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Just another blog update

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Casual GameplayWelcome to Jayisgames' Casual Gameplay, simply the best selection of (mostly) free casual games you will find on the Web today. We have been here reviewing casual games most likely longer than any other site on the Web, since 2003. We could probably claim that we were the world's first site dedicated to reviewing casual games. But I loathe to make such a self-serving statement as that.

And yes, this is a blog. It is a reverse chronological series of entries, and each one carries with it its own discussion. Just click on the entry's title, or the "comments" link at the bottom, to read what other visitors are saying about the game being reviewed.

Now, you might be thinking, "yeah, so what?"

Well, after the last couple of years of explosive growth in traffic and usage to nearly 1.5 million page views per month, quite frankly our usage has leveled off in recent months. Whether this is due to summer holidays and outside activities, school not being in session, or what have you, I'm not sure.

But there is something you can do to help.

Our reputation for highlighting some of the best, innovative, and most unusual casual games available has reached far and wide. In fact, I believe our success in this area is one of the reasons for our growth tapering off. It may not come as a surprise to you, but this site is visited and watched by a great number of other sites that also feature games for you to play. Once we post something here it will often appear on many, many other sites simply because they saw it here and therefore know it must be good.

Unfortunately, that means any exclusivity we have for our hard work finding, testing, and reviewing these games is reduced to mere hours, and then the games are available all over. While this is great news for game developers and it pleases me a great deal to be helpful in getting the word out about their outstanding creative work, I feel that there are a great number of potential visitors that still don't know about us.

So, now you might be thinking, "How can I help?"

I'm glad you asked. =)

  • Tell your family and friends about our site.
  • Post a link to our site on your website, blog, or favorite forum.
  • When we post a review to a new game, add your voice to the discussion by posting some constructive criticism. What did you like? What didn't you like? What improvements would you like to see? Many times the developers themselves visit the review page for their game and your feedback is very valuable to them.
  • Use the "digg" and "del.icio.us" links at the bottom of each review to share it with others that use those very popular services.
  • Have a favorite game that hasn't been reviewed here? Submit a link to it using the Suggest a game form, a link to which can be found in the menu on every page.
  • If you're a game developer that appreciates what we do, please consider giving us advance notice and a link to your game so that we may have the chance to review it first.
  • If you are a game developer without a server to host your game on, consider allowing us to host it for you.
  • If you are a game designer, enter our game design competitions. In fact, there's one going on now!
  • Do you love to write about games as we do? Consider joining our team of reviewers. While this won't help the traffic situation directly, it can help indirectly by allowing us to spend more time with site improvements that may in-turn lead to improved visitor retention.
If you can think of anything else to help spread the word, or to make this a more popular destination for casual gamers, please post it in the comments. Your help is appreciated.

And most of all, thank you kindly for your visits! =)


red_penguin August 16, 2006 2:37 PM

I think the reason is because lately Jay you have been putting fewer game link/reviews on the site and most of the games are sub-par in comparison to the games you used to show. Post more good games and your people will come back.

I come to the site every day but often leave disappointed because I found an update on a contest or something instead of a cool game. I think that many people do not have as much patience as I do. It is these people who have abandoned this blog. Your devoted fans can put up links to the site, but until you start putting on some great games expect to not see more than a short burst of newcomers who will promptly leave when they realize this blog is currently running on [email protected] like bullet bill. I love this blog but at the moment it's like waking up every morning eating toast with out anything on it. Please for the sake of the fans find some good games.

On the other hand if you can't find good games tell us about yourself or something. I'm sure you're an interesting person.

Anyway I hope this helps


Thanks for your input, red_penguin. And I'm sorry that you feel that way about the quality of games we've been featuring.

While it is true that it is very difficult to consistently find exceptional games, there is usually something exceptional in every game we choose to review. But I can appreciate that not everyone sees that.

And I doubt people come here to read about me. My life is boring. I much prefer talking about other folks' creative achievements. =)


Jay, small spelling mistake:
'game design compeitions.'

BTW, 1.5 million page views per month!? Wow, you're pretty popular Jay ^_^.



I don't even remember how I stumbled across your site last summer but when I did it was like the skies opened up and angels started singing - I felt like I had happened upon not only a well-developed and well-thought out site, but a site with many many goodies on it and no additional nonsense whatsoever. So for a couple of days I would come to your site and squinch up my eyes and say (inside my head), what are these guys angling for? What's the catch? What terrible thing will happen to my computer if I open up one of these here games? Will it explode? Will I explode? Will I be hit with even more spam or fall prey to a hard drive eating virus? Where's the ads? Where's the hype?

Eventually I came to the conclusion that you were generously sharing game knowledge and wisdom and that was pretty much it. So, basically, since August 2004, I've been going to your site on a daily basis and yakking to anyone who will listen how in love I am with JayIsGames.com. Seriously. Like madly passionately and over the moon. The only site that ranks any higher on my radar (that could be called non-work related) would be the msnbc blog in the science section by some guy named Will. And the gossip sites that are incendiary and salacious (saves me money on magazines, that's for sure!)

