign on green.
100. Two.
101.Type chihuahua.
102.Follow the instructions. When there's a small block on the top right corner, don't do anything.
103.Search for a square red tomato.
104.Click the big, yellow, sad moon.
105.Click B in Gooseberry, A in Apple, 2nd N in Nectarine, A in Apple again, 2nd N in Nectarine and the A in Apple to make "B A N A N A!"
106.Hard mouse game, but don't use a skip.
107.Hover over the "I m ignore you" sign, and when the "GAME OVER!" sign appears don't do anything. It's a fake.
108.Type in 4_8_15_16_23_42, then click execute.
109.Click the monkey as fast as you could, then click the go button on the poop.
110.Use all 7 skips.


Some hints to get through the first 60 questions of the quiz even quicker...

34: Right click to cover up the word "mice"
42: Its actually the 42nd 42... fourth row, second one from the left
47: Keep mouse where arrow was
60: Be honest! (It knows the truth!)


Also, for 44...

You don't have to put together the puzzle! Just click the center of that circle in the top right (Its where the arrow WOULD be pointing)



61: Thumbs up
62: Replace TH with S and you'll get it
63: Tasteless white filth
64: Egg > 28 (I don't get it)
65: RRRRRRRRRRrrr... don't know

WanderingTraveler March 31, 2007 11:41 AM

Alright, here's spoilers for 65-78.


65. Click the word "largest." 66. Click the exclamation point at the end of the word "world." 67. A big hairy arsonist. 68. Stroke the cat. 69. LOL, 69. 70. Using its anus.


71. Just click the green. 72. Horizontally, on the sorta far left, vertically, in the middle. 73. The top right ?. 74. No one knows that. 75. Move your hand under the circle that holds the quiz number, and prepare to press the escape button once the bomb is lit.


76. It's like the song, sugar, honey, honey. 77. Question 77. 78. FOUR 79. I need the answer to this.


Pants Volcano is probably my favourite. I liked the different backgrounds and the motion. The rain that comes down after a while was annoying but an interesting touch. It'd be nice if there was a meter to let you know when it'd start/stop.

I found '5 keys' specially dull. It just seems to start too slowly and only needing to keep one alive was definitely a mistake, making the idea of 'having-to-take-care-of-multiple-things' kinda obsolete.

WanderingTraveler March 31, 2007 2:26 PM

Alright, here's more for that "The Impossible Quiz."


79. The "You" in "YOU" in "WHAT DO YOU MEAN?" (It will light up when you run your mouse over it.)
81. Rub the pole with your cursor. Lightning will strike it. (Why? I don't know)
82. Click all the toenails. Quickly.
84. Ok, run over that red button. OMG! Dive, dodge, weave! Look for that shooting star!
(For those you who are still sane after going through the last 83 questions, just right click (which makes you immune) and observe the pattern. When you see the second green arrow, at the bottom of the screen, going left to right, you'll seea shooting star that kinda looks like one of those green arrows you saw before. Click your left mouse button and hit it with your cursor.)
87. The period after the number is missing. Go to the number, and hover around where the period should be. It'll light up eventually. Click it.
88. Ok, click the guy holding the leg very quickly. VERY QUICKLY.


Before we continue with the answers, I would to say that once you click the answer to 89, almost all of the question afterwards will be filled with timer bombs. So you have to be quick. You have to be prepared. Go to the bathroom. Are you sure you don't have to go? Go anyway. Remember to wash your hands afterwards. DRY YOUR HANDS THROUGHLY. Dry the mouse throughly. Wipe that sweat off your forehead. Get a drink if you have to. Are you sure that no one is going to call you? Call your mother to be sure. (Hey, you have to talk to your mother.) Then unplug the phone. What? You have a date tonight? Then what are doing playing this game? Get a comfortable chair. Put on some rap. (Or Gregorian chants, we have to keep the rhythm here) Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe deeply. Do some stretches. Hum if you like.
Alright, ready? I'm ready. Let's GO!
91. Take your mouse, and go down the left side, about 3/4 the way down. You'll eventually start a tear in the paper. Tear from left to right.
92. Click the audience: 6-1-4-8-5-2-7-9-3
93. Remove the bomb, and click the arrow.
94. Do nothing.
95. Move your mouse of the screen. When the cat is gone, click the red button.
97. 10+ TIMES!
98. Click the WORDS: Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow
99. Don't panic. Seriously, don't panic. Click the green sign when the traffic light turns green.
100. Breathe. Breathe again. TWO
102. Touch the dots, and not the squares. (I've never made it past this point. Sorry.)

Alright, hope that these helped you.


I like Milpa and The Impossible Quiz, but I ADORE Four Square Blues.


The impossible quiz link has an error, instead of going to the game it goes to a page that says:
"Error - We do not allow direct links to this page because it bypasses the author credits and information."


Thanks, Sean. Newgrounds likes to do that.

So, I've changed the URL to the author's page at deviantArt instead.


regarding impossible quiz:

currently on #75, I think that no sabve points are the whole oint of the game. It challenges you to keep going, and if you really want to solve it, you'll keep going through it. Save points would be great, but it would really take away from the game.

Although somewhat childish, great game.

Never tried spoilers, lets see what happens. Great site everyone at jig:D


The impossible quiz, while fun had a major flaw. No checkpoints. I only played it twice because I really didnt feel like doing questions 1-94 over again. Also on the "charge ur lazer" 'question' I disliked that I finished it the first time making the next question say yes, but when I tried the second time I didnt click fast enough, and ultimately had to restart the next time aswell because the next question changed to no even though I did complete it the first time. If that makes sense. I also didn't get how the answer to the duck question was

afro. was that because it was out of place on the duck?

