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JayKeys very nearly placed among the winners in our first game design competition (CGDC #1), and if we had but one additional prize, it would have. This mysterious and charming little puzzle game fit the theme perfectly by closely resembling a puzzle you might find in Click Drag Type. In fact, there weren't many other games that came this close to exactly what we were looking for.

Rob Allen of England, UK, is the creative force behind this delightful game of sight and sound. And if you're concerned about accessibility, don't be alarmed: the game can be solved with the sound completely turned off. But keep it on if you can, as it adds to the overall enjoyment of the puzzle.

It is a simple puzzle that will surely have you scratching your head with wonderment while trying to figure out exactly what to do. But it's not very difficult, so I don't want to give away anything about it here.

Analysis: If I could make one change, it would be the implementation of a more complex set of rules governing each 'key'. As it is, once I figured out the key it then became a simple task of trial and error. Overall, Keys is an excellent puzzle that leaves you wanting more.

Play Keys


That was a fun little puzzle. Not too hard to figure out how to begin, I just wish we got some sort of musical prize at the finish.


I found the game simple and entertaining.
The only thing I don't like about it is the following:

I was hoping on getting something more than just the word "Win" and an X when I was done lol.


How about this, Duy...

Yay! Duy!!!! Good going! Woohoo! Go-Du-y, Go-Du-y! =D


Why are we posting previously enjoyed games?


Because these games have not yet been reviewed, and because each of them deserves a page of its own on which to receive comments, praise, and constructive criticisms.

And because there are plenty of people visiting this site that were not keeping up with the competition, and are likely to be playing these games for the very first time. Just take a look at the reviews for Thief, Clack, Gateway, and Cyberpunk and you'll understand. Especially please note this comment to understand what it means to the wonderful people who made these enjoyable experiences possible for you and me. =)


Haha, thanks, Jay. If only every game I beat (which is like 5) cheered for me like that. By the way, I'm not forgetting your birthday this year. :)


Oooh, now you've got me anxious and it's not for another 3 months yet! =p

And the reason that none of these puzzles reward you with anything more than the satisfaction of solving them is because the competition was designed to produce entries like Click Drag Type, and so that they could all be put into a similar collection. In that game when you solve a puzzle, it simply returns you to the main menu and lights up the puzzle indicating you've solved it.

The variety of entries we actually received made that idea less than feasible. Therefore, many of the puzzles just end, and so you should blame me for that.


Jay: thanks a lot for the much enjoyable site. I noticed it only a few days ago, but have had some wonderful time on it since then.

All: I have no idea where to start at "keys". Sometimes [space] and [tabs] trigger something, sometimes not. Nothing else seems to work. Is my flash player broken? Some hints where to start would be appreciated.


notwendig, the game uses mouse, not keys. Did you find the piano? Try clicking the keys in the keyboard. And notice what happens to the bubble-thingies.


Hahaha, a puzzle game named "keys" that uses the mouse, not keys on the keyboard. And yet you must click, with the mouse, keys on the keyboard to play. Now that is indeed a puzzle. ;)

By the way, thank you kindly, notwendig. I'm pleased you found us, and welcome. =)

To get started:

You may need to drag something with the mouse.


I loved this game. It took me a while to figure it out, about 5 minutes just to find the piano! The rest took me about 10. The only problem that I have with this game is that it really is just a load of trial and error, but in the same sense, that's what makes it so good. I wouldn't mind seeing more of this type of game around, as to me, it is the best type you could have.


I was fairly happy with this game, but I'm always a fan of piano games using the keyboard. I know that's a lot less simple or impossible, depending on the limitations of the developer, but I'm the player so I get to be extra-demanding. ;)


Thanks a lot for the helpful hands.


Although I liked this game, I didn't really like the trial and error aspect to it:

They key sequences seemed to be random and tuneless. Although I understand not everyone is familiar with scales or chords, I would have liked to see some of these structures used.


I really enjoyed this game! Thank you for posting about it or I never would've played it. <3


how do you get past the dog


What keys do you use to make the key turn?


Ah, another enjoyable little timewaster from the head of http://foon.co.uk/ . I did like this puzzle although I agree that it is a little easy. Implement some dominant seventh structures or something, and you have a winner.


