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Ginormo Sword

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Rating: 4.7/5 (306 votes)
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Joshname_screen1Babarageo is up to his old antics again. The pixel-loving Japanese game designer responsible for Flash gems like Uchuwars, Uchuforce 2 and the adorable little STG Banner (a 15-pixel-tall space shooter) recently converted his newest game, Ginormo Sword, from Japanese to English. If you've played any of Babarageo's earlier games, you'll know this guy's got a serious pixel-fetish. He also has a reputation for developing games that end up being a lot more fun to play than you might imagine from looking at screenshots. The same is true of Ginormo Sword, a fantasy action game with subtle RPG elements drawn from the golden age of Atari and Intellivision games.

You control a pink, ninja-looking hero equipped with a sword and nothing else. There are no other weapons in this game; your sole task when it comes to upgrading your power is to make your sword bigger, longer, thicker and stronger. Obvious metaphorical references aside, it's actually an innovative weapon system. As you gather more money and items by battling monsters and bosses, you can enhance your sword in a variety of ways. There are a few different swords available throughout the game, each offering its own strengths and weaknesses (such as giving you a bonus to fire damage, but a negative modifier to water). Once you've picked a sword, you can visit your neighborhood blacksmith and spend gold to raise your sword's level, allowing you to increase it's length and width. As you'll see in the real-time combat, added length and width help you reach monsters easier, and hit them more often.

name_screen1The game presents you with a world map of 16 zones. Your starting zone features an Inn where you can access your inventory, check your stats stats and modify your save file. Other zones are covered by a "fog of war," and zones are unlocked in a linear fashion. In each zone, you have to hunt around, using your mouse cursor to control your hero. A text display above the map will indicate when you've found a "monster node." Click the mouse to enter combat, and you'll go up against a random number of monsters to battle. Move with your mouse, attack by clicking; the combat sequences look a bit ridiculous, literally resembling the action you'd expect from an old Atari game. Move your 2D hero around the monsters, dodging collisions and taking sword swipes at them to lower their health. Once you've killed all the monsters in a node, it becomes "unlocked" and visible for repeated visits. You can only move on to the next zone when you've defeated all the current zone's monster nodes and final boss.

Analysis: At first glance, Ginormo Sword might seem like some wacky tribute to retro action-RPG games, meant to be more nostalgic than entertaining. But as we've seen with Babarageo's other games, that's far from the truth. Ginormo Sword—developed with rudimentary graphics, sound and gameplay style—is able to hold its own against similar flash games in the genre today when it comes to fun-factor. There's a pretty elaborate design underneath all those blocky little pixels; you can visit temples to upgrade your base stats, learn magic from wizards to shoot napalm or water bolts from your sword, buy better armor and items to help you survive, and much more. There's even an elemental-based system of damage and protection, with different colored gems to collect that you can trade in for sword and armor enhancements. You'll probably find your share of annoying interface issues when controlling your hero, sometimes veering off in a direction you didn't intend. The choice to use the [arrow] or [WASD] keys would have been nice for those who like more tactile control, something we can only hope for in a later version. You may find combat occasionally annoying as well, with sword swipes not hitting the enemy unless you're horizontally lined up with them just right. But then again, that's why when it comes to your weapon, bigger is always better.

Play Ginormo Sword

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Hey I found an in-depth guide to Ginormo Sword!



When I click 'click to start,' the game takes me to the author's site (in japanese). The only version I can find on that site is also in japanese.

However, the japanese version was very fun, but I had to quit after I accidentally downgraded my sword :(

jessthemullet June 8, 2008 8:43 PM

Maybe it's just me, but I can't actually get into the game. It loads, but when it says "click to start" it takes me to their main page. I've tried it in both Firefox and IE. It looks like an interesting game, but until I figure out what's happening (or if it's just me), I won't get to find out.


If at first it doesn't succeed, try, try again. Eventually I got it to work.

Sorry about this, but it's something funky the author is doing on his site. I am guessing it is to prevent the game from running on other sites. The problem is it is also preventing some people from accessing the game on his own site.


How do you buy upgrades? I have 700 coins, and I've tried clicking everything in the inn screen, including the word "change" and the red square, but nothing happens. And is there anyway to actually get help on the help screen?


Never mind, immediately after posting I discovered the super secret store.


The Inn screen is just to keep track of your inventory. Upgrades and items are found in other places (the first place where you can upgrade a stat is found in the second zone, for example).


it is really fun. but i wish i could just use the arrow keys and space bar.

Stefano June 8, 2008 11:15 PM

I've played this one a while back at TIG Source and let me tell you something: it's highly addictive. I love it. But my tendons won't agree with me if you ask them.
If you don't want to get major tendinitis, I advise you to use a automated clicking software such as Mofiki's Autoclicker.

Have fun!


Witch doctor is hard... well, i just don't have the patience lol.


I've been playing this for the past couple of weeks and I'm on the very very last boss and I'm grinding like mad and I just can't beat it. :(

Awesome. :D


WEEKS?!?! holy cow! Does it really take that long to beat it? AWESOME!


Found how to move around,but what good it width?


Ok, you can get aquamarines from Poseidon (boss C2), topaz from the Sand Worm (boss C3), but I can't find anymore. Are they really all hidden on the top half or at the Witch Doctor?


Erm ... Jay... am I signed in properly? I dunno if I'm just signed in with typekey. I had a huge malware infection and had to do a complete destructive restore to fix my comp, which also obviously got rid of my cookies so now I'm trying to get them all back and I'm doing terrible. I can't remember half my passwords lol.


Level 9. i can not wound boss

the satan himself

, I figured how to get jewels, but hey, can someone explain, how they work? How can i figure if a monster is 'fire', 'water' or whatever?


Am I the only one who finds it strange that the website and any description of items/buttons in the game is in what i guess is Japanese, but all the monster names are in English?


This game is really no good for your free time.


This game is awesome. And addictive. And I SO dig the Atari-like graphics, at the first sight it looks like something Angry Nerd would review. However, he would be hard pressed to find something bad except for the fact that if you play this longer then 5 minutes, you just might as well start googling "relief for early carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms".


Zace, i found a emerald at that RI supply thingy in C2.



Increasing your sword's width by a large amount allows you to hit enemies that are farther above and below you.


Efreet can't be harmed unless you enchant your sword with water. You'll need Aquamarines to do this (you can get these from water creatures in the seventh screen).


Thanks neddo,now if only I understood why the cross blast spell was better than circler...


What do you do inside the shrines? I see a big head and some gold above it but cant do anythingin there. Also I cant seem to get access to the white pyramids either. HELP! please.


I am missing something, or the damage you take seem random? For example the elven archer can kill you in 2 shots on level 2. That is one heck of a learning curve.


I do not believe this is a spoiler, just put the cursor over the gold icon above it's head.


So do you need to increase the Fire power on your sword to kill the lizard assassin?



The Shrines will increase one of your stats in exchange for a hefty sum of gold (It's 10000 for the first increase, 20000 for the second, and so on). Just click on the gold icon above the avatar's giant blue head to make the purchase.

And those white pyramids

will become available later on. Don't worry about them just yet.


Grrr. The Sandworm.....

