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Hidden Expedition: Everest

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Hidden Expedition: Everest

JohnBPlanning a trip to the top of Mt. Everest? Bet you wouldn't consider packing a neck tie, seashell, butterfly or a baseball, would you? Similar to the Mystery Case Files series, Hidden Expedition: Everest (a follow-up to Hidden Expedition: Titanic) takes the tried-and-true object hunting formula and whisks it away to exotic locations. You play one of several teams of explorers racing to be the first to climb the snowy mountain peak. The path is blocked, however, and the only way up is to locate a mysterious adventurer who knows of a hidden passage. Head off to South America and search the land for clues leading to this strange traveler.

Hidden Expedition: EverestTo play Hidden Expedition: Everest, all you have to do is find the objects listed at the bottom of the screen. It's no easy task, however, as they're hidden in some remarkably cunning ways. Each scene is packed with strange items tucked into every conceivable corner: toothbrushes disguised as clouds, swords masquerading as fish in a basket, butterflies perched in a pile of leaves, and so on. Stay focused and work on a group of three or four objects at a time to stay in the game. A limited hint system will narrow the search down, but you only have three, so use them wisely.

As you hunt for items in the jumbled scenes, keep an eye on the moving arrows at the bottom of the screen. The other teams are working as fast as they can to find objects too, adding a little bit of pressure to your eagle-eye hunting. There are also a few extra items to find, such as gems that will give you an extra hint and an hourglass that stalls the other teams for a few seconds.

As you progress in the game, your eyes get sharper and your brain gets faster at locating the hidden items. Fortunately the game increases the number of objects you must find and stashes them in more devious locations, keeping the difficulty fairly balanced in later stages. Interspersed throughout the game are bits of facts about the famous Mt. Everest, dispensed by mountaineer Ed Viesturs. Viesturs took real life expeditions to Everest and shares video and photography as you play (such as during the opening sequence).

Analysis: Just like the Where's Waldo books from days of yore, the Hidden Expedition series plays on our deep-seeded desire to find hidden things in everyday situations. Not only is it fun to explore a scene and examine the tiny details, but the satisfaction you get from noticing a well-hidden toothbrush on the wall of a Mayan temple is grand. Almost like finding your missing car keys in the freezer (don't ask).

Hidden Expedition: Everest plays it safe and keeps the formula almost identical to its predecessors. The interface has been jazzed-up a bit with new visuals and sound effects, but the core mechanics are similar. One down-side are the mini-puzzles you're forced to complete every few levels. Tasks such as piecing together a map of South America or assembling a skeleton try and break up the intense item hunting, but in the end they feel tacked on and rather pointless.

Even for die-hard Hidden Expedition and Mystery Case Files fans, Everest will still charm you with its can't-lose gameplay. Newbies to the object hunting scene should also give Everest a look, as it's a bit more forgiving than other games in the series. Addiction at its most basic form, you'll be surprised how quickly the time passes when you're looking for an airplane in a small rural village.

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Totally Offtopic, where is Link dump Friday? I miss it! :-(


I don't think an hour was long enough to see if I liked it. From what I could gather, I think I liked Titanic and Ravenhearst better.


You liked the others better because of what specifically, Joye?

Although I did not much care for the jigsaw-like puzzles between levels, this was the first game of its type that was compelling enough to me to play through in its entirety.


I really enjoyed this one. I like how each scene is so completely different. Going from Everest to South America to Germany.. yeah, that's fantastic.
I know that things in Titanic (I haven't played Ravenhearst yet, but I will) never changed. Sure, you might have to click on 'fan' in one scene and it would be a chinese styled fan, and in the next scene 'fan' might refer to a desk fan like you buy at walmart, but with this one, I loved how things changed enough. As I progressed through, things were actually more difficult to find. I love that. Pompeii... yowzers. I love how things move, eyes blink, claws contract, just enough to add a little flavor.
Having to find a "street urchin" was my favorite thing. Now I'll just have to wait for a paycheck before this becomes the first game I actually purchase beyond the trial.


For Titanic, I liked the atmosphere better.
For Ravenhearst, I thought the puzzles in between levels were the best part of the whole game.

