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Knytt Stories

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Rating: 4.8/5 (181 votes)
Comments (260) | Views (22,385)

knyttstories.jpgJohnBNifflas fans (and anyone who enjoys a really good indie game) rejoice! The creator of Knytt and Within a Deep Forest has unveiled his highly-anticipated Knytt Stories several days earlier than planned! For anyone unfamiliar with Nifflas' signature style, prepare yourself to be dazzled. The main focus is atmosphere, environment and exploration, not complex gameplay and a barrage of media. With Knytt Stories you'll spend most of your time wandering around sparsely populated worlds looking for a few rare items, enjoying the beautiful visuals and ambient music the whole time. It's a unique experience in gaming and will pull you in from the moment you start playing.

Knytt Stories follows a slightly different formula than the previous game. For starters, the main character has over half a dozen new abilities that include a double-jump, the ability to make a decoy, and an umbrella that lets him float safely to the ground. Abilities now come from power-ups that are scattered throughout the game.

Rather than crafting one huge game, Knytt Stories is a collection of shorter adventures, each set in a different world. A level editor is included that allows anyone to create their own stages, and the community has already started to work on add-on levels. Be sure to grab both level packs from Nifflas' website when you download the game.

Knytt Stories is loaded with atmosphere and adventure, and with fans creating their own levels the fun never has to end.

Note: Make sure that you get the official expansion "A Strange Dream" too, since it contains four original levels with over 55 minutes composed by Nifflas himself.

Thanks to Hapk_percar, Nifflas, Chironex and Psychotronic for sending this one in!

Download the free full version

Mac OS XMac OS X:
Not available.
Try Boot Camp or Parallels or CrossOver Games.


Oh man. I'm going to download this. I'm going to download this so hard that it might break the server for everyone else. I may download it twice.

Seriously though this is just thrilling. I wasn't aware of another scheduled game (apparently I don't read, or am a zombie). I can't wait to try it out!


Yaaaayyyyyyy!!! I'm so excited! Gotta nab this one!

PS (and a major one at that): Is Nifflas aware that McAffee's heuristic virus scan flags WADF as "NewMalware.EXE"? I am VERY well aware that this game is NOT malware in any way, but it has the potential to REALLY freak some people out.

Chironex20x6 August 28, 2007 4:43 PM

Yayz, enjoy guys!

What makes KS so awesome is the fact that it has a level editor. We're at...a lack for new levels at the forum, since most of us beta testers have already beaten most of the levels. (I have.) So have fun!
Also, if you're old enough, consider a small donation. Many of you probably know that the bonus pack was going to originally be sold for 10 dollars, so the least you could do is help out. (I know I will, but being below 18 years old without a credit card makes things hard.)


wonderful! Knytt is one of my favorite little games ever! Within a Deep Forest was great as well. This has me totally psyched.


mkelican - Unfortunately, there have been many false positive reports related to all MMF and MMF2 software. Even clickteam (authors of Multimedia Fusion) had to officially announce that MMF and MMF2 applications do not contain trojans:


More information about false positives related to MMF apps:

Chironex20x6 August 28, 2007 5:06 PM

Oh, and yeah...KS runs only on Windows 2000 and up, all the way to Vista. Sorry, 98 and 95 users.


Where is the Mac love ; ;


This game runs just fine on my (Intel) Mac. :p


Do you have...some kind of EXE-running software or something?


One small correction - Knytt isn't the main character in this one. Her name is Juni. She's Knytt's mother or sister or cousin or something.


Yes, I do Chironex20x6, it's called 'Windows', and it runs splendidly on my Intel-based Mac.

Many games I can play in a Mac OS X window running Parallels. But for games that require 3D graphics acceleration, a reboot into Windows is necessary.

For those interested: Knytt Stories runs perfectly in Parallels without need for a reboot.

Gorfinhofin August 28, 2007 5:43 PM

Jay-How did you get it to work on a Mac? I ask because I may have to use one in the future.


I always hate myself when one of these come out... because i cant play them!


macs--this is one area in which my love for you is diminished :P


OH: It's called Boot Camp, and it's free.

Boot Camp will be a standard feature of Leopard when it's released in October.


arggg, i'm stuck on the "creature to the west."

i assume you need the hologram deal, but i can't find it. where is it??


ok, i got it. tip:

to find the hologram deal, use the umbrella in the green area to float up to a new area... you get the drift


oh my god!!! its finally out!!!! *clicks on link and sits twiddling thumbs waiting for download* (this guys work is awesome)


hoyl crap i am so happy this came out! I have waited over a year for this! yaaay!


