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Lift For Life

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Weekday Escape

SonicLoverLift For LifeIt's oldie time again here at Weekday Escape. Lift For Life is a 1977 rock song by Iggy Pop about... no, wait, that's Lust for Life. Let me try that again.

Lift For Life is an escape game by SuzumeDr, whom you may remember for Triangle a while back. The game takes place in a room with a somewhat athletic theme, as well as an adjustable glass table that's a little too low, a nice TV hooked to a game console, two strange pedestals that seem to react to one another, and a few other fixings. Naturally, you've got some puzzle-solving and some inventory management to do.

The controls are pretty standard: click the edges of the screen to turn, and click objects to zoom in, manipulate, or pick up. Click once to select an object in your inventory for use; click twice to inspect it.

Analysis: SuzumeDr is one of those developers with a special style exemplified in all his/her games, and Lift for Life is a definite demonstration. One of his/her hallmarks is the set of charming sound effects heard throughout the game, some of which could have easily come from a drum set (such as the "dah-tik" of a cabinet door opening).

Another such hallmark is the graphics. There are a number of escape game developers, such as Tomatea and Tesshi-e, who take pride in creating games with pretty, photorealistic images. SuzumeDr isn't one of them; (s)he is quite content with neat polygonal graphics, which work just as well and help you focus on the puzzles. After all, who cares about realism in a room filled with goofy tricks and traps?

The gameplay's a bit trickier than Triangle, but nowhere near unbearable. There's no changing cursor, but the one time you have to click somewhere unintuitive there's a hint for it. One puzzle in particular can be a massive headache, but if you quit and come back to it you can try an easier version of it. What would have to be the game's biggest weakness is the very last puzzle, which is both somewhat unintuitive and colorblind-unfriendly.

Overall, we've got ourselves a splendid escaper that's definitely worth a try to break up your weekday blues, even if it is a few months old. Go out there and get your Lift on! For Life!

Play Lift For Life

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

An Uplifting Walkthrough

  • You'll start facing a bookshelf with two cabinets. Zoom in on it, then check out that picture in the upper left. Looks like the scoreboard for a baseball game. Underneath the picture is a green number. Remember it.

  • Zoom out. The left cabinet door opens, but there's nothing inside. Check out the right cabinet; it's got an odd lock on it. Try the three buttons and you'll see how this lock works: it's like a programmable digit on a digital alarm clock.

  • But what's the digit? Well, try that number under the scoreboard picture. (If it doesn't work, consider that some numbers can be displayed in multiple ways on a display like this; for example, 7 can have or omit a single vertical segment at the upper left. Include it in this case.)

  • OK! Open the cabinet to get a controller. Now take a look at those books in the lower left. One is completely blank, but the other has some illustrations: one of a door being "closed?", and the other of... a hammer hitting the word "CHAIR" to make something stick out of the other side. Odd.

  • You're done here for now. Back away and check out that pole hanging to the right. It requires a three-letter combination to unlock, but try moving the pole aside a bit to see some symbols. Planet, sun, moon, star. Seeing as how a planet symbol precedes the entry boxes for the letters on the unlock mechanism, I'd say it's a hint for the code.

  • Back away and turn right to face a nice widescreen TV and a game console beneath it. Zoom in on the console and plug in the controller, but since we have no game to play the rest will have to wait. Oh well.

  • Of the three cabinets beneath the console, one is empty, one has no knob so it can't be opened, and the third won't open for some reason. Hmm... back up and try that blue wastebasket.

  • The wastebasket's empty, but while you're looking in it you may notice something sticking out behind the cabinet. Jackpot, it's a hammer! You'll have a use for it later. For now, back up and check out that sun pedestal. The little platform on it is oddly shaped, and when you press down that other pedestal pops up. Huh.

  • Back away. Turn left again and look at that other pedestal in the corner. When you press down on IT the other one pops up, and you can see a letter! Since that pedestal has a sun on it, let's record it as the "sun letter".

  • Now back away and turn LEFT. You'll see a blue chair and an odd hatch in the wall. First let's look at the hatch. You can try to lift it, but you won't get anywhere. Do, however, record that "moon letter" you can see above it.

  • Now, the chair. Remember the illustration from the book? Look to the left of the chair to see a star. Whack it with the hammer, then look on the other side to see the "star letter" that's popped out.

  • Now you've got three letters: sun, moon, star. Go put them into the lock holding the pole in the starting view, and the pole is yours! Hm... what can we do with a handy tool like this?

  • Let's try levering up the hatch by the chair... uuugh... we can lift it and we can see something underneath it, but it's too heavy for us to grab the key in time. Let's go find something else to do with it.

  • There's one view we haven't checked out yet. Turn and face the door (it should be to your left now). Advance down the little hallway to the left and approach the main door at the end.

