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I haven't been just sitting around playing games these last few days, though the project I'm working on is as fun as playing one. For the Programming for Digital Media class I'm taking this quarter (4002-434) we are working on a concept called: Smart Agents. These agents are characters of our own design, though referred to as Turtles based on their similarities to those of the Logo programming language. I chose to draw Scorpions as my smart agents, both for the play on words and for their gangly legs and tails which serve to add to the desired effect: they dance around the stage changing color and direction like a kaleidoscope - hence the name: Kaleidoscorpions!

It's not entirely done yet, though it's rather entertaining in its current form, just click on the image or the link above to view the movie. I still have to add an element of user interaction, and I plan on animating each individual scorpion. Stay tuned!

Update: Kaleidoscorpions is completed!

Play Kaleidoscorpions


WOW! There really isn't any game-play to it, but it's beautiful just the same. Very relaxing. And very trippy.

The best setting is eleven scorps and let the auto-pilot do its thang.

Nice job. I can't wait to see what other fun stuff you create.


very cool, i could play with those little buggers for hours.


Thank you. =)

You've made my day.

Daddaluma March 28, 2005 9:39 AM

I can't watch this for too long, or I start thinking about real scorpions and then I get desparately paranoid.

Too bad you had to pick scoprions. The only worse thing you could have picked would have been spiders . . .

Kristofski June 23, 2005 5:54 PM

I agree with Daddaluma, apart from the bit about spiders being worse. I was really really enjoying gazing at the dancing in a zombified state, until the legs started moving, which I really couldn't handle. It is pretty ace, if only it was cute fluffy bunnies or something...


hehe, this reminds me a lot of a crazy theme park ride i was on last week. ^_^ cute! I can do scorpions, but thank you bunches for not choosing spiders. ~lol~


You have done a magnificent job, this is fun-art.


Nice job bro. I'm glad to see the artist in you comming out. Good looking site too.

quackling January 17, 2006 2:05 PM

This is quite mesmerizing - donno if you're still doing anything like this, but I'd really like to be able to change the size and individual colours. It's not a dig, I think it's great; I couldn't do anything like this, the closest I can get to animation is in Power point!


How fun! I loved making flowers and designs with this kaleidescope :) Keep up this stuff :)

fairyhedgehog February 16, 2006 4:03 AM

That is so cool! And I like the scorpions, they give such interesting patterns. I like playing with the screenshot function. Really nice!


Thanks very much. =)

quackling - although it isn't possible to change the size, that's done automatically; you can, however, change the color of the scorpions by clicking on any color in the vertical spectrum strip along the right side of the window.


Haha, that's cool. I made a pretty flower... composed of multi-colored scorpions... how often do you get to make that statement?! Awesome job!!!


Please put up an html link, Jay. For some reason, the Javascript links often don't work for my computer. Love the site, though. I come here almost everyday.


Sorry, Boo. I made the Kaleidoscorpions! text an HTML link in the entry. I also added it here for you convenience. =)



Eh...it doesn't work. The auto-pilot sucks. You can't change the color of the scorpions. All in all, it gets a 0/10.


It works fine. You can change the color of the scorpions, just click on the desired color in the Kaleidoscorpions logo. Your review sucks anonymous coward, as it provided no worthwhile constructive nor accurate information; I rate your review 0/10. =p

Anonymous Coward, that's me. February 3, 2007 1:08 PM

Look, Jay. It's not meant to start an argument, or anything I just don't like the game. Mmmkay?


Nice game, Jay!

I have a question: What do the numbers on the side bar do? I clicked on "Eleven" and nothing happened. I thought that would clear the scorpions I had and make 11 more come, but nothing happened. Help?


How artful and clever! Reminds me of the June Taylor Dancers from the old Jackie Gleason Show, or maybe one of those spectacular Esther Williams swimming routines. Well done.


Wow, this is a great webtoy although I found a glitch. If you change the settings so that the original scorpions move out of the screen, they don't leave the screen at all. They simply remain frozen at the corner of the screen and 5 new scorpions come in.


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