Oh boy oh boy oh boy! It's BACON!!!!!

Can't wait to fire it up! :o)


how do you get the umbrella? I cant get past the creature to the west. :(


Even though I haven't been as *anticipating* of this game as others have, I still . As always, nifflas delivers another great masterpiece. It's casual, calm atmosphere and environment make me want to make a cup of tea, sit back, and relax. In my book, an 8/10. I say 8/10 because of the cramp I now have in my left index, middle, and fourth fingers from walking all over the place, looking for where I'm supposed to find... certain [glares at umbrella power-up] power-ups. Still, I think that the world design was very good, by which I mean that the tunnel-like connector realms that linked the different parts of the world were just as calm and artistic as the rest. Now if I can only get the expansion pack to find the main folder...


woo! I downloaded it like 20 minutes ago and ive already beaten the game! Im downloading more levels as we speak! Type... whatever... Although i still havent gotten the secret keys... *waggles eyebrows intriguingly* If anyone has any clue as to where they are... DONT TELL ME! But maybe leave a little spoiler in case I get frustrated.


Ah, what a nice surprize! I'd almost forgotten that Nifflas was working on another game. I liked this one, though it was shorter than the previous two, I think this one is more polished: the effects, the creatures, the backgrounds...

And an editor, that's cool. Not the most user-friendly (clicking through tilesets and object lists gets tiresome), but not bad either. Me likes. :)


Ok, the 'strange dream' expansion pack keeps freezing in the middle of searching for the main folder. Is this happening to anyone else, or is it just my computer? Thanks!


Spade: Go to the place where it's really windy, and head right. Use your double-jumping skills to climb up the wall.


Oh yeah...and in case you didn't figure out already, me and Chironex20x6 are the same person ;)

That was before I had a typekey account.


This game looks real cool, i just finished the tutorial, but where is the level editor, that'll definitely be my favorite part, i love games with editors. Do i have to download it, and if so where is it?


The level editor should be in the same directory as the game after you run the installer (at least it was for me).


Man, Nifflas is a good level designer. I've played through the other four stories he put together, and there's not a dud among them. Best of all, they all feel totally different from each other. Strange Dream is essentially a lot like The Machine, but the others are all very original and interesting. I like the underwater lab level a lot, for the challenge and expressiveness. Nifflas has really got a nice original mythology going here, and he keeps adding onto it with each new game. Cool stuff, cool stuff.


Like Knytt, I'm gonna savor these games, not race through them. The only game I completed was the Flower one, which I enjoyed a lot.
I got as far as the orange tree & grass areas in The Machine but died quite a few times and tried the other games afterwards. The music in the orange tree area is stunning to say the least! It's a wonderful orchestration.
I wanna start over and hear it again.

will strinz August 29, 2007 12:24 AM

Anyone figure out how to find all the secret key things in the machine? I've got all except the purple one.


*wanders up, whips out an extremely comfortable leather chair from his pocket*

*sits down with a jug of lemonade, a book, and some music*

I'll just chill over here until the Mac version appears or I get Leopard...


When it comes to the level editor, remember that more or less everything is a combination of the left and right mouse buttons, and shift/ctrl. If you want to quickly get to tileset 120, just shift-click the number to increase it by 10 per click (or you can hold shift when using the scroll-wheel).

I haven't documented the level editor at all, I had to spend all my time just creating it. It's many keyboard shortcuts makes it a lot more practical than it first seems. At my forum, you should be able to learn how to use it better :)


I'm running this with Boot Camp on an Intel Mac, too. It's a very elegant solution, and it seems very stable, even though Boot Camp is still in Beta. The only downside is that you still need to get a copy of Windows. But it was a small price to pay for the privilege of playing any cool indie game I like.


I have the same problem as will strinz has. Does anyone know where to find the purple key?


Hurray! I found the "first" key! The red one, that is... I didn't get the powerups in order... I doubt you would get the keys in order either.


I was able to find a hidden passage...

... but only AFTER I finished the game.

examine the congratulation screen.

There's a hidden passage in the top right of the congratulation screen that leads to the red key. Maybe the white glow when you approach the hidden passage is another advantage of the detector?


I played Strange Dream first. It was really excellent. I found the secret ending in it. I thought the way you get to it was well designed. Even after an NPC told me how to get to it, it still took me a little while to figure it out. There are some other places I found that just seem strange. Like they contain secrets or something. However, for the time being, I'm assuming it only has one secret ending and moving on to The Machine.



I just switched to Mac between the last game and this one and now I can't (sob) puh-huh-hlayyyy!!!! WAAAAAH

Ok so jay... when you say you can run this on your intel mac you mean you installed Windows right? If you meant you got it to run in OSX please do elaborate!!!