Kim Copeland June 5, 2007 6:06 PM

Just out of curiousity, has anyone completed the "bonus" hidden pictures part? I have played it through three times and I can't find one of the pictures.

Also, beside the mystery case files and titanic, do you know of any other games like these? I absolutely love them and I have played them all so much that they are not a challenge anymore.


Kim - No, I haven't completed the bonus hidden pictures part. In fact, I didn't even know there was a special hidden bonus like that. I'll have to go back and check it out! =)

As for other games like these, there are a lot in this category. Sometimes referred to as "hidden pictures" games, sometimes as "seek and find", here's a list of almost 20 games with similar gameplay.

Johnson June 6, 2007 12:39 AM

We found about fifteen of the bonus hidden objects but there were five that we didnt find


Have found 17 of the hidden bonus items. I think the
key to which picture has the hidden object is the
notepad at the beginning of each section gives you a
hint where to look. Need help with the 18th object.
In the book it is the third picture top line on the left hand page. Good hunting.

hottyv6 June 6, 2007 8:30 PM

I think the third picture top line on the left hand page is a watch. I do not remember picture I found it in.

I need help finding the third picture top line on the right hand page of the bonus book. I have no idea what the item is or where to find it.


UFO in the jail upper right hand corner.


Also having a hard time finding the hidden bonus items (have found 16 of 18). Still looking for third picture top line on the left hand page (possibly a shell)? Also can't find bottom left item on left hand page (possibly a hat)? Can't find any 'hints' on notebook pages.


I, finally, found all 18 items, if anyone wants a list of what they are I can post it, but I don't remember where I found each one.

I might play again under a different name to see where each item is.


jtap40: top left corner is a watch and the bottom left
is hat. There are no hints for the secret book. have fun


did anyone find the helmet looking thing.

i found everything else. i think i know the rooms to most of them. let me know if you want to know one of them.

the watch is in the inner temple.


hi i can't find two of the bonus items one looks like helmet and one a whale -both on first page can anyone help?


the wristwatch/ wrist compass thingy is in the inner temple

anyone finds that metal hat please post a location.


The metal hat is at the very tip top of the building in the alpine village


the whale is in paititi.

baba44713 June 9, 2007 5:27 PM

I put this on the 2nd place from the three I tried (Ravenhearst, Titanic and this).

Ravenhearst is my favourite one, what with the door puzzles and all, although I came to hate the jigsaws after putting together the 53rd one or so.

Titanic was kinda dull. At the first I liked the atmosphere, but soon the similarity of all the locations and dreary music became quite tiresome. However, it had jigsaws only every 2nd level which is commendable.

Everest. Jigsaws are back, but at least they seem to have some variety. No puzzles *sigh*. All in all it's an improvement from Titanic, but I must admit the concept's getting old. It's a bit too obvious they recycle the same objects again and again and I'm getting quite sick of same old "rabbit" or "phone".

But all in all, those are fun and addictive games. And have "some" educational value for us non-native speakers. I've finally learned what "thimble" and "skillet" are! :)

Maureen June 10, 2007 2:42 PM

There is just one hidden object that I have been unable to find and it's on the right hand page near the bottom. It appears to be a bettle or roach of some kind. Does anyone know where I can find this? Thanks

francina June 11, 2007 7:38 PM

will someone plz post locations of the 18 everest items? i am going nuts! my boss actually ordered me to post this cause she can't work until she finds them!!

Jean Page June 11, 2007 11:01 PM

I can't find the beetle. I have been through the game 4 times. Here are the others: Amazon River - Octopus, Witches Market - gentleman's hat, Chichen Itza Ruins - Sword, Paititi - Whale, El Dorado - Paint Brush, Munster - Flag, Natural History Museum - Pumpkin, Jailhouse - Spaceship, Alpine Village - Police Hat, Pythagorean Society - Castle, Yakushima - Crow, Angkor Wat Interior - Another Hat, Hawaiki - Hatchet, Femur Island - Ship, Shambala - Shoes, The Alter - Bunny, Inner Temple - Watch

I hope that helps someone.


Anyone have a hint for the last puzzle? It looks like a cryptogram, but I'm not sure.

mxphile June 12, 2007 1:42 AM

The beetle is in the Door to Everest, middle left side.

