Jayisgames T-Shirts now available

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I am pleased to finally announce the arrival of the first-ever Jayisgames.com T-Shirts, available through a partnership with SpreadShirt.

These fine washable-wearables come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and each one with the nice and new, spanky-brand-clean and gnarly—that's for you Preston—Classic Jayisgames.com full-name logo thingamajobber. Yessireebob, yup, yup, these very same miracles of merchandising can be yours to take home and wear forever. Be ready for the global warming in these cool but very hot tease, and if there isn't a color or style available that you like or can wear, let me know and I'll see what I can do for you.

Before I could feel comfortable publishing the link to these great gift ideas, wink wink, nudge nudge, I made sure to grab a hold of one myself and wear it proudly around my room for everyone to see. That, and I had several offers for lap dances and whatnot, so believe me when I tell you: These things are HOT. =)

I will be adding new designs in the future, and if anyone has any ideas for designs, please send them my way. And with that, I'm nearly wiped out from a very long project, nearly finished, but not quite yet, for a client-server class that I'm loving but hating right at the moment. Up for two days straight working through the night, burning the candle at both ends; yes it's true, that can really be done. I've done it. In rare form indeed, and now I must sleep. Click.


oh wow!
that was certainly unexpected XD


...and you do sound hyper-tired, so goodnight! (to you and to me ;)
-_- zzzzzzzzzz


I'd love to see something more simple.. like, maybe just the little dude in "i", or just a spiral, with a simple sans-serif type for the "Jay Is Games.com".

Most likely going to get one even if you don't release a new design, though. I love this site. :D


Wow Jay these are great!
I'd LOVE to see some hooded sweatshirts because those are really comfortable. and maybe instead of having the jayisgames logo on the front, you could try it down the sleeve? and have a simple design on the chest?
just an idea though =)


Thanks, Andrew. There is a simpler design in the approval pipeline. I had a little trouble with getting it through due to the small 'tick' marks indicating movement around the little "i" peep.

Xy - the hooded sweatshirts I had designed include the design that I just mentioned, so they do not appear in the store today. Look for them soon, and very close to the way you describe! =)

No can do sleeves with Spreadshirt. Good idea, though, cheers.


that's so awesome. = D

If only i had that kind of money. But I can always dream...

I'll be looking for new designs could possible come up. = D


hey Jay GREAT IDEA...good luck on ur project...i hope u are well rested///just a little spelling error....the plural for t-shirt is tees not tease it is a synonyme...but good idea...ill try and pick one up


Ooh.. I know! Do a design or two that's a series of the little game images, a'la the favorites/recommended area on the site. But don't do them large, make it a series of a hundred squares or so.. large enough that you can tell it's supposed to be something, but not enough that you can really focus on one square... do you know what I mean?


Sorry for the double-post, but, to add on to that last one-
As a means of choosing, you could do the top 100 or so games of 2005, and add some small text somewhere that says "Viewers Choice: Top Games 2005" or some such thing, just for maybe a stronger pemise to the idea.


That is a very good idea, Andrew. ;)


Great idea Jay, glad to see this great site expanding to so many areas!

Was that 'wink wink nudge nudge' there a reference to Monty Python, or does my mind decieve me?


Hey Jay-Can you pay for the shirts with paypal? Love your site-keep up the good work!:)


Sid Green- no can do. To quote their Help section: "Spreadshirt accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express cards. We also take debit and check cards as long as they are associated with a major credit company like the ones listed above."


spreadshirt, eh? i hope their quality is better than cafepress, especially since the base prices are so high! do you think you'll print these anywhere else if these do well, like the kinds that require minimums and all that? sorry for all the questions, i'm really wary of websites like this.


Hi Brandy, I'm not a fan of Cafepress either.

I learned of Spreadshirt when Samorost 2 came out and I ordered one of their T-shirts. I was very impressed with the quality of the shirt, and so I set up a shop for Jayisgames with them. As I mentioned, I did order one of my own shirts first before making them available to be sure the quality is the same. However, I cannot vouch for all the various types of clothing they have available, but the T-Shirts are well-made.

KumikoDee January 17, 2006 1:09 PM

I'm waiting for the sweater, too... my hubby spilled bleach all over mine (gah). Very, very highly cool. =) Sporting something you like is the way to go.

As far as paypal goes, I got myself a paypal mastercard. Truthfully, it's been forever since I got it, but you should be able to request it. It's one of those debit/credit cards. I love it. =)


I'm holding out for the sweater as well, Jay. I'd love to get my hands on a hoodie, they're my favorite type of winter-wear :)

Deathbaron January 17, 2006 11:22 PM

Jay good job on the shirts
but i have an idea
the shirts are great the way they are but they need something else
it would be my favorite shirt if you put your head on the back!
a big jay head on the back would be awsome
just like the one on your little tag in the top corner of this page.

then, you can be even more proud of the shirts, because it has your face on it.


hahahaha, that won't happen Db, but thanks for the awesome suggestion. =)

James W. Twilla Jr. January 18, 2006 1:14 AM


Deathbaron January 18, 2006 1:29 PM

aww come on jay,
id pay extra for that

KumikoDee January 18, 2006 3:26 PM

lolololol... just what everyone needs, a mystery mug on their shirt. =p


Hi Jay,
Nothing to do with shirts, but a general idea for the site...
How about adding a rating system for each game... something along the lines of each user being able to rate each game 1-5 stars after playing it. Then you could have an overall rating presented within the game summary, which gets updated as more people rate it. This would give a quick indication of peoples favourite games and create good discussion on why people rate games differently.
Love your site.


It's an excellent idea, Kelly, and one that I have been considering for some time. Problem is, the resulting rating value will be meaningless if people are allowed to vote as many times as they want for a single game.

The rating system must rely on membership/registration with the site to be effective at reducing ballot stuffing, and I am not eager to implement that.

So, yes, a great idea, but not one with a simple implementation solution. But I will continue to keep that in mind. Cheers! =)


Yes, the black Long sleeve looks the best, but like someone mentioned I rather have the hoodie. I will be waiting for those... W00t


Jay, can't you just use the TypeKey membership for the voting thing?


Jack - it's possible I can use the authentication from TypeKey, though I am unsure at this point.

It's definitely a consideration. cheers!


I wrote Spreadshirt an email cuz I had a question before, wrote them twice, but never got a reply back?!?

Anyway, I think your readers might like a picture of you in your spiffy shirt Jay. woohoo!!


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