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Grrr Game

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Rating: 4.7/5 (74 votes)
Comments (37) | Views (6,269)

Honda Grrr GameContinuing with the latest theme of games with odd names, Honda weighs-in with a Flash game to celebrate their whisper quiet diesel engine. While I am not quite sure how the game relates to the engine, what I can say is this game is a beautiful work of art, and it offers up a pretty good challenge as well.

The Grrr Game puts you in control of a white rabbit, on a quest for carrots, using the arrow keys to move around the isometric pseudo 3D environment. Landing next to any hateful object will cause the rabbit to whip out his gargantuan hammer and whack the smithereen stars out of it, and thus turning it into a lovely object of affection. Doing so will also add a time bonus to your score. The goal of the game is to get to the BBQ while collecting all the time bonuses, and all the carrots, by ridding the world of hate. OMGWTFBBQ!

Play Honda Grrr Game


Good God, that's stunning. Too bad it doesn't run a little faster. Best of all, it's not riddled with subliminal Honda logos.


I agree, the bunny is oddly slow. fav part it useing the hammer on things, and watching the window shake a bit.


Took me four shots to find the BBQ. The graphics are so cool!
The bunny is cute! I have a pet bunny at home called Rex! He is toilet trained! :P

Jeremy May 7, 2005 3:51 PM

The part when the screen shaked was definatly the highlight of my life!!!! this game has changed my life forever who would of thought if u destroyed your fridge it would turn in to a penguin!!!


Hi this was made by unit9 (www.unit9.com) in London - an alternative link to a slightly different version of the game is (www.unit9.com/grrrgame) - hosting is much faster.
Best, M

colleen May 21, 2005 11:28 AM

Overall, I liked it; it took a couple of tries to beat it, but wasn't really enough of a challenge that I would play it again

Katherine June 17, 2005 6:18 PM

oh em gee, that's so cool. I love the dude saying that thing whenever you fix something. Rawk out. I don't even mind that it's such slow going. That just brilliant.

Jonathan June 26, 2005 6:39 PM

I must say even at the age of 26 I found this most Colourfull and enjoyable, the rabbit seems fast enough, but I had a job getting used to the keys to control him, proud owner of bunnies, Schneeball and Toky-Ohki

lucillelove August 11, 2005 3:48 PM

I love this game very very much...wish it could happen in real life though :P


wow, i can't believe i haven't left a comment for this one yet. grr game is beautiful and absolutely one of my favourites.


Phew. Finally 100% with 101 secs to spare.


Even the mirror site took forever to load! Went and did a few things and came back and it was just barely done. =p I couldn't pass more than 40 seconds - you're crazy, baba. ;) This game is pretty cute, but I really like the ending. Bunny attitude! yay! It's littered with subliminal messages, though. Just gotta know where to look. ;) hehe, go Honda!


Umm, where is the BBQ -- and how do you get out to the carrot and trash on the island that says it doesn't want you on it?


when i am playing the game i go up next to the stove where the carrot is and he whips out a hammer then jumps up and then a blank gray screen appears...i dont know why this is


The link doesn't seem to work :-/


It appears that the game is down right now, since clicking the "Honda" link above and finding the link to the game produces the message:

"The game is not available right now, please try again later"


Aww thats a shame Honda's Grrr game is down at the moment, =^-^= I prefer the origional to the Unit 9 version, in unit 9 bunny wastes time jumping around with exitement, one day maybe Honda Grrr shall return.


i won it in 2.00mins


i'm loading it right now. it looks pretty cool though.


It won't work for me. I've played it before and fancied playing it again but each time I open it, the first time the rabbit decides to attack something, the window minimizes and then won't reopen. Anyone else having this problem?


this game is fun...
but it is a little hard


"While I am not quite sure how the game relates to the engine, what I can say is this game is a beautiful work of art."

"Best of all, it's not riddled with subliminal Honda logos."

The tie-in is to the "Hate Something, Change Something" ad campaign; the message being it's OK to hate things that are bad because you fix them, and diesel engine designs are bad so Honda fixed them. The game's art direction matches that of the TV spot, which won some advertising awards--that's the "subliminal Honda logo." I agree, though, that it is tastefully done. If you liked the aesthetic of the game, you should check out the TV spot. (I don't have a link to the high-def version offhand, but if you can find it the extra detail on the animation is worth it.)

"I love the dude saying that thing whenever you fix something."

The "dude" is Garrison Keillor of the NPR radio show A Prairie Home Companion. I'm guessing he or a PHC writer penned the song as well, as it's in their style. If you like it, hit the link above and you can listen to some of the show's archives.

The original date for the post is old, but I figured I'd tack this note on because the TV ad's animation is nice, and Heaven forbid someone go without hearing Keillor's show at least once.


They didn't really take it offline - They just changed the URL!



Thanks, Xenonym! I've updated the links above to point to the URL you noted. Cheers!

Jonathan June 21, 2007 8:56 PM


Well it's nice to know that the original Honda Grr game is up and running again.

I like this version too as the Grrr Bunny does'nt get too exited after conking appliances on the head with his wooden mallet.

Also in this original version the deer is missing from the second room , Task for the day : guess what all the shrubs and flowers are in the rooms.

However I am having trouble embedding this onto my Myspace profile.


Adding any of the games to your Myspace profile or website is really very easy. Just click the "+ your website" link in the title bar of this review, and then copy and paste the code that appears in the drop down box to your website or Myspace template.


Glad the Honda one is back up! I like this game, even though it drives me crazy. How do you get across to the island with the trash on it, anyone?

Jonathan June 22, 2007 6:49 AM

I have tried embedding the game using the your website codes but it just comes up as a little red cross in a white box on my profile , it is clickable however but I was kind of hoping for the same picture as above or similar.

It does bring you to this page and then you can click on the link.


I have become quite used to this game now and am experimenting on different ways to get to the Barbeque in the time limit , it's a shame the game was'nt an extra 9 rooms bigger.

The hippo playing the Uke or Banjo is the room after the one with the clouds and the pink flamingo's , when the rabbit conk's the traffic lights on the head you automatically get carried away on the rainbow to the room with the Uke or Banjo playing Hippo.

Of course to get to the room with the clouds and pink Flamingo's you have to conk the bear trap on the head in the room with the Pylon , Parking meter and Baloon.

In time everyone can master this game and it's just a matter of getting the rooms in the right order.



Jonathan - I just tried it on my own myspace page (there isn't much there, just a page I use to try things out on) and I got the icon to show up.

You can enter it either in the "About Me" section, or you can also create a blog and paste the code in there, too.

Jonathan June 22, 2007 5:17 PM


Thats ok , thanks for your help Jay . In the end I did put them up in a blog , I have links to the original version and the Unit 9 version.

As well as the Raven : Way of the warrior flash.


No rating? Hmm...


Hmm... are there supposed to be 10 environments? I got 99% a lot of times, but I can't see what I am doing wrong:(


Well, there haven't been any posts here in almost a year, and I don't know if anyone will check this, but is there a reason this game can't be rated? Or are all old games like this?

Patreon VIP Chiktionary January 15, 2010 6:40 PM

It's 2010 and the link to the game is still working :) Kind of fun, but my attention span is limited today, so I'll have a crack at it later.

Anonymous June 23, 2010 1:22 PM

there are 3 rooms in the game that kinda creep me out: the cave one with the tv, the one with the electrical tower, and the sky one (kinda :P)


Great fun!


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