The last puzzle I've only solved by trial and error. Put the same piece in each space, hit the lever, and see if it stays there. I've had some combinations that don't make any logical sense (like combining plain orange with a striped piece to get striped orange... it doesn't work like that as far as I can tell).


To solve the last puzzle you need to look at the items that are already there; if they items are the same shape, but a different color, you need to find another item with the same shape, but a different color than the other two. Same goes for color. If the items are different shapes and different colors, you need to find an item that is different in shape and color than both the other objects in that field.


Need help with the skeleton puzzle. Can't seem to move my mouse far enough to the left to drag and place the head in its place in the puzzle. And help would be greatly appreciated.

Barbara June 16, 2007 4:41 PM

I had the same problem with the skeleton head, just try rotating it with the space bar, even if it seems like it should fit originally, and that worked for me.

I'm glad I found this site because I found 17 of the items and couldn't figure out what one of them was, now I know all of them and where to look for all when I sign in with a different name. Thanks all.

Heather June 17, 2007 5:08 PM

i cant seem to find the other hat that is angkor what interior does anyone know where exactly it is

Hondera June 18, 2007 3:02 PM

Twice I have received a message that the other teams are too far ahead of me and I have to start over with a new identity. The second time, I know I was way ahead. I had always come in first except once, when I was less than a minute into second place. I was at the sites at the top of Everest both times. I don't want to start over if this is going to keep happening. Any advice?

Deniese June 19, 2007 6:21 PM

HELP!!! Someone here posted that the police hat is in the Alpine Village. I have looked all over the place and can not find it. Can anyone be more specific?


Locations of two different hats: The police hat in the alpine village is at the very top of the building in the distance. It's hard to see, but it's there. The hat in the Angor Wat Interior is on the step next to where the hourglass is found. It seems to be painted on the step.

Linda Lee June 30, 2007 2:48 PM

Was that it? i finally found all 18 secret objects; thanks to some very helpful hints here. i was expecting a nice surprise -- NOT!

It was good to see others were having problems moving the skeleton around. i do to and i thought it was my mouse. i think they have a bug here.

The other bug i found was the last site does tell you there are others ahead of you even though it's not correct. i just back out to the main screen and play again. It doesn't say that the second time. i also found going to the top site first doesn't cause that message to appear.

i'm really addicted to these hidden object games and this was better than Titantic. The one about San Francisco was a lot of fun and educational too. And i live in San Francisco...

game on...

Claudia Withers July 2, 2007 1:06 PM

Can't find the hourglass timer in the Pompeii site. Anyone? Anyone?

I really like the hidden object games that change the item list each time or change "who done it"!

Matt Fisher July 4, 2007 10:18 AM

Can you go back and find the secret items after you left that particular region? How?

Valeball July 4, 2007 5:56 PM

You dont have to start with a new name to collect all the bonus hidden pictures, just start a new game, with same name that is ... Those hidden pictures are yours for keep! And I have only 11 or so, and played the game twice... Where IS that whale!


The whale is in Patititi, pretty much the middle of the screen. Big black whale hanging downward from the trees.


yuck. i finally found all 18 items after reading a hint on here. found the others easily. that jack-o-lantern smiling in the nat. hist. museum was too obvious not to click, the others were simple by guessing from the pictures. all except that helmet which was so tiny. who would ever recognize that? and the "special prize"... give me a break. i loved this game until this moment. now i hate it.

but if you're still playing... the last puzzle makes sense, something about each combo is "the same" (as in shape or color) and something is different (such as the direction of stripes, etc) it's pretty simple. and if you guess, pull the lever - the correct ones stay and the incorrect are reset. trial and error if you're not sharp enough to figure it out.


In High Camp, I cannot find the heart that is supposedly in the lower right. I continually use up my hints, verifying its location. Help!!


The heart in the high camp is on the backpack. The backpack is blue, the heart is also blue, but a little lighter shade. It is in the cloth section to the left of the opening showing the soccer ball.

bird watcher July 19, 2007 12:39 PM

i can't seem to find the crow in Yakushima, can anyone help me out?