Will Strinz:

Head for what's right above the starting area.


I can't figure out how to use the hologram on those spiky enemies! They don't move and they still kill me when i touch them. Help? :(


Never mind, I got it. Haha.


Okay, I've gotten Ghost Sight and the Umbrella. How do I get back out of the Ghost area?


Gah. I'm stuck on the machine. I've got everything but the keys, I've met a dead end and I have exactly no clue on what to do next. Heeeeelp.


BlueRing: Go through the blue cave area thing. You'll need your umbrella.


AAARRGH!! I've got the biggest job on at the moment with sooo much going on and this comes out!

Nifflas rocks so much. He captures just the same beauty of exploration that really makes you enjoy the whole experience as Hapland does. It really is a wonder why mainstream commercial game makers don't try this (bar the usual line up of Ico etc...)

I'm heading to his page right now to throw him some dollars for this.

nonegiven August 29, 2007 1:35 PM

ahhhh... So awesome dude! But almost made me fall asleep... so pretty... Gonna download more levels latter


I loved Knytt but always felt like it could use more gameplay. Knytt Stories is a pacifist's Metroid. And right when Metroid Prime 3 comes out, too. Life is good.


jimiefevre: Mainstream companies do release expressive games once in a while. They just don't sell. I guess it costs too much to make a 3D game and have it possibly tank at the stores (like Beyond Good and Evil or Psychonauts did), so it's not smart for the large companies to take risks on games like that. And there's a public perception that games have to feature advanced graphics or fit into established genres for them to be worth the money. Paying for "content" and all that.

There is some hope on the horizon, with XBox Live taking on quirky games like Wik and the Fable of Souls, and the Wii possibly starting to distribute games from independent developers (wouldn't Knytt be cool on the Wii?). But art, in game form or not, is going to continue to be underfunded. It's too hard to quantify. The only way to get more games like Knytt is to keep throwing money at people like Nifflas.


By the way, if you guys want something else to look forward to in the "art game developer makes traditional platform game" genre, check this out. And Lexaloffle releases games on OSX!

ringkichard August 29, 2007 5:10 PM

Is there any chance of someone posting a guide to getting and using all the keys?


Now i'm really confused where do you get double jump??


I'm completely stuck in 'Underwater World.' I've finished everything else, but I can't go to the left once I go down the obvious tube. Has anyone done this yet?


I feel happy enough about myself for beating the game without help, that I can now ask for the location of the four keys without guilt.

So, um, where are the four keys?


Okay, now that the initial wow factor has waned a bit, I gotta say that I think I like the original Knytt better in 3 important aspects....less enemies, more concentration on climbing puzzles, and exploring. Just from the short area I've explored in The Machine & a few other stories, it seems Juni (?) can't go 1.5 screens without confronting an 'enemy'. In Knytt he could go 5, 6 screens withought bumping into an enemy, and usually bypassing quite a few yet unexplored 'holes' on the way to be discovered later on.

It just seems Knytt was more in tune with a freshness that went beyond the gaming aspect...more like art. KS seems to be more WADF than Knytt ever was, not that that's a 'dis'. It's still killer, but I love the 'openess' of Knytt.


Then again, KS has an unprecedented Level editor which provides the opportunity to create unlimited varieties of Knytt games. So that's a Huge plus. :o)


Okay, has anyone downloaded and played "Afar" yet? I have

the first 4 upgrades, and the blue and yellow keys

I cannot do anything else. I heard a hint about a periwinkle path. Can anybody help!?


I made Afar, maybe I can X)

So, think to yourself: What is the periwinkle path?

  • What section has the color periwinkle...

  • ...as well as is a path?

  • Whatever it is...

  • you must follow it.

  • No matter how far it goes..

  • How long it takes you...

  • Just follow it.

  • Follow the periwinkle path.

  • Sure, it may like FOREVER.

  • It may seem like it's just infinitely long.

  • But never give up.

  • The periwinkle path shall reveal its reward.

  • Patience is what you need.

  • Have an idea now?



In both Afar and Chamber of Trials I am stuck. In Afar, I only have the wall-climb and the high jump and I seem stuck within a small area. In CoT, I get to the "top" of the maze tower, where there is on opening on the left that I cannot get to. I have been looking for secrets and not finding any. Help, please?


Ok, so I got farther in Afar- I've gotten as far (ok, I'll stop now) as completing the Peekabo Caverns and finding the blue and yellow keys- I'm stuck now though.