I've hired Indigo=Roger, but can't quite kill the Sandworm on lvl 6. I have Lvl 18 katana, Level 3 strength, level 4 vitality, but one hit and I'm toast. Suggestions?

tenkuchima June 9, 2008 3:47 PM

dammage seems to be completley random. Sometimes I'll get hit and it does almost no damage, then I'll get hit by the same atack and it kills me, its really anoying


The important thing that this game doesn't tell you is that you take more damage if your sword is down (attacking) than when it is up. This is called Counter Damage. Against higher bosses, you will probably/certainly die in one shot. Get the longest sword you can make (thickness isn't an issue) and hack at them from as far away as possible, so that you have warning against their bullets. You will need to master this skill until you get the Buckler Shield in the fifth screen, which negates counter damage. However, this merely means you won't die in one hit. You still need to exercise mad dodging skills to survive long enough to finish them.

I used a Katana until I could afford the Zweihander. I just cranked length (the zweihander is pretty thick) so that I could keep my distance from everyone. Also, Strength let me finish bosses more quickly.

Currently pumping strength to kill the sorceress.

Hazy Homunculus June 9, 2008 3:56 PM

Much addiction has ensued since I've started this game: my sword is literally the size of the playing screen at level ~300, I'm up to 50 in all stats and 95 in strength, and still I'm unable to beat the boss in the second-to-last stage. In summary, I'm very pleased with this game.

magekirbys June 9, 2008 3:59 PM

Can someone please tell me where to get the 5th spell? i acidently found it but i didn't have enough money and when i left i coulden't find it again . Tip: the spell looks like a target thing.

any help aprishiated.

ThemePark June 9, 2008 4:02 PM

tenkuchima, I think it has to do with how much you get hit. With the fireballs for instance, a direct hit will kill you, but if only part of it hits you, you just take some damage.

Now, could someone please explain the elements thing? For instance, with the katana, it has +1 Fire and -1 Water. So is it more efficient against killing monsters made of fire, monsters who shoot fire, or does it just give you less damage from monsters who shoot fire?

weirdguy June 9, 2008 4:09 PM

Why is the cross better?

Two words: cluster rounds.

Give it a shot (haha) and you'll see what I mean.

Anonymous June 9, 2008 5:23 PM

What do the stats correlate to? Does strength up your attack, vitality up your hp, and knowledge up your magic? (rpg noob)



If you're talking about the spell I think you are, it's in the city on the eighth screen with the dancing people. If you see the dancing people, exit and re-enter. Keep doing this and eventually you'll find the person who will sell you the Chaser spell.


Alright, this tip is gonna seem really weird at first.

Buy the Coin of Bravery in the fifth map. It makes it so that you cannot run away from battles. At first this seems like a startlingly bad idea, but you don't actually lose anything if you die except progress in that encounter, and you would lose that if you ran away anyway. So this means you can fight around the edge of the screen without worrying about accidentally running away and losing progress. If you make a mistake it's usually easy to either die or win the encounter, depending on how strong you are.

Anonymous June 9, 2008 7:45 PM


Any other requirements for the 5th spell?


Sword level is equivalent to strength in terms of damage dealt, which means its correct to upgrade the sword a LOT more often than you upgrade str. as the price doesn't increase as fast.

the level 5 magic appears on a random chance in the empty building on one of the screens and you can leave and reenter until it appears again if you need it.

in the shrines there should be an icon you can click to spend money to upgrade your stats, vitality increases hp, knowledge increases magic damage, str. increases regular damage, luck increases fruit drops and rare monster appearances

a lot of enemies deal a lot more damage to you than you do to them.

Helmaroc June 9, 2008 7:54 PM

Nice, for a pixel game, it's extremely addictive! Reminds me of the (awesome) Merlin's Revenge series.


Ok, since there is a secret spell, does anyone know where the last sword is? i have a sword for each color and can't beat the world tree, possibly because I fail to waste my diamonds on converting a dark sword or making a mixed sword.

Orc chiefs give you emeralds.
Posiedon & the lizard boss give you aquamarines.
Fire boss gives you rubies.
Sand worm gives you Topaz.
Neko metal gives you diamonds.
Necromancer and sorceress give you Onix.

That's just me, there may be more, but I'm only at World tree. PS If you know its weakness please tell me.


Btw, if someone can tell me how to edit my posts that would be helpful, as well as does

Luck Fruit

do what I think it does? I got it from the suggested place at C2 (the place with Poseidon)


The sixth sword is

The Energy Sword
and you get it by

defeating the Doppleganger in the Temple of the Moon (the first white pyramid that you can't immediately enter)

Anonymous June 9, 2008 9:15 PM

How do you beat the doppleganger


Lizard Ninja Assassin...wow tough...any tips on that one>?


i have a glitch that whene you leave the site,the elemental defence dissapears and i Always get insta killed by magic attacks even though i have high defence of the elements.


Anonymous June 9, 2008 10:46 PM

For the Lizard Assassin,

just get a reallly long sword and stay on one edge; the bravery-coin is especially useful here because it lets you not run away. Just keep hacking at where you think he'll be (ideally your sword will reach as far across the field as possible; width doesn't really matter at this point, so be sure to shift your points), and use the space between you and him to avoid the tornadoes he sends.

Also, the final spell

costs 100000000 gold. Ridiculous, especially considering how nerfed magic seems to be.

For the sandworm,

indigo roger is kind of worthless. Just stay on one side with a really long sword and avoid the fireballs. That's pretty much the best strategy for everything up to the top.

For the big tree,

be sure to use Nin Nin; the biggest thing to look out for is the vertical lightning that you don't notice killing you until you're dead. As soon as you see the fruit run. Again, persevere with a long sword.


isn't really worth going for, or at least for me because by the time I got to it my katana was such a high level (298) that I didn't want to waste all the money by switching to an energy sword. Maybe it makes a big difference, I dunno, but it's too late now for me. Also, getting the shockwave spell at the other pyramid isn't worth the effort either, I think. Maybe for someone elses strategy?

Also, death is a bastard.

onalimburger June 9, 2008 10:48 PM

What is the best way to get $$$?

Seeing the price


of the secret spell scared me... a lot.

What do the fruits do?

Great game!


Lizard ninja assassins...

...are weak against fire. Also, great advise earlier about powering up your sword instead of your strength stat. It makes a much more noticeable difference in your power.



I'm on the second to last boss, reaper. haven't done the shrine of moon or sun yet or whatever they're called. having difficulty figuring out how to beat doppleganger and the other worm thing. any help would be great


When does this game end?

I encountered new bosses by :

selecting the trophy and reentering the shrines

But they seem unbeatable.


If you search around on the net long enough you'll find most of the info about this game already out there, but to sum up:

There's a lot (and I mean a LOT) of hidden stuff in the game. There are both rare items and rare monsters, as well as hidden areas on each small map screen. There's even a hidden map.

To beat the actual last boss, whoever that might be, will take a lot (and I mean a LOT) of grinding for gold. Both to raise your stats and to raise weapon level.

All the stats are important, each has one specific effect. And you'll want all four of them as high as possible.



Buy each weapon, and level each with a different element. 30-40 of a gem seems to be adequate, but more is always handy. You will eventually want each weapon wide/long enough to cover whichever side of the screen you are facing. Yes, this means the weapon level is gonna be in the thousands.


