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Eyezmaze's beloved Grow puzzle games are back with GROW PARK, also available for Android, and for free! Eyezmaze fans will know the formula by now... at the bottom of the screen represent various objects, creatures, or elements that can be added to the world, and the order in which you tap them influences how they grow and change their environment. Used items will change and "level up" as you use others, but not all of them level up as many times, so the task is to figure out what order to activate each item in, in order to make them all reach their maximum level. Add to that 150 characters to unlock, who will appear and frolic in your newly grown fields under certain conditions, and you have an adorable puzzle game that fires the imagination of young and old alike and encourages experimentation beyond getting the "perfect" maximum level solution. We had originally planned to wait for GROW PARK to become available on more platforms before we featured it, but, well, there's a reason why On's work is so well-regarded, and people have been poking us about it already. So those of you with Android devices, get to GROWing, and the rest of you, well, like you needed an excuse to replay Eyezmaze's back catalogue anyway!

Play Grow Park

Google PlayAndroid:

Thanks to Jordan, Debbie, Gray, and Jonathan for sending this one in!


Patreon Contributor Questioner July 6, 2015 2:38 PM

If anyone is searching for the Lvl.MAX combination:

1. Colored cylinders

2. Block and hole

3. Plant

4. Blob

5. Road

6. Water


From the little bit that I've heard about this game, it's more like a pocket pet game from the 90s than a typical On Grow game. I really wish he would concentrate and finish Grow Forest. That looked extremely wonderfully massive on the scale of Dwarf Complete.

Night Stryke July 7, 2015 1:13 AM replied to Corona

I don't know who said that, but it's definitely not like a Tamagochi or something. It is a standard GROW game with the objective of finding the "perfect combination" to level all items to max, with the optional challenge of finding all 150 of the characters that appear in the park depending on what combination of items you used; it also has various unique outcomes that result from not using the "right" combination, and this gives you incentive to try them all. (For example:

the blob can become a fish, a bird, a cat, or a herd of animals - or nothing - but only one of those is "right".)


No, it wasn't you Dora. I read that in a comment on some obscure nothing site. The only thing that led me to think there might be some inkling of truth in it is Ons' move toward more 'human' characters and technology in his games lately rather than fantastical creatures (one of the many reasons why I love Ons' games). So I agree, I did jump the gun with my earlier post. Sorry.

Still, I do hope On does continue with Grow Forest somehow. I can't begin to imagine the boggling multiple variation 'endings' a game like that would have. I'm not sure whether he thought of it as 4 (etc.) Grow games connected linearly (successfully winning each Grow segment in a row), or, as an incredibly massive 'everything ties in with everything else' Universe. Either design is daunting.

Anyway, I'll still be looking forward to Grow Park for PC like many here.


I think I'll wait until I can actually play it AKA free on PC

chibidani July 12, 2015 2:31 AM

I am so excited! I know what I'm doing for the next while :D

DMGnome July 12, 2015 1:08 PM

Will this be bumped to the top of the home page once it's released for browsers?


Now i got 134 characters being explored~ still working out on it !

j.braz July 24, 2015 5:02 PM replied to Night Stryke

Hey, how the hell can I

make the blob turn into a fish??

I really like the variations in each grow game.

Night Stryke July 24, 2015 11:22 PM replied to j.braz

Use the

water, then the path, then the blob, without using the grass before the blob.


It's now available for browsers!


Please remove the link if not allowed.


thecrwth August 29, 2015 8:02 PM replied to Questioner

Does anyone know if there is an alternate ending, like the alien one from grow city?


Gosh darn it. I'm missing 7 kids!

I still need:

As far as I can tell, there is only one true ending. This is a brilliant game!


Hi Elise,

A6 & A7

Hole, Poles, Path, Water, Plant, Animal


Hole, Animal, Plant, Path, Water, Poles

C22 & C23

Path, Hole, Water, Animal, Plant, Poles


Poles, Plant, Animal, Hole, Path, Water


Hole, Animal, Path, Poles, Water, Plant


Elise November 2, 2015 12:28 PM replied to BlueBird

Thank you! I actually got 3 of them on my own after I posted. I wanted to at LEAST get the one that was clearly

stuck in a hedge

as that gave me a pretty obvious hint. After that I pretty much just hit random buttons until I felt I was done.


I found Pac Man!

hole, pole, plant, road, animal, water


Walkthrough, of a sort
(This is a way to get all of the kids. I've tried to minimize it as far as possible, but obviously I haven't tried every possibility, so there may be more efficient ways to get the rare kids without duplicating the not-so-rare ones.)

The IDs are the sequences as shown in the game in the red boxes, i.e. the first number is when you play the blob, the second number is the sequence of the plant, etc.

For example, 436215 means you play the blob 4th, the plant 3rd, the water 6th, the hole 2nd, the poles 1st, and the path 5th.

Note: in the following, "unique" refers to within this set of 16 combinations only.


This is the "max all" sequence: poles, hole, plant, blob, path, water. 27 kids, 5 unique.

D2, E2-5


blob, poles, hole, water, path, plant. 28 kids, 4 unique.

D11, E11-13


hole, blob, plant, path, water, poles. 24 kids, 4 unique.

A9, B20, C18-19


hole, blob, path, poles, water, plant. 23 kids, 1 unique.



poles, plant, blob, hole, path, water. 21 kids, 1 unique.



water, path, blob, plant, hole, poles. 32 kids, 9 unique.

A16-20, B16-19


water, path, blob, plant, poles, hole. 23 kids, 8 unique.

A4, C16-17, D16-17, F21-22, F25


hole, plant, poles, blob, water, path. 21 kids, 5 unique.

A25, B5, B23-25


path, hole, water, blob, plant, poles. 40 kids, 14 unique.

C22-23, D9-10, E6-10, F6-10


path, water, plant, hole, blob, poles. 28 kids, 4 unique.

B9-10, C9-10


hole, poles, plant, path, blob, water. 19 kids, 3 unique.



water, hole, poles, path, blob, plant. 25 kids, 3 unique.

C14, D14-15


poles, hole, water, path, blob, plant. 24 kids, 1 unique.



hole, poles, path, water, blob, plant. 24 kids, 2 unique.

C25, E16


plant, path, water, poles, hole, blob. 23 kids, 2 unique.

C2, C8


hole, poles, path, water, plant, blob. 25 kids, 2 unique.



341562, 341652, 561234, 563214


425136, 536124


453261, 564123


level 3: 532461; level max: 436215, 326415


164325, 235164, 265143

Sparrow3183 December 23, 2015 1:44 PM

I think I might have encountered a glitch (or something like it) where I assume I should get new kids, but they don't appear. Any help/suggestions?


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