Afar and the Chamber of Trials! Afar is awesome, but stuck now with just red and yellow keys and don't know where to go anymore! Where are the walkthroughs!!!

Chamber of Trials. What a game! Too tough - I know what I have to do, just too much mucking around. I went to the wrong checkpoint and it sent me back 3 screens which took me 30 minutes to pass. I capitulate!


Afar: Blue key anyone? I can see it in the level editor, but don't know how to get there. Please!!! I'm going mad!


For CoT, MadwithmuchHeart, the trick for the yellow maze is:

there is another entry. When you enter the yellow maze room, exit again and instead of pressing down to enter the yellow maze, keep walking right through a ecret passage, which is another entry to the yellow maze room

Now, please tell me how I get to the peekaboo caverns!!!


Sorry, got confused. My last post with spoiler is actually for the Explore Challenge, not CoT. I'm also stuck on CoT. Have red and blue keys, and am stuck in a section where everything is blue. there are two long necked monsters, and there is a room with a lever in the top left corner that lets ou drain the room of water. Got no idea what to do!


I need some help for 'the machine'-I found only the red key-where can the rest be found?

By the way, I think this games rock even more than the original. The level editor is the best. Cheers!


Thanks, Archie- for the Peekaboo Caverns:

Hopefully you've seen the area where the two red locks stop you from going farther. In that place you need the double jump to jump up and around into the opening in the ceiling you could not reach before.


So can someone please help me with the tower in CoT and getting farther in Afar? I have a good guess as to what the periwinkle path is, but doing it doesn't seem to do much good.


Okay, I'm stuck on the Explore Challenge. I'm down in the canyon-like area with the snow-covered sides that can't be climbed. I get to the area where there's the message "What if there would be 2 entrances to this room?" Okay, now what? I'm totally trapped within the confines of four areas. Grrrr.

SilvorMoon August 30, 2007 2:00 PM

I found the yellow and blue keys in Machine, and I don't think anyone's explained them yet, so...

Yellow Key

In the snow world, there's a place where you have to jump and do a long glide with your umbrella through a tunnel of spikes. Part way down, there's a place where the path branches - the left-hand side is a more gradual incline, while the other side drops straight down. Go left, then hang a right on the next screen. You'll see the large block of stone in the middle of the screen has a small wall you can cling to near the bottom center - you can reach it if you save your double-jump for that point. Climb up, jump across the gap, and presto! One yellow key.

Blue Key

In the green world just below the snow world and just above the black haunted world, there is a ledge you can climb up to. Go to the point just above where the black world begins and use the umbrella/double jump to work your way up through the gap in the ceiling. Go left and you'll find yourself on a ledge. Climb upwards and you'll find a series of blocks you can cross using the umbrella/double jump routine. Keep following those and you'll come to a place where you can climb up through a secret portal, and you'll end up in a pretty Japanese-looking place. The blue key is at the far left of this area, sitting by the ocean.


By the way, chironex, fancy seeing you here ;). I loved Afar, by the way, it was a great combo of puzzle and skill, and the bit about the periwinkle path was really good -- it took me forever to get it. Even after your hint on Nifflas' board. I felt pretty dumb :-p. I hope you make some more additions!


Um, ok. I have everything except the hologram generator and the enemy warning device in Afar, (including all four keys) but I have no idea where to go. I seem stuck. Help, SVP?


Also playing Afar.. some of these jumps are a bit harder than "normal"!

I'm in the green vector area, need to enter a 5-digit code.. any hint on where I should've seen that?


Psychotronic - Absolutely, I agree. In fact thinking about it there are most definitely a healthy list of games that are out there with the kind of strength. In fact I finally got a copy of Beyond Good and Evil last month. What an enjoyable game and Psychonauts was always going to hit the right spot!

I guess it's when things like Knytt come out I get a rush out of the indie developing scene and immediately forget the ones that have got published by mainstream companies.

So to be honest things are alright after all!!!!


does anyone know where the purple key is?


Corona's message:

Okay, now that the initial wow factor has waned a bit, I gotta say that I think I like the original Knytt better in 3 important aspects....less enemies, more concentration on climbing puzzles, and exploring. Just from the short area I've explored in The Machine & a few other stories, it seems Juni (?) can't go 1.5 screens without confronting an 'enemy'. In Knytt he could go 5, 6 screens withought bumping into an enemy, and usually bypassing quite a few yet unexplored 'holes' on the way to be discovered later on.

It just seems Knytt was more in tune with a freshness that went beyond the gaming aspect...more like art. KS seems to be more WADF than Knytt ever was, not that that's a 'dis'. It's still killer, but I love the 'openess' of Knytt.

