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Larry the Unlucky Game Part 2 Walkthrough

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Welcome to the Larry The Unlucky Part 2 walkthrough! Larry's life continues to be full of poor decisions and bad luck. And we'll be walking you through the first two chapters of his continued bad luck.

mark-decile-WA84FtTi7NU-unsplash (1).jpgWelcome to the Larry The Unlucky Part 2 walkthrough! Larry's life continues to be full of poor decisions and bad luck. And we'll be walking you through the first two chapters of his continued bad luck.

If you haven't played Larry The Unlucky Part 1, I suggest you download it first (it's free). Check out our walkthrough for Part 1, too!

Chapter I
Hey! Larry went through puberty! In Chapter I of Part 2, you start as young adult Larry. And, as you soon find out, he managed to date his childhood sweetheart, Suzi--despite being, you know, Larry the Unlucky.

Anyway, in the first chapter, you are taking Suzi to the theater.

Outside the theater:

For some reason, you don't bring any money. You'll need to steal, I mean, "take" one dollar from the invincible busker on the left.
Afterward, use the currency exchange machine to exchange your bill for a worm-- as the ticket seller accepts worms as currency.
Give the worm to the ticket seller. Afterward, the door to the theater will open.
Enter the theatre.
After entering the theatre:

Snatch the flower off the plant.
Take the beard from the man beside it.
Next, interact with the drawer on the left and click on the bottom-right container to get a key.
Go back to the exchange machine and trade the beard for the wig.
Back in the theatre:

Navigate to the theater room and take the octopus off the wall.
Afterward, click on the stage and move backstage to find a bald man with a caged fox. Put a wig on the man's head. The man will then drop a key. Use it to open the cage.
Next, click the arrow symbol on the left to get into a fly system room.
Rearrange the weights so that each rope has a total weight of 5 or 6. Grab the scissor as the reward.
Go back and enter the fox's cage.

Use your scissor to shear the fox's fur.
In the same room, click on the bagpipes to the right.
Assuming the left-most eyeball is 1, and the right-most is 5, click on each eyeball in the following order: 4, 3, 5, 1, 2. Grab the opened eyeball.
Go to the bar.

Use the dark blue key to open the glass container on the right. Take the liquid.
Under the glass in the center, click on the 5x5 grid located on the surface of the bartender's table. Rearrange the puzzle so that all brown symbols on the chicken are facing the same direction. Grab the chicken when you're done.
Go back to the exchange machine. Trade the fur for the coat, the octopus for the tentacle, and the chicken for the egg.

Back in the bar, put the pink flower, liquid, tentacle, egg, and eyeball inside the glass in the center of the bar room. If you've included all of the necessary ingredients, you should be able to take the drink.

In the theater:

Make your date wear the coat.
Next, give her the drink and take the comb sticking out of her hair.
Trade the comb for the saw using the exchange machine.
Go backstage again.

Cut the cable on the left to kill the performer on stage.
Take the red flower from the performer's corpse.
Give the flower to your date, then click on it.
We don't recommend you do this in real life. It's not the best way to win over a date.

Chapter II
In chapter 2, Larry decides to take his date to a restaurant.

In front of the restaurant:

Investigate the "fresh salad" sign and click on the lettuce so that its leaves come out.
Click on the bottom-right leaf. Keep clicking on the branched leaves until you eventually pick one of the leaves.
Then, go to the right side of the restaurant to pick up a saw.
Now, enter the restaurant.

Click on the duck (quack) next to Larry to get an achievement.
Next, click on the table where there's a lonesome old man.
Use your saw to get the rolling pin the man is sitting on.
Navigate through the backdoor to get to the kitchen.

Open the fridge on the left and grab yeast.
Next, click on the arrow on the right side of the screen. You'll get to a new part of the kitchen.
Pick up the flour near the aquarium. Put the flour, yeast, rolling pin on the nearby table to make dough. Take it.
Bake the dough with the wood-burning stove on the right.
Pick up the cooked bread.
In the same room, inspect the bottle cabinet under the aquarium.

Rearrange the bottles so that each bottle's height follows the arrow pattern. If you're successful, the glass at the bottom-left will begin to crack.
Keep cracking the glass until you can take the glass inside the glass (get it?).
Next, click on the passcode lock at the top left. Enter the following combination: 4, 7, 8. These numbers correspond with the number of tables, bottles, and windows inside the restaurant.
Grab the octopus inside the aquarium.
Go back to the main kitchen.

Place your salad and bread on the plates.
Open the dishwasher beside the plate to grab an empty bowl.
Fill the empty bowl with the soup located just above the oven.
Go back to the dining room.

Give the man sitting on the bottom right your octopus in exchange for his blood.
Pick up the man's blood with your glass. It is a substitute for wine (yes, you heard it right).
Next, give the man dressed in black your soup-filled bowl to kill him. Click on the dead man again to pick up his flesh. Yes, this is going where you think it's going.
Back in the kitchen:

Using the oven, cook up the flesh, then press the power button.
Once cooked, pick up your "steak."
Click on the plates to place your "wine" and "steak" there.
Pick up the food tray and serve the dinner to your date. Click on the heart sign.
And that is the questionable ending to chapter 2.

The Next Step
Part 2 is significantly more gruesome than Part 1--and those are just the first two chapters! We'll see you next time for chapter III!

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