Str raises weapon damage, but not much per point. Int does the same thing for magic damage. Vit increases your health total. Luck is by far the most important. It increases your chance to see both rare monsters and rare items. This includes the stat fruits.


There are 4-5 secret areas that have random monsters in them. The gold/item drops are increased here, so this is a good place to grind. You will want several BILLION gold before the end of the game. The last hidden grinding area is top row, three from the left. None of them will show the name when you mouseover, until you've found it once. Just wander your guy around the screen and click when he's over empty areas. Note: the position of the man counts, not the position of your cursor.


Each shrine has a boss in it, they are almost all trick bosses. I don't actually know if you need to equip the trophy to get them to appear, but you probably do.
The Wall

The wall just has an absurd amount of HP/Defense. Just beat it down.

The Slimes

The slimes split when you kill them the "honest" way, just walk over them and they go splat.

The Fairy

Do nothing... really, nothing at all. Wait for a while. You win.

Bags of Gold

One bag is legit, the rest explode. Just keep trying till you find one that doesn't kill you. You win.

After the Shrines

Now that you've cleared all four shrines, you can find the Hidden Map, go to the over world map and walk off any edge. Walk over to the moon. You get...
The Avatar of XXX

This guy uses all of the attacks in the game, many of them at once. You can't dodge them, so just get a TON of Vit. He's weak against Dark, so bring that weapon with you. If/when you kill him, he drops a glowy star thing (along with a ton of gold/gems/fruit), equip it, and you are in Hard mode. Everything is roughly 1,000 times harder. No joke. Good Luck

My actual advice if you wanna see the whole game, but you won't like it:

Really, you won't like it.

Last chance.

Ok, cheat. How you ask? Get a sol editor, and you can set values in your save game file. Including your stats and weapon values. Not to mention gold. You can do it with a Hex editor as well, but those are much more complicated. You need stats above 10k to beat the Avatar, probably much higher than that. Never mind the grinding time, that's ten THOUSAND clicks just to level one stat. Seriously, just cheat.


Has anyone figured out what luck does?


Walkthrough / hint through
Incomplete/unfinished, I did not want to click my life away, two days was more then enough. Names may be misspelled/inconsistent.
For more help, there are a lot of good tips from other Jiggers above.


I like the game, but as you progress the clicking gets out of hand. It seems to exponentially increase as you continue.
I do admit it was fun.
I like the upgrade of the map movement, but it isn't really a part of game play. I think that faster movement through the large map compared to the small character should have already been operational.
I like the magic bullet option

This will save you many many many clicks. The more you upgrade the less times you have to hit an enemy to kill them when using the right sword
strength and weapon upgrade generally do the same thing, so upgrade one when the other is more expensive
The damage to an enemy is consistent; whether you hit him the whole time you are striking is not, if you move you or they may miss part of the time. The level of each kind of enemy is different and their reaction to each enchantment is different.
The success in killing all baddies is not just having the right enchantment on your weapon, you also have to consider strength and weapon upgrades
You generally get hit when you get shot closer to the center of your body
You cannot damage baddies when you run into them, but Indigo Roger and Nin Nin can
Luck also seems to increase your cash flow or the amount you pick up at a time
By level 14 the pyramid on level 7 near poseidon was enterable; it may have been sooner I had not checked
Elder vampires give you about a million when beaten
On level 4 you have to get the magic upgrade or you can't beat the boss or the fist level of mist
With the magic bullet the wide shot seems to hit more often then the magic missile
You are sort of stuck when you upgrade your weapon size, being that you cannot transfer the upgrade to other weapons, you have to do it per weapon. You can just wait till later levels when you have more money to upgrade the other ones. Upgrade them as you are ready to enchant them so you don't upgrade the wrong ones and run out of money. You will need a good million to upgrade to a decent damage and size.
you get a lot more money for baddies the higher the level, so don't be so freaked when you see the 100,000,000 price tag, on level 12 when you kill the trents(trees) you rack money up pretty fast 80-100k

Indigo roger(level 6) can help a lot in fights, specially with the lizard king(level 10)
Nin Nin(level 12) heals you, but doesn't seem to damage as often as indigo roger


put a lot of one kind jewels on each weapon; you can get away with putting two on a weapon so long as they do not contradict each other
the higher up baddies tend to give jewels, but it is easier to get them from the bosses so you do not have to try to go in an area so many times or spend a lot on luck to find the higher up baddies more often
Poseidon and Lizard king give aquamarines
vampires give onyx
the snow queen gives you diamonds
the orc chiefs give you emeralds, they are blue with viking hats
sometimes orc comanders give you emeralds
they are the green ones with the hats
the orc commanders tend to give you more emeralds
they are in the first area on the right next to the first boss
I did get a ruby from a gargoyle, but it seemed random
I also got an Onyx in the first 8 levels, but I am not sure where
Satan gives you rubies


You must have at least 1 water on your weapon to kill satan.
You can kill satan in one shot if you enchanted your weapon with 126 water; 126 is close to accurate I upgraded the fire often so it wouldn't be too much overkill. 101 fire seemed to help kill the tree, though I am not sure how much good it did, but it did help kill the snow queen quite a bit, you tend to also rack up a lot of money when collecting jewels
An over kill of 300 fire kills the lizard king in 2 shots he gives aquamarines.
I upgraded knowledge for the lizard king so that my magic weapon would be more effective being that it was hard to hit him with my sword.
you must have at least 1 fire to attack poseidon, fire does not seem to be extremely effective on him, but without it at least 1 you cannot hit him. That may not be entirely true, you may be able to hit him without fire, but with water enchanted on your weapon you do no damage or at least not that I noticed after several hits


Here's a way to beat the trap in the Shrine of Luck without relying purely on, well, luck:

Remember that real bags of gold are magically drawn to you when you're close to them. Walk around the room, near the bags of gold, until one of them jumps into your wallet.


dont know whether this info is useful or not but the priest

with a stick in hand and no attacking weapon when heals himself can also heal you if u stand in that glowing green area......


If there is a monster for every space in the library, then it adds up to 150. I've found 57% with one stage to go. Has anyone found them all?

spicy tace June 10, 2008 11:30 AM

AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!! I can't kill Death! Any suggestions?


nevermind that last comment.
Now,will anybody post a guide of the Snow Queen?
Her icicle barrage is giving me a hard time.


i can't beleive how annoyed people are getting with this game. i beat the false god after three hours of playtime. i didnt hack, nor cheat in any way. my stats were around 200 each, with 300 for STR. i had the energy sword, level 1000, and the chaser. there is a trick to this game that makes EVERYTHING easier.


btw, has anyone beaten a golden knight yet? somebody said it drops hyper armor. and the abyss worm drops the shockwave spell. it shoots a shockwave in one of three different directions, and it does lots of damage.
for the chaser spell, by the end of the game, you'll be getting that much almost every time you clear a spot.
for the great wall, the guy is healed by your magic attacks. unequip all spells before fighting him.
for the luck trap, the chaser moves toward the real bag. get it before entering.
SeCrEt PeT!!!!!

there is now a kennel near the inn! now you can get a dog! YAY! but it doesnt take gold, it takes a yummy bone. awww. but I know where to get one! YAY! but you have to fight one of the hardest bosses in the game. in the final area, you must fight a watch dog. in order of difficulty, hellhound, othus, cerebrus,then anubis. they shoot giant laser beams when they get hurt, and i do mean HEEEEEEEEUGE! but make your sword small, and theyre small! YAY! but they still have other attacks. its tough, but doable. anyway, the dog is like the watch dog, in that it's laser attack is in sync with your weapon size, but it doesnt have any other attacks.