  • Can't hurt to try the door... whoops! Well, ah, that's a nice doorknob, so let's keep it. Back up and look at that picture to the left. It depicts a man taking a step back, then looking up and noticing something...?

  • Let's try doing exactly that. Back up one view from the close-up of the painting, then click above it near the top of the screen to see a switch way up high. You can't reach it, but that's what the pole is for!

  • Dattle-ee-dattle-ee-dattle-dah-doo. Ah, I love that sound effect. Go check out the two new cabinets on the bookshelf; the one on the right is locked, but the one on the left contains a seahorse figurine.

  • That seahorse has an interesting shape. I bet it could work for hooking something together... wait, that pole had a hook on it, didn't it? Try attaching the seahorse to the loop in front of the hatch by the chair, then use the pole on the hatch.

  • It stays up! You'll see why if you back out a view: the pole is now hooked to the seahorse. Grab that keycard under the hatch, and... hm... let's use it later. I just had a thought.

  • One of those drawers beneath the TV was missing a knob, right? And we've got a knob that's missing a door, right? It fits perfectly-- and there's a crank handle inside! Now... where to use it, where to use it...

  • Have you noticed that glass table in the center of the room? You can see the edge of it while facing the bookshelf or the doors. It's kinda low, and you can't get that CD under it... and it's too strong to break with the hammer...

  • Hey, check out that hole in the corner. Hexagon-shaped? I think that crank handle would fit here. Ah, that glorious sound effect again... and now you can get under the table and reach the CD! Take it and put it in the game console.

  • Let's play a game! This is the frustrating puzzle I was referring to in the review. Here's how it works: clicking each die will cycle it and each of the dice adjacent to it. 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 1. You have to get all the dice showing 1.

  • If you struggle with it for too long, you'll be able to play an easier version. I can do the hard one, though. My strategy: keep the board symmetrical, and IGNORE the die in the center and focus on the other eight; only click the center when it seems you can't do anything else. Remember that you can cycle the center die without disturbing the others by clicking all the others once each.

  • Once it's ALL 1, the game console will unlock the last cabinet under the TV. Open it for a jug. I think it'd fit on that sun pedestal... but it's not heavy enough to do any good. Well, we tried. Take it back.

  • Now, the keycard. It'll fit in that slot to the right of the brown door. PLAY BALL! Uh, we need a code... wait, that looks a lot like the scoreboard from the bookshelf, I'd say. The one we found the green number under?

  • Press the button corresponding to the "1" on the scoreboard, then "2", and so on up to 6. Then press E (or C if you made a mistake). HOME RUN!! Door open! Open the brown door to find a new room.

  • This new room is a bit less interesting than the other one... a Ferris wheel, a poster with a safe behind it, a few things on a coat rack, a bowling pin and box... a water valve? Looks like we can fill something up here... like that jug!

  • Now we've got a FULL jug. Oof, that thing is heavy. Go dump it on the sun pedestal. It worked! Go to the other pedestal and press the button to get a blue CD.

  • Okay. Go eject ALL 1 from the game console and put our new CD in it. Let's see what this new game is all about. 3 Corridors, eh? Let's start with the one on the left. Click the square buttons to navigate, and the round oen to return to the main menu.

  • You'll soon notice that these corridors don't have any exits. You just wander around in a small mazy hallway. In fact, all three corridors are the same. Well, what CAN we do? Hm... make a map perhaps?

  • If you sketch a map of each corridor, you'll notice that each one resembles a number. So you've got three digits from playing 3 Corridors. What needed three digits? How about that last cabinet in the bookshelf?

  • It works! And there's a bowling ball inside. Take it... hm, it's really cracked. I think we can bust it with the hammer. There's a remote hidden in the bowling ball. The remote doesn't do anything, though...

  • Maybe if we try it in the other room? Go there and press the remote's button. Well... uh... THAT was unexpected, but okay. Take the ferris wheel car the robot revealed and go put it in place on the Ferris wheel.

  • And we've got a sheet of paper! Bearing halves of color words? I bet they have something to do with the colored cars on the Ferris wheel. For the colorblind, the topmost car is white; clockwise from there, the cars are yellow, red, blue, green, pink, and start again from white.

  • It doesn't look it, but that's the combination to the safe. Read the paper from top to bottom, and follow the directions indicated by which half of the word is present; for example, "-NK" means turn the knob to the right until its position corresponds to the PINK cars.

  • When you make the last turn, the safe will pop open and you'll have a key. Go try it on that keyhole by the main door, and... OPEN! You're out! Now go outside and get some exercise!


Ew. It has one of those puzzles I hate where you push one button and it changes surrounding buttons and you have to get all the buttons to be the same.

nerdypants November 23, 2011 1:48 AM

I'm stuck.