I will comment a bit more (this is my first comment) on the actual games from time to time and continue to profess my love for your site. Your site basically gives me an outlet during the day that I can go to and let off some steam or temporarily turn off my brain before returning to my work. It's very helpful except for in the case of Makos and that Brain Game (with the 10 different problem solving thingies) which basically kind of took over work for a couple of days. Sigh. Sometimes love demands that kind of commitment.

As far as less people coming to the site, I think that is the nature of the beast - things wax and wane like the seasons - and it is also the old adage "you can please some of the people some of the time . . . " - I've noticed that you try very hard to have a vast array of games - different styles, types, etc. and perhaps some people checked out the site for a couple of days and were like, well this is stupid, rather than hanging in there and fully appreciating the riches.

Would any payment be involved if I, say, got your website temporarily tatooed in a strategic location on my body? Ha ha just joking, I am a financial planner and cleavage is sometimes appreciated but in a general a bad practice.

Good luck with the site and I look forward to many days to come, spent in luxurious and blissful adoration.

Apologies for being so long-winded, I tend to be long-winded whenever I write, in general. But really, Jay, your site just makes me feel all effusive. Even when the car is having problems and the cat is sick and my hair is sticking up and I've got a headache - ! ! ! I am never disappointed and am constantly impressed.


PS Nobody's life is that boring even if it "is boring". But I think your ability to stick with the topic (games ! games ! games!) is very admirable. I for one am unable to do so. Ever. Best of luck with your endeavors and I hope you make Time Magazines "Top 50 Websites" next year. I was sad to see that you weren't on it but happy to see that drawn.ca was on it because that site rocks, too.


Cheers, TerrorByte. Fixed.

Popular: maybe. But I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep.

Laura: you leave me speechless, and with tears welled in my eyes. Thank you.


You are most welcome. Continue bringing the love down through the fiber optic cables, into my building, through my computer and into my happy little brain!!

PS I leave a lot of people speechless. Unfortunately it is usually some sort of faux-pas of epic proportions and also because I am a buxom (ha!)redhead which tends to stop most people in and of itself. I'm like a super smart chick but I can tend to come off as a dingbat. What the hell is a dingbat, anyhow? (note to self: google dingbat)

PPS I doubt robert frost had any inkling that his poem about suicide would be so beautifully quoted "online" (imagine wrapping your mind around that about 40 years ago) on a game blog. Now you've brought tears to MY eyes. I am verklempt. (note to self: get more kleenex)


Jay and co.

I discovered your site sometime in early 2004. Since then, this site has been on my "Favorites" list, of which 12 or so are regulars --ones I hit up several times a week.

Some games are not my cup of tea, but as a whole, I have found this site to be top notch in content. I know that every click I make will lead me to a quality game. Somedays, I will find myself addicted and drawn in (Eyezmaze stuff, Spybotics, game of sand, to name a few...), and other times, merely nodding my head at a job well done. You are clearly committed to casual games, and in all this time, I don't think you have ever "sold out." That is commendable in this age of internet gimmicks. I will definitely make an effort to up my frequency of comments, though I tend to be sparse in comments as a whole.

All that to say thanks for a quality site which I will continue to recommend to family and friends.


Your site is great and you are a great guy to talk to also! Keep doing what you're doing and slowly people will pour support in--I know I'm trying!


Cheers, masaki! =)
Cheers, Adam! =)

Time and time again you folks prove to me that we are doing something right by the wonderful comments you leave, which actually makes me even more determined to get the word out so that others may enjoy our warm community of discerning casual gamers, too.


Jay, as I've told you before I love this site. I've been crazy about it since Exmortis. I do however notice something here that I'm not really enjoying. Ok, here goes. I don't like other people reviewing the games. Sorry. I've just come to enjoy hearing from you. So, while I may play the games I no longer read the written word unless it's yours.
It's not that they are poorly written, they're just not you.



Thank you, Lee, for your feedback as well.

Your comment leaves me with a bittersweet feeling. Sweet because the sentiment is honest, sincere and kind, and I appreciate that you enjoy reading what I have to say.

But if this site is to succeed, I simply must have the help and support of a community of reviewers that contribute their efforts, views, and perspectives by writing about the many games that I am unable to get to myself. Furthermore, this site requires significant effort behind the scenes just to keep it running and current with technology, features and innovation. I simply cannot do it all myself.

And, I hope someday soon to be able to pursue my own game development interests and to share my creations here with this community.

So, I urge you and everyone that may share your sentiments to please consider opening your hearts and minds to the other kind souls that step up to the plate and bat for me so I can tend to other important endeavors. =)


Oh... you want... traffic? I expected you to be asking for donations when I started reading this post! Silly me!