BlueRing June 10, 2008 2:55 PM

Gah! Seriously, how do you beat the Archer in level 2?


Okay, I gave up and cheated...

...my way to the False God. Then I did the four shrine bosses, but it doesn't seem to do anything. The shrines remain white, and I can even leave them during fight (which I can't in other battles, due to the coin of bravery). The cup is not glowing, and I can't go to space...
Is there something I did wrong? Or did I screw up my save by editing (I don't think so, since everything else works fine)??


Does anyone else find that all the text is missing from the English version of the game? I've made sure that I have the latest version of adobe flash player and I tried opening the game in Firefox, Opera, and Maxthon, but every time all the text was missing.

I can almost get by in the Japanese version (I can make out simple things like the katakana for "knife", "katana", "level", and the symbols for fire, water, and earth), but there's still probably lots of important information I'm missing.


Strategy for world tree:

Move forward as you attack. That way, you avoid the vertical lightning. Move back away when you get too close!

fuzzyface June 10, 2008 4:04 PM

Okay, has this been deleted as spam?

This is serious opinion.

[Edit: Yes, I deleted your comment. Serious or not, I do not feel this topic is appropriate for discussion here. Please leave it at that. -Jay]

NotAPipe June 10, 2008 4:12 PM

doppelganger is noy all that hard:

if you have teh zweilhander at its original width, or some other sword of about teh same width. you can set yourself up to attack his legs and his sword will always swing over your head. it takes forever but it works. also, i havent tested this, but i think his sword and armor have elemental properties oppostie yours, so theoretically, if your sword and armor are the same element, his armor will be weak to your sword.

fuzzyface June 10, 2008 4:13 PM

Its not wrong either. In many games there is a hidden symbolic.

cheese man June 10, 2008 4:30 PM

How do you defeat the Efreet( the boss in the square below the top left corner)

OtherBill June 10, 2008 4:33 PM


I didn't have any problems with The Snow Queen. I used a level 50 katana (+20 to Fire), maximized for length, so I could keep my distance and hit her from almost halfway across the screen.
As for her barrages, I kept Nin Nin around for the healing. Since I was largely standing in one place, poking at the Snow Queen from afar, I didn't get hit often, and Nin Nin generally got me back up to full health before I was ever really in trouble.


Stick and move. Anticipate his attacks, move out of their way, and close back in to beat on him once he's fired.

OtherBill June 10, 2008 5:05 PM

cheese man:

The Efreet cannot be harmed unless your weapon is enchanted for Water.
The Poseidon (boss of 7th level) tends to drop Aquamarines; those are the gems you'll need. Beyond that, just upgrade your weapon a whole bunch, and you'll be harming him faster than he harms you.

OtherBill June 10, 2008 5:13 PM

Okay, my turn.

Can anyone help me with the Abyss Worm?


the avoid and attack strat.
after much research, i have discovered that you move the same speed no matter what. so attack while avoiding attacks. this is the best strategy for all bosses. it IS possible to beat the avatar in hard mode with a level one dagger. it is just REALLY hard and will take a REALLY long time.
there is only one characteristic needed for this game. perserverance.


lol... I finally killed Efreet, but he killed me too anyway, so I didnt't get the treasure or Ruby.

Anonymous June 10, 2008 6:28 PM

help on death?
strategy, weakness, time needed?


I finally beat the avatar, he drops fruit/money/gems EVERYWHERE, I had 1 million strength and he still took a couple hits too.

Anonymous --

Death takes a few minutes, get NIN NIN, he'll really help.
Kill the Boss at the top right section a hell of a lot and upgrade your weapon with the diamonds (light element) to do more damage.
Death sometimes goes intangable so just run around and try to avoid hits.
If you cant evade too well then kill the sorceress or necromancer for onix (dark element) and enchant your armor.


i just killed a neko platnum for .3 TRILLION!!!!! WOOOOOT!!!! Anyway, has anyone found out how to get the last two armors? I killed a golden knight, and he didn't drop any armor, only about 67 BILLION DOLLARS!!!! But it took an hour. LITERALLY.The abyss worm drops a spell. The doppelganger drops a weapon, the false god and avatar drop items, so who drops armor?


Does anyone know if the trees are weak to any of the elements? It's taking far too long to grind getting fruit from them.

andy the blank June 10, 2008 8:43 PM

I can't beat the avatar! Help! SOS!


How do you beat those demons in Area 15?

Anonymous June 10, 2008 9:41 PM

I wish there was a guide to this that wasn't in badly translated Japanese :(


I'm still missing what is supposedly the "Hyper Armor".
No idea how to get it, but i just beat the avatar on hard :]]
I've got 10 Trillion gold now, maxed out


me! or whatever your name is! have you defeated a golden knight? that is how you get the hyper armor! by the way, do you know what the fifth/sixth armor is, besides the hyper armor?


how do you enchant your weapon to fight the efreet? i mean, i know you need the aquamarines, but how do you use them?

mongolian June 11, 2008 12:14 AM

Alright..I've wasted endless hours playing this thing and I just want it over. I've beaten all 4 shrines and I'm presuming I'm waiting for 99% of the monsters to be killed. Problem is I just can't kill some of these super monster, help:

1.Vanagaran - 4th yellow wolf
2.Methuselah - 4th black Vampire
3.4th Sucubus (naked winged lady)
4.bermuda-multicolored slime
5.demon lord (blue)
6.Another demon lord...
7.4th Wyvern (white)

Can't find
1. 4th water monster
2. 4th giant
3. 4th golem
4. 4th lich
5. 4th dragon
My stats: 300 on all stats, 1100 weapon.


I still keep getting booted back to the main page. I've loaded the page well over a hundred times over three different browsers, but it just keeps redirecting me every time.

Is anyone else still having trouble?

CheezyBob June 11, 2008 12:41 AM

So, does anyone have a link to a screenshot of the various secret areas?

I wander around click click clicking everywhere but I cannot seem to find any of them. A screenshot would help a lot, thanks


I got up to the 15th board yesterday and now i keep getting redirected away from the game every time i click Start.

I'd really like to finish my game.


Okay, got frustrated and cheated (big time)

like edited my stats to max (999999), only got more stuff out of avatar, can't beat avatar on hard, and luck at 999999 makes everything that gives gems, give at least one gem, almost every time, that fighters, ninjas, etc. (the ones that have levels) level up as you do/ cheat, and don't get easier. BTW the golden knight does drop the last armor called hyper armor. He does. And he actually takes 5 whole seconds to kill while cheating. That's actually a lot while your cheating, besides the avatar. BTW hyper armor sucks. All it has is preset max strengths and weaknesses. And it's level one. Max fire, earth, and light. Negative max dark, water, and wind. I have level 10k on all swords, 10k element for each sword/element. (elemental swords).

