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Rating: 4.2/5 (25 votes)
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GunRunSporting stylized graphics and an infectious soundtrack, GunRun delivers the goods with flair in classic arcade action style. This beautiful 2D side-scrolling shooter was created in Flash by Felix Reidl of Germany.

The object of the game is to rack-up points by jumping and running to catch money ($) while shooting everything that comes at you. There is no break in the action, you play until you lose all your hearts and die.

Use the mouse for aiming and the mouse button for shooting. Movement in this side-scroller is constantly advancing to the right, there is no turning back. However, the [A] and [D] keys can be used to slow down and speed up, respectively. Press the space bar, or [W] key, to jump. Press it again to double-jump.

In addition to money, you will find power-ups floating in the sky as you advance. All provide some protection from the never-ending waves of enemies that approach: items to increase your health, upgrade your gun, kill all enemies on-screen, and even grant temporary invincibility or rage.

As you advance across the randomly generated terrain, so does the bar at the bottom of the screen. When it fills completely, you advance to the next level. Although there is no break between levels, new and more difficult enemies will begin to appear as you progress.

Analysis: The game looks amazing with its stylized silhouette illustrations and enemy design that is consistent and nicely detailed. Felix has done an exceptional job of creating an addictive Flash shooter with compelling art work to match. The high-energy soundtrack is a perfect fit for the non-stop, fast-paced, arcade action of the game. Very well done.

The only complaints I have are relatively minor in scale: There is very little indication when hit by an enemy, as the main character merely blinks a couple of times. Also, I had to re-enter my name each time I wanted to submit a score to the high score list. The game should save the last name entered, at least for the duration of the browser session.

Addictive gameplay. Impressive art work. Energizing soundtrack. Click.

Props to Willoughby Jackson for the link. =)


Cool game.

My only complaint would be how easy it is. I hit level 40 with probably about 15 or 20 lives, a score of over 195925 and a gun level of about 15, and had to just let my character run (he ran through about 1.5 levels) bumping into stuff to eventually kill myself (final score inc. bonuses 448622).

It was very good, looks brilliant and plays well, but it's so easy - and would take so long to redo! - that it's not a game I'm planning on playing a second time!


Very nice :)

Love the graphics, specially how pieces fly around when enemies die.


Rob - wow, you're a heck of a lot better at this game than I am. =)

The difficulty of the game seems to be just right for my ability.


Firstly, this game is amazing. Very stylish and extremely satisfying. The earlier levels are somewhat easy, but it achieves a perfect difficulty level later on. Unfortunately the game is extremely repetitive and gets pretty dull after a while. It would be nice if the developer made some bosses, possibly more varied enemies and even a more visible and useful gun upgrade. Lastly, this game proves what playing Hitman 2 first taught me.
Ties = Cool.


Wow, Rob is definitely better at it than I am! I am just no good at twitch gaming in my old age.

It's a cool little game though. I love the graphics, especially when you destroy things and gears fly everywhere.

I agree that something to break up the repetition would be nice. It's hard to keep up that level of focus non-stop.


Funny, I'm into my old age and expect to do poorly at such games, but I have the same complaint that Rob G. had... too slow an upward curve of difficulty, too easy at peak. By the end of about two hours, enough is enough - the game ought to get hard enough to kill you. I did the same thing Rob did - eventually got fed up and ran through stuff, grabbing all the cash in sight, until I died. Took something like ten more levels, I had so many lives by then.

The designer needs to make it get harder, faster, and raise the upper bar. Then it would be a much better game.


Ow... my fingers/hand finally wore out around level 60. Final score 1034163......... I need a nap.


Hey there. Great you like the game! I understand the criticism about the game balance - people that are used to ego shooters won't have a difficult time. However, I tried to achieve a level of difficulty which would give about everyone a chance to survive a bit and see a little of the game. However, I did not expect people to reach level 112!

About the name for the highscore... well, you musn't enter special characters.

