Legends of Snooker: One Shot Review

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If you've been looking for a new game to help you relax at the end of your workday or to get your mind off the daily tasks that seem to take over, look no further! Legends of Snooker: One Shot will transport you to a quiet evening of cue balls clinking together.

pawel-kadysz-CuFYW1c97w8-unsplash.jpgIf you've been looking for a new game to help you relax at the end of your workday or to get your mind off the daily tasks that seem to take over, look no further! Legends of Snooker: One Shot will transport you to a quiet evening of cue balls clinking together.

Legends of Snooker: One Shot is a game that fits the criteria of being both entertaining and relaxing. At each game level, your goal is to solve a puzzle that will test your snooker skills. If you don't know what snooker is, it's a one cue sport played on a cloth-covered table.

Snooker is similar to billiards and pool, but it has a large distinctive table with six smaller pockets. Snooker is played with 22 balls, 15 numberless balls, six numbered balls, and one cue ball. If you want to know more about snooker, this article from Game Tables Online gives a great explanation of the game and its differences between pool and billiards.

Game Controls
You can control the angle of your shot with your mouse. Left-click to move the cue around, right-click to trigger the power gauge, and eventually shoot.

Playing the game entirely with a mouse is possible, but using the keyboard gives you further precision control. This is the case since playing with a mouse means that even the slightest movement of your hand can radically change the direction of your strike. When using the keyboard, use the left and right directional keys to move the stick, the up and down keys to control the power, and the space bar to shoot.

Still, the keyboard has its weakness. The keyboard makes it extremely slow for you to alter the angle, for example, from 0° to 180°. To get the best of both worlds, use your mouse and keyboard for their intended purposes.

An even better option is to use your gamepad if you have one. The gamepad's left analog acts like the mouse, which means it's useful to quickly alter the shot's angle. To get more accurate shots, use the directional pad to control your precision. If you're using an Xbox gamepad, control your power using the RB and LB buttons. To shoot, press the A button. A gamepad combines the advantages of a keyboard and a mouse into one package.

Game Soundtrack
The Legends of Snooker: One Shot is a refreshing gaming experience. The soundtrack plays a huge part in creating a relaxing atmosphere.

The jazzy background music matches the game's vibe so well that it almost hypnotizes you into thinking that you're playing in a pub or a bar with your friends. It may only be improved by the ambient sound of people chatting and drinks clinking. Ahh, I can hear it now; that's better.

Let's review the gameplay of Legends of Snooker: One Shot.

Game Tutorials
If you haven't played snooker before, don't worry, is what I want to say. But, in reality, the tutorial department is where the game's lacking.

After you start the game, you can click "How To Play" to read the game's rules before playing. It's nice that the game adds this, but the problem lies with the imperfect guide. Some of the phrasings are difficult to understand and seem confusing at times. If you only had this one tutorial to guide you on your gameplay, you'd be lost, but thankfully Legends of Snooker: One Shot has given you another.

At level 1, the game will give you a neat visual guide on how to move your stick around and control your shooting strength. The best tutorial, in my opinion, is just getting into the game. Refer to your guides as needed, but you will get the hang of the game rather quickly.

General Gameplay
In this game, you won't play a regular game of snooker but rather solve puzzles. The rule is simple; you only need to pocket the black 8-ball without touching any other ball -- the white cue ball can hit other balls as long as it touches the black ball first. That's it. Keep doing that until you finish the game.

There are a total of 58 hand-crafted levels in the game. The nearly sixty levels will give you adequate playtime to finish all levels, not to mention replayability. This is great considering the game's price, which is quite cheap for what it offers.

On each level, you get a finite number of possible attempts -- mostly just one try. So, you can't just arbitrarily shoot the ball; make every attempt count.

Suppose you're somewhat of a snooker veteran, no worries. This casual game still makes you feel challenged. The puzzle difficulty is challenging enough to make you think but not too hard to make you stressed out.

Unique Feature
A lovely feature exists, making the game more enjoyable. If you fail your initial attempt, the game will give you information on how much power and the shot angle you made at the top of the screen. This information allows you to perfect your next try more easily. Imagine if you didn't have the data from your last attempt, you'd be shooting blind one more.

I wish the developer had created an option so that the cue angle and power gauge stay the same after every failed shot instead of resetting. Currently, you need to re-arrange the angle and power of your shot over and over again, which is slightly annoying.

Lastly, I noticed a weird behavior that is often present when I fail an attempt. After all of the balls stop following a failed shot, the game idly stops for one or two seconds instead of immediately resetting the balls' arrangement. Mind you, this is not a deal-breaker, but they should fix this regardless.

Final Verdict: 4.5 out of 5
Legends of Snooker: One Shot is undoubtedly a great pickup if you're looking for a casual game. Apart from its low price, the game is relaxing. Play this game for a few minutes in-between your high-stress, high-stakes games to relax and unwind.

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