I've only been visiting this site for a month or two, but I visit daily. There are definitely some decent games to be found here. I'll put your link here and there, but I don't expect a huge response. I geuss that every drop in the bucket counts, ayy?


Aye, that it does! And cheers for doing your part, Hoax. =)

While donations are certainly accepted and appreciated, I've found that ad revenue is more reliable. =)



I can't find a better site on the internet for finding good games and having well written reviews about those games. The community here is fantastic and what you have done with this site is amazing. You are the first website that comes up when I type "casual flash games" on Google.com. (Unfortunatly, you are the first site on the fourth page when I type in "flash games.")

On the topic of recent "not as fun games," I would like to point out something. Games, good games, seem to come in cycles. This cycle is usually started by one or two games of exeptional quality, and from that game inspiration springs, leading other Flash artists to create more original and delightful games. But what waxes must wane, although I have never seen a bee wane, (or a human for that matter,) and this is what happens when other games are in development or not enough publicity is spread. Jay, what you do is spread that publicity and help these artists get the hits they need to make making another game worth their time. Right now we seem to be in the waning part of this cycle, something that some people like to blame on this website, which is completly irrational considering the fact that this site only finds games, doesn't (usually) create them.

I can only hope that we see some more exeptional games soon, I don't say this to slight the creators of the more recent games showcased on this site, because some, quite frankly, are amazing. It's just that, well, some games have a little something extra in them, something that Jayisgames often brings into the mix itself, and that is a sense of community. Something that appeals to many and brings the JIG community together as a whole, discussing the game and how to beat it! This is often the most exciting part of the game, talking about it after playing it and sharing the gratitude towards Jay for finding the game and towards the artist for creating it.

Jay, I will do everything I can to get more publicity to your site, and I already have spread the word to a fair amount of people, and will continue to. Not because you want us to, but because we enjoy the site so much and want others to as well. Please, please keep up the good work Jay, and to all the people who work with Flash, makes games with JIG in mind, remember that there will always be a place for good games on the internet and, well, 1.5 million (individual, Jay?) hits a month is a nice reward for your hard work.



Hey Jay,

I must say that I think your site is the best one on games around... divirsity wise that is! Almost every game imaginable on the web is reviewed on a level I don't find on any other site... And of course I've told everyone around about it, and still do! Don't despair pal... we are here!

Cheers, Ray


Cheers, Imok. I agree with the idea of cycles, waxing and waning as Laura, too, suggested. I've often noted that it's "feast or famine" around here with respect to finding good quality games to review. Oh, did you know you can just type "jay" in Google to find us? ;)

With respect to "page views", that is not the same as individuals. There is no website logging software than can accurately track the number of unique individuals that visit a website. Pages viewed, on the other hand, can be and is often relevant when discussing ad revenue.

And cheers to you Ray! I appreciate the vote of confidence. There is no despair felt here, I'm just sounding the alarm for comrades in arms. We're on a roll, but we need all the help we can get. =)


This is trivial compared to others' comments and suggestions, but what about making the entry tags fully functional? (Perhaps they are in other browsers, but in Firefox 1.0.7 I can't click on them, and in viewing the source code they don't appear to be clickable.)

If someone came by your blog once, and enjoyed, say, a logic game you had posted, it would be nice if they could click on the logicgame tag and find all games in that category. As it stands now, going through the massive archives can be tedious, but maybe some visitors would stay longer, and come back more often, if they could use tags to navigate the archives.


Becky - an excellent idea. In fact, I am pleased to report that a comprehensive tagging and filtering system is under development at this very moment. Instead of waiting until everything is done, I've decided to roll out changes as they are implemented, hence the informational tags without any functionality at present.

Rest assured, it's coming, and hopefully very soon!


I think the tagging idea is great, as is the favorite (which i know has been there forever) because i just stick games in there that i want to play but don't have a chance at the moment, or whatever.

I know you work with other sites, such as lazylaces, my other daily rss feed, (Maybe your population isn't going down, maybe more and more are just subscribing to your rss? just a thought...) but maybe you could have them link to you, as you do to them? (i don't know/remember if they already have links) but i think if you get your site out on other sites people enjoy, they'll come here too. one can never have too many wonderful game sites bookmarked!

keep up the excellent work!


You have been linky linkied:



I like the site just as it is...

true the recent games havent been as good, but thats just the latest, and I haven't found any better so can't complain!

I hope that someday I'll create a game good enough to be posted here!

Keep up the good work jay!


Jay, I promise to always keep a good attitude when coming here. I do like to read your words though, so there. :P

Lee (a fan for life!)


So THAT is what the tagging and filtering system is all about. Very nifty...


Can you provide a banner to your website? Hopefully something buttony small, with that cute little jayisgame guy on it?

I'd love to put it on my sidebar.