Ffirebrand April 4, 2007 11:38 AM

How mean is that! im on 40 and yes i do know how to get through it but how mean is this........ im on a mac and the mouse only has one button! im gutted anyone else got any ideas?



I got 2650 on four square blues



That thing is called a crest. If you do a search on the Latin script, you'll find that picture described as a "crested duck".

That's why you click, uh, in that spot. (of course you could also just guess.)


I didn't reallize until recently that when you move and break blocks if Four Sqare Blues, it actually plays the blues. That totally made my day.


Are there any questions after 102? I can't touch those darn dots. :S


impossible quiz is impossible

ricardo May 13, 2007 11:20 AM

Impossible Quiz Walkthrough:
1. Four
2. No, but a tin can
3. K.O.
4. Click 'the answer' in the question
5. click first button and keep holding mouse button down. move over to 2nd button
6. Shallots
7. An Elephant
8. Under the 'e' in 'search is a green check mark. lick it
9. top right 'that one'
10. the teeth (skip earned)
11. n
12. the dot of the 'i' in 'click'
14. torch
15. click the letters h-o-r-s-e
16. H
17. click the level number 17
18. the hammer
19. blue orange green green yellow
20. Seal! (skip earned)
21. top left (it flashes green)
22. +1 skip
23. Bran
24. click the v in 'lives'
25. shoe polish
26. Arsefacey
27. go to 28
28. abundance
29. egg mayonnaise
30. same as #5
31. Woof. Woof. Woof.
32. babycham and human faeces
33. 7
34. move cursor off screen and wait for 3 elephants to go into cave
35. wait til it turns green then click it (skip earned)
36. a walk
37. no OR of course not (both work)
38. mary rose
39. Cylindrical adventures
40. same as 5 and 30
41. the afro
42. bottom row, 2nd from left
43. tom cruise
44. move the piece with '44' and click the little circle with pink outline
45. top right
47. find the button & click it
50. O.K.
51. keep clicking one of the monsters
52. 3rd from left
53. ...but PA might not
54. no, about 20cm off the ground
55. a games console for wholemeal biscuits (bomb level and skip earned)
56. blue, red, blue, yellow
58. Shepherd's pie
59. repeatedly click bottom left thing AS FAST AS YOU CAN (bomb level)
60. Yes
61. the thumbs up
62. the moss
63. Tasteless white filth
64. Egg>28
65. click the word 'largest'
66. The exclamation point after 'world' (bomb level)
67. a big hairy arsonist
68. move cursor back & forth along cat's back until bar
is full
69. lol, 69
70. using its anus
71. top left WHEN IT'S GREEN
72. right under the level number about halfway down
73. top right
74. no one knows that
75. click the esacpe button (it appears right under the level # once bob is lit) THE SECOND IT APPEARS (bomo level and skip earned)
76. sugar, honey, honey
77. question 77
78. Four
79. Click the 'u' in 'what do you mean?' (bomb Level)
80. filthy romanians
81. move cursor up and down along the pole. when lightning strikes, click green arrow
82. click all the toenails QUICK! (bomb level)
83. National dyslexic association
84. move mouse to button and right click so meteors can't hit you. MAKE SURE TO GET 2 SKIPS before you click the shooting star.
85. I loved it!
86. the prince
87. click the missing dot in the level # (after '87')
88. click his foot AS FAST AS YOU CAN (bomb level)
89. Blindness
(all remaining levels are bomb levels)
90. Nonce
91. move cursor down left side of paper until it rips. then move cursor across paper until it rips in half.
92. click the heads in decreasing order: 194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 2.5, 1, 0.4
93. Click the bomb and drag it away then click the arrow
94. don't do anything the bomb is a dud
95. move cursor off the screen. when the cat chases the fly, click the button (not a bomb level)
96. a right mess
97. +10 times
98. click the WORDS blue, red, blue, yellow
99. click the road sign QUICK when the light turns green (the bomb has only 1 second left)
100. two (not bomb level)
101. click letters c-h-i-h-u-a-h-u-a (chihuahua)
102. this is hard. move cursor to circles before they vanish. be sure not to touch the squares and there is a time when just a tiny square appears. don't do anything there.
103. find the tomato. put cursor between the c and h in 'search' it's along that line about 2/3's way down
104. click that sad yellow moon (bottom right)
105. QUICK! type 'banana' with the 'b' in 'gooseberry' the 'a' in 'apple' and the 2ND 'n' in 'nectariNe'
106. this is hard bc you can't right click ur way out of it. don't let the cursor off the road
107. - Move your mouse over "I am ignoring u" but don't click it, it will come up with game over. Ignore this and wait. they were just kidding
108. - Type in the missing numbers WITH SPACES. (4 8 15 16 23 42)
109. - click the monkey as quickly as possible, click it's poop, click the arrow in the poop.
110. - You must use ALL the skips in the game. Make sure you got the ones from the space level.


lol some of them are really funny like with the cupcake in a too-too it's

A BUN DANCE get it

And the one where it says elephants don't like mice

you have to move your mouse of the screen


GOSH I hate number 84!!! RAWR!

skip what? July 31, 2007 3:41 PM

after the dentures one i get stuck on this page with the skip sign and the words "nice one." what do i do?


The Impossible Quiz REALLY needs a full review. And so does it's succesor.


Very important question:
I'm going mad, even though I know all up to 102!


I wish there were a checkpoint SOMEWHERE in that darn game, even just ONE! Even just one before the EPIC 10! PLEASE, PEOPLE! JUST ONE! GAAAAAAUUUUUUUAAAHHH!!!!!...


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