Found out where you can get every gem.
To figure out what I'm talking about when I say series, look in the library, or just see how the basic one differs from the higher ups. Note that leveled monsters (e.g. mages fighters priests etc.) are too pointless to kill to find out what they drop because of (spoiler above). My library(area 10) is full of 131 monsters at 100%. Some enemies are not listed because they do not drop, such as elven ranger.
These monsters drop all gem types (I think). They will not be listed in the other categories.

    avatarmimicsdeathdragon series (includes boss) that doesn't mean wyverns.succubus series


    troll/minotaur series (not maze minotaur)gargoyle seriesEfreetgas cloud/death clouds (not the boss(dark mist))wyvern seriesgiant/cyclops seriesarea 9(orchard not so much)


    kraken seriesnaga seriesposeidonlizardman series (boss too)slime series (not shrine)vortex/maelstrom


    orc seriesgoblin serieswerewolf series


    golem series(living) armor seriesinvisiblessand worm


    neko slime seriesharpy seriessnow queendemon series


    skeleton serieszombie/mummy serieswill-o'-the-wispghostvampire serieslich seriesnecromancersorceress

I don't know why


have diamonds (a light gem) but it may have to do with greed.

fuzzyface June 11, 2008 3:25 AM

Chojiro, try not to click "start game" on the bottom, but click to logo aboth, this one takes me into the game, instead of his homepage.


Alright. I've beat Avatar, legit mind you.

Is there any more monsters in the library that comes after Avatar or is he the last entry?


Not bad, Zace.

However, it would be better if we knew about each monster's strengths and weaknesses.

I can tell you a few. From experience, the Gas Cloud family (Gas Cloud, Death Cloud, and Dark Mist, so far) are weak against magical attacks. Cross Napalm and Wide Shot can whittle these guys down if you've enough experience.

What I don't get is that some enemies take more damage from their apparent elements - case in point, Poseidon. Now, being a Water-type, he should take more damage from Fire-type strikes, but strange as it is, he seems to take more damage from my Water-enchanted Zwei.

A bestiary would be nice. This is one of babarageo's toughest games yet. Can't even beat Abyss Worm, Bermuda, and Doppelganger properly. Haven't figured out their weaknesses yet.

Also, does Indigo=Roger do Darkness-type damage with his blades?

Anonymous June 11, 2008 5:30 AM

how do you kill the sorcerer lady?


I love the intricacy of elemental damage/protection system, but I find it pretty frustrating, too.

For instance, the sorceress always kills me with one shot of her "electrical" attack. I want to boost my armor so I am more resistant to it. However, there is no "electrical" damage! There's fire, water, earth, air, light and dark. How do I know which to boost? To make bad situation worse, boosting one element directly negates another, and each boost eats up a hard-earned crystal. What this turns into is irritating and irreversible trial and error, and I hate it.

The game shouldn't force me to search up walkthroughs and cheats.


i have given up on this game. it takes forever to beat while playing fair. since i am not the cheater type, i refuse to waste any more of my precious life playing this game, i could be playing other games, like mario party ds. i am going to close out of this game right now..............after ibeat the avatar!(yes, it is that addicting!)

isaac939 June 11, 2008 8:36 AM

how do you get the chaser spell

isaac939 June 11, 2008 8:52 AM

ok im trying to beat the boss on screen 9 i can barely touch him what am i doing wrong
Intel lvl 5
vitality lvl 8
strength lvl 10
luck lvl 1

equipped items
cross napalm
winged boots
leather armor
coin of bravery
and a water enchanted level 42 claymore

OtherBill June 11, 2008 9:24 AM


You buy the chaser spell later. For 100,000,000 gold (not a typo).
And for the Efreet (level 9 boss), how water-enchanted is your sword? More is always better. If need be, go back and kill the Poseidon (level 7 boss) over and over again to collect more Aquamarines, to further water-enchant your sword. (Also, I can't remember for certain, but your character stats seem a tad low.)

OtherBill June 11, 2008 9:31 AM


If lightning bolts hurt you so badly when fighting the sorceress, then...well, don't get hit. Seriously, fighting her is primarily an issue of patience.
I got into a good rhythm against her: stand diagonally to her from as far away as you can, pelting her with cross napalm. On a whirlpool attack, dodge, but stay in the same area. On a fireball, dodge by moving up/down to a different diagonal. On a lightning bolt, dodge up/down, so you can move in and hit her with your sword about 5 or 6 times.
It'll take a long time, but it's doable.


Austin: How to use gems:

On the fifth screen, there's a tower in the top-left corner. Enter it and you should find a guy and a row of sword and armor icons at the top of the screen. If you want to enchant your sword with water power, then click on the blue sword icon. Same process to enchant your armor.

fuzzyface June 11, 2008 9:51 AM

The sorcceres does AFAIK dark damage. At the same time as main dropper of onyxed you will have to beat here a few times while vulnerable. After that it gets eady and very repititive....(and borig). But its always funny to hit things with my HUGE and IMPRESSIVE.... Sword.


where is the best place to grind for gold?

I've been using

14th screen with the vortexes. I been all the way to the false god but haven't killed him yet.


where do you get diamonds?(light)

Anonymous July 17, 2008 7:30 PM

OK, so I'm finally at 100%, nothing left to hunt down and kill and I can blast Avatar away in less than 30 seconds. My stats:
STR- 9,315
VIT- 4,916
INT- 11,237
SWORD- 24,001

Anyone bother to continue with the Star enabled. Its crazy hard even with my levels. Is it worth beating Avatar like 1000 more times and continuing to level-up? Does this game have a real end?

Anonymous July 23, 2008 10:51 PM

Hello............ anybody?
Tap tap tap........Is this thing on?


What is a .SOL editor and how do you get it?


lol JIGuest

Anonymous July 28, 2008 5:32 PM

Holy S! A reply! I'm not alone?!
I never used a .SOL editor ---
I did all that without steroids (no auto-click, no editor) and my fingers are tired! It takes a while but after you can kill Avataryou just keep mining him and upping your stats. The game gets easy, and now I've killed 100% and I don't know what to do. Am I supposed to continue with the star enabled? I'm getting kinda bored and I want to know if there is a real ending or not?


Ok thanks a bunch JIGuest.


JIGuest lol you were never alone in this chat site. Silly.


If you have problems with avatar he kills you in a hit. Then you need to kill golden knight then you get hyper armour it has 9999+fire 9999- water 9999- wind 9999+ earth 9999- dark 9999+ light and avtar is light and take like not even half of my life and you to have a dark enchanted weapon.


I don't see anything else to do once you beat the avatar and get the star.


lol... you can make a hammer out of a claymore... decrease all length, increase all thickness... lol hammer!


Wanting to export your save to another computer is perfectly legit IMO, especially considering the kind of hours this game demands of you. Do a search - "ginormo" and it's the first folder that comes up, macromedia - flash - babarageo, etc etc - blablasave002.sol. You get the picture. Copy and paste this .sol file into the same directory of your new PC, and boom. You're back in action.

Babarageo does it again - no story, crappy graphics, just pure, deep, absorbing gameplay. I wasn't expecting this kind of depth when I began playing - now my hours have been drained. In a day and a half of playing I'm at the avatar. Just harvesting onix to kill him now... This is all thanks to you guys with your tips and walkthroughs though, thanks a million!


i can't beat the death, any tips?