Hidden Expedition Mount Everest is a fun and challenging game. I just finished..or, Almost finished. Got to the last point with the riddle about "all the same, all different", logged off to get here :-) to look for some hints to solve the riddle. And I did (thank you). But: when I started up the game again, I did not get back to the riddle page, but had to start the expedition all over from stage 1! Is there a bug here? Did anyone experience something similar?

Happy travels, everyone,


After finishing the game, I'm now in this room ALL IS DIFFERENT, ALL THE SAME..... There are 3 sets of figures w/ two in place and I'm suppose to drag the third one over in each set............. not sure what goes where and how do I know if I got it right....HELP!!!

Laura Inigo August 11, 2007 3:39 PM

I can't find the heart in the middle of the Hawaiki screen, I used all my hints and it circles the middle of the screen, any help please?

Virginia B August 17, 2007 11:10 AM

I have a list of all 18 hidden bonus items and where they are found--if you want it, ask


@ Virginia B
I would like to see your list! Can you post it?
Thanks anyway...


Hi, The Secret in Angor Wat is actually a white bonnet, not a hat. Like the Amish girls wear. It's on the top of the steps, near the hourglass. The metal hat in Alpine Village is very very small. Look to the bridge, and the car on it. There is a building just to the right of the car. At the very top, inside the point that makes up the frame of the house, it is there.

We have found them all, so wanted to pass on the info.

Have fun!


Someone posted here that the Bonus Item flag is located in the Munster Village. However, I have carefully examined the Munster Village twice, and can't find the flag anywhere. I am on my 3rd time playing this game, and still have 4 Bonus Items missing. Could someone please post where exactly you can find the Bonus Item flag in the Munster Village? Would really appreciate it thanks!


Hi again; I actually already had the flag. It was the black flag with the white skull and crossbones. I was missing two Bonus Items, and thought one space in the book looked like a Flag; which was why I was confused and thought I hadn't found the Flag in Munster. But it turns out what I had thought was a Flag, was a Ship which I found in Femur Island as posted in this Forum.

Also to clarify for those looking for that elusive Beatle:

The person in this Forum described the Beatle as being found in the "Door to Everest" photo, in the middle of the left door. I took this to mean the actual door frame or panel-and couldn't find the Beatle anywhere. But as it turns out-the Beatle is in the "Door to Everest"; but is on the very left side of the entire picture-in the middle. Not the middle of the door itself. I hope that helps!

Thanks for all help in this Forum, it was invaluable.


I'd like to take a big dive into these type of games, for myself, and for my girlfriend. I was looking to buy a collection of these kind of games as a present, and I can think of three off the top of my head: Everest, Titanic, and Huntsville. Which site is the best for buying these games in bulk? Which are the top 3 or 4 or 5 best games in this genre? Thanks in advance.


where is the dang top hat at? i got 17 items cant find the dang top hat ty


For those having trouble with the skeleton with spears puzzle, if you place the skull first you shouldn't have trouble. I have only had trouble placing it if I didn't put it in before any other pieces.

Rick Kopacz December 3, 2007 12:58 AM

As helpful as I found this page, one thing that I didn't see is a quick way to solve the puzzles. Once you click on a piece, HOLD THE SPACEBAR DOWN. This will make the piece spin and it will lock into place once its spot is found (by dragging the piece around with the mouse). Oh, and one other possible correction. The "timer" may indeed slow down your opponents, but I believe it also stops YOUR clock. If you notice, at the end of most rounds, it displays how long it has taken you. By clicking on the PAUSE as soon as a window opens, I have time to read my list. I also have a chance to find the timer. So when I resume play, I click the timer and get to work. . .I have most times finished finding the items before the timer runs out. My fastest time to date is 18 minutes and 51 seconds for the entire game (bottom of my high scores is 51 minutes, 12 seconds). Yes, this game is addicting, so beware!


Ok, can someone PLEASE tell me how to find the book with the hidden secrets so I can see the items? I find them on accident just by clicking!


Once I got to the book (only way I know to get there is find a hidden item) I used Ctrl+C on my keyboard and then pasted it into a word doc. I printed it and have it near me when I play to know what to look for.