Ever since I found your website this summer via Robert Allen's Foon website, I have come back daily to see what neat little internet tidbits you have posted. I've found many great games, including Travian and Tonypa's neat little collection, through your reviews, and you have created a wonderful little diversion to help myself with a long day. I greatly appreciate your service, even more so now with the game design competition (I'm still working on my entry). Naturally, I would be happy to add your link to my comic's sidebar, and I will remember to notify you if and when I manage to find the time to put out a game.

I wish you the best of luck in the future, and thank you once again for your generous service.

With thanks,

Fairygdmther August 16, 2006 7:12 PM

I've only been coming here for about 6 mos, but after about a week, I started to come here daily. I agree with all the others about this being the best source for casual games. Not only are they reviewed, but the comments are very helpful for when you get stuck.

I try to chime in as well, but most times someone else has already answered the current questions. I did recently post a map (or a link to one) for the rooms in submachine 1, the revised one, feeling it was my turn to contribute a bit.

I'm sorry to hear that your hit count is down - I've recommended this site to just about everyone I know of. I've tried some of those other sites you've mentioned, but they can't compare to yours, either in volume or quality.

My only request, which you addressed above to Becky, is that filtering is really needed. There are simply too many good games here to wade through in the archives. My preference is for room escape and logic puzzles. I do also play many of the little arcade type, but not the action kind. I'm an old lady, 60 on my next birthday, and love PC games. I'm a forum admin on an adv gaming site, a small one - MysteryManor.net. I'm going back there after I post this, and post a link to here.

One last thing - we don't always appreciate the best and simplest things unless someone brings it to our attention. Thank you for sharing this with us, it's part of what makes us a community!



We love your site at DonationCoder.com Jay and regularly feature games we discover from you (of course we always link to you as our source!). Keep up the great work.

Fairygdmther August 16, 2006 7:31 PM

Here is the link to the forum I'm the admin of with my comment to my members.





I haven't been following your site for an espessially long time(only about a year) but it seems like the games you recomend now are less interesting and exiting than they used to be. I think maybe you could fix this by having some sort of ratings system that lets people quickly rate a game instead of having to post a comment on thae days game. If a big audience is imporatant to you than you could use the rating to see what themes are popular and stick to those themes.

Also, I would be glad to put a link up on my page. However, perhaps you could design a link slightly more attractive like your support jig guy and give us the code for it.
Loving your site,


I haven't left a comment before, but this seems a good time.

I've been a daily visitor for some time now, and watched games from here show up days/weeks/months later on Metafilter and suchlike with amusement. I recommend the site to the casual game fans and developers I know, but will do so a little more vehemently now.

To the point - you and the guest editors do a *great* job. I disagree that the games have been of reduced quality lately, but there's no accounting for taste. I come here for inspiration on my own projects, or to pass some coffee break time at work. Almost as much as the games themselves though, I enjoy the analysis in the posts and comments - they're full of insights into game design and culture that are pithy, practical, and powerful.

So - keep up the good work, and I appreciate the frankness. I bet a lot of us silent fans will try to do what we can, and I bet there's a lot of us.


I don't comment much here, but I do visit often. JIG is in my feed list, so I visit whenever there is an update. It is the only games site in my feed list, and when I was paring down the list from almost a hundred feeds to 35 (because I decided I was spending way too much time slogging through my feed list every day), I didn't even hesitate before deciding to keep it.

There are a lot of things I love about JIG: the care and effort that goes into each of the reviews, the general level of quality of the games reviewed (I've become addicted to some of the recent games), and the ease of use of the site itself. I used to stop by and pick from the Recommended sidebar area, and then I learned how to use the Favorites--now all my favorite games are on the sidebar.

If I could make one suggestion about the favorites function, though: so many games have been reviewed here at JIG that the full page of games seems to go on forever, and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason in the listing of the games. It can also be very difficult to pick out a particular game when there are so many thumbnails. For some of the games I've had to open up the source, find the name of the game there, and then look to see what's around it in hopes that I will recognize something. It's a very time-consuming process. Maybe it's just me, but it would be a lot easier to pick out favorites if the list were alphabetized.

I'm also a little disappointed at times when I see an update related to a contest or other non-game entry, but not too disappointed. After all, this site is devoted to games and game development, so that's understandable.

Other than that, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the work you've put into the site. There are a lot of people who appreciate it. One of these days I will have a links page on my site again, and JIG will be there.



I love your site. I found you off a yahoo add-on and for a while I visited every day. But, and isn't there always a but, I got turned off by the increase of download only games. Not that I'm adverse to downloading, it's just that they were all Windows only. And I'm a tried and true Mac user. I felt just a little shut out so I ventured out and starting visiting other sites.

I do always come back and I don't see that changing. I know that if I'm in need of a good game to occupy my time your archive is the first place I visit.

And to echo another poster/commenter, if you could supply us with code, I'd be very happy to add your link to any page I can.

