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Gift Wrapped

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Rating: 3.6/5 (27 votes)
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JohnBGift Wrapped is a simple holiday game from Nitrome, the creators of Scribble, Tanked Up and a number of other flash games. Christmas day has arrived and you're itching to open presents. But first you need to know which ones are yours. Look at the toy shown in the box at the top of the screen then try and find it in the pile of wrapped gifts below.giftwrapped.gif As the levels progress the number of presents increase and they can be rotated or stacked on top of each other, making your toy hunting much more difficult.

Gift Wrapped has a nice cheery pace and keeps you hopping along with remixed Christmas music. A timer also ticks down at the bottom of the screen during each round. Finding the right present faster nets you a few extra seconds you carry with you as you progress. The more gifts you correctly identify, the higher your score. An online scoreboard tracks who's the best present sleuth of them all.

Free from complicated rules or gameplay, Gift Wrapped is both a fun distraction and a good way to get in the holiday mood.

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Reminds a bit of Tonypa's game with the leaves.

sgtsuperman December 1, 2006 3:05 PM

kills a few minutes, but sometimes the present you are looking for is behind another one and you cant see it. Is there a way to move the other presents?


Nice background Jay =]


Yeah, I noticed about the background too. A bit repetitive though (or at least it's easier to spot the repetition, nvm...)
To be honest, I don't really like the game. It gets kind of unfair after a while, because there are gifts covering other gifts, making it almost impossible to spot the wanted one.
BTW first time poster here. Have enjoyed your site for more than a year now, thanks for you taking the time for all of this man.

DenimNatalie December 1, 2006 4:17 PM


Definitely not a game to be played with bad dizzy spells and tonsillitis!!

At least I got on highscore with a tiny 530 on first try. It's OK, but not good as Scribble game! :D

The background reminds me of a magic eye game.... @@


I don't like this nitrome game. Sure, it might be dedicated to young children, but its in contrast to other nitrome games more a flop. The game becomes boring after a short time, thats what i liked about the nitrome games they were challenging you and sometimes you really had to organize yourself.

but as said its just a minigame, kind of an little gift.


Mat from Nitrome tells me this is just the beginning of a bunch of games they will create with a smaller focus than their other games. They would like to create a variety for people to come to their site for, and this is just a simple little holiday treat.

Take it for what it's worth... oh, right, it's FREE. =)


I do not like this game. It takes to long for the present you need to find to appear.


it's funny how this sort of thing happens... i decide that i really "don't like" a game, but i still have enough desire to play it out to the end... so obviously it has some sort of addictive quality, at least for a short bit, that it holds me to finish a game, rather than just quit early. and i'm quite glad i stuck it out... i got a score of 870 earlier today, which landed me in the #20 spot... something i have honestly never been able to do before! (granted, it's been pushed back to 29 by now, but still, i need whatever bragging rights i can get!)

as i was playing, i consciously thought about the differences between this game and tonypa's oktoober. this game requires one (and only one) correct click, which requires a completely different skill from a game that has you click like mad until you find what you want. which do i prefer? each has its own seperate strategy, so it really depends on what i want right then. if i want a good clicking-spree, i'd play oktoober. if i want a good detection challenge, i'd play this.

one tip that i don't think has been discussed yet:

mousing over the object shows you the outlines of the presents. this really helped me in the later levels, when there were eight objects wrapped in similar paper right on top of each other. and even if an object is partially obscured, you can still use this to highlight the visible parts of the shape, to see if it could match the object.

and i liked the music. just thought i'd throw that in there.


yeah, it's kinda boring. Even the young ones here think so.

chicken eggys December 4, 2006 4:09 PM

Heh, I found this game pretty fun.. it kind of reminded me of that game on the nintendo DS version of super mario brothers.. the mini game where you find luigi or one of those other guys.

the music is awesome.


My complaint is not with the game itself - it's a good game - but with the virtual keyboard on the high score submission screen. I have a real keyboard that works just fine; why do I need to click buttons?


I got 1190 on my second try.
I can't believe the scores people can get on this- 11570? Cannot believe it.


I got 940 and could have gotten more if I hadn't clicked back over here to try to get a feel for whether the game actually went anywhere. I could see getting 11500--but I'd never admit to spending that kind of time on this game.

If you've got more than 25 seconds and you're hit with one of those really dense piles where it seems like the toy's got to be buried under something, just click something at random. The piles cycle and you'll have a string of nice open piles later on to help make up the time.


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