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Jelly Battle

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Rating: 4.4/5 (382 votes)
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zxoJelly BattleRemember the Jelly Jumper from a Link Dump a while back? Well, the glowing jiggly dude is back, and this time he's brought his friends! Er, enemies. 'Cause you usually don't blow your friends to smithereens.

Jelly Battle pits your Jelly gender-nondescript person against three others in a multiplayer, turn-based, fast-paced, destruction-laden, free-for-all battle OF DOOM!!! It's also one of those dastardly games that make it oh-so-easy to play "just one more round."

Use the mouse to jump around the playing field, landing on weapons and power-ups, while hopefully avoiding the mines. The field will shift down one row mid-jump, so aim one square lower than the space you want to land in. All four players will land at the same time. Then, the squares will activate in the following order (there's a lot of possible order combinations, so please excuse me if I am slightly mistaken):

  • Handbag power-ups activate in a random order.
  • Teleporters move the jellies to a new random location.
  • Debonus removes any power-ups from enemy jellies.
  • Other non-weapon squares are activated (healers, mines, Triple Jump, Freeze, Shield, Jelly Rage, Invisible) in a random order.
  • Weapons (Air Strike, Handbag, Nuke, Random Drop, Laser, Blast) fire in a random order.

To get you started, there's a tutorial, as well as three AI difficulties of the real game. It shouldn't take you too long to master these levels before you are ready to enter the multiplayer arena. Like Zwok! and other quickie multiplayer games, you do not need to bother with setting up a game and inviting others to join. Just click "Multiplayer" and the game will put you in a foursome to wage battle.

By providing a sizable range of weapons and bonuses, Jelly Battle creates a number of different possible strategies for victory. However, the short time in which you have to choose your next move requires you to think on your feet to avoid mistakes. Ideally, you'd like to try and predict each player's next move, but in reality there just isn't time. Your best bets are to figure out a few key things to check for when planning your move, such as if there is a Nuke within jumping range of another player, or avoiding landing on a spot next to a Blast within jumping range of another player. If you can learn to check for the big stuff by habit, you'll avoid enough damage to hopefully outlast your enemies and attacking them when they are trying to heal.

On the surface, Jelly Battle seems to be highly dependent on luck, and in very specific cases, that's true. It's difficult to completely avoid in a game where the board is generated randomly, weapons fire in a random order, weapon targets are randomly selected, and ties are randomly broken (when two or more jellies land on the same square, only one stays and the rest get knocked into adjacent squares.) There are situations where you can lose 100% of your life simply by attempting to enter the same square as another jelly and losing. However, cases this drastic are rare, due to the generous selection of options offered to each player. In the middle of the board, you can jump to any of 25 squares, although in the corners it can reduce to as few as 9. Still, having that many choices goes a long way in overcoming the effects of a lousy streak of luck, or avoiding one altogether.

At some point it may ask you to register (it is, after all, an advergame for Logitech), but I found I was able to play on after registration without ever leaving the site, so you can simply enter fake info if you are wary of providing the real stuff.

So, if you're in the market for an addictive, fast-paced strategy battle game, give Jelly Battle a shot. Betcha can't play just once!

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What a hard game.



Dustfinger September 8, 2007 1:26 AM

Man, this is taking forever to load! And judging from the two comments, it's hard.
*3 minutes later*


Extremely fun, I love this game. If you beat single player mode, you get 20% off logitech products, which is nice.

I've found the best weapon to be the random drop, as it always hits someone and has the most damage potential.


the random drop will hit you if enemies are invisible

Pingcode20 September 8, 2007 7:25 AM

Although, there's one thing you might want to take into account with random drop and airstrike - they don't target invisible jellies.

It led to a humourous situation where three players (including me) were invisible, then the fourth one jumped on a 'Random Drop' - copping an anvil to the face.




Ooh, played this game awhile ago and hated it. Played it now and loved it. The power of Jay...


Nice game, good graphics and good playability. The only thing that could be better is the item using order and the target selecting. Since it's completely random, you might die while stepping on a shield because someone hit you before the shield activated. The tie breaking system is also unsatisfying (also random), and a rock-paper-scissors game would be a lot better.
My favorite weapon is the Nuke, since it always hits someone and never hurts you. The Random Drop, as Lee said, is very useful, but if all your enemies are using an Invisibility Power-up but you aren't, the heavy thing will fall on you. So the Invisibility Power-up can also be used as a counter-attack power-up!
And I still remember the fatidic day, more exactly a Friday, a Link Dump Friday, when I played the Jelly Jumper game. It was a very good game, and I even bought a Logitech keyboard because of the game!

