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Jojo's Fashion Show

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Rating: 4.7/5 (107 votes)
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Jojo's Fashion Show

KarmenThe fashion business has changed quite a bit since Jojo Cruz took an early retirement a few decades back. So, now that her daughter, Rosalind, has convinced Jojo to make a comeback, is it any wonder that she needs your help? Grab your eye for style and get ready for Jojo's Fashion Show.

jojosfashionshow.jpgGamelab's latest release takes a new twist on the time management scene, combining casual creativity with classic career simulation. The game can be played in either of two modes. "Dress-up mode" is a leisurely, virtual version of paper dolls; mix and match outfits on a customizable model, accessorize, and admire. "Runway mode" challenges you to put together stylish outfits behind the scenes at some world famous fashion shows. Half-naked models breathlessly await your choices in attire, occasionally offering their opinions on the style: "Hot!" "Ew!" or "Totally rad!"

The runway mode includes series of shows in the fashion capitals of the world: New York, London, Sydney, Milan, Tokyo, and of course, Paris. During each show, you'll have to dress up to three models at a time. Various choices in tops, bottoms, and shoes will line up on the rack at the bottom of the screen, and can be mixed and matched in various ways. Rock & Roll or racy? Modest or valley girl chic? If you're the type who has trouble picking outfits, or gets accused of dressing in the dark, don't worry. Jojo and Rosalind are on hand to give advice, and offer a detailed description of the appropriate style before you begin. These descriptions can be recalled by clicking the name of the style listed over the model's head.

Throughout each show, three complete outfits will be on display in the window behind the dressing room. If you can manage to re-create these "signature outfits" before the end of the show, you'll unlock them in dress-up mode. Each show can be replayed unlimited times, so unlocking new signature outfits can add quite a bit of additional challenge. As Jojo regains her success, your wardrobe may grow. Feel free to try your own combinations on the models, however. Some styles are intuitive (can you say t-shirt and jeans?) and will score you bonus points as you send the model to the runway.

jojosfashionshow2.jpgHigh-scoring choices may also bring helpful bonuses, which can be used while dressing the models. One may shuffle the clothing rack providing fresh choices, or change the style the model is supposed to wear. Another bonus will pick an outfit off the rack, saving you a bit of time. That's right... did I mention this was a time management game? If you can't dress the models quickly enough, they'll be sent out onto the runway in their underwear. Not only will this not score you any points, it will earn you the scorn of Claudio Maximiro, Jojo's old rival.

Jojo's Fashion Show: World Tour Now Available! Featuring photo shoots, male models, and new clothing choices! Click here for our review.

As you travel across the world with Jojo and Rosalind, secrets from the past will be revealed and scandal will arise. Just how did the feud with Claudio begin? How will Jojo react when Rosalind, who sports a trendy nose stud, wants to try some fresher styles? Can they keep their styles fresh and their audiences cheering? All will be revealed, (hopefully not on the runway!) but only with your help.

Analysis: When I first looked at Jojo's Fashion Show, I was rather skeptical (a fashion game? Puh-leaze.) yet I was hooked as quickly as I began. The game gives just enough guidance to make any outside knowledge of fashion unnecessary, while including styles that anyone should be familiar with. (This might be a good thing or a bad thing... I had a pretty harsh recoil when I spotted my first pair of leg warmers on the rack.) The cute or pithy comments coming from the models, combined with Rosalind's peppy encouragement, offer some light entertainment during the standard time trials.

I even found myself returning frequently to the dress-up mode to play. (You know how hard it can be to choose an outfit before a photo shoot... I changed the outfit shown above many times before deciding this was the one.) Rosalind can take a photo of your complete outfit and model, and save the picture to a folder in your documents file. Since the game doesn't ask before creating this folder, this might be more of a hindrance than a convenience. Still, between the two different modes, this game offers quite a bit of variety. So, whether you've been seeking an excuse to get nostalgic with decades of various styles and play virtual paper dolls or you just want to help half-naked girls in their underwear, Jojo's Fashion Show is sure to please.

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I bought this game a while ago, actually! I enjoyed it, though it could really use some way for user-created content to be added. It doesn't get boring as quickly as most casual games do, though after a while I felt like it was more of a numbers game (that shirt gives 350 points for flamenco punk, etc) than a "what looks cute with this outfit" game. Though obviously the latter is impossible to judge in terms of score.


Why can't there just be a game download! First you download this BigFish "client" then you give them an email address then you have the chance to download the game.

Downloads from sites like this should not be promoted!


Most games are also available directly from the Casual Gameplay store, which uses no game loader at all.

Jojo's Fashion Show:

That being said, Big Fish offers huge discounts on games that the other portals can't come close to. So, there is a tradeoff.

If you want cheap games, go with Big Fish. If you don't want any game loaders, stick with the Casual Gameplay store.


I really enjoy this game. I'm a very basic, t-shirt and jeans girl, so this lets me release my inner fashionista (even though I score the biggest points on the Futuristic and Hippie styles - those are easy because they're so distinct!). Somethings that I noticed:

The signature outfits often won't rack up the big points, so if you want to maximize the points you get for outfits, skipping them might be a better choice. Always use the dresses that Jojo puts out though, those things are fantastic.
I don't think that accessories will ever remove points from the outfits score, but if it's on a style that doesn't match, it'll only add 50 points. In contrast, oOn a style that does match, I've been able to get it to add 300.

Something that I've found myself doing is that if I'm on my last model and I still have 3 accessories at the side, I put all 3 on even if they look ridiculous. It's an extra 150 points. ;)

I love this game, and if I regularly bought casual games I'd buy this along with Cake Mania and Chocolatier. You might also want to take a look at Vogue Tales, which is basically Cake Mania except with clothes.


I have to say, this game keeps looking terribly interesting, but it and I don't get along (it makes my computer's video driver explode, for some inexplicable reason). That said, I'm impressed that they've come up with a new way to do "fashion" games.


I love this game, too!! But I need help:

Sometimes I have trouble with the level Tokyo 6 (I think it's called "Rockin' Brides"?). I have noticed that the bottom clothing rack only has 12 spaces, but the other levels have 13. I have been unable to unlock the middle signature outfit because the game never gives me the flamenco tank top with the big flower on it. I have already played the game on several profiles and sometimes I have this problem with it, and other times not. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it?



I had the above comment. I have found out in response to that:

there is a glitch in that level on the early release of the game. If you own the game and need it fixed, contact the people at JoJos at [email protected]. Otherwise, it is imposible to get the signature outfit for that level.


I need help on

Santiago 2~ Young and Restless. The 3 signature outfits are not showing up. Does anyone know what the 3 are? I did get one by chance but I have no idea what the other 2 are. Thanks :)


The game was OK. The levels could be way shorter.


I'm really excited to play Jojo's Fashion Show 2 game, but I don't know how register because I don't know how to get the license code and license name. Could somebody help me with this problem?


To kk:

To play Jojo's Fashion Show 2, you'll have to purchase and download it. Check our review for download information.



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