My reply:

I'm actually very glad to hear what you say. Knytt was often very criticized for the lack of enemies and challenge, while the very point of that game was the 'openess' that you describe. And judging from your reply, there's obviously people who really appreciate that about Knytt. I'm in other worsd quite happy to hear that, because I tend to make my new games different from the previous ones. The next time I release a more empty game without much actual challenge (because I'm sure I will) I will definitely be criticized, so it's nice knowing that there are people who will really enjoy those games too :D


I have a couple of places I'm sort of stuck.

Chamber of Trials: I'm at the room with the purple key. With the Machine on, I can't get past the barrier to get to the key. with it off, I can get to the key, but the teleport pad or whatever it is there seems to not work, and I can't jump and make the way back across.

Afar: The green laser room, there's a keypad combination at the end, hints to where I'd find it?


Well .. im stuck, and in need of a little help here.

Ive just got the all seeing eye, and now im just stuck in the area. I cant seem to go back from where i came and there is only an area above that i cant seem to reach.
What do i do?


nevermind on Afar. I managed to find the combination.

More general comments than ZOMG halp plz!:
I actually like stories more than the original as a game. The original had a much more mellow, relaxed art feel (which I think some of the levels recapture pretty well, like Unfinished Level and Skyflower) but the gameplay is much improved. The secrets and exploration part of Knytt, while fun, never really seemed challenging, and if I explored, I'd eventually find everything. KS is more goal oriented, and such, more like a game in the traditional sense.

and the Reimagining of Within a Deep Forest was brilliant, and a blast to play. I really like this one.


the part in the purple tunnel in A Strange Dream is

absolutely brutal. i'm assuming you need the umbrella and really good timing, but i just can't make it happen.


never mind! i was trying to get into it backwards.


ever find the answer to getting back over the big room with the purple key? re: CoT

Anonymous August 31, 2007 6:50 PM

can anyone give me a hint to the "periwinkle path" i read the previous hints but i still don't understand it. i have all the keys except the purple one


OMG!!! super mario bros is on the chamber of trails!
not kidding!


Wow, I am lost. In Skyflower:

What do you do when you get to the top, and you see the two arrows pointing down? I went down and I didn't see anything new.


ever find the answer to getting back over the big room with the purple key? re: CoT

yup. got it. I found the suggestion on the forum

"Go left. When you think you've gone as far as you can left, keep going."


MadWithMuchHeart -
I'm stuck at the same spot in Afar. There's a

platform above the outdoor waterfall you can get to with the umbrella

I see screens above that one in the map editor, but no idea how to get up there.



go all the way back down. the eyeball shows you something at the bottom you couldn't see before.


Found the purple key in Machine!

I won't give everything away, but

it takes a difficult maneuver and a leap of faith. You won't see a white glow.


Hey, this is an awesome game\editor. Completed machine, flower and unfinished. I'm having the most fun with The Explore Challenge, but I am totally stuck and would appreciate some help.

I'm in the area where you have to enter a 6 digit code,the numbers being represented by symbols. I found the area where the numbers are displayed, and the "secret" instructions. I can't seem to figure out what the author means when he says "enter the numbers in a zig zag pattern". Tried so many combinations, please help!


Zigzag pattern:

walk left so many buttons, then right so many buttons, etc.

In CoT, could someone please tell us how to get to the upper left gap in the second left trial (way at the top of the chamber with the eye)?


Craig (or anyone else): Any chance of a little more specificity on that purple key in Machine? I have a feeling I know which zone of the map it's in, but I'm really at a loss with just one key left...


Okay, to get the purple key in Machine the tricky part is

three screens above your home.

And I'm stuck on the same part of the second trial in CoT that a few others have mentioned. I can't quite make the leap to get to the top left of that section. It might be possible if there's a way to switch the foreground and background blocks, but I don't see any way to do that.


Nevermind, I just figured it out.


Many thanks, Craig! I was using the correct technique in the correct zone, but I just hadn't tried every place to do it.


I'm still stuck on Afar. I have every key except the purple key and I can see the purple key on the level editor above the place with the seemingly never ending path that leads to the red key. However, I can't jump to the top to get the purple key. What does the periwinkle path mean? Can anyone help me


wow, so, i'm really seeing the aforementioned problem of too many enemies in The Machine. high numbers of difficult challenges aside, the save points are so far and few between that the satisfaction of completing a tough screen is (for me) totally squashed by having to do it over again five or ten times in order to get past the other four equally-difficult screens to complete the sequence.

it's not stopping me from playing it, obviously, but i'm definitely cussing and throwing pencils at the monitor while i do.


oh my god
in an underwater adventure
do i have to start over again



Just keep playing once you turn on the machine. The game isn't that evil. ;)


MadWithMuchHeart and Klystron: I was stuck at the same point as you for a while. Oh man, the answer is brilliant.

