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Klax 3D

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Rating: 3.8/5 (49 votes)
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Klax 3DA fun and addictive casual game that has been around a few years, this Flash version is actually an adaptation of a classic Atari arcade game from 1989, also called Klax.

Klax 3D is an action strategy game in which the object is to catch colored tiles as they fall off a conveyor belt and stack them into horizontal, vertical, and diagonal rows. The tiles come in ten (10) different colors.

At your control is a simple paddle that can hold up to five (5) tiles stacked vertically. Use the left and right arrow keys to move the paddle back and forth. Press the [space bar] to drop the top tile into place. You may also pess [P] to pause the game, and press the down arrow to temporarily speed up the conveyor belt to hurry things along.

Three (3) same-colored tiles aligned in a row is called a "Klax". Align four (4) tiles and that's equal to two (2) Klaxes. Five tiles is equal to three Klaxes. That's all you really need to know to play the game. Simply arrange the tiles into rows to remove them from play. If you miss a tile and it falls, or if you try to load too many on your paddle or in play, you will lose a life.

There are three (3) levels of difficulty to the game: Easy, Standard, and Hard. Each difficulty level differs in the number of lives you receive, and in the objectives that must be met for each wave. For example, you may be asked to complete a certain number of Klaxes (any kind) to continue to the next wave. Or, you may have to complete a certain number of vertical Klaxes, or earn a certain number of points, etc.

In terms of point value, vertical Klaxes are worth the least number of points and diagonal Klaxes are worth the most. This is because it is much easier to create a vertical stack of 3 same-colored tiles than it is to distribute them tic-tac-toe style in a diagonal across 3 different stacks.

Analysis: Once familiar with the controls, anyone can pick-up and play this game immediately and have fun with it. Sorting colored tiles feels natural and it is immediately gratifying, and yet the game's simplicity is actually quite deceiving. Once you begin attempting different combos of more than 3 tiles or aligning them horizontally or diagonally, you will soon begin to feel the depth and complexity that lurks beneath the surface. And therein lies its beauty and excellence in design.

Unfortunately, the Easy difficulty setting is so easy that it becomes tedious rather quickly. Therefore I recommend starting out on Easy, just to get the feel of the controls, and then move up to Hard as soon as you are able.

This Flash version was created by Wheelhouse Creative in the UK.

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Oh man, I remember playing this on my BBC B (which I think may predate the Atari version, I'm not sure). So much fun, thanks Jay!


I've adored Klax for YEARS, but I'm having a terrible time playing this isometrically. I get so confused about which arrow sends it where! I also was unable to ascertain the purpose of the 3D-ness of the game and the shelf in particular, unless it was to look cool?

(Also, I have to say I played it for so many hours on the Sega Genesis growing up that it confuses my hands to have the LEFT hand (on the spacebar) in charge of flipping things off the paddle! How's that for muscle memory?)


I'm used to playing Klax on the Game Boy, where the tiles were in black and white. I keep thinking of patterns instead of colors!

I find it hard to figure out which column the tiles are in until they get towards the bottom.


How ironic that the original was more 3D than this version!

Random Bob November 8, 2005 9:49 PM

Every version of Klax I've ever played on console had a button to throw the tiles back on the field. Has this version simply omitted this or is it some closely guarded secret that cant fall into the hands of the enemy >.>

Theyre watching you know... >.> yeah... them... >.>


What I remember best about this game is the odd "industrial?"-sounding music options... I liked them a lot back then! I can still hear the starting bars... Does anyone else remember these? (I think I had the Nintendo version...)


I also have memories of spending hours playing this game and also remember the versions I played on having the ability to throw blocks back but these were definitely not originals as they had other additions such as multicolored blocks. I much prefer the original non isometric view and I have found that certain combinations of blocks don't give all the points they should such as:

X - -
X - -

Still a good game as it brings back memories, cheers Jay


i have this game on the ps1 at the mo and its just as good on the pc. i got bored after a while though. thats the trouble with these games. they bore you to death but they are just so good. how annoying.


this game gets boring after a while when playing it... I don't know why, but I think it's fun...


This is horribly addictive! I love it.

Does anyone know a downloadable version?


The page requested could not be found, evermore.

Quoth the server, 404.

OMGPÖWNDLOL September 23, 2009 3:46 PM

Link is broken...


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