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Larry the Unlucky Game Part 1 Walkthrough

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Welcome to Larry The Unlucky Part 1 walkthrough! Larry has had terrible luck since he was born and you get to help him relive it.

toni-tan-4svRPgAMT8s-unsplash.jpgWelcome to Larry The Unlucky Part 1 walkthrough! Larry has had terrible luck since he was born and you get to help him relive it.

The game is a challenging, albeit short, one, and self-starting the puzzles can be difficult. So we don't blame you if you get stuck. Still, sometimes you need a little extra help. That's where we come in.

Chapter I
Chapter I of the game starts off in a room. Look for the sink.

Reach for the curtain underneath the sink. Grab the fragment in the basket and the "hidden" knife in front of it.
Afterward, get the empty syringe from the white coat on the left.
Next, interact with the toolbox. Enter the following combination to get a screwdriver: ϕ, ‡, ⛩, ‡. Use the orange button to register each of the symbols.
Move to the next room by clicking the arrow on the right side of the screen. Surprise! There you'll find Larry's mom dead on the bed. Use the knife to dry the blood on the bag behind the body and get the key.

Go back to the first room.

Open the cupboard using the key and get another fragment.
Next, use the empty syringe to draw the cyan-ish liquid from the glass.
Go back to Larry's mom's room.

Inject the liquid into her leg.
Get the scissor coming from her mouth.
Afterward, go to the room with a human body poster.

Use the scissor to cut the leaves of the plant on the left to reveal the ventilation.
Use the screwdriver to open it and get the rubber duck.
Next, go to the room with baby Larry.

Click on Larry then give him the rubber duck in exchange for the key.
Back in Larry's mom's room.

Use the key to open the drawer next to the bed and get another fragment.
Interact with the electrocardiogram. Move the red dots around so that the two lines are exactly the same as the ones shown from the poster.
Once the display changes, align all dots and dashes on the two lines to get the last fragment.
Go back to the poster room.

Click on the x-ray board.
Put the fragments you found on the board so it reveals how to open up the safe.
In the same room, click on the safe on the left and enter the following keycode: 4862.
Congratulations, you've completed Chapter I!

Chapter II
Flip the picture book's page to view Chapter II. Click the play button to play as kid Larry. You'll start in your living room.

Click on the cyan-colored domino puzzle board on top of the desk. Arrange the domino cards so that the number of dots in each card's half is the same to its left and/or right (check the hint). Grab the die as a prize.
On the same desk, click on the lamp and grab the light bulb.
Beside the lamp, take the purple book and the coin.
Next, go to the room with an aquarium.

Enter the closet and put the light bulb in the lamp.
Grab the book on the floor and the bell on the bike.
Leave the closet and use the bell to wake up the piranha inside the aquarium.
Now go to your bedroom and grab the book under your bed.

Go back to the living room.

Put all three books into the bookcase so that they line up properly.
Put your coin where it says "give me money."
Grab the banknote that appears behind the bookcase.
Return to the bedroom.

Carefully move the bedsheet and grab the hook.
Click on the "The Roulette" painting on the wall. Use your die to interact with the slot machine and the picture will change.
Next click on the "The Rain" painting. Use your banknote.
Finally, click on the "The Big Fish" painting. Give the old man your hook. You'll receive a net as a reward.
Navigate to the workshop room.

Click on the sealed card box and enter the following combination: ⛩‡∆. Keep clicking the inside of the box until you grab the ham.
Go back to the aquarium room.

Feed the piranha the ham. Once the fish settles down, use your net to capture the piranha.
Enter the closet and click on the carnivorous plant on the floor. Feed the plant your piranha.
Grab the fishbone remains once the plant has finished eating.
Enter your bedroom.

Enter the bathroom beside the bed and click on the sink.
Drain the sink water and grab the rubber duck.
In the workshop, interact with the wall desk.

Move all blocks away from the left bar to the center and right bar. Shift the blocks around so that the smaller blocks are always on top of the bigger blocks.
Once finished, grab the thread on the left.
Click on the workshop table and place your fishbone, thread, and rubber duck on it to fix your duck.

You've now completed Chapter II!

Chapter III
For chapter III, you'll find yourself in a classroom.

Click on the penholder on the teacher's desk. Enter the following symbols in order: x, +, -.
Grab the minute hand that appears.
Interact with the clock on the wall and place the minute hand.
Go to the room where Larry is sulking. Click on the board and grab the key.

Move the room with students' coats hanging. Rearrange the coats based on the student's paper color you found on the board earlier. If you have arranged the coats properly, chalk will drop from Larry's coat.

Next, find the teacher. Use the chalk to draw a line connecting the pink square with the green square on the board. This may take a few tries. Once successful, you'll see the time to which you need to adjust the clock.

Search for Suzi, Larry's crush.

Click on the pink bag behind her.
Click on all the keys until you find the real pink-colored key.
Go to sulking Larry.

Click on the green abacus. Rearrange the beads following the instruction on the board (the pink paper with "A+" on the right bottom).
Once finished, grab the yellow key.
Go back to the teacher.

Rotate the hour and minute hand of the clock.
Exit the classroom using the door near Larry.
Use the blue key to open the blue locker in the center and grab the scissor.
Next, use the pink key to open the pink locker and grab the ring.
Finally, use the yellow key to open Larry's locker and grab the fertilizer.
Go to Suzi once again.

Click on the crow and give it the ring. The crow will give you seed in exchange.
Use the scissor you found earlier to cut the plant near the window. Click on the pot and plant the seed. Don't forget to use fertilizer.
Wait for the plant to grow and pick the apple.
Go back to the teacher.

Give your apple to her.
But, oh no!. The apple is poisonous and you killed her (lol).
Click on your teacher's headstone.
You've completed Chapter III and the game!

Download Larry The Unlucky Part 2 to find out what happens next! Don't forget to use our walkthrough for that game as well. Adios!

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