Brittny, Cindy is right. The only two ways to see the book of hidden items is to either (1)Find a hidden item; (2)Complete the game (it will then show you how many of the items you've found).

If you (or anyone else) would like to see a picture of the pages with all the hidden items found, post a request and I'd be happy to send you a copy. Like Cindy, I did a CTRL-C to copy the picture and pasted it into a MS WORD document.

Check out some of the earlier posts for the location of the items...


I finished without finding any secret objects, and it showed me the book with all of the outline pictures... I was a little perturbed that I would have to play the whole thing again, but I am willing with the hints (and outright answers) provided on here. Has anyone posted a picture of the hidden object page on-line or on a photo sharing site? Thanks!


On the main menu where the high scores are posted, where do they get the times from?


Ok, does anyone know who the kids are that are in pictures through out the game?

ryan_rn March 8, 2008 7:23 AM

Here's the location of the secret itmes:

1.Octopus - Amazon River; Near the black and white toucan
2.Saber - Chichen Itza; Near the left statue
3.Paintbrush - Paititi; Middle part, beside the teddy bear
4.Top Hat - Witches' Market; Center, near the broken wheel
5.Pirate Flag - Munster; Center near the Taverne sign
6.UFO - Jailhouse; Beside the Moon
7.Castle - Phytagorean Society; near the eight ball.
8.Crow - Yakushima; Center
9.Bonnet - Angkor Wat Interior; Center Beside the Skating Shoes
10.Ax - Hawaiki; Upper Left
11.Viking Ship - Femur Island; Beside the moving ship
12.Shoes - Shambala; Upper Left
13.Rabbit - The Altar; Beside the statue
14.Compass - Inner Temple; Upper Right



The original times are just random names put there by the game's programmers. As you complete the game, the time it took you to play will eventually replace the times, as long as your time is better than theirs....My fastest for game completion is 14 minutes, 01 seconds (my sister-in-law says I'm a jerk for that). I believe the "timer" hidden in each game not only stops your opponents, but stops your clock as well. As I mentioned in an earlier post, by clicking on the PAUSE as soon as a window opens, I have time to read my list. I also have a chance to find the timer. So when I resume play, I click the timer and get to work. . .I have (most times) finished finding the items before the timer runs out. Good luck! Rick


to Laura Inigo - the heart in Hawaiki is on the totem pole, toward the bottom. There is a golf club there too, and it's just above the "head" of the club. It's hard to see, but it's there!


I was wondering if anyone could tell me where the heart is that is on the list of things to find in zone 4 High Camp. I know the hint says it's in the lower right corner somewhere around or on the tent, but, everytime I get that one I can't find it even with the hint. Is that a glitch or something? If not, where can I find the heart. It messes up my game everytime and is so frustrating. Thanks.



It's been a while since I actually played, but if I remember correctly, the heart is that is on the list of things to find in zone 4 High Camp is on the tent in the lower right corner of the screen. The tent is blue and the heart is a different shade of blue...Makes it quite difficult to see, but it IS there. Good luck...Let me know how it works out.


for the fastest time you dont have to do the last puzzle . after the puzzle comes up hit menu and quit the game then restart the game it bypasses the puzzle
and then you can can get real low times so far my best is 31 sec but you have to use the hour glass on the throne room and the elevator room.


How do I solve the monkey puzzle? I've tried hanging all the monkeys on the ropes but it does not give me 4 different coloured blocks?

Francoise Guindon June 21, 2008 12:50 PM

I am playing hidden expedition Amazon got to the part about the gears trying to get it I have three that work but the fourth one will not go so can some one tell me how to do it.



I cant figure out the puzzle witht he dragonfly, frog, bird, etc ont he door. i know to go back to the previous rooms and find them and then they light up and have a symbol, but then what do i do.