Well, I just beat the Avatar. All I needed to do was

kill a Golden Knight for his Hyper Armor

, and the Avatar's attacks barely did anything. Easiest 12 BILLON gold I've ever earned. I don't even know what to do with it all... especially considerring that my hand is getting tired from leveling up my Enrgy Sword so much. Okay, okay... enough bragging... here's some tips for Death!

He's weak to light and his attacks are dark, so enchant your sword with diamonds and your armor with onixes. Hire Nin Nin to heal you. He occasionally becomes invulnerable, but seems to do it less if you are attacking him. To evade the attack with the 3 dark circles, just keep moving; eventually they'll just disappear. A good way to attack and evade at the same time, for almost any boss, is to move vertically.

Anonymous August 9, 2008 1:17 PM

omg im stuck on the last level, the boss is so hard, like so manny instant kill stuff


Last level? Do you mean the False God, The Hellhounds, or the Avatar? Well, I have some tips for each...

False God:

Considering that you would have had to beat the Mutant Cyclops to get here, the two beam attacks that he shoots from his hands shouldn't be a problem. He also uses that exploding fireball attack that the Guardian Dragon had, but if you just keep calm and notice the pattern, you'll be fine. He has an attack with a lightning bolt that curves towards you, but it is fairly slow, and will disappear after a while. The most annoying attack is the one where he shoots a giant flame in front of him, but if you have a wide enough sword, you can just stand below him and hit him from there. The only really annoying thing is this guy's health... You'll have to level up your sword and stats a lot to do reasonable damage.

Hellhound Family:

Like the Dragon Family on Death's stage, only one will appear at a time, but there are 4 types (so far I have only beaten Hellhound and Orthros). Whenever they are hit, they shoot a beam that goes all the way across the stage, and has the width of your sword. So, just make sure you have a sword that is really thin, and you shouldn't have any problems with that attack. He also shoots fireballs, but they are easy to dodge. However, unlike with other creatures, The level of your sword isn't very important here. Buy the Chaser Spell, and then level up your Intelligence. Trust me, I beat these guys without using my sword at all.


Beat the Golden Knight for his Hyper Armor, and enchant your sword with onixes. Good Luck. (Metaphorically; you don't need the stat "luck" for this battle)


Does anyone have hecka ripped stats like the se without using editors?
(vitality isn't good so i will not put up)


I do NOT use any editors or cheats, and have the following stats:

Strength: 3598
Vitality: 1721
Intelligence: 4342
Luck: 1366

And my swords are the following levels:

Dagger: 2000
Katana: 15000
Claymore: 2000
Scimitar: 1000
Zweihander: 5000
Energy Blade: 15000

Man, I have too much time on my hands...


Ok, well I have spent a while fighting but I have finally killed every level, and don't see any new spots opened up so all I'm left with is the shrines. Great wall so far I can't damage beyond 2 hits before he powers back up, Pixie even with Nin Nin in the room never seems to die (but her bar is at zero by the time Nin Nin dies) the multi slime just keeps doubling (unless I walk into them and they disappear) and the endless money bags blow up before I can do anything....

What is next?? I have 82% of the library done and my stats are S:162 V:107 I:502 L:201 with plate mail armor L9 with 117 dark (needed to beat hellhound) with sword of choice L372 Zwelander with 129 dark.

Help me out


While I'll admit this is rather addictive, it's not entirely that fun and rather boringly repetitive for me. There's only so long that one can clickclickclickclick and stare at some pixely graphics before really getting tired of run, shoot, attack, run, shoot, attack, run, upgrade sword, run, shoot, attack, run... - over and over and over and over...!

Eventually the boredom overtook the slight addictiveness, and I just quit.

Perhaps some more dedicated gamers would enjoy this, but not me. It's simply too repetitive and easy. Beating the enemies and monsters doesn't give me a sense of accomplishment like other games do, and that lack of accomplishment is really the little push that keeps me playing a game, a little push that I fail to find in this one. I agree with the comment about it not exactly being meant a casual audience.

So overall, rather addictive game, but not addictive enough to keep my mind from being entirely unchallenged and bored.


Random notes / tips / hints / walkthoughs

Do your self a favor when you are just going for coins or money and you will be going to the same location 100's of times make the screen smaller it will save you some wrist pain I also made the screen less bright.

If you haven't figured it out by now your head doesn't seem to be affected much by things being flung at it. It must be because you are a mindless drone.

After the first 4 areas if you can't kill the boss with one hit then keep upgrading before you go onto the next level. This will help you to be high enough to beat the avatar with no effort.

Beat the highest demon (white) Asmodeus, took about half an hour got about 1.3 billion :O 1000 luck 3800 sword

Keep tabs on the library

The variable for the game is A. It is random and B. Your level of luck

The more powerful your hits the more you should go after the lower level (1-8) top baddies; get a lot of money for not that much work. Basically maps 1-8, with 500+ stats 1000+ weapon

I tried not to go overboard on luck, I wanted money not jewels till my sword was at least really high, you do not get a huge amount of fruit to make up for the lack of money to buy stats, so I stuck with money. I maxed at 500 luck for a long while, but of course you can always go after the tree and get money and fruit. The lesser trees also give you the same just not quite as often or as much. It is a lot less money.
It is better to go after the groups of trees.

When you get your stats to 500 they are particularly useful being that it is like each one is worth 5+ million. You might be able to beat the avatar at this point. With the right sword, I put onyxes and fire just in case.
If you are killing higher up baddies easily then do those instead being that they give you several million at a time. This is more when your stats are around 1000

The kennel does come up after you beat the false god, maybe sooner, didn't really look for it, but you cannot do anything with it until you beat the hellhound


Blue - vitality
Red - strength
Green - intelligence
Pink - luck

That random group of medieval characters gives you fruit and generally more money than the trees

A watchdog - hell hound

His blast equals the size of your sword, so make your sword smaller. Fight with nin nin. Magic kills him
If you are lucky the second level of dog and up give you at least one bag of 99,999,999 gold
I have to say that amount is sad considering that if you have a 500 level of anything it only buys you about 20 levels. That ring that comes before his blast does harm you, avoid it. If you can hit him with your sword too then do so. Aww my dog is a ripoff he doesn't have all the fancy moves like the hellhound, maybe I forgot to bribe the kennel owner.
Hell hound gave me a bone
Orthos gave me the gold

You get more money when you are beating the baddies in the secret area on 14 versus where they usually are
The life of the creatures seems to be some what consistent, which weapon you use and what jewels you have equipped on it varies your effectiveness of attack on each different creature.