Ok, I've bought the keyboard because I punched my old one so much I lost the Enter, Esc and a lot of other keys...(level 47 or 48, that's what I call HARD!) But I needed a new keyboard, anyway.


Very fun! It's a game where you use your knowledge of the board(the powerups) and you have to guess your oppenents moves for the attack to work, so in my opinion, it's like a fun, and shorter, game of chess! Well done, Jay!


Post less addictive games, please. I lost a whole evening's productivity.


This is a good game. I wish there were an option for a one-on-one multiplayer game, though. I just had a great round where two players went out early, and it was just myself and "Funky." We went back and forth for a long time, smashing, zapping, and healing; it was a lot of fun trying to predict what the other player would do and what I could do to counter it. I didn't win, but I had a blast!


Yeah, the duels can be really fun. If you get in the zone, you can predict what your opponent will do a couple of moves in advance, and you can try to counter it. Freeze squares become super-valuable. The early game is all about surviving the chaos until there's only two players remaining.

My favorite wins are definitely when I get to follow some poor slob around and beat him senseless with the handbag. It only takes two hits if you're doing double damage!


I think the server may be under a bit of strain. 3 of my most recent games I've had to quit because the game stopped responding. I've been demoted from Corporal to Private because of it :(


I love this game, but you lose more points being disconnected from the server than from winning first. X(

It got so frustrating I had to quit.


Jeez, people here sure do whine about the game's randomicity. The game is about randomness. If you take that all out, it becomes a completely different game. I must say I think it's a very good game. The music is particularly addictive.

One thing I might change is that -- actions that don't do anything to anybody by definition (e.g. handbags, , lasers, blasts when nobody is in range), I would just eliminate depicting those because they are time-consuming.


Only one person complained about the randomness. I think everybody else is pretty happy with it.

Something like one in three games are freezing up or failing somehow, though. So as brilliant as the game is, it's getting frustrating.


Aside from the server problems, this game is soooo addictive.


Another addictive timewaster but it drops me out of 1 in 3 battles just as it's getting interesting. Does anybody else think this could make a great boardgame?


this game is awesome! The basis is simple: kill the others, stay alive - which is ALWAYS cool when in multiplayer. And it's worked out so well. Thanks jay


Any one have this problem? Now when I try to link to a multiplayer game, it counts down to 1 and stops. I'm unable to play. I have cleared my cookies and restarted and it's still not working....???


You're not alone...I've been having that problem too. I'm guessing that the game is a victim of its own success and the servers are overloaded. Shame--I'm getting withdrawal symptoms. I'm also beginning to worry about how long Logitech will keep it up


Dangit! Must. Play. Jelly!

For the past two days I've got within striking distance of Captain and then the server hangs 3 games in a row and I lose points down to Corporal again.

Fun, but lousy back end. No place to find what points are worth and such.


The same happens to me, xadrian, except I probably haven't gotten as high and I go from sargeant to private.


I made it to Captain. But it seems that if you make it to that point it becomes harder to gain points if you don't end up 1st. Before that ending up 2nd at least got you a few points it seems...

Or maybe the points are calculated in ways I can't fathom.


This game is a cut above. Very deceptively deep, actually. Just when you think it's all luck, you realize that it really isn't.

There are levels, and levels.

Agree with what most people have said so far. First off, try to survive, and maybe deal out a little punishment if it's convenient.

Once down to just two, you gotta think fast, and maybe get a little lucky. Freezes are huge, as is jelly rage.

As far as rank goes, it is very difficult to keep rank above Sergeant. You just lose so many points on those occasions with an unfavorable setup that knocks you out instantly.

I don't totally understand the scoring formula either, but it takes into account rank of foe and how long the match goes, I think.

Anyways, great game. Very addictive and has a lot going on!


I just wanted to say, Jere7my, it was fun playing against you the other night. :D

Bob Montgomery September 21, 2007 6:21 PM

It's difficult to completely avoid in a game where the board is generated randomly, weapons fire in a random order, weapon targets are randomly selected, and ties are randomly broken (when two or more jellies land on the same square, only one stays and the rest get knocked into adjacent squares.)

Things follow a specific order:

First are already acquired handbags
Second are teleports
Third are mines
Fourth are health bonuses
Fifth is the X square, that removes all other powerups.
Sixth are powerups (Rage, Triple Jump, Invisibility, Shields)
Last are attacks. I'm pretty sure that these also follow an order, though I haven't got it completely figured out, except to say that I think Nukes always go first.