How do you get a high score in this game. I don't understand how this is done?? I have come in #1 on several of these but I can never beat the high score??? I have been playing some of the game on one day and then go back on another day. Is this why my scores are not high??? Help

Dawn E. July 22, 2008 4:41 AM

Hidden Expedition Everest
Secret Items List

1. Amazon River - Octopus - near black and white toucan
2. Chichen Itza - Saber (sword) - near left statue
3. El Dorado - Paintbrush - left top, near hook
4. Witches Market - Top Hat - center, near broken wheel
5. Munster - Pirate Flag - center, near Taverne sign
6. Jailhouse - UFO - beside the moon
7. Phytagorean Society - Castle - near the 8 ball
8. Yakushima - Crow - center
9. Angkor Wat Interior - White Bonnet - beside skates
10. Hawaiki - Axe (hatchet) - upper left
11. Femur Island - Viking Ship - beside moving ship
12. Shambala - Shoes - upper left
13. The Alter - Rabbit - beside the statue
14. Inner Temple - Compass (watch) - upper right
15. National History Museum - Jack O' Lantern
16. Patiti - Whale - middle of the screen hanging downward from trees
17. Alpine Village - Police Hat - roof of big building
18. Door To Everest - Beetle - middle left,very left side of the entire picture, by the sickle (hook)


In playing hidden expedition everest I CAN NOT find the item (the number 1) that is listed in the Witches Market. Has anyone found it and would you please tell me where it is? This is so frustrating for me. Thanks ahead of time for your help. Just love these kind of games.

Anonymous March 3, 2009 9:32 AM

George, the number 1 is on the calendar page far left of the screen about halfway up on the page

Anonymous March 3, 2009 9:35 AM

I cant find the shoes on the shambala screen I can see in the upper left hand a check mark, pillow, letter I, brain, crown, snowflake, paper clip, hourglass, elephant, bat, dove and a deerhead, WHERE are the shoes???? please be specific!!!!! This is the last item I need!! Thanks


JIGuest, the shoes in Shambala are in the extreme left hand corner of screen. They are a shiny silver color by the icicles to left of knife. Can't really tell they are shoes. Just look for shiny area and click. Thanks for hint on the number 1 in the Witches Market, but I don't see any calendar. all I see is a wagon on left in middle filled with skeltons, a rope, baseball, pink rose. Then up from this is a store with a blue banner hanging across it with letters and clothes hanging down. No calendar. There is a cat on the roof, broccoli above that. I have clicked every where but can't find it. Please be more specfic if you can, color,size,what it is near, etc. Thanks any way for trying to help.

Anonymous March 23, 2009 7:02 PM

George, the number 1 is on a small white square. This is far left on the screen, just above halfway up on the page. The "1" is black. The white square is actually touching the blue banner you see hanging off the store roof. Good Luck. And THANKS, I found the shoes/slippers!

*Jacob* June 11, 2009 5:13 AM

I got all 18 of my items (had to begin again to find the Top Hat in Witches' Market) but.. what was the surprise? I literally didn't see anything happen or change, so ... what was the big tadaa?

I'm inclined to believe nothing happens, but the two or three posts that mention completed that special quest talk about it as though SOMEthing happened. What happened????

Ann_Mans July 23, 2009 10:16 AM

No big surprise if you find all the secret items, if you read the BOOK OF SECRET ITEMS it tells you that you will receive the TITLE of Master Explorer!


How do you pause this game? I can't find a "pause" button and neither apple+p nor option+p pause the game? Any suggestions? Thanks loads.


i have found 17 of the hidden items i'm stuck on the one that looks like a safari hat any help would be great. thanks!!


I've tried this game at least three times--making sure I found all I needed; however, when I get to Hawaikiki, I get a white-out page and can't continue. Can someone tell me what I've missed?

Sixsticks May 2, 2010 12:35 PM


I cannot find the last hidden object, THE BEETLE. It has been posted it is in The Door to Everest but where is The Door to Everest???

Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous May 2, 2010 2:39 PM

BEETLE: It was in The Door to Everest but what should have been said was it is close to left side BUT it's right under the SICKLE!

After 1 year of playing this game only needing to fing the BEETLE, I just found it!

Anonymous February 5, 2011 7:01 PM

Had the same problem with that @#!! skeleton puzzle, the one with the spears. It doesn't matter where on the skeleton head piece I grab it with the cursor, as soon as I start to move it into place, the cursor moves to another spot on the piece by itself, and I can't drag it far enough to the left to drop it into its place. Only got it to work once, like someone else noted, by starting the puzzle with it... and cursing alot.


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