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Rating: 4.2/5 (89 votes)
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PatrickGurabichonIn a world where vehicles are made up of cute, abstract creatures raptured by a conveyor belt, and everything is made of crazy blocks floating against a sky background, only the puzzle solvers will survive.

Gurabichon, another game by the Polygon Gmen, is a real zany stew of physics, gravity manipulation, and conveyor mechanics. You control a pair of owl-like creatures that roll around like wheels in a tank, trying to get to the goal in each level. In order to get them there, you´ll have to think outside the belt.

You can drive the two adorables by using the mouse and clicking on the left side of the game window to move left, click on the right side to move right. This causes them to roll, which moves the conveyor, which moves them, in a sort of self-reinforcing physics dance. Additionally, you can change the direction of gravity by pressing the [arrow] keys, or clicking the arrow icons at the bottom of the screen. In most levels, only a few directions are available, but in some you have complete, four way control. Switches, blocks, carousels and bizarre, caged animals fill out the array of elements. The game offers 30 levels filled with unique challenges: can you solve them all?

Analysis: Quintessential Japanese Kawaii combined with a fairly refreshing double-threat of mechanical innovation, polished and smoke free. A bit obscure at times, most frustratingly the physics can provide "emergent" snags that make puzzle solving difficult. Fortunately, you can play any levels you want, everything is unlocked from the get-go and you can skip the tricky ones, so get going.

Play Gurabichon

Thanks to Grant for sending this one in!


Level 23:

You need to advance the two -+- blocks a little bit at a time, using tiny bursts of leftward gravity. Between each burst, use the player character to push the left -+- back to the right. The idea is to have something under each end of the blue block.


Cool physics, annoying sounds, easy levels.


What a cute little game~


Simple, yet so fun!


"Cool physics, annoying sounds, easy levels"-Jesse

Agreed. I did have good fun playing though, and was surprised when I completed all of the levels


Wow, on Stage 9 I managed to get one of the owls outside the conveyor belt!


Then I managed to take the whole pair out of the chain and then enlodge the conveyor in the bar connecting both owls!


I also got the chain stuck in a wall!


Perhaps you could use an alternate romanization, such as Gurabicchon, to avoid the expletive in the title... ("Gurabichon" is used in the in-game instruction), but maybe I'm just oversensitive.

[Edit: Thanks for pointing that out. I blame the Google translator for leading me astray. I've updated the review and images accordingly. Cheers. -Jay]

Anonymous January 22, 2009 9:18 PM

anyone got lvl 19?


A fun game. I like the simplicity of the controls, and the quirky behavior of the machine, which flies apart or impales parts on ramps under certain circumstances.

I found it helpful to use the arrow keys on my keyboard instead of the onscreen ones on some levels where changing direction required more immediate attention.


Level 19 isn't too hard with

proper use of gravity changes.

More detailed help:

Getting that first ball out of the way is the trick. Roll past the two-block pit on the bottom, use gravity up, then gravity left, and then quickly gravity down again. If you've timed it right, only one of the balls in the two-block pit will have popped out to the left, leaving room for one of the five balls on the right to fall in. Then it's just a matter of using the one-block pit in the ceiling to inch your way past the balls and shuffle them off to the left.

It's a lot easier to do than it is to explain. :)


People actually worry about incidental combinations of letters that may spell a bad word (within another word) in English due to translation? I'd ask somebody like that to reassess his priorities and I'd' urge the poster of this particular article not to reassemble the letters in order to pacify (phonetic!) those sorts of commenters. ;)

Aaaanyway, really fun little game. The only level that I found annoying was 27 since it's sort of boring. You know you can do it, but it's just a matter of taking the time to inch your way over there.

[Edit: I appreciated the correction, since the instructions clearly name the little vehicle as a "Gurabichon". There's nothing wrong with anyone pointing that out. -Jay]

hyperkinetic January 22, 2009 11:27 PM

I have beat all the levels, except on lv. 22, I can get past the first two barrier-bars but I can't seem to figure out how to squeeze past the last one. any help?



For lvl 22, if you go down in the crevice of the 3rd barrier, you'll see what to do!

hyperkinetic January 22, 2009 11:44 PM

Never mind, that was sneaky, I got it though finally.


I did enjoy the game. Easy enough to beat that it held my attention, but not so easy as to make it boring.

[Edit: Sorry, debaser, I had to edit that out. Just trying to keep the discussion on track. Thanks for understanding! :) -Jay]


For those that missed the above you can use arrow keys instead of having to click on each arrow button. I would HIGHLY suggest using this instead of trying to click on each arrow. I only wish I had found out about that before I had reached level 26.....

Trust me on this one it makes the timing ones such as level 26 much much easier using the arrow keys then the mouse


I like this game, the gameplay itself is a fun mix of two different control styles, and it combines physics gameplay and puzzle platforming quite well.

However, the graphics and sound make this game for me. It actually saddens me that no one noticed that this is simply an extended reference to 2ch, those aren't "owl faces", they're the faces of characters made with ASCII art. Technically, they're cat faces, as that's what they are usually shown as.


Silver - What's a 2ch?


Thanks. I suppose I could have just googled it myself. xD


Definately casual gameplay!
Perfect for a coffee break.
Loving the cute graphics, and crazy things that turn up.


Great little game!
I've still got a few later levels to beat but they'll have to wait for my next cup of coffee.


So what's the game "meant" to be called? Gravichon or something?


Help on 9?


Is anyone else getting a 503 error?


I'm getting an error as well.

RealBigBrain January 23, 2009 2:15 PM

Level 9:

Don't race quickly into the big spinny thing. That will just send you straight left and you'll end up stuck at the bottom.

Instead, go real slow and just drop off the end of the ledge. The spinny thing will fling you up instead of left and you'll drop right down into the gate.


I... "owl faces." :spit take:
Looks like someone beat me to the correction, though~

(・∀・) ('�"`)
our mouth is not a beak, please to be demanding of apology juice!

Being familiar with 2ch characters makes it that much more enjoyable. I am assuming this article was previously titled "Gurabit..." but I don't really care.


I gave up after solving all but three stages (19, 23, 28)


I've read Soho's tips for level 19, but I still can't get it.
Where Soho says

"Then it's just a matter of using the one-block pit in the ceiling to inch your way past the balls and shuffle them off to the left."

I don't know how I would do that. When half of the vehicle (all that fits) is in the hole in the ceiling, the other half completely blocks the other balls to the right. Help?


Oh wow, nevermind. I got level 19.
This was a fun addicting game.


How do you get past level 15?


I feel silly - I can't even pass level 3! just get stuck in the hole can't figure out how to get over the gap.

Anonymous January 29, 2009 1:17 AM

please someone do a walkthrough this is impossible


Level 30 is much simplier than one can expect. You'll just have to push the first accessible blue button from the right direction (use the direction buttons to help you)

rose123 March 3, 2009 3:22 PM

Level 29 is taking me agesss!
Any help suggestions?

private June 10, 2009 8:49 PM

holy crap, on 18 i got the whole entire thing lodged in the wall!!! WOW!!!!!!


finally.. got that level 19

fit the ball into the 1 block space, NOT yourself! gravity left, up, then roll out right. gravity left, up, and again..

keep trying them out!


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