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Greenie 2

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Rating: 3.6/5 (40 votes)
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Greenie 2

Johnny123 Greenie 2 is a big fat liar. It claims to be "a sequel to a mediocre game, but with more levels..." which is a dirty lie. Greenie 2 shouldn't be anywhere near the word "mediocre", and Letmethink should be ashamed for making a platform game with such false conceptions of modesty. Much like its titular hero, Greenie 2 is a tight little bundle of fun and efficiency, a no-frills jumping game with a little puzzle sprinkled on top. Move with the [arrows] or [WASD] keys and press the [spacebar] or [Z] to shift those translucent blue blocks from solid to non-solid and back again. There's the odd spike patch, or button pushing puzzle, and occasionally there are short little color-coded enemies that can be manipulated into pushing switches for you. Call it spare, call it retro, call it more fun than a basket of kittens, but "mediocre" is one thing this series is not.

Greenie 2Greenie 2 requires you to collect three stars on each level before your exit door will open, and enacting the right choreography and timing to get each star at just the right time can be devious. You have to time your movements against closing doors or moving enemies, always switching between jumping and changing those platforms from solid to non-solid on the fly, sometimes several times mid-jump. Some enemies pass through the blocks no matter what their state, some are completely immune to them, and some can't pass through them even when they are non-solid. It's up to you to figure out which enemies are bound by which rules so you can use them to your advantage. Greenie 2 is charming to look upon but it is a bit on the short side. A game this fun needs more than twelve levels, hopefully we'll get a third entry with even MORE levels (and maybe fewer delusions of mediocrity). As it stands, Greenie 2 is a lovely time waster and a great little test of your puzzle platforming skills.

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I had to quit on the level with the yellow guy who has to be prevented from hitting the switch on the far left. I wasn't able to get up to the rightmost star fast enough to block him.

It was fun up to that level though.

One con: there's no switch to turn off the music.


Actually, I think "mediocre" is the exact word to describe this game. There is absolutely nothing to distinguish this game from all the other generic, faux-retro puzzle platformers out there.


Well, I tried that level again, and just barely made it through. Now I'm giving up ... maybe :-D ... on the level with the red, yellow, and blue buttons along the bottom. I finally guided each little guy to his button buttons and and was just trying to get up to the final star when I fell into the pit. I think I tried at least 10 times to jump up-left from the tiny yellow ledge to the tiny red ledge before I fell. And it took me at least 10 times to even get to that point. Forcing the little red guy to go right is tricky.

That's another tiny con: the levels aren't numbered.


Hi Barbara

Actually at top left of the game, there is many buttons to restart or mute music

But how did you pass the level 6 (in which you have to prevent the yellow guy from reaching the left switch)?


Well I quit on that level. You have to be quick

Ruesiken March 28, 2015 5:16 PM

Fairly easy game... Though the end hints at secrets, to which I'm unable to find thus far :P

Carny Asada March 28, 2015 7:25 PM

Why am I not able to see the bottom of the gaming area? Greenie is cut off at the neck when he is standing on the (invisible) floor. Chrome on Mavericks.


Thanks Mohamed, I didn't see those buttons at the top. They are very small and faint. (Typing R restarts the level.)

For level 6

You have to continually return to stand at the far left to force the yellow guy to travel the maximum distance. Getting the first two stars isn't too difficult, but you have to be perfect to get the third star and get above the yellow ledge before he trips the switch.

At first, I kept starting the level over, but then I realized I could practice reaching the stars after the yellow guy had tripped the switch.

letmethink2 March 29, 2015 6:20 AM replied to Carny Asada

Carny Asada you are zoomed in. Right click and select view all or return your browser to 100% to see it all.


The fact that you can't jump and toggle platforms simultaneously when you're on one makes this game harder than it should be. It took me a while to get through level 6 because of that.

I'm also very glad this game has only 12 levels. Most browser platformers have 30+ levels without requiring new techniques on each level. This one doesn't have much diversity in puzzles, but it's short enough that that's ok.

Carny Asada March 29, 2015 3:35 PM

OK, it consistently loads "zoomed in" for me (none of the other games on this site do). And Greenie doesn't have enough height on his jump for level 3. This is something that sometimes happens with these games on Mac (Continuity, Shift). So, moving on.

eoyount March 30, 2015 1:22 PM replied to barbara

Easier way to beat level 6 (I figured this out after I beat it the way you described):

Did you notice that if you are in front of a platform when it is moving that it will stop? Let the little guy trip the switch and time your jump to interrupt the platform. Then you can just take your time completing the level.


Mediocre, indeed.


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