I did water and light on one weapon and fire and dark on another and I only had to use those two weapons until 15 and then I started using the energy sword in the secret area on 14

Jewel upgrades on your sword work best until you get enough money to upgrade stats, basically when you get to level 14


Until you have enough about 500 character levels across the board to easily beat those on 14.
I prefer to kill the imps on 13 for money, they die quickly and you don't have to worry about what type of sword you use like on 14 where the enemies are random. Both areas work about the same because you generally get more money on 14, but it takes more time
Level 100 sword 1000 water 500 light, kills em in about 3 shots for the imps
Character levels a little less than 100 across the board

If you do not have a strong weapon and high levels of strength and knowledge then go after the imps on 13 instead of the secret spot on 14
On 14 I used the energy blade with no jewels added so that I could defeat any baddie I encountered; this also encouraged me to upgrade my other levels instead of just jewels like on my other weapons
On 14 turn off your coin of bravery so that if you come across higher level baddies that you have already beaten that you do not need to add to the library you don't have to waste your time on them or end up refreshing the game or try and die
Do go after the top ones unless you have time, they take a while, but they often give you millions. Sometimes 30-40 minutes
One bag was 28 million from seraph (top harpy) and one from ambrosia (top goblin) was 78 million
Now this may also be due to my luck of 160
Vanargand (top werewolf) 88, 19, 26 million
Bermuda (top slime) gave me 55, 36, 79

Avatar / shrines

To get to the avatar, beat shrines, make sure trophy is on or you can't go to space

Shrine of might - great wall
100 gold, lol
Turn off magic

Shrine of endurance - pixie
100 gold
Only nin nin can kill her, keep her shots from hitting nin nin.
If you leave her health stays the same.
Not sure exactly how she dies
Nin nin attacks when standing on the pixie

Shrine of knowledge - multiple slime
No weapon needed, just walk on them, no reward

Shrine of fate - find the real gold bag
All others blow up

Shrine of knowledge - ?
Just walk on them. I think once you smash them you are good. I also killed the last one with just magic, granted it spawned another, but I am not sure how to unlock this one. Maybe it is just killing them all

Now you can walk off the world map into space. Cannot find outer space? Go to the right, hence all your magic shots going to the right when there is nothing to hit on the screen


hey guys what element is the best for the false god ?


I'm not sure if this monster has been discovered.

In board 8, the golem area, there is a random creature called the valryke. If you kill her, she drops 300k!!! hop this helped


Actually i find this game pretty easy i only have like 25 strenght 25 endurance and 20 intelligence but i can easilly get thru all of the stages.

use elements and elemental weaknesses. Fire VS Water or Fire VS Earth (wood) Light VS Dark doesnt help mutch. Also dont be vauge ur wepons arent your only lifeline upgrade life and get the best armor i barely lose 1/20 of my life with any of the bosses.(Use Fire Element Alot Only Boss U Shouldnt Is Efreet


Why can I find the avatar?
I beat all the shrines, but my cup doesn't turn color and I can't go to the outer space. What can I do?
I beat the shrines at least 4 times consecutively without leaving the stages, but I can't go to the avatar!

Can anybody help me?


If anyone wants to get to the avatar easily no matter what lvels(lower levels will die instantly) right click and select play repeatidly until you get to space, then travel to the moon.


Area 6 in the nvds tomb - a skeleton called Arthur appears. He drops extremely abnormal amounts of gold (500k - 2 mill) and is rare to find. Out of the 4 days I've played this game, I've seen and killed him twice. The first one got my strength from 7 to 33 and the next one I just bought armour and stuff. Also to beat Efreet, kill Poseidon a bunch and add all the aquamarines to your sword. You only need about 20.


As for area 13, oh boy! Money money money! If you find a minotaur there, you're in major luck. I got 6 million coins from him. The other 30 times I got 10m.


Is it just me, or is

.sol editing

not working?


I cannot find my save file. I have looked all over the place, but there is nothing in the ginormo.swf folder. Is anyone else experiencing this, or does anyone have any suggestions?


How do you beat lizard assasin?

Anonymous October 18, 2008 1:31 PM

You need a fire sword


How do you beat snow queen?
She's so hard. And also how do you get 100,000,000 easily?

twillight November 7, 2008 7:32 PM

Some walkthrough here. No comments, just facts this time.

map 1: 3 territory, 1 boss, inn (can check your stats, equipment stats, on next screen can clear data (aka start game from the beggining), place to buy katana (inbuilt 1 buby weapon), secret place that unlocks after map 16: can hire dog-guest (purpose: damage)
map 2: 3 area, 1 boss, shrine of might
map 3: 3 area, 1 boss, sword-upgrader
map 4: 4 area, 1 boss, market: buy magic missle spell
map 5: 3 area, 1 boss, enchanter: you can use your jewels here on your equipment, market: can buy weapon 3, 4 and 5. Can buy armor 2, 3 and 4. Can buy misc 1, 2, 3, 4. market: can buy spell 2, 3 and 4.
map 6: 4 area, 1 boss, can hire indigo-skinner (purpose: low damage), shrine of endurance
map 7: 3 area, 1 boss, temple of moon (you can find weapon 6 here)
map 8: 3 area, 1 boss, armorsmith (upgrades armors), market: enter the festival-city many times to find it (random chance) = can buy spell 6
map 9: 4 area, 1 boss, shrine of knoledge
map 10: 3 area, 1 boss, library (monsters you already defeated are shown here. dying while trying do not count.)
map 11: 3 area, 1 boss, temple of sun (can aquire spell 5 here)
map 12: 4 area, 1 boss (can drop AFTER battle statrising fruits), shrine of fate (aka luck), place: can hire nim nim (purpose: healing)
map 13: 4 area, 1 boss
map 14: 3 area, 1 boss. One of the areas can give any non-boss monster from the game. That area is also the "moneymaking" area. Need money? Go there!
map 15: 4 area, 1 boss.
map 16: 2 bosses

if you use minimmum amount of swords combine these elements: fire+wind+darkness and on the other sword the opposites
- yellow: boss of map 6 gives these
- blue: boss of map 7 gives these
- red: boss of map 9 gives these
- black: boss of map 11 gives these
- white: boss of map 13 gives these
- green: maybe orcs gives these. No idea yet.

armor: max. level is 9, only difference is the starting level, and in case of armor 5 the element-modifyers. If you want a good armor use these elements on them: fire+darkness+wind
armor 5 can be accesed after defeated a golden knight

weapons: the only difference seems between them the shape, although I also think atana's upgrade don't give that much sword-size. 150 jewels on normal difficulty should be enough for all elements.

they all damage monsters when they are "covere" by them
indigo-rugger: shooting attack (weak)
nim nim: heals you (the healing cloud heals anything that touches it)
wan wan: shooting attack. Best if you have a with weapon.

strenght: incrises attack power (same as improving weapons?) = moderate is enough
endurance/vitality: gives more life = can skip this
luck: more rare monsters, more jewels, more stat-boosting fruit = moderate should be enough
intelligence: drastically improves magic dmg = more the better

misc 1: gauntlet: your sword attacks longer. if you need to use spells though remove it.
misc 2: winger boots: you walk faster - on the map
misc 3: buckler shield: no more insta-death if they hit you while you attack
misc 4: coin of bravery: you can't leave the map of fight. Remove if you search for a specific monster but you can die only too slow
misc 5: unknown yet, prupse: to unlock shrine-challenges and to reach the avatar on the moon
misc 6: unknown yet, purpose: unlocks hard mode
armor 6: told it is a misc called bone. you pay this to hire wan wan. Can be obtained from the second boss on map 16.

spell 1: magic missle: useful if you need a bigger sword at the beggining of the game or fighting bigger sole monsters
spell 2: wide shot: trianle-shoot. Good if you are low and fighting hordes.
spell 3: cross napalm: crosses in all 4 diagonal. I did not find it useful. Starting spell
spell 4: circler: you damages everything around you. Good until you start upgrading your sword.
spell 5: shockwave: something like magic missle, but much more precise. Too hard to obtain it though.
spell 6: chaser: autohiting spell, so it worth it's pice (100,000,000 gold)

next time I'll tell about the monsters.