Examine that waterfall very, very, closely.
Better hint:

Think of the item you just got.


Whoops, forget the last thing I said. Note to self: test your theories before patting yourself on the back.

Here's the actual solution to the end of Afar:

Remember the dark room that has the save point and loops back to itself? Yeah...
Don't suppose there's a secret ending?


That big waterfall in Afar?.....

Looking over the level editor, there appears to be two identical screens, with one being just plain nothing aiding you to climb upwards, and the other containing some invisible walls, that if reached (by what appears to be the most incredible jump of the century) allows you to get to the sky tower of sorts, which has....a lot of disparate themes, ending with something that might help quite a bit when you're trying to get the blue key.

Chironex, did you forget to put the finished version of the screen onto the placeholder screen when you did that part?



the periwinkle path is

this path of invisible stones that seemingly leads you nowhere when you take it towards the left. After ten screens or so, it takes you to the red key


Is there a tutorial on how to make custom levels ANYWHERE in the world I've been searching for DAYS!!!


In afar on normal, how do you do the code things. like the buttons you press to open doors? i can't figure out the one in the

green laser room

avatarsrevenge March 7, 2008 12:23 AM

@ belle, in the castle, there's an easy way to get around the red thing that zaps you. i'll give you a hint:

it won't zap you if it can't see you. sound like an item in the world of knytt?

UknowWho March 7, 2008 12:45 AM

I am also stuck at the end of the green laser room. I must have missed the code somewhere... I have the old code, and I tried to plug that in (sans the last symbol), but it didn't work, obviously. Help please!

Anonymous March 15, 2008 1:29 AM

What do you mean jjsea, it's hopeless? what shaft?


Does anyone know how to pass this part of Explorer Challenge?

Marianen March 23, 2008 9:10 AM

Finished them all, though I didn't have a yellow key in the 'strange dream'

Marianen March 23, 2008 1:07 PM

Okay, now I've downloaded some more levels. Where's the code on the fourth trial in the chamber of trials? Haven't seen the code anywhere. Maybe there's secret passage? Can't find it either. Please help


Here's the deal, in Knytt Stories i just got the item that looks like a tornado. And I know how to use it. But when i go up and up I come to a baddie in a very narrow tunnel with spikes and can't for the life of me get past him. Going back the way I came is wall and floor covered with spikes. Please help, anybody!!


Aight, you know what, I just figured it out, that happens all the time I know. but anyone stuck there, here's a hint:

use your "tornado" item before the spiked baddie appears. Then you can run past him.


Vloodo,Max and Marianen,

I have figured out how to find the code for the part you all said you are stuck on. COT trial 4, entering the code and getting past the lasers:

Two rooms before where you enter the code, the room with white outlined blocks and solid grey blocks, a switch and a save is where a secret passage is. Simply climb up to the ledge on the top right of that room and you should be home free.

Any other questions i'd be happy to help.


Carol, I know you probably got passed that part you have the link to so would you please help me. I also am stuck there.

Marianen March 28, 2008 3:27 PM

Thanks :) I don't know how could I miss that, it wasn't even very hard.


i havent played this, but a friend of mine is, and asked me to work out what to do.
this is what she tells me:
she is stuck at the first machine, and needs a hologram, possibly, but doesnt know how to get it. i think thats her problem. if anyone could help it would be wonderful, thanks.

Anonymous April 24, 2008 6:44 PM

I have to say that, after the brilliant Knytt I've been a little disappointed with this. It's not so much the gameplay, but the lack of customisability. I hate music in games. In Knytt you could control the sound effects, the background ambience and the music separately. With this, you can only turn everything on or everything off.

It's a shame, because it's really putting me off what could be an otherwise excellent game.


i'm in afar/very hard and i can't seem to find the eye. i got the red key and three power ups but i can't find anywhere else to go. D:

Justin McNally May 31, 2008 1:15 AM

I've been trying to find the red key but I've found the blue key. Is red anywhere near the blue key?

I.need.HELP!!! June 3, 2008 3:09 PM

Im stuck in CoT where I need to reach the purple key but I cant seem to reach it using my umbrella or anything PLEASE HElP!

yellow keyless June 4, 2008 3:05 PM

Whare is the yellow key? i have looked and looked everywhere, climbed everything i can, gotten everything else, but still no yellow key. It is probably out in the open somewhere, but where?

yellow keyless June 4, 2008 4:53 PM

Nvm, I found the yellow key in the freefall, but now i am stuck on the purple key in afar

Anonymous June 15, 2008 4:48 PM

To stuffor:

The green button under the laser has to be held for a certain period of time for the door to open. So when the laser is off, step on the button, then jump out before it turns on. Repeat.