I guess I'm the only one having this problem, but it seems impossible for me to actually finish the game.

I understand the whole "playing notes to make the spheres drop keys" bit, but I cannot get the key from the purple sphere. The purple sphere has seven lights on it, but only reacts to six keys on the keyboard. Is this some weird problem on my computer, or am I missing something? I've tried reloading several times, in both FF and IE, and yes, I'm sure that I have Flash 8 installed.


Nezuji - the purple key:

requires you to press the same note twice (but not necessarily consecutively)

Also, your spoiler was almost correct. Use angle brackets instead of square brackets and you're golden. (I fixed them for you) =)


One bug in this game is that if you get a little key, then drag it behind the piano keys and let go, you can never click on it again and you cannot win.



The puzzle does, in fact, use at least two scales. One of the scales used is a pentatonic scale, another is a blues scale.

Screened April 22, 2007 2:09 PM

Where is the last key ?



  1. When something is covered, what would you do to uncover it? Maybe try taking the cover off of it? Maybe by dragging?

  2. Click on the piano keys. You'll note that sometimes the various colored balls on the top briefly expand and contract based on which key you hit. Note which keys affect which balls.

  3. As you click on the piano keys, note also that sometimes a light on one of the balls lights up. Perhaps if you press certain keys in the correct order, all lights will light up?

  4. The keys that will light up each ball are the same keys that caused the balls to briefly contract and expand. So it's just a matter of trial and error to figure out the correct sequence.

  5. With only one exception, the correct sequence of keys goes exclusively in one direction -- i.e.: either left to right or right to left on the piano.

  6. Can you find a spot where you might place the yellow keys? Perhaps on a symbol that is similar to the keys?

Complete walkthrough:

The keys are defined by their color and by the order in which they are placed on the piano from the left side. For example, "1W" indicates the first white key from the left, and "3B" indicates the third black key from the left. Also, note that higher numbers don't necessarily make the keys be farther to the right -- that is, piano key "6B" is actually further to the right than key "7W".

  1. Click and drag the silver slider all the way to the right to reveal the piano keys.

  2. Click the following keys in order: 3W, 5W, 6W, 5B, 7W, 9W, 10W. The orange ball should progressively light up as you press each key, and when you press the last one a yellow key should fall out from the orange ball.

  3. Click the following keys in order: 4B, 5W, 2B, 1W. This releases another yellow key from the red ball.

  4. Click the following keys in order: 1W, 3W, 5W, 6W, 5B. This releases a yellow key from the blue ball.

  5. Click the following keys in order to release a key from the purple ball: 6W, 5W, 4W, 3W, 2W, 1B, 2W.

  6. Finally, click the following keys in order to release the key from the green ball: 2W, 5W, 6W, 9W.

  7. Drag each of the yellow keys that dropped down from the balls and drag them over the outline of a larger white key. In turn, the 5 lights will turn green.

  8. Click the "X WIN" button. If you don't do this, you don't win!

FOX McCLOUD February 13, 2008 12:55 PM

for people who are just plain LAZY
heres the walkthrough
the numbers mean which key from the left
b#= key number on black row
w#= key number on white row
(w5 is on every sequence)

w3, w5, w6, b5, w7, w9, w10


b4, w5, b2, w1


w1, w3, w5, w6, b5


w6, w5, w4, w3, w2, b1, w2


w2, w5, w6, w9


Ainegue July 10, 2008 5:29 PM

It was an okay I suppose. I guess what I didn't like the trial an error thing. Made the game lose it's challenge and just kinda became a chore after a while. If there was some kind of Level 2, or something...

Short, easy, and rather annoying. Not my type of game, unfortunately. )=


Wow, this was great.

Got them all but the purple one on my first try.

Then I clicked something by mistake and I had to start over!

So I used the loading time to check on here for the purple one and when I found out that:

the purple key involved using a key twice

I tested it out and eventually got it:

Careful the next one reveals an answer:

you sure?

ok, the purple one involves pressing the Last but one in the sequence
That doesnt mean click the last one twice:
find out the sequence without that repitition, then repeat the penultimate key then.


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