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How to Max Reputation in WoW TBC Classic

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WW.jpg Don't we all just want to be admired in the eyes of the public?
So do your characters in WoW TBC Classic. They just want to be heroes and live a lavish life, is that too much to ask for?
Well, in this WoW TBC rep guide crafted by our team of veteran WoW TBC Classic players here at SSEGold, we will show you how to achieve just that by telling you what exactly is the reputation WoW offers, why it's important, how to farm it, and more!
We don't want to earn a bad rep with you, so we're going to jump right in!

What is Reputation and Why is it Important?

Earning WoW TBC reputation is crucial, and it begins from the time you set foot in the world of Outland. You will encounter various kinds of factions on your journey, which earn you different kinds of reputation, some of the most common being Keepers of Time rep, Cenarion Expedition rep, Lower City rep, and more, which will be discussed in this WoW TBC rep guide.
MM2.jpg MM3.jpg

Gaining WoW TBC reputation is crucial because it gives you access to perks and features with a particular faction which makes your time as a player much easier. The reputation WoW TBC Classic lets you benefit from bonuses, purchase special items, being offered new missions, and more. A lot of the time, gaining reputation with one particular faction means that you lose WoW TBC reputation with a rival faction, which you will find to be the case with Consortium rep, Cenarion expedition rep, and others.

The 8 WoW TBC Reputation Ranks

Below is a list of all the 8 possible rankings you can attain with regards to the reputation points you hold with a faction, starting from the lowest rank:

8. Hated

Within the ranks of reputation WoW offers, Hated stands as the lowest ranking, which has the particular faction proactively seeking you out to kill you. You can further go 36,000 reputation points into Hated, and you'd need to earn it all back before moving upwards.
Points to next rank: 36,000

7. Hostile

The second-lowest ranking, where the faction will still be set to kill you on sight.
MM4.jpg Points to next rank: 3,000

6. Unfriendly

Unfriendly happens to be the third-lowest ranking, and if you happen to do things that the faction does not like, or help rival factions, you can fall to lower ranks. This is also the point where NPC's in the faction may stop interacting with you.
Points to next rank: 3,000

5. Neutral
This stands as the 5th-highest reputation WoW TBC Classic has, which also acts as the starting rank you get with factions you have just come across. This rank represents a faction knowing about you, but not having any opinion of you yet.
Points to next rank: 3,000

4. Friendly

The fourth-highest reputation rank, and the starting rank for factions of allied cities.
Points to next rank: 6,000 MM5.jpg

3. Honored
MM6.jpg Being the third-highest rank, you are given a 10% discount from vendors in the particular faction you hold this rank with.
Points to next rank: 12,000

2. Revered

Revered is the second-highest rank, without many notable benefits gained.
Points to next rank: 21,000

1. Exalted

The very highest ranking you can achieve, where the luxurious rewards start to pour down on you, such as tabards and mounts. You can further reach 999 points into this rank. MM7.jpg We do understand that, however, while these benefits received from high reputation may be great bonuses, they just aren't enough a lot of the times, even if it comes from the most valuable reputation points such as Keepers of time rep, Lower City rep, Consortium rep, etc.
WoW TBC Classic is no slouch of a game, and you definitely could use all the help you can get to master the game. That's where we come in.
SSEGold.com is an online gold-selling platform that has served over half a million customers since it began operating back in 2006. Our service is the perfect boost that you can receive to kick-start your journey into WoW TBC Classic, or just help you cross that finish line faster.
MM8.png So don't wait another second and shop with us for WoW TBC Classic gold today here at SSEGold.com.

How to Farm TBC Rep + Best Rewards From Good Rep

In this section, we talk about the most valued factions, how to optimally spend your time gaining WoW TBC reputation in them, as well as the best rewards you can get from them.
The Consortium MM9.jpg MM10.jpg ● There are two repeatable quests you can do in Aeris Landing that will help you reach Friendly quick: A Head Full of Ivory, and Stealing from Thieves.
● Furthermore, running Mana Tombs on Normal difficulty will help you gain Consortium rep till Honored, and Exalted when run on Heroic difficulty.
● Guile of Khoraazi, Haramad's Bargain, and Design: Relentless Earthstorm Diamond are some amazingly valuable rewards you can get by farming Consortium rep.
Cenarion Expedition MM11.png ● Killing Naga all over Zangermarsh in combination with killing the mobs in The Underbog and Slave Pens will easily earn you Cenarion Expedition rep till Honored.
● From then on till Exalted, killing normal mode mobs in the Steamvault along with running Heroic mode once a day should do the trick of earning lots of Cenarion Expedition rep.

● Along with Windcaller's Orb and Earthwarden, Cenarion War Hippogryph is one of the best rewards, being amongst the rarest mounts available in the game.
Keepers of Time
MM14.jpg ● There is only one way to earn Keepers of Time rep, which is through dungeon farming.
● The Black Morass on Heroic mode will reward you with 1900 Keepers of Time rep per run, while Escape from Durnholde Keep earns you 2800 rep per run on Heroic mode.
MM15.jpg ● The most valuable rewards you can get from Keepers of Time rep are Riftmaker, Bindings of the Timewalker, and Timelapse Shard.

Lower City MM16.gif ● Auchenai Crypts and Sethekk Halls are must-run dungeons to easily earn Lower City rep all the way till Honored on Normal mode. Shadow Labyrinth will get you to Exalted on Heroic mode.
● Additionally, you can gain about 8000 Lower City rep points by completing Lower City quests, which are almost exclusive to Terokkar Forest.
● The most valuable items earned from Lower City rep are Trident of the Outcast Tribe, Gavel of Unearthed Secrets, and Shapeshifter's Signet.
And there you have it, that has been our guide to earning reputation in WoW TBC Classic. Enjoyed our content? Be sure to browse our website for more!

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