Nicklas June 19, 2008 4:22 PM

Yesterday, our government agreed on a new surveillance law (often referred to as FRA-lagen here), which makes Sweden a bit less Sweden, and bit more Soviet. Now you obviously don't even have to be suspected for anything, for having your phonecalls recorded, and internet traffic stored. It's a dark day for Swedish democratic rights and integrity protection, and I'd like to give some more attention to what's going on by taking my website down for 24 hours or so. This was not supposed to happen, yet I fear it's only one of many steps in a really alarming social change.


I have a question. How do you get levels made other than the creator and yourself?

nick.in.trouble July 7, 2008 4:49 AM

in CoT i'm at the part to jump over and get the purple key in the last trial. If I turn the machine on, theres a wall which is blocking me, if I turn it off, I can make the jump, but can't get back again. Is that little teleporter supposed to do something?

Namagem July 22, 2008 3:54 PM

Nick, I have the same problem. I can't figure it out.

Jaromir83 August 24, 2008 12:40 PM

Where do I find blue door, purple door or hologram (decoy) in Strange Dream level please? Thanks.


ok, so i just started this, and i've got all the power-ups except the hologram machine thingy.
where can i find that??
: ]
thanks sooo muchh


okay, so i'm in this graveyard part, and i got the eyeball, then i went kinda down and into a land where the walls are purple and got the umbrella.
then i went down some more (the only other way you can go out of anywhere) into a blue world, but i can't walk in the blue world bc everything is covered in spikes!!!!
p.s. where can i get teh hollogram thing?


Help please! I'm playing Afar on Hard right now, and I'm stuck in the green vector zone.

I'm at the second save point after the beginning, where if you run immediately to the right you go through a green 'curtain' and there is an impossibly long jump over the lasers. I've tried a hundred times - I just can't make the jump. I have the run, climb, high jump and double jump power ups, and I have the red and blue key. Do I need the parasol? Am I here prematurely? If so, there's no way back and my only option is a restart. Please advise!


Seriously, somebody needs to write a walkthrough for these. So maddening, yet so addictive!


so in afar on normal i have everything up to the eye and i have the red key and the yellow key and i am stuck! i know where the purple key is but i can't reach it, and the eye does not seem to be showing me anything new.


Uh, seriously. In CoT 3, I am stuck in a blue area, after the beast in the water that spits. I dont know where to go. please help me!

Anoonnymyns October 22, 2008 1:20 PM

Help please. Nifflas you have to write a walkthrough for KS! I am going crazy.

Anonymous October 25, 2008 3:09 PM

Solution for the guy stuck in green vector zone:

You see the 2 triangles on the laser roof? Give a jump to touch just the tip of the second one so you recharge the double jump (Pressing down can help avoiding touching the laser) and the extra double jump should be enough.

As for general stuck people: Not always what seens impossible or at least impossible winhout a certain item is really, if you play on hard you will be asked ridiculous hards things that seen too hard to be real (especially in afar).

Anonymous October 26, 2008 9:23 PM

How do you get past the chamber of trials, on the last chamber and on the room with the purple key.

karlpoobs November 7, 2008 9:42 AM

How Do You Make Your Own TileSets Made Of Paint?

Roytheshort January 11, 2009 2:04 PM

This game is great, It gives you the illusion you are exploring the mind of the game's creator.

It is not hard, not stressful and not violent.

If only more games were like this.

sonic6335 January 21, 2009 5:24 PM

nifflas created the game but you know that,
im having fun making my maps XD Yay for nifflas!

Anonymous April 5, 2009 2:13 PM

I figured out how to get the purple key in C.O.T.

You have to turn the machine off, and get to the place where you need to jump. Slide down the wall, and jump out. Use the double jump to reach the other side of the overhang. Turn on the umbrella, and jump. However, the teleporter didn't seem to work - I think you have to do it with the machine on.

Also, in the area before the machine, there is a secret passage through the ceiling, but it has no purpose that I can find. What does it do?


I was wrong. The solution is:

Turn the machine off, and go all the way left. Try to climb the left wall, and you'll find a passage. Flip the switch to activate the ghosts. Go right again, using your umbrella as a shield against falling ectoplasm. The passage will have disappeared from view, but it is there, and you need it to avoid a spiked block that shoots out of the floor. Jump up and a little right from the third platform, and you'll hit the entrance. Climb over the machine, and go right. Blocks will have appeared, and the teleporter will work. Use it, then turn off the ghosts, go right, and fall down the hole.