twillight November 8, 2008 4:58 PM

So as I said. This time no spoiler needed I think.

a) the weapons shape do not count (maybe only for electric sword) because they will grow insainly big

b) about the monsters. All monsters have a certain part in the library so I tell you them by pages. Currently I only filled 1 page, so that will come now, later the rest I hope.

row 1: neko slime, neko metal, neko mithril, neko platinum, skeleton, skeleton knight
row 2: skeleton hero, arthur, orc, orc commander, orc chief, geldra
row 3: goblin shaman, goblin enchanter, goblin warlock, mabu, harpy, harpy princess
row 4: valkyrie, seraph, troll, ogre, minotaur, ettin
row 5: clay golem, stone golem, iron golem, colossus, gas cloud, death cloud.

strategy against these

All are weak and melee (no attack move). I think most f them are earth based (mean resistant to earth). There are exceptions though. The clouds can only be harmed by magic. The harpy-series has an electric and a shocking attack, so you need to move a lot when they are around. I also mention Arthur who is weak as a kitten, but gives out 100million gold when defeated.

twillight November 8, 2008 6:08 PM

beat it! stats:
300STR, 10 VIT, 500INT, 300 LUK
weapon: L555 zweihander, 150 fire, 37 earth, 150 dark.

My other weapon (opposit elements) made no damage (actually heald the Avatar).

Tip: at the end very carefully go around the border of the screen - you get more bonuses!

oh, green gems: on the 3rd map from the area filled with goblins you can aquire them the most easily.

And the fight with avatar is the most fun and creepy thing ever faced in a computergame!
Now only thing remains to fill up the library, yikes!

twillight November 8, 2008 6:46 PM

oh, wow I just found a "library" about this game. I go and check imediately!


LOL! A great way to grind is

Beat the sorceress, then keep killing Poseidon until you have HEAPS of aquamarine. Put them in your dagger and kill Eefret (should be one hit kill). Then use the rubies in your katana and keep killing Poseidon. Keep looping around and around, you should have heaps of gold and like 300+ in your sword's enchantments!

LOL! I have 391 aquamarines in my dagger and 797 rubies in my katana!


Hey I found an in-depth guide to Ginormo Sword!




Jayisgames changed my link!

[Edit: the same walkthrough by the same author, except right here at JIG. ;) -Jay]


Hey, I'm having a LOT of trouble with the False God. My stats are :

Strength : 101
Vitality : 150
Intelligence : 160
Luck : 100
Zweihander : level 150, 113 light enchantment, long enough to stretch across the room and about 2cm wide.
Take into consideration that I am very bad at this game, have almost no skill in dodging attacks, have no patience, but have 210,000,000 spare gold for putting in stats.
Please recommend some course of action for me!


Oh, and I also have the gauntlet, the buckler and level 9 plate armor, with 130 dark enchantment.


Hey, has anyone become the Ultimate Hero yet?
Ultimate Hero Stats
Endurance 99999
Strength 99999
Intelligence 99999
Luck 99999
Sword level 999999
Other requirements:
defeat false god with order of star active. Shouldn't be a problem with those insane stats.
ps. somebody said that if you beat avatar with order of the star active, he drops a rainbow apple that increases all stats by 1000. I also heard that it might drop a bigger apple that maxes out your stats.


dude, NOTHING prepares you for the fight against the final final boss. "oh, he was so easy before, so i'm probably going to own him now." 2 seconds later "(.)____(.)"
/ \
\____/even with the hyper armor, i died in two hits. TWO HITS!!!!!INSANITY! your'e probably gonna need like, 999999 vit and a sword with 99999 onixes to stand a chance.


Arikiko, just keep on upgrading your strength and if you can't because of traps, then just try to stay on the side opposite of the side hes facing.


Really easy way to defeat the world tree

Use coin of bravery and go off the screen. Make sure your sword is long so you can hit Yggdrasil. Use Nin Nin if you have to heal. When off the screen, he can't use his whole length of the screen lightning attack and his apple attack is worhtless. Make sure before you kill him to come off the side of the screen or you will just automatically go out of area.


Am I the only one who strongly focused on magic instead of the actual sword and strength? I've got like 50 strength and 1100 int right now.

Anyone know if sword elements affect magic?

Anonymous March 12, 2009 2:36 PM

I need help on death!!! I have best sword combined with like 50 onixes and I can barely damage him.

catatonicmonkey March 13, 2009 2:42 PM

The biggest problem is that you put Onyx on your sword. Death is weak to light (Diamonds) and strong against dark (Onyx).


Er, how do you imbue gems?

deinarts July 15, 2009 5:28 PM

I'm glad I'm not epileptic, but playing with a screenwide flashing pixel energy sword is making me oddly nervous.

@Fun - On screen 5 you can visit Uf the Enchanter, to whom you can pay gems to increase your sword or armor in one element (and decrease in the opposite one).


Listen, the Avatar is

fire, earth, and light, because that is what the hyper armor protects againsts


charge your sword with water, wind, and mostly dark.


By the way, the Avatar can do all attacks, EXCEPT the false god's fire thing, hellhound's laser (thank god), and healing.
the thing you have to watch out for the most, is the immobilizing heart thing.
PS. The Sword Is Mightier Than The Wand (at least against the avatar)


sorry about another post, but...
I discovered how to increase stats without hurting yourself!

put the mouse over the icon, and press tab untill that icon is highlited, and hold dowm the enter key If you move the mouse you have to press tab untill the icon is highlited again

If you have something heavy and a ton of cash, you can even go do something else for a while, but not on the computer.


whew! finally @ 100%. azmodeus (4th level demon) took forever even with STR @ 10,026. I'm w JlGuest to know if there is any point to trying to beat it w the star on... not that I'm going to do it bc I already sunk enough time into this thing but just to know! someone use that .sol editor thingy (no clue really what that is) and figure it out.

Anonymous April 16, 2010 5:19 PM

I wouldn't complain if the author would rework the elven ranger to be NOT IMPOSSIBLE to non-double-jointed-tripping-out-on-stimulants-10-year-olds so that such folks could see the rest of the game. So yeah.


OK I'm tryin to fill my library and all I need is the last two dragons and demons. I'm tryin their respective stages on 15, but just getting demon/greater demon and drgaon/black dragon. Any better way to go about this than just enter and reenter a million times? My luck is 4000+ so do I need more or just keep at it? Secret stage on 14 and hope for the best? Advice/Criticism/Trolling welcome.


@jigguest elven ranger is easy, you just have to know when to attack, not randomly spam even if he's not in front of you - he shoots bullets that for the first part of the game will kill you in one hit if you attack.

so time your attacks so that balls hit you when your sword isn't pointed out (hurr)

@Hendi sounds about right, I've never seen demons or dragons at 14 even with 7000 luck, so I'd wager you could only see em in their stages.


when u kill the avatar in 1 hit with star enabled u play too i cant upgraded anymore of my stats (wow a limit) and my sword is as big as it gets i made my sword so it has no enchantments
if u kill avatar with star u max out your money

themanmann August 3, 2012 6:50 PM

I've been playing this for a while, and for some reason, it just kinda deleted my save. Any help?


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