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Kung Fu Hustle games

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From Sony Pictures comes these three (3) Flash games from the Kung Fu Hustle movie website, each featuring classic-style videogame pixel graphics and gameplay.

Kung Fu FighterKung Fu Fighter is a simple old-school fighting game that offers special moves and opponents to unlock. You must defeat the opponents the game pits you up against to advance and earn the rewards. Use the arrow keys for left, right, jump and crouch. Use [A] to punch, [S] to kick. Add crouch (down) for low punch or kick. Block by holding left arrow key when being attacked (if facing right). Click.

Axe Gang RampageIn Axe Gang Rampage, take to the streets as an axe-wielding lunatic and take down anything that moves in this vertical scrolling shooter. Swarms of evil-doers with black ties and top hats come at you from every angle. Your job is, of course, to stop them all in their tracks by chucking your unlimited supply of axes at them. Use either the mouse or arrow keys for movement, while using the [W], [A], [S] and [D] keys for directional axe throwing. Pick up power-ups for increased range, rate of fire, or spread. Clear each wave before advancing forward. Avoid the trollys that appear out of nowhere, down the middle of the street. Click.

Pig Sty PanicPigSty Panic is a classic platformer with a sense of humor. Make the rounds through the project running errands and fixing leaks while avoiding hungry rats and the barrage from an angry wife. Use the arrow keys for movement, with the up arrow used to climb flights of stairs. Press space to jump. Look for the gold coins as they indicate where your next errand is, but hurry, if you miss one you lose a 'life'. Complete enough errands without losing all your lives to advance to the next level. Don't forget to feed the pigs. Click.

Analysis: All three games recycle tried and true gameplay mechanics and mix it with original content, characters and graphics from the movie to achieve a unique experience, though not an innovative one. Still, the gameplay highlighted here works well and will certainly bring back memories for some of games from their youth. On the technology end of things, pixel graphics have never been hard to look at, and these games prove that you don't need a supercomputer to have fun with a videogame.


Brendan May 24, 2005 10:15 PM

The pigsty panic is pretty good, but after i've played it for a while the gold exclamations stop coming up, so I can't get anymore points.

Brendan May 24, 2005 10:28 PM

The axe gang rampage is a quality game, but it was bad form on the part of the designer to put the quit key right next to the fire keys. I keep accidentally aborting the game, and it drives me nuts! Why does this game even need a quit key?


I have to agree with you there, Brendan. That happened to me as well, a couple of times. I should have mentioned that in the review. Thanks for pointing it out.


I can't get more than half of the pigsty panic screen to load. Any suggestions?


That happened to me too, Joe, but I reloaded the page and it worked fine after that.


Joe - oops, my bad. I set the wrong dimensions on the pop-up window. Fixed.

kirsty&mark June 24, 2005 9:55 AM

we found that when trying to load up axe gang rampage, kung fu fighter keeps coming up


Thanks Kirsty&Mark. Fixed.


Anyone know who made this game?


Anyone remember a the games on the classic (b&w) macintosh called "Dark Castle" and "Beyond Dark Castle"? Pigsty Panic is very heavily influenced by it (imho). Playing it makes me pine for the good old days. I can't seem to find any emulators for classic mac that run on PC.


the kung fu fighter game was quite cool, but you really need better graphics, plus more moves {flips, buddist palm, etc.}


Fighter Move List:

B B P - Knife, horizontal ranged projectile
B B K - Explosives, grenade
(close) P+K - Throw
D F P - Hadouken
B F P - Psycho Crusher?, diving headfirst at enemy
B B P - Bottle, horizontal ranged projectile
B B K - Ice cream, grenade
(close) P+K - Throw
B F P - Sonic Boom
F D F P - Shoryuken/Dragon Uppercut


the game is a little hard but cool


I Dislike most of these games, but I do say from a critic's point of view that they are Very outstanding pieces of work C:

Elliott July 31, 2007 1:55 PM

I didn't get to play the second two games too much, but the first game was fairly well made. As an avid fighting game fan though, I can see a lot of issues with this game.

The most glaring one is how hard it is to actually do the special moves. There were a lot of times where I'll be timing a combo or some such so that I can do a follow up attack and the move just won't come out on account of the key strokes not getting registered. As such, the precision input of the game requires a bit of work.

Also, all of the special moves have the same priority, and by that I mean always slower than the normal punch and kick. Basically, unless you have a full screen between you and your foe, none of the projectile attacks are really worth it. Unless you can time it so that they're jumping. In which case, it does a good job doing keep away.

One thing that almost always combos is when the enemy is jumping, you punch if you're Fong or kick if you're Sing. as soon as they get knocked down, throw a fire cracker/ice cream cone (back back kick) at them so when they get up they'll get hit by the arching projectile. Incidentally, beyond the normal punch/kick, the back back kick projectile is going to be your new best friend since this thing makes it harder for the opponent to jump in on you.


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