That might not be exact - teleports might come before handbags, and the precise order of teleports, mines, and health bonuses might not be right, but that's the gist.

Player order, within those categories, appears to be random.


I can't believe I'm still playing this. Unreasonably addictive, and one of the best games posted on this site since, well, I started coming here years ago. Which is a bit sad, I guess, since it's an advertisement for a keyboard, but whatever. I love it.


Great game! Probably my favorite multi-player game so far. Very addictive and there always seem to be plenty of opponents out there.


Now it keeps on freezing up, which kills your rank. I bet about half of the games I've played in the last few days have frozen up. Very frustrating!


This game seems to have finally collapsed under the weight of its own popularity. Or maybe it just destroyed the economy. We'll know tomorrow.


Where's Jelly Battle gone?? I'm an addict and need a fix!


I'm going through withdrawals! I'm hoping they took it down to fix the server problems that caused the game to crash occasionally.


Well, it's back, but the server problems are worse than ever--haven't got past 2 rounds yet


I got sergeant rank... I'm doing pretty good!

I found a glitch.

One person won a jelly off, and the loser jelly landed on my space but the other winner jelly used a random drop before the jelly off occured, and the random drop landed on me, and I was stuck there forever, and I literally had to forfiet, quitre comical, seeing chat from a dead jelly... That's not dead.


Can anyone explain scoring to me? I understand 1st is most, 4th is negative but the numbers it comes up with each time feel random but I'm guessing they're not.


I hate the ads. I keep accidentally clicking on them and exiting the game out of random. I hate it.


It depends on how quickly you kill your opponents. f it tkaes awhile, low sscore. If it's almost immediate, almost 1000(if first, happened to me).


I'd like to play a handbags, mines and long jumps only version of the game. Perhaps no health but if you avoid being hit for 3 rounds, you gain some health (something a bit less than a single hit from a handbag though).

I wish the play order was random. I mean the order of who is first when two or more jellies land on the same item. Can't quite figure out the pecking order of health and shield. sometimes they'll beat a freeze, sometimes not.

best game of 2007 for me. sort of a simple chess with splatters. I can't locate who developed it to say thank you. Can some one point me?


looks like "inbox digital" are the developers. http://www.inbox.co.uk/


It'd be interesting to have a "full" version of the game where you could host battles, decide what powerups will appear, choose the shape of the field, and stuff like that. It could see it as being just as addictive as Quadradius. Which is funny because QR is like "checkers on steroids" while this is a little more like "chess on crack".

Anonymous January 25, 2008 8:26 AM

does anyone know how many stars to field general? i know its 15000 to general but when u get there it says " 0 " to next level ?????

Frederic Bastiat January 28, 2008 5:47 PM

Weapon order for first 3.

1. Bomb 2. Nuke 3. Laser?


Geez the game still freezes up after all this time. I've been demoted from captain to seargant, crawled up to major, and demoted back to captain so many times mostly because of frozen games.


Csn anyone help me? I like this game a lot, but when I try to do multiplayer now, it says "searching for 0 more players" and freezes at 1, just before it usually starts. I tried doing the tutorials again, no luck. Did this happen to anyone else? Please help! I even went to a bunch of websites with the same game, no luck. HELP!


Same here! R.I.P Jelly :(

joeynow May 20, 2009 12:05 AM

Yeah! I just beat a guy two ranks above me--corporal vs captain. And dang it, he was good, but I out-endured him.


in fact nothing is random.
on equal signs, if the players got equal hp the order is from right to left.
on equal signs, the order is lowest hp comes first ( for example freeze, lower hp freezes always first )
handbag always swings before other damage is dealt.
bomb-laser-nuke-drops (airstrike and random drop)
dispell always happens first (after handbag in fact) even if you are frozen, if you got a handbag and your oponent has the last round of a shild, the order is again right to left, means if your the right one, and got a handbag your swing goes into the shield then it wears off, but if your left the shield wears off and then your swing hits the enemy-jelly.


Ha, silly, of course you blow your friends to smithereens--it's called nerf battles. And video games.

Anonymous January 8, 2010 7:05 AM

Jelly Battle is fun and addictive! The developer should balance the number of "jelly off" losses a player accumulates, as this is the pinnacle of the game. Thank You.
- General Pain

jonnathun October 2, 2010 6:04 AM

how do you become a field marshall?
i get 15000 but then it just says 0.

Anonymous October 14, 2010 3:13 PM

Gotta love this!!


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