Oh, and I'll update the game soon, there are two bugs I'd like to fix. And be sure to check out the page now and then, I'm already working on the next game...


I just wanted to let you know that I just updated the game... I fixed the almost-endless-lifes-bug (you can only have five now, which should add a little bit of difficulty) and there's a little surprise in lvl20 now.


Is it just me, or is it really hard to tell when your gun will get better? I keep getting these gun powerups, but nothing seems to happen. Then, all of a sudden, *poof* a new gun.


That is wonderful that you've already updated the game based on comments about it, Felix. Nice job! =)

And I am eagerly looking forward to seeing what you do with the next one.

Chitzk0i - your gun upgrades once for every five (5) weapon power-ups you collect.


Felix, it might improve gameplay if powerups came from both airborne and grounded enemies. I've found that I spend most of my time jumping over the grounded enemies because it's easier and it means I can concentrate on hitting flying enemies and so getting power ups.

I'll have a go at getting to level 20 now :)


I didnt think it was too easy. lvl60? god, I was happy to get to level 6...


Felix, I have to agree with Rob, I hit the boss level without taking a single hit, and I'm still going strong. I think the curve needs to sharpen up a bit after you hit the boss, hitting the boss takes a good amount of effort to the beginner, but the expert can reach the boss and once he beats the boss, he's got no worries.


You called? ^^

Well, I just put up the next update. A friend of mind pointed out two bugs that I had to fix (if you'd reach level 100 you'd never leave it...) and I also tried balancing the game better.
First thing: Boss is harder. More life, extra attack.
Second: The harder enemies spawn more often after level 16.
Third: The gun is weaker. No one-shot-wonder anymore (at least I hope so ^^)
And forth: a little-itzy-bitzy less powerups.

I know about the shoot-only-flying-enemies and I did not change it yet, but maybe the preceeding chages will compensate a bit.

Btw, thanks for the great criticism. I hadn't had the time to test the new version, so you helped a lot. I sure will bookmark this site ;)


Cool game, too Repetative though, get to a certain level then get bored. Like the character and the enemies are cool too, think bosses should be included or different guns, and i think explosives would be good on it(grenades)

Luckdragon October 24, 2005 4:22 PM

Maybe it's because I didn't play the version before the update, but it's very difficult for me now. Maybe it's just my hand-eye or my inexperience with double jumping.

I only got as far as the airborne bombers and only because of a "death" powerup (skull thing?)


113,398. i liked it, but the difficulty curve was too slow. suggestions would be to make the gun upgrades more visible (at level 12 my gun lookede the same as at level 1) and have some interesting bosses every 5 levels or so. otherwise it was a great game!


Fun game. BTW, Jay - the link you have says that the game is moved, you might want to update that. =)


Thanks very much, Kristyn. =)

I have updated the links accordingly.

franciskratos January 21, 2006 4:23 AM

cool game!!!

the grafics are super.

stefan mitchell April 29, 2006 5:23 PM

its a cool game.. I'm a newb in action scripting but advanced in graphics in flash.. but is there someway i can learn how to action script a game like this one.. like ina tutorial or something?


Is it just me, or does this game no longer exist? I keep getting dumped to a 404 page.


It works for me, Suho. =/


ummm. this game is challenging, i only get a scorelike 15,600 every time and the gun comments - you can see your gun get progressingly better, but my friend got so many upgardes the it started shooting rockets. true story.

wired1139 October 9, 2007 10:47 PM

short little game but very addicting.


I'm surprised no one has said anything about the best part of this game: how everything you look at seems to creep to the right after playing it for a while.


64397 was my score and the bombers were what realy finished me off
i hope theres a gunrun 2

Acidifiers March 8, 2010 3:57 AM

Wickedly difficult and finger-breaking if playing it with a laptop touchpad. But quite fun nonetheless.


Hi guys,

as far as I can try, the link to this game (or the website) doesn't work anymore



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