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Hanna in a Choppa

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Rating: 4.7/5 (224 votes)
Comments (41) | Views (6,849)

hannainachoppa.gifJohnBHanna in a Choppa is a physics-based puzzle/action game where you fly around and do stuff in a helicopter. It's true! Across 21 levels you'll perform a handful of ordinary, challenging, and downright funny tasks such as bake a cake (even though it's a lie), pull down a tower of goo, herd sheep, and give a giant a haircut, all with the aid of your trusty winch. The game creates a fun sandbox-type atmosphere and encourages you to play with the environment as much as possible. And play you shall!

There are two control schemes for Hanna in a Choppa, one that utilizes the [arrow] keys for movement and one that's mouse-driven. The latter is much more sensitive than the former, so stick with the original when you first start playing. Deploy the winch, which allows you to grab onto objects and tow them, with the [spacebar]. Useful for herding sheep and saving drowning sailors, too.

Play all the Hanna in a Choppa games:
Hanna in a ChoppaHanna in a Choppa 2

Although the game is relatively short, replay value is strong thanks to a handful of achievements that encourage you to retry levels with different goals in mind. How fast can you zoom through the tunnels? Can you make it without touching the walls? Can you squeeze through the gap without knocking the tower down? Try it, and if you succeed, you'll get that little checkmark of accomplishment.

Analysis: The levels in Hanna in a Choppa are extraordinarily creative and make the game worth its weight in orange-colored gold. Expect parodies at every turn, including a World of Goo riff along with the Portal-themed level pictured above. Half the fun is seeing what's around the next turn on the overworld map. The music, flavor texts strewn throughout the levels, and overall atmosphere are out to make you grin.

Hanna in a Choppa is one of those rare games that's well-built, challenging, and hilarious. It's got style. It's got attitude. It's got a helicopter throwing around one ton weights with a winch. And it's got win.

Play Hanna in a Choppa

Cheers to Peter for sending this one in!


quite a fun game, interesting...(any help on level 9?)


For Level 9:

This level's gravity pulls you in toward the center of the giant island, but your controls will always stay the same as if gravity were normal (that is, up is always up, left is always left, etc.).

Assume you're starting at the 12:00 position. Fly around to the 10:30-ish position (to the left) and trigger the ball release. Fly around to the 3:00 spot and pick up a ball with your winch. Go to the other side and deposit the ball in the hole at 9:00. Finally, fly to the bottom and land the plane at 6:00.

This is a fun game. It's got a great sense of humor both about itself and other games, and the music and graphics are both very cute. I'm having a fun time trying to knock off the achievements now.


I am having ENORMOUS trouble with level 20. Just can't get past that stupid goo!

fuzzyface November 5, 2008 4:04 AM

How often do I need to say it, not everyone in the world has a qwerty keyboard, my keyboard is "qwertz" and my z key is quite out of place. Please oh dear you english only centristic developers, make keys configureable if you use letters!


help...i can't get past the tower in level 20! any hints?

jeepstarr November 5, 2008 4:20 AM

read! -

use winch


Fuzzyface - Shout at the keyboard manufacturers, too! =)

For a visual style, physics engine and attitude so similar to 'Hunted Forever' my expectations were stamped on.. I found the game quite dull, and the humour failed to inspire so much as a grin, particularly with repetitive congratulations upon mission completion.

Could have been a lot more fun, in so many ways.. But feels like a lazily controlled wall-avoider attempting to be funny.


I wish there were a way to turn down the music, I haven't figured out yet.


managed lv 20
i just didn't realize you could

attach the winch to the tower


I figured out how to turn off the music, but sometimes I get frustrated with games whose menu's are very confusing.

Also, this is essentially a wall avoidance game but I like it a lot more then Nitrome's recent effort, where I am stuck on level 11. I just plain like using the keyboard more.

Strangelander November 5, 2008 8:18 AM

Fuzzyface -- like it or not, the internet is English-centric, that's just how it is. Making every game so you can customize its keys is not realistic.

Install an English keyboard layout on your system, and switch to it when you're playing games.

Patreon Crew SonicLover November 5, 2008 9:09 AM

I can't wait for them to add badges to this game on Kongregate. I've already beaten all the levels and earned quite a few checkmarks.

baron topper November 5, 2008 10:42 AM

I found this game very good, decently above average. Not too easy and not too hard, just right.


I'm having trouble on level 8
any help?

The_Corruptor November 5, 2008 11:56 AM

Level 20 I found easy if you

grab the winch to the tower, and pull it almost all the way over, then zip over the gap in the top. I got it on my second try, got the fast, perfect and tower superbuddy accheivements.


The game has potential, but I found it extremely easy. I managed to get though it in 20-25 minutes, failing only a handful of missions.

Or maybe I'm just that good. ;-)

fuzzyface November 5, 2008 1:11 PM

Why is it unrealistic to make every game so you can customize the keys? It's not that hard to do... especially if you use letters in your game.

Also why should I shout on the keyboard manufactors, languages are different, and some languages have keys that english doesnt have, so you want them on your keyboard, also languages have a very different distribution of letters. The exchanging of the y with the z key for german keyboards has a long tradition.