Thanks for all your hard work!


"Maybe it's just me, but it would be a lot easier to pick out favorites if the list were alphabetized." I have gotta agree with that. Especially since I empty my cookies periodically!

But I do really, really like the contests and, well, yeah. They are great and it gives reluctant programmers a goal to shoot for.


Cheers, people! Wow. Your words of support are very encouraging, your deeds of linkage appreciated, and your feedback is most helpful to me to plan priorities for future development of the site.

Yes, the edit Favorites page is in dire need of an overhaul. It was designed a long time ago when there were far fewer games than there are now. Although I think the current DHMTL implementation is slick, it still doesn't work in IE, and the script will sometimes cause the browser to think it is timing out and therefore pop-up an alert. Of course, allowing it to continue works just fine and it finally does render the entire page, though with no rhyme nor reason as Suho1004 pointed out.

And then there's the game icons being added back to the All Games page. I had removed them a while back due to bandwidth problems, and I am working on a redesign of that page now to include them if an entry has one.

Look for these improvements soon. =)


Yeah, that page IS pretty slick! Cheers! and where is my daily game? :P Just kidding!


Oh yeah, I posted a link on a forum I am the admin of, nothing too big though. Actually, very small, about 40 people. Oh well!


I love your site, Jay, I have ever since a friend referred me over a year ago. I still check back daily, and I probably will unless some drastic horrible change happens.

I will say though, I agree the favorites system needs an overhaul, and the search feature has been less than helpful anytime I've used it.

I also have another suggestion: We have a huge group of people who read and comment here all the time; have you ever thought of putting up some forums? And/or setting up a room on an IRC server?


Regardless, like I said, I love the site, and always will.


WOOHOO- every night i go online 4/7 nights a week, (work schedule stuff) this is the very first place I visit. This is also the only decent game-blog I know of that posts something almost every night, sometimes around 5 posts a night, and up to 10 or so. I really value that in a game-site. I just felt like expresing my gratuitous appreciation. Or something.

Also- I've seen a lot of little tool-shack sites that start out nice and socialable and, as soon as they start getting a big audience, act like some big, money-crazed corperation. You haven't done that, and your the sam JIG team we've all come to know and enjoy.

I hope I can really help out. I know on the real cscale of things that almost anything I do will only be a microscopic spec of a differance, but I'll do what I can.

If that wise, wise saying is true, "When you die, If you've been bad, you go to the internet," then I think I'd spend eternety here; at Jay Is Games. -MANAX


Hey, are there any artists in the house? Anyone good enough with graphics that might like to throw together some buttons to put up on the site for people to use on their own sites? I'll come up with the code for each one.

If interested, I can provide you with any vector art you need from the logos and creatives used in all of the banners you've seen here.


Jarod mentioned a banner. It would be fun to have 'Support JIG' kind of a puzzle on my Web pages =D

Is it possible the get it linked to JIG frontpage?


Jay, could you hop on AIM perhaps?


I'd be happy to make you a button, Jay, but I can't do it right away...I'm kind of in the middle of a lot of important stuff right now. When I have some free time I'll send you an email.


Hey, Jay. I just looked at this little doodad on the internet. You type in the name of your website, and it tells you how much it's worth.

It gave you $15,000

I got 14 dollars -MANAX


(first time comment... call it inspiration) i've been faithfully keeping up with your site for half a year now and i must say that you have helped awaken in me a desire to be conscious of the element of design within casual games. perhaps i speak for others when i say your site has been a part of my transformation from a mere player to an informed one.


Amor Lassie, what a wonderful suggestion! =)

Just for you, and for anyone else that might like to add the JIGame on your own website, just click the "Add this game to your website" link underneath the puzzle game to reveal the code you'll need to copy and paste into your own website template or HTML file.

That game links to the JIG home page. Cheers! =)


Thanks Jay, it works fine and looks nice. I added it to my blog pages first and I shall add it to several other sites as well. Now the only problem is that I have to start advertizing my own web sites too :->


Hey! It looks great on that page! =D

Cheers! And good luck with the website advertising. Let me know if you want me to make you a puzzle with your picture on it. ;)


What can I say that has yet to be said?

I come here every day, because despite being occasionally dissapointed, you put up fantastic games that make coming here worthwhile. (check)

I do try to share your site with friends, though I only have made a repeat visitor of one, and he has no internet access except when he comes over here.

I also agree with attempting to organize the site more, and am pleased to hear the such efforts are already being made. (check)

Oh, and even with the best of games, this site definitely makes its living off the comments and the interaction of the community - I just love how people on here work together to tackle a game, to help each other and such. I also like being a part of that, when I get to a game early enough. :)

So keep up the good work, and hopefully soon, the word will start spreading itself. There can never be too much of a good thing, yes?