I have a hammer and a DVD. I've already opened up the brown door, but I have no idea what to do with anything in there. I assume I'm missing something(s) to go on top of those pedestals in the main room. I can't open either of the locked cabinets on the bookshelf, or the right-hand cabinet under the tv, which I can't get to work.

That bowling pin in the other room is just sitting there, mocking me.

Any help? Please?


Just escaped. Luckily the aforementioned puzzle reverted to an Easy Mode after numerous pointless clicks.


There's a clue on the bookshelf itself for the single LED number lock.

David Goldfarb November 23, 2011 2:07 AM

How do you open the brown door?

I've gotten the pole, but I can't get the panel to stay open. It seems like I need to hook the pole onto the little ring, but I can't get it to do that.

nerdypants November 23, 2011 2:13 AM

Thanks, Tenzhi! I'd completely forgotten about that.

nerdypants November 23, 2011 2:21 AM

...aaand that "make all the buttons the same" puzzle is driving me insane. When exactly will it give me the Easy Mode?


Does someone have a translation for the text that appears when you click at the end screen?


I don't know if it was a matter of time or clicking, but eventually it said EASY MODE! in big green letters and changed to a simple cross layout, which was still annoying but I was able to solve it finally.


just hit shuffle till you get an easy one


Stuck a bit...what do I do with

the roll of paper I got from the Ferris wheel?


For the grid clicking puzzle I just

clicked around the edge a bunch and eventually it seemed to become solvable.

Now I'm stuck with

rod, hammer, CD (which I already used but took back in case i need it again) and empty jug.

I figured out

I can use the rod to lift up the panel in the wall, but it won't let me grab the card under. Also I'm assuming I will need to fill the jug with water and use it on the pedestal

But I'm stuck


The dots puzzle!!!!!!!!! it's drving me crazyyyyy


Never mind, P.O.P. goes the weasel!

For anyone else stuck there:

The writing on it is half the name of 5 colors on the Ferris wheel. The half you can see is more important than the missing half.


Can't get through the pass card door- thought it was an easy puzzle, but it's not working for me.

nerdypants November 23, 2011 3:02 AM

Frustrated to the point of tears with this buttons puzzle. Can't even do the easy mode. God, I hate these things.

nerdypants November 23, 2011 3:27 AM

Finally got the buttons puzzle, stuck on the safe now.

I found the paper in the Ferris wheel, but I have no clue how it's supposed to relate to the safe dial.

Is the fact that there are two arrows on the dial significant? I mean the little arrows in the middle, not the big ones you use to move the dial.

I am so confused.


For those who are having trouble with the dice puzzle:

Here is a site that can tell you which buttons to push. For the 3x3 with 3 colours, Blue is 1, Red is 2 and Yellow is 3.




The paper you get from the ferris wheel is the combination to the safe. Look at the safe's dial and the dots on it, then look at the ferris wheel, then look at the piece of paper and realize that the letters therein are each half of a colour.


To get the keycard

Look at the picture by the green door; do what it says


I'm stuck exactly where Jamilworm is. Anyone?


Oops, thanks JIGuest!


And I'm out! Some very tricky puzzles there. Great game!



When I followed the instructions on the painting by the green door, i found a lever. Pulling the lever made the bookshelves go up -- what am I missing?


Im stuck on the three corridors puzzle and can't find this paper ya'll are talking about from the ferris wheel. first time Ive ever had to ask for help on these.


I have the disc in and cant do anything. I put the card in the slot for the brown door but cant figure out puzzle. And i need help for the blinking green puzzle on the top right cabinet door, and what the heck is the 3 #'s for the bottom right cabinet door...anyone please help.

iLLuSioN_MooN November 23, 2011 8:29 AM

I thought I would be stuck at dice game forever.

thank goodness that there is an easy mode!.phew...

iLLuSioN_MooN November 23, 2011 8:48 AM

@Draken about 3 corridors

This one is tricky. The 3 corridors don't have anything in them. They're just empty. Don't you think those corridors shape are weird? and why're there 3 of it? Think about it.

I hope I didn't give hint too much or too little. It's my first time giving hints. I hope I'm doing it right


That was weird...but not too bad, and not too hard! The

game corridors describing numbers

was a bit original, at least to me.


Completely stuck on the single digit lock.

The digit under the picture is a nine, but nine doesn't work. Nor does upside-down nine (six). In frustration, I tried every number that can be made with the available lines, and got nowhere.

What could I be doing wrong?


i can't do the

game. i have tried everything and i'm not given am easier vversion as said in the walkthrough. :(


Never mind. Now I feel stupid... For some reason I thought

the center column could only have two lines!

awfulperson November 23, 2011 12:47 PM

Wow--what the game lacks in polish, it makes up for in challenging puzzles. I can even overlook the Bonte-esque sound effects. :)


I liked this one very much. Amy one tried 'Paintkiller' from the same author? I'm a bit stuck on that one.