Anonymous April 12, 2009 5:33 PM

Because nobody actually explained how to get the purple key in The Machine.

Difficulty HAS to be set to Normal, or you won't make the jump because the platforms are placed differently. (This is what was tripping me up earlier.)

Go to the brown cliffs above your house (the village with the other guys) and go to the screen with the flying angry drill guy.

Stand on the right upper platform and use that to jump to the cliff on the screen to the right. Climb up from there.

Crab Nicholson April 13, 2009 2:36 AM

I'm having some trouble. When I download a level, I go to the game and click install new level, and then I go to the browse screen, but the level doesn't seem to be saving in the format that the game wants, so when I click it the game tells me that the file is corrupt.
I tried downloading it again, but I got the same thing. Can anyone help?

Mister Tee April 20, 2009 7:57 PM

It may be the level you are downloading was not built right. Make sure you have the full download too. However, I have a question...Scarlet Tears, 3rd part, where you have to jump into the air with your umbrella, and press jump to go higher. However, I am never high enough to get to the next air stream...what's wrong?

the Iza June 30, 2009 2:07 AM

i know the nifflas forum exists but i don't just want to randomly pick levels from there with no reccomendation... does anyone have any favorite knytt stories levels?! i've played SO many and i'm looking for new territory to conquer :) thanks a bunches!


I am running version 1.1 of Knytt stories, and am in the forest. I go to where you should be able to get the blue key from, but the wall that I climb to get the key isn't there. Do I have something wrong with my version of the game? If sodo I need to download a different edition of it?

if someone could please help me figure out how to get the key that would be very helpful.


Forgot to add in my post that I am on The Machine knytt story.


I was just curiouse if anyone knew how to make custom meanies.

lionvanilla December 23, 2009 3:15 PM

oh dear. i am wondering why installing the levels is not working? you drop them from the knytt bin, right? but it keeps saying Error: file corrupt. I have tried re-downloading the stories, but it doesnt work! What have i done wrong..? Help! <3


I've been trying to find Chamber of Trials everywhere but I swear, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find. Can anyone help me?


outta check it out, theres a way to play online with others now, but noone is on!

MagicMagi August 5, 2010 12:50 AM

Having a little trouble in "A Strange Dream"... I can get everything else, but I really need the hologram to

get past the room with the strange red and yellow lasers that I guess leads to the boss.

Can anyone help me with the location? I've walked around almost everywhere, but I can't find it. I'm sure it'll be out in the open somewhere XD


In 'a strange dream' where is the hollogram? I can't find it and it's driving me crazy.


The hologram in 'A Strange Dream' drives a lot of people crazy.

It's in the cloud section. You need to go the land of the giant mushrooms where your house is and climb the block tower. There's a save point at the very tip. Open the umbrella and jump right - you'll find the clouds. Wander around from there.

finnoodles February 16, 2011 1:52 PM

In afar on hard difficulty is it possible to

make the first jump in the green vector room through the laser without getting hit by the spikes at the bottom? I've jumped down there about 50 times and each time no matter which way I lean I keep hitting them!??

Any help appreciated! :)

nerdypants March 14, 2011 4:45 AM


I was just stuck there myself. The trick is

to land on one of those pointy things right underneath the laser. They don't look like you can stand on them, but you can. Then when you're just about to hit the spikes at the bottom, you can double jump over them.

I swear, Afar takes the dexterity of a neurosurgeon and the patience of a mother of fourteen.

bobbywame March 14, 2011 12:28 PM

how do you get the hologram on the machine i have the umbrella

nerdypants March 15, 2011 4:36 PM

ARGH. I have never been so angry at a game in my life.

I'm playing Afar on very hard, and I'm stuck

in the green vector zone where you have to jump onto all those invisible blocks and it's totally impossible and why would someone make a level like this I'm going to scream.

I can't finish the level. I cannot finish it. It's unplayable. I would recommend to anyone who thinks they want to play Afar on very hard to just not even bother. It's not worth all the frustration.

Splinterchaos June 22, 2011 10:17 PM

I first played this game years ago, and it is still one that I love to come back to. It's difficult, though calming. And some of the stories have that hard-to-create but ever so awesome blend of vagueness and mystery to the effect that ones imagination does much of the story telling, but at the same time, having a framework that is solid and continuous so that it isn't difficult to do so. Very well done.

elita.zheng8 October 22, 2012 6:57 PM

here's a link to download more levels made by users of this game!


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