Oh and I do find myself having to mention that one of the things I enjoy a lot about this place is how you find time to join in the interaction of the community - and how you do that, on top of *everything else* that you do, is a mystery to me. Do you have a secretary with daily itineraries or something? :p


Hi Jay,

I've sent you an email before and I've also used the suggest a game feature on this website to inform you about our game The Exchange Student (www.theexchangestudent.com) but I never heard back from you guys. I'm wondering if you ever received my email? Anyway, the game is coming out tomorrow, so we would be glad if you covered it.


I may as well join the love-in currently occurring and confess my adoration for Jay is Games.

I came to this just over a year and a half ago (I think) because of your really detailed analysis of Nanaca Crash, which is a game that I still love.

After a few days of that I noticed the mysterious pictures on the left. After tentatively clicking one, I realised that this site was not just a fansite for Nanaca Crash, but a site with lots of games. The two weeks following that are a blur.

Anyway, to conclude: I really love the site, I love all of its games (I've played every single one), it's brilliantly designed and you're a great guy. That's all.


Hi Jay. I have thanked you many times for your great site, both in the view of game player and the game developer. Now I thank you once again, surely not for the last time. I have been your daily visitor since I found this site in March 2006. I found it from my site's referrals as you had reviewed my very first game, SameGame.

By the way, I wrote a blog entry to our ooPixel site. I can also promise you to be always the first to know when we are publishing new games.

And Jay, you see it as a bad thing that people are copying games from your site. It surely is, but there is also a good thing in it. It makes your site a very desirable way to get your games spread fast.

Oh, and a bug report:
When you preview your comment, name, email and URL seems to disappear...


I've sent the site's address to my family and many of my friends. I should have done that ages ago.

I've been logging into this site every morning for over a year. Keep up the excellent work.



Somewhere in TJ's imagination:
Hi, my name is TJ and I'm a room escape game addict.
Hi, TJ!

I've been reading the other posts and I've been trying to put into words what I like so much about your site; why it stands out. I've decided that what I appreciate most is actually thoughtfulness. You have made this a comfortable place to "play with others." And since it is comfortable, we can mostly play well. I appreciate it. The tagging/filtering is the only desire I have.


what else can I say that hasn't been said elsewhere? I remember I first found jig when looking for a hint for the excellent "Warbears". Since then, I'm a daily visitor. I love JIG for 2 reasons, first it's the best source of fine web games - there's an endless supply of free web games on the web, but those featured in JIG are the most interesting, creative, challenging, innovative, well-done. Second, the community is fantastic. Beating a game like hapland with the help of the JIG community is twice the fun (and attempting to do so without it is pointless!)
Cheers Jay, thank you for your daily work and all the best for JIG!!


I forgot to add- a dingbat is the screw that holds a lampshade onto a lamp. It's not exactly a finial. The highly decorative ones are usually called finials. Believe it or not, I actually learned that in school. I've heard other definitions of dingbat, but I don't remember them.


MANAX - I got $8 ;)
and I'll have a go at making some buttons If wanted (and if I have time)...
Do we want them made as a flash file with cool rollover effects, or as plain, simple GIF/PNG/JPG (whatever comes out smallest file size while looking ok)


Did my previous post got lost somewhere since it has not appeared?

Anyway, I guess that plain (not animated nor flash) buttons would be the best. I am mostly interested in small buttons of size 88x31 and 80x15 and I would link to jayisgames if nice button of either size was available.


Jay, if you post a vector I'd love to make a button or two.

I can't say much that everyone else hasn't already said.. I am just another JIG addict. I've been coming here for.. well, I don't remember, probably a couple years now, and I don't intend to stop! Definitely agree on changing the favorites system, and I look forward to the completed tagging system :)


While I never intended this post to turn into a testimonial magnet, it sure has been nice to read everyone's comments. The continued outpouring of love and support from the community here has been an amazing experience for me throughout the years. Thank you kindly.

As far as buttons are concerned, AndrewWrym and I got on AIM last evening and chatted about a few things. I've forwarded to him a zip file filled with various images and things I've created for the site's banners and such. If anyone would like to try their hand at creating buttons or graphics for the site, I've uploaded the zip file. Right-click to save. Feel free to be creative! I'd love to see what people come up with. Cheers!


I have added your site yet again to Stumbled Upon. I'll keep it sticky towards the top of my page. Cheers Jay!


Jay, folks, please consider making more of those interactive banners like 'Support JIG' on the left side margin where you have to play yourself to JIG. Actually that could be the topic for next game competition: little flash games, which are also JIG adds.


Hey Jay, being games developers we truly appreciate your site and the exposure it has given our games. I just saw the topic and felt we show our support. Rest assured when we put our new website up shortly you will have a link from us at Nitrome :)

Keep up the good work!!



I love your site, and check it 4-5 times a day. I see many great games on here! but I must agree whith others that I haven't seen a game that really caught my intrest in awhile. I also like how you didn't fill the page with ad's. It really makes it look better!
I hope this site finds some really good games soon!