I tried to load a different keyboard map, it's just out of some reason it doesn't work within flash games. Somehow the flash plugin goes past the keyboard layout scheme. (linux x-window)


FuzzyFace, you raise a good point. I've updated the game on Kongregate to read either Z or Y as roll-left. It's not as though the roll keys are essential for normal play, but I can't have disgruntled folks out there, can I!

fuzzyface November 5, 2008 3:33 PM

Thank you very much :-)

You got now a big chunk of europe (germany, austria, swiss, poland, hungary) happy now ;-)

If you make 'w' also for z and y you get the belgian and french happy too. (+ all the francophony countries)

fuzzyface November 5, 2008 3:46 PM

oh the french keyboard is even much more different.


so there is not a quick fix. But this isn't my business some frenchman has to complain about that ;-)


My only problem with the game was its fortunately optional and easily missable, "push the button while it insults you" shtick. What made it even worse was when it says things like, "why are you pushing this button whose only existence is to insult you with every press?" when you know good and well the game tells you there's an achievement for doing it. If you want it, just keep clicking as fast as you can until the sufficient result happens.

As for the game itself, my favourite parts are both the music, and the fact that bumping into things you pull with the winch doesn't count against the "perfect" star.

Molchanoff November 5, 2008 4:58 PM

YES finally got all the achievements! I think i used up all my luck for the week though. Totally worth it.

Gryphon78 November 5, 2008 5:38 PM

I got all the acievements as well. I found the level 8 perfect to be the hardest, and for those of you having trouble on level 20...

attach the winch to the tower and pull it left and down. then, fly into the tower from the top. when it leans back to the right, fly out and hover until you have a clear path to the exit.

It might not work for you, but it got me fast and perfect. by the way, the achievements are totally worth the reward.

Verysupercool November 6, 2008 4:48 AM

Eh? What d'you get for completing everything? Please tell me, I really wanna know, but I'm like **** at these games.

Molchanoff November 6, 2008 11:33 AM

@Verysupercool when you get the last achievement (the one for collecting all other achievements) you get

a special message from the creators congratulating you while displaying a picture of a cat (i can only assume it belongs to them). The screen can only be viewed once, but it has an odd feeling of satisfaction.


Great game... only a few rewards to go (battling with perfect 8 at the moment).

As for the keyboard issue, I'm sure that back in the day when I was writing DOS games in C, each key had an id (which I used) as well as an ascii value. The id would be be based on the physical key location on the (mostly) generic layout which keyboards share. Certain keys which don't appear on a generic layout would have id values outside this "reserved range", potentially including manufacturer prefixes (like the Windows key or numpad) but the basic "left handside part with letter and numbers" would be the same for all.

Of course, maybe I'm imagining all this but I'm pretty certain I'm not. Bottom line is, there must be a way to map a physical keypress to a character value hence the keyboard controller must be passed an id. Maybe it's just a case that high-level programs nowadays hide this value from the programmer. Game inputs need to be identified by raw values, not received after translation based on the player's locale.

Just a thought.

Black Drazon November 7, 2008 1:58 PM

Man, that was an unorthodox way of beating 8 with a perfect. I slammed into the ceiling above the fan... but there was a ball between me and it! Very lucky. Thanks for that, little ball!

Anonymous November 8, 2008 4:35 PM

I found a way of beating perfect 8.
i found that when you use z or x to rotate while your moving forward, you can go against the fan. its hard to control but i managed to do it without that much trouble or frustration.
It swings you so hard that you can go directly against the fan.
Hope this helps


someone plz help with lvl 21.....!


For the Rain Island:

you wont get Perfect, but you will get Fast, Just fly to the Door Release, fly in, and release the winch, the winch will activate the release.

For Goo Tower 1:

just gun it underneath, theres JUST ENOUGH SPACE!

For Goo Tower 2:

Think: Winch


The level 20 is quite of easy but you must have a clear mind...lol
You must use the spacebar to connect and pull the tower to the left.
Now you are able to pass over the tower.


spoiler for level 13 (magneto completo)

you can use your winch to open the line


Once you get all the achievements theres nothing special.. just this screen shows up. very random.



I found an interesting "glitch" on level 9. Sure, the developers don't want you to do it, and you could use the materials provided but...

It is possible to wedge your choppa into the "unblock exit" tunnel without using the winch. Making sure your back end is towards the hole, inch yourself closer and closer to the hole until about half the helicopter is in the hole. The continue wedging youself in, rotating when needed. If you did it right, it will "chink" and the button will activate. However, you can't beat the level because it has the "helicopter injury" sign come up.

Another glitch usable on various levels, especially ones featuring several balls, fans and sharp edges is...

If you attach the winch to one of the balls and fly through a horizontal fan, and you get blown into a sharp edge, the winch passes through the wall. BUT! If you proceed down, the winch may stretch further and, eventually, pull the weight/ball through, the fling off and bring you flying, often relusting in a KABLAM!

Once, while using that trick, my choppa went flying into "orange"! Please note that it doesn't always work.

magnira864 February 3, 2009 4:08 PM

over acheiver!


I have completed all the acheivements. ha!

yup. i've done every level super-speedy AND perfectly (without touching the walls)


My brother like it very much he is very fond of the game since it's release. I think the makers of the games have tried their best to put every possible effort which makes a game successful among the people especially childrens.


a glitch is to let out the winch and hold z... it'll make you lol. seriously.


in lvl 13 theres a hilarious glitch

fly, let the winch out, press X and you be turning and turning and TURNING CRAZILY, then you'll get your magnet... then crash.


I really need help on getting the 'crying button' achivement. I HONESTLY have no idea.


mkstar: for the crying button achievement,

go to the "tell the author" screen (bottom left of pretty much every page) and press the button that says "never press" a ton of times.


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