"The gameplay's a bit trickier than Triangle, but nowhere near unbearable."

Yes it is. I hit shuffle over and over and there is NO easy. It just shuffles the die. The only choices are Restart, Shuffle, and Exit.

I clicked shuffle 50 times and it does not turn EASY.

I hate this game.



the easy mode shows up after clicking on the puzzle itself many times


i never found any

numbers in the 3 mazes.

nerdypants November 23, 2011 3:50 PM


You have to find the numbers by making a mental picture of the shapes the corridors themselves trace out. Also, some of the numbers are rotated.

The answer is


My opinion of the game:

This game was just not fun. It was going pretty well until that dice puzzle. That really, truly was unbearable. It just took so [EXPLETIVE DELETED] long for the easy mode to show up. I clicked around fruitlessly for at least twenty minutes before I gained access to the easy mode. Any fun I might have been having was slowly, brutally destroyed while I was trying to figure out that puzzle. All I was left with was a burning rage and a hatred of dice.

It's really a disappointment when a decent game is ruined by one horrible puzzle.


nerdypants and paul

The various codes and numbers are randomized and are different for each person each time you play. That's why SonicLover only explained how to solve it rather than give an actual solution.


To speak up for the opposing point of view, I thought that the "horrible" dice puzzle was an excellent challenge, that's why I play puzzle games. It wasn't "challenging" in the sense of being too vague for its own good or needing to click on exactly the right pixel; no, it was challenging in that it's actually difficult to figure out the pattern and win.

I did enjoy it more when I thought it was a completely new implementation of a common puzzle - I was thinking that I've never seen so many apparently unique puzzles in one of these games - but oh well, they were still different enough from typical to provide a fun challenge.


Oh, and regarding Easy mode... I'm pretty sure I only clicked into the game once, and although I'll freely admit it took me a long time, I solved it while in there. Later, I looked at the TV again and saw that the menu had an Easy and Hard mode.

So I think that if you're specifically looking for easy mode, your best bet is to click around in the puzzle a lot, then go back to the menu, rinse & repeat until you find it.... but the clicking around a lot while you're in there is more important than going back to the menu a bunch of times.



they look the same and see no way to slve it. no numbers no shapes, etc.


I felt the same way.


I am stuck on the dice puzzle. Which has made the game become a ZERO of 5 stars for me. Its not something that you can figure out with effort, just random luck. I know that perhaps there are those of you the know the secret pattern for these things, but thats a ridiculous puzzle for this kind of game. It is just as random as asking "what do I have on my desk right now" (answer a letter from Ziggy Schwartz). If i could go somewhere to learn about this I would. As it is I hope you never bring in a game by this designer again.


phdavoid, please look at my previous post. :)


How to Do the 3 Corridors Puzzle

Get a piece of graph paper. An actual physical piece of graph paper. And a pencil.

Pick a corridor, and navigate around until you hit a dead end.

If there are no dead ends, then you've already narrowed it down to two possible numbers! A tiny bit more investigation should determine which it is.

Turn around so that the dead end is behind you. Outline one square of the graph paper on the left, right, and bottom.

For every time you go forward once, outline the appropriate parts of the next square.

For whichever direction you turn, turn the graph paper the same way.

Keep at this until you have a block sketch of a number.

wildflower12 November 23, 2011 10:42 PM

Dice puzzle check. Corridors puzzle check. Why can't I open the safe? I understand the colors correspond to the paper and know how they work. I have been pointing to stupid dots for 10 minutes and can't get the safe open!!!!!!!


I need help with the safe. My colors are red, green, yellow, white, green. Already clicked on all and nothing happens.



Figured out the safe.
turn left or right according to the word on the paper


Complete Walkthrough for the Dice Game (Hard Mode)

1. Fix the four "side" dice however you wish. Easiest way is to just click each one until it shows the red dot.

2. Fix each corner die by applying the following method. You may need to do this four times (depending on how many corners just happen to be correct after step 1).

To change just a corner:

Let's call your corner Bob, or else I'll be saying "your corner die" so many times it'll make corner not look like a word.

  • Click Bob twice.

  • Click the two corners that share sides with Bob, also twice each.

  • Click each of the three dice that touch Bob directly, once each.

If you need it to go from 3 to 1, you do this once. If you need it to go from 2 to 1, you can either do this twice, or recognize that 4 clicks = 1 click and just swap every "once" for "twice" and "twice" for "once". This will save you a bunch of clicks if you can do it properly.

3. If necessary, fix the middle. To change just the middle die:

Click every die but the middle die, once each.


I you look on the back of the remote

you can see a battery compartment

but i don't know what it's for

Chrysophyta December 1, 2011 12:13 AM

I'm stuck on the dial safe combo.

I have the color order from the paper, and I turn the dial for the combo to the color's position on the Ferris wheel, but the safe still won't open. What am I doing wrong?


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