P.S. I'm pokey from gpoker.


Ditto the good things everyone else said.

JIGs is a consistant bright spot in my fairly spastic web surfing. I will try to be more involved in the community surrounding it to show my appreciation :)


Hey Jay,
This is my first comment ever. When I came to this site, it was really a shock to me that you could filter out all the crap and give me good games. Even now, with the dolphin thing and dice wars, it's awesome, as well as the java 4k games (where i discovered miner4k, an AWESOME game). Anyway, I think there are way too many point and click and escape the room games. I suspect this may be addressed in the above comments but i couldn't read them all. Al in all, I shall continue coming here and begin digging up your site.
thanks for all the games


Jay, Jay, Jay. (sigh) How do you do it? Laura took most of the words out of my mouth, but I believe I can spit out some more. I, too, was worried about worms, cookies, adware. There has got to be a catch, nothing is free; certainly not something that you truely enjoy, and not something that so obviously has a lot of work put into it.
Not only is the site updated regularly with games but you personally respond back to our emails. And you take time to constantly try to improve the format and structure of the site. Plus, you are going to graduate school. Additionally, you do this while avoiding the questionable, less tasteful sites. Moreover you take the time to explain succinctly and simply, the more technical aspects of gaming programing or accessing. Furthermore, your site attracts even keeled people less apt to respond to trolling and recognize inflamatory statements are a waste of electronic space.
Ultimately, YOU are the reason people visit your site. Whether it is your personal input or your aesthetic choice of games or something more ethereal, you have put your exclusive imprint on the site. So accept the kudos, turn crimson red and allow the effervescence to fuel another year of exhaustion.
Now to address why there seems to be less interest... Personally, I had developed an addiction to the site and had to wean myself off until I learned to use JIG in moderation. I was getting nothing done and having a good time doing nothing. So I have limited myself to twice a week, that way the dishes get washed.
PS Invite us all to the graduation. You might be surprised who all turns up.
Cheers fellow JIGers!


sorry jay, but i know another reason you might not be so poular - its the reason i dont stop by here everyday anymore - the reviews are TOO long. And I dont mind long reviews, but i just think you should do some short reviews too, like in the ol' days of the site. That way people (like me) who get put off by the long reviews will have fun, but the people who like the in-depth analysis will like the site too.


Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

Mat - you're awesome, and so are your games! =)

Aidan, sunshine, teddi, thank you kindly for your support.

me (not me, but the person signed "me" above) - I'm in awe of your kindness. I don't know what to say other than, thank you.

And thanks for your feedback, too, bored. If you like short reviews, you may like the new All Games page for just a quick summary of each game along with an icon, if it has one.


Love your site!! I've been coming here for a little less than a year and I have to say that when I found your site I was incredibly addicted. Every day and all day, lol! If I had to give a reason as to why I haven't been coming as often as I used to, it is because, through your site, I got addicted to Sudoku Combat, lol. Anyways, I have and still do spread word of your site to anyone and everyone! And afterwards most people thank me for recommending such a great site, a "gem" as one called it. Keep up the good work Jay and to everyone else if you love the site as much as I do, let's keep this baby going and going strong!! :)


Hi Jay,

I've got nothing to add to the former compliments. But being french, I'm surprised (as I would be being German, Italian, Spanish, Bengali or whateverian) that no one suggest translation in other languages as being a mean to increase traffic ?
You could have this done on a non-systematic and volunteer base, just tagging (when possible) the review with a "Available in [German, French, Chinese etc.] icon, and a "By langage of review" sub-menu. I'm sure a lot of multi langage speaking gamelovers would once a while be glad to translate one of your reviews for nothing ... or for something if you decide to.
And I don't agree with "drop the comments, show the plain list" comment. On the contary, I'm sure it's the quality of your (and your guest writers') comments that makes your site so attractive.

Hope it'l be helpful in the process !



Cheers, Jussi! I appreciate your kind words of support.

And also for the bug report about the comment preview form dropping the user's data, which should be fixed now! Thanks to your help. =)


Thanks, Elle and to you, too, Lez. =)

I hope I didn't miss thanking anyone. You're all so very kind. =)


Jay- I like those mental puzzles like escape the room games and the recently reviewed Mystery of Castle Wildenburg. It disappoints me little of those I see now on this site. Also the games aren't original any more. All we now are shoot em' ups and games that last for 2 minutes and then are boring or you beat it.

I've noticed that the games you review are usually better than the games reviewed by others. Why did you do this and how do you become one?


Aidan - it is difficult to strike a balance between all of the various types of casual games available, though we do try. And you can see from the various comments posted above that there is a disparity in the preferences for games by those who visit here.

For example, when we post escape-the-room or point-and-click games, I will often recieve complaints from those that prefer action games. Conversely, when we post action games, I will often receive comments from people that prefer to see more point-and-click games. I hope you can understand the unenviable "can't please everyone" situation we are in.

