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The October night back in 1991 was dark without a trace of moonlight and it was raining. Your car refused to go on and so you decide to walk to the nearest town. Before you get there, you run across a mansion with brightly lit windows shining like beacons - brilliant! The inhabitants surely have a phone!

This Friday we've got an excellent atmospheric horror by Julien Bartholini (CREATION 10542) - enjoy!

invitationem6.pngThinking later about the decision to visit the mansion you came to conclusion that it might had been better to stay in your car overnight. There is something sinister going on there and when you start to realize that it's too late. The entrance door miraculously got bricked up and you stay stuck inside. Maybe there is a back door or someone who would explain...but a systematic exploration of the house doesn't go well, you hear weird disturbing sounds and start to feel dizzy soon, and on top of that you are obviously not alone and those who are there with you won't show up - are they afraid or trying to scare you?

Julien Bartholini's horror perfectly creates dark and heavy atmosphere right from the beginning and to reach the end is hard. The labyrinth of badly lit corridors and dusty rooms feels confusing and you are under permanent threat of being attacked. Can you investigate what is really going on there?

The game is controlled by a mouse and has two endings - the second is off-topic and reachable after finishing game and starting over again. Notice, that the game doesn't have an inventory. Picked up items will be automatically used when clicking the correct area. Two language options (English/French). No save.

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If you consult a video walk through, this game has several different solutions for each puzzle.

I am stuck.

I had to consult a video WT. I find clues but forget where the puzzle was.

There is a place where a monster goes in a right side door upstairs. In the WT, I am supposed to click on the door I am facing and the right side door opens. But I can't do that. It just opens the door in front of me. Is there something I missed?


Never fails.

I opened the door finally. Not super sure, but I think

when I was going to leave the scene with the three doors, that triggered the right side door to open.


I don't understand! You have to play the entire game over twice to get a different ending??


Nope :( I played a second time and there is no other ending.

But the bad ending is so good in a horrible way that I didn't really mind.


I looked at the comments below the game and there is only one ending - official ending.

You have to finish the game with an investigation score of 35/35 to get "secret" ending. Not sure how to do that.

However this is an excellent game. I hope to see more.

jF December 3, 2021 6:22 PM replied to 4red3s

If I read the in-game text correctly, the score is dependent on how many things you examined during play. (Did the author play Metroid Prime a few times?)

Nice game—graphics and audio are marvelous. But not sure it's nice enough to merit a second playthrough just to get that secret ending. Not when there's YouTube…  😉


I played twice. Slowly and carefully the first time. I wondered when there was no save function how to get the second ending. So I played again quickly to see if I missed something. I did. Investigate EVERYTHING. You get "points" when you do. You need 35 to get the second ending.

I may come back and play a third time just because I enjoyed both times. There is a sweet letter at the end of the second ending from the developer. This game is very much worth multiple plays.

I look forward to more. :)


Okay, that secret ending was irresistible—had to go back and get it. Found out where I missed that 35th examination:

The other car you come across on the way to the house has a hotspot around the license plate. Pretty sure that's what I missed the first time.

Just wish I had known how to reach the secret and saved myself that second playthrough. Did trigger a rather fond memory, however, of those old text adventure games—"Say XYZZY"!


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