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Katja's Escape: The Pharaoh's Tomb

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Katja's Escape: The Pharaoh's Tomb

I thought we'd all agreed by now (and by "we" I mean "every piece of pop culture under the sun") that exploring ancient tombs is a bad idea. Too bad Carmel Games' heroine didn't get the message, because in Katja's Escape: The Pharaoh's Tomb, the titular intrepid explorer is now trapped inside the dark ruins, and to escape, WE NEED TO GO DEEPER... sorry. To play, just click on things to interact when the cursor changes colour or shape, and pay close attention to your surroundings for clues or secret mechanisms, of which the place is lousy with. Katja's Escape: The Pharaoh's Tomb is still on the really short side, best for players who have literally five minutes or so to spare, but its handful of puzzles are all pleasantly logical without being particularly demanding. Personally, if I were going to go to the trouble of booby-trapping my resting place to keep people out, I wouldn't leave ciphers and deactivation items strewn around... nah, just a good ol' boulder for head crushing balanced above the entryway, but I guess I'm just a purist.

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DANG. Carmel Games makes games Super Quick!!!

VoxPopuli42 August 24, 2015 2:22 PM

That was actually kind of frustrating in its easiness. The logic of the

Color block puzzle made no sense to me. Some of the color blocks had entirely different numbers from other blocks that had the exact same colors, but rotated.

And yet, the ? box, despite being a rotated version of the color block below, had apparently the exact same numbers associated with it.

I generally like Carmel Games despite their goofiness, but this one just fell flat for me

fuzzyface August 24, 2015 2:46 PM

OMG the voice acting...

-=MarkR=- August 24, 2015 4:59 PM

Too easy, so 3/5.
Too bad, I do like these kind of games. But hardly even had to think this time...


PHARAOH not PHAROAH. And this is not a typo (3 times in text, and another in the link).


VoxPopuli42, I think you were trying to assign more meaning to the color block puzzle than what was there.

You simply had to find the block that could fit in the space, matching up all colors, including the corners.



Take the handle from the vase near the door. Go to the next room and press the immersed triangle stone on the wall to open the door.
Go to the end of the tomb and grab the piece of paper lying in the corner. Looking at it, we have 4-3-7-6-10-? Every second digit is the last number subtracted by 1. Thus the last number and the code for the lock next to the cat statue will be


From the newly found half page we can find out the pattern for the 4 digit crate lock. Note that the correct picture needs to be rotated in order to match the puzzle. The numbers are different each time you play the game, but the correct picture is always

the 4th one, from left to right

Go to the well and use the pickaxe to get the gem off the stone. Go to the sarcophagus and place the gem in the hole. Use the perfume to get rid of the spider above the well. Put the handle in the hole and rotate it.
The bottle from the well can be broken on the heavy rock at the entrance of the tomb. To get the second piece of the scroll, use the glass to cut off the counterweight.
At the entrance, click on the bright stone on the wall (2nd stone, right to left). The pattern can be seen on the two scroll pieces and it is

eye, human, waves, cow.


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