While there is no lack of either type of game available on the Web, finding games of exceptional quality is what we try to focus our efforts on. And sometimes there are periods in which there just doesn't seem to be anything exceptional worth mentioning. The summer season is a characteristically slow time for new game developments and announcements.

As far as the games I review being "better," perhaps your taste in games is more closely aligned to my own, and not necessarily that the games I choose are "better" per se?

If you wish to contribute to the site by writing reviews, please send me an email with a couple of samples of your writing and we'll take it from there. Cheers! =)


Well, I'm not sure how long it's been that I've been hooked on this site, but it's probably going on a year, and one of my favorite things to do, when sending emails to friends, is to write as my subject line- Jayisgames.com rules! or hey! go to Jayisgames.com! or I played this awesome game... you can find it at Jayisgames.com! So... that is my contribution, and I hope it helps in some small way... probably a very small way... but just for the record, I am trying. I wish you luck with running this site. It's one of my absolute favorites. And even when I get busy for awhile and can't make it back to the site every day, I always know I CAN go back and I'll have a bunch of games waiting for me, like a big birthday present. YAY! It's so exciting.

Jessica (aka sweetie)


incidentally, without even having checked this site in a while (i'm sorry!) i linked to you from my site- not that you'll get much traffic from that corner.


Wow, 1.5 mil per month! Congratulations Jay! It's been awhile since I visited, and your site definitely grew astronomically... Mostly due to, well, wonderful content!! :-)

Hope you're doing well Jay, and I'll sure spread the word about jayisgames.com. Keep the games coming!!



I really like your reviews. This is definitely the best site I know of to find good games online. Thanks! :)

I do agree that it could use some better way of finding games, like categories.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I'm working on a game and I once submit it to NG I'll send you a link right away! I guarantee that you will like it! I don't know how much it will help traffic to this site, but with your help promoting it, it could be very big.

Click my name to find out more about it. :)


They're not great, but a colour to suite every site!
Say the word and I'll send you the images Jay (or you can just download them from where they are, but they won't stay there for ever...)
Or say a different word and I'll g back to the drawing board (or graphics tablet I guess...




heh, your script takes out images...


I suggested some games few days ago, but I don't see them on your site....

aren't they good enought?

i try to do my best for you.


Hi Vink - Yes, I received them, and thank you kindly for the suggestions. We do receive many suggestions and we do our best to go through and play each of them to see if it is something that would work well on the site.

We are very picky about what games get reviewed, so please don't take it personally if something you request does not get chosen. Cheers!


hi jay

i perfectly understand that you couldn't review each game on the web and i don't take personnaly if you don't select my suggestions.
it's possible that my english speaking of a french guy couldn't be able to mesure the intensity of words and lets you think that i take it personnaly. nevermind, don't care about this.

here is a link of a french forum topic concerning flash games and animations where you could keep informed of new games.


nevertheless, the game of balance with the plate would be interresting with the wiimote (see your article concerning nintendo wii internet access)

i really enjoy surfing your site and discovering tons of little flash games.

thanks a lot




I can't find a better site on the internet for finding good games and having well written reviews about those games. The community here is fantastic and what you have done with this site is amazing. You are the first website that comes up when I type "casual flash games" on Google.com. (Unfortunatly, you are the first site on the fourth page when I type in "flash games.")

On the topic of recent "not as fun games," I would like to point out something. Games, good games, seem to come in cycles. This cycle is usually started by one or two games of exeptional quality, and from that game inspiration springs, leading other Flash artists to create more original and delightful games. But what waxes must wane, although I have never seen a bee wane, (or a human for that matter,) and this is what happens when other games are in development or not enough publicity is spread. Jay, what you do is spread that publicity and help these artists get the hits they need to make making another game worth their time. Right now we seem to be in the waning part of this cycle, something that some people like to blame on this website, which is completely irrational considering the fact that this site only finds games, doesn't (usually) create them.

I can only hope that we see some more exceptional games soon, I don't say this to slight the creators of the more recent games showcased on this site, because some, quite frankly, are amazing. It's just that, well, some games have a little something extra in them, something that Jayisgames often brings into the mix itself, and that is a sense of community. Something that appeals to many and brings the JIG community together as a whole, discussing the game and how to beat it! This is often the most exciting part of the game, talking about it after playing it and sharing the gratitude towards Jay for finding the game and towards the artist for creating it.

Jay, I will do everything I can to get more publicity to your site, and I already have spread the word to a fair amount of people, and will continue to. Not because you want us to, but because we enjoy the site so much and want others to as well. Please, please keep up the good work Jay, and to all the people who work with Flash, makes games with JIG in mind, remember that there will always be a place for good games on the internet and, well, 1.5 million (individual, Jay?) hits